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  1. I have a theory about Odium's method to Splinter shards: he uses the Tzai method and attacks their spiritual aspect directly by concentrating his power enough for a blow that will destroy it. However given that a shard is not just a simple object like a sword it requires a lot more focus and power thus leaving Odium a tad drained afterwards, and then he either does whatever he wants with the pieces or leaves them to their own devices. I mean Rayse and the other shardholders(well the original ones at least)are all from Yolen which means at least some of them could have learn the ways of the Tzai while there and Rayse IS described as crafty and dangerous so it could fit, I'll also add that if the letters author(most likely Hoid) was against the Shattering I could see why he hates Rayse as I am sure the guy took part in the shattering, eagerly at that I would wager. Granted this is based on things that might change in the future with the new and improved version of Dragon Steel and the fact that Hoid, a Yolen native , is using an old Pre Shattering form of Magic from there but I still think that's how Rayse/Odium does his thing and for that matter I would not be surprised that the Tzai methology played a role in Admonalsium's shattering.
  2. Might be, or given how knowledgeable Frost is in the use of REDACTED(well beg pardon REDACTED) he could be using that, after all he said it himself: "The Essence of REDACTED is to make alterations to the physical by using Cognitive energy"so he and his Brethren might be able to do that to their own bodies.
  3. I actually think that Feruchemical Chromium is more like discribed in Moash's post as opposed as a strange instinct or anything like that: The thing is Spiritual, so I think what you store when you use it is, for lack of better term, the universe's "Goodwill" towards you the way you store your connection to others when you store in Duralumin or your connection to your true self when you store Aluminium. This would mean that when you actually Tap you Chromnium mind you get more "goodwill"and everything basically bends over to make you succeed if you have enough of it. However the way I see it the effect are random and their consequences cannot be predicted, so true it might protect and favor YOU but not necessarily your friends or things you care about around you. IE a Bomb explodes near you, but you happen to trip and fall behind something tough enough to completly shield you from the blast, however your friends and infant son that happened to be with you get creamed, plus since you do not know exactly how you will be favored you cannot make long time plans, hence why I think planning via Zinc Powered intellect to be better.
  4. Well concerning Miles and his Allomancy and Wax not mentioning it this once again comes from Miles Allomantic metal: I do not think anyone(except maybe Harmony and people in the Set and assorted Worldhoppers)might think about the potential applications of Enhanced Allomantic Gold. Now I am of the opinion Wax does not know about the Allomantic enhancement through Feruchemy, because one I think, as I have said multiple times that the information IS Extremely limited plus even if Wax's grandmother knew about it(which she possibly does)this strikes me as Something she would absolutely not share. Also Wax does NOT know the Lord Ruler achieved his power that way he knows that LEGENDS say this is how he achieved it which is not exactly the same thing, same goes for the guy's allomantic strenght remember that entire period has faded to myth and legends.
  5. Hmmm...actually this gets me to wonder about how Zinc feruchemy works with the ability to learn stuff: From what Brandon said in the WoB you linked it makes you smarter and still speeds up your perceptions as we iniatially understood it(He said it bullet times"a little bit" so if you compound it à la Miles with Gold you would still have full fledged Bullet time with hours to think in seconds)so does it also speed up your learning process making you capable to learn and understand stuff on the fly ? If so I do not see the Zinc compounder sticking with one field of study, especially if the compounder is very smart without tapping. Another thing which comes from this WoB is that Steel Compounders have Bullet time which means that they have all the time they need to think things through, implying they could potentially tap speed without moving to get accelerated perceptions and have time to think things through, which makes such compounders even scarier. As for what I would pick, well Zinc of course especially now with Steel as close second not considering gold as it cost too much money, as we're not on Scadrial. Also apparently other types of combinations seem possible according to this thread Wonder if having multiple Allomantic and Feruchemic powers is too.
  6. I know there might be other compounders out there, Hell there HAS to be but as I pointed out before even the "regular" form out compounding is not a widely known fact, so why would the reverse form be ? Also in most cases, enhanced allomancy might just amount to stuff like"Holy Harmony!!!! That Copper Cloud's strong" or "By the Survivor this guy quelled that entire riot in one Soothng, but there are thousands here, never seen such a Soother". As for Miles and Gold I agree with you, this ability enhanced might have potential but put things back in their context here:Miles does not know the stuff we do, nor is he scientifically minded and neither is Scadrial as advanced as earth yet and he has to survive in what essentially Wild West with added Metalborn so of course he will find allomantic gold lackluster compared to infinite healing. Concerning Nicrosil I meant the effect of tapping it and I am well aware peope have been speculating on that but for some reason I do not think it's just that in fact I think it's lot more and with maybe great Cosmere ramifications. Ah and now I get your meaning, makes more snese that way with the WoB's context, as for the Inquisistor's issue I've actually thought about it: As you pointed out yourself the inquisitors ALWAYS burn Steel and Iron which means they are burning it when they are storing attributes, so the constant burning is registered as part of"user". Now as to why burning two different metals presents no problem because they ARE different metals so there can be no bug, while Allomantic Pewter and Feruchemical Pewter use both the SAME METAL so since they are the same they would get interpreted the same by the system. Eh now I get you do not agree and that's fine, this' just a theory and I do not hold the universal truth after all.(if there actually is one, but that's another debate).
  7. I adressed the reasons as to why we have not seen anyone do it(or at least not presented as having been donne that way as I still believe this is how TLR did his famous Soothing) as for multiple people using the more known form of compounding we have see all of three exemples: TLR, Marsh and Miles Of those three, One might have been using the method I am proposing here, the second we haven't seen in a fight in the AoL period at which point he could have learned to use method I am advocating here. And the third would not bother trying to do so given the lackluster power of his allomantic Gold compared to the awesome capability it gives when used feruchemically. Now Concerning Nicrosil, you might be right that might be it's effect(or one of those)but I doubt it, just as I doubt Brandon would reveal Nicrosil's feruchemical power for something like the MAG which I do not even understand you mentioning here. Concerning the WoB, well what it proves wrong is your claim that Feruchemy modifies the metal, which it doesn't it just stores something within it(true this could be considered a modification in some way so I can kinda see your point here)and does not change it's nature, just as a suitcase remains a suitcase wether it's empty or full. As for your last point I just feel you are thinking in the wrong box: You keep thinking in the "Feruchemy box" which is irrelevant to what I propose here as here feruchemy is just a tool to get more power for Allomancy just as Allomancy is in regular compounding with it's rules not applying. Here the hypothesis works by Allomantic rules in which Preservation' s power change the user to allow the allowmantic ability of the metal the user currently burn, so when the user burns his allmantic Metal he is different, thus when he taps one of his Metalmind made out of the same metal he is burning the system does not recognize it as him but it recognizes the power from the allomantic burn, recognizes the metal of the Metalmind to be the same as the one allowing the Allomantic power in use and thus "reasons" that the power stored within the Metalmind the user is tapping is necessarily the same as the one resulting from the burn and thus that's what the user recives.(Dunno if I am very clear right now, might come to edit this and try to explain better later)
  8. First off why should it necessarily be an over complicated thing to accomplish? When you think about it "regular" compounding is rather simple to achieve, plus the very limited number of people capable of achieving it is enough of a limit unto itself. As for your second point this part of a WoB proves you wrong: Source As you can see Brandon outright says that if any other Allomancer burned the metal a Feruchemist charged they would get regular allomantic power out of it, in fact now that I think about it I seem to recall this being demonstrated when Vin Burns one of Sazed's metalminds. What this means ? It means that the Metal's allomantic link has not been removed and is still there, which means what I am proposing is doable without having to "Allomantically charge" the Metalmind in any way as what's needed is already there. Thank you, and of course you think your own model correct otherwise you would not have formulated it, but I am afraid I have to confess I am unaware of it, might you be kind enough to provide me a link to it ? I get what you are saying however I feel it fits my own proposition: In compounding what you do is basically convert Preservation's Allomantic power into"you" power, so if I am right what you would be doing is converting"you"power into Allomantic Preservation power, besides there are lots of name and other terms in lot of places that are not thought about logically but still loosely fit and help people to know what you are talking about right away.
  9. I know this is a necro and all but well it was more or less the right title for an hypothesis of mine(that people here might already have formulated and debunked given all the theorizing going on around here but eh just in case it was not theorized already...) So from this WoB: Source We know how compounding works, basically by cheating the system into making Preservation's power giving you more of"you"(be it health, speed...whatever)instead of the regular power the metal you burn is supposed to give you. So why shouldn't it be possible to do the reverse of this: IE tricking the system into turning some of"you" you stored in a metal mind into whatever power the metal you metalmind is made of gives an Allomancer. Now the trick question is how to do this: my suggestion would tapping in your metal mind while burning the corresponding allomantic metal basically making the system go"wait more power ? Where's it from ? Oh never mind let's just make it do the same thing I am already doing" thus making possible things like the famous TLR Soothing. Seems simple right ? So you might ask why this process is not widely known on Scadrial: easy, Twinborn themselves are an extremely rare thing among the population, those sharing the same Allomantic and Feruchemic metals even rarer. So the number of people actually able to do so is rather limited and among those there are some, like Miles for instance, who would have no interest at all in this technique as their allomantic application of compounding would be a lot less useful to them. In fact even regular compounding is not a well known thing as showed with Marasi who studied in university with Miles being of of the subjects of her interest and her still unaware of the feruchemical compounding mechanics, which seems to indicate that aside people knowing compounders personnally and hypothetical people whose field of study is the understanding of metalic arts nobody knows of this, This hypothesis would also explain why all types of compounders are judged dangerous despite some seeming to have lackluster Feruchemical abilities to enhance(though this would also make Pewter and Steel Componders even more terrifying)
  10. You know I see everyone pairing Wayne with MeLaan and I loved how they interacted, but for some reason I was thinking of another person as Wayne's future romantic interest: Sophi Tarcsel. Also I truly hope that Wax/Steris works out for the best as I really like the woman since I read Shadows of Self, in fact I think they might be good for each other and also because it would defy tropes on the arranged mariages which can grow tedious at time.
  11. Well let's see: What I could see is Scadrial's military opening up specialised Boot camps for metalborn troops featuring specialsed training for each type of Misting/Ferring and possibly Twinborn on the top of the regular one along with, of course, training to neutralise metalborn hostiles. Of course non metalborn would also be given anti metalborn combat course on top of other training. Aside from being incorporated within conventional forces I think Metalborn special forces unit will be formed composed of both non metalborn and metalborn specialists trained in ways analog of the Navy Seals or Marines force recon. Such teams' uniforms would bear no diferrences between metalborn members and non metalborn ones, each members capabilities would be known only by the chain of command and the field team's members. the uniforms would have no metals on them and would feature protective masks such as this: and feature alminium insulation to ward off allomantic emotional corruption of the operatives. The specialists would all be equipped with various types of grenades as well as carbon knives and non metallic guns loaded with a refined version of the rounds Rannette developped. Possible developpement would also include military issue Metalminds elaborated to hold the most charge without being too big, possibly even internal ones which would be surgically implnated. When possible, the Gold Feruchemists, or even better the Gold compounders would be trained in field medecine as their likelyhood to survive wounds is way higher thus making the likelyhood of them being there to tend to their comrades higher. Depending how things go with the developpement of hemalurgy I could see spikes being assigned to troops, their charges having been recovered from metalborn criminals. Bomb disposal would be preferencially run by Zinc Ferring/componders as they would be able to analyse the device quicker. Such metalborn would also be very valuable in intel work as they could get what's need from the reports way faster, if combined with a fast time bubble things would be even better. EDIT: Forgot about the spies, for that use the connector or identity ferrings, with their power it should be possible, with the right training, to make very very effective spies with those. barring that a properly trained Soother and perhaps Rioter might do too, but if the enemy has a Bronze or Copper misting they would get caught where the Spiritual ferrings would not.
  12. No, he can fuel his native investiture with Stormlight, otherwise he would not be able to feed off it what he cannot do is apply Stormlight the way Breaths are, which is not surprising really given the two investitures' forms natures: both are gaseous but Stormlight tends to leak out of stuff while Breath clings to it, even too much in certain cases as seen with the Lifeless. Well he tried to awake stuff with Stormlight and failed to do so, that is not to say that he was not capable of discovering another completly new power using the stuff while trying to use his native power, Vasher is rather smart and has quite a lot of experience in the wielding of investiture(True, Titan Arum's WoB seems to say I am wrong on that, but since he himself said it was paraphrased I will hold the hope that Brandon just said not to awakening and nothing else). As for Vasher not being as powerful as TLR well I agree with Vasher as he was in Warbreaker but then there seems to be quite some time between it's events and when Vasher came to Roshar, so there is no way to know how many breaths he holds(either on himself or hidden in an object or another)which means he COULD potentially be quite powerful. Now he seems to be TLR's equivalent on one thing: the knowledge and understanding of the Nalthian magic system which he knows more about than pretty much everyone else still alive(except maybe his former colleague Ysteel and the Sequel's new big bad, damnation how I want the thing to come out) As for the thread theory: I could see objects being awakened to make use of other investitures and perform lots of things, mostly very useful ones but I think such things would require a very high hightening on the part of the Awakener and quite a lot of breaths, maybe not as much as Nightblood but still. I really like that idea, and the best thing is Roshar is home to a magic that can work very nicely with awakening: Soulcasting, the potential of a good Soulcaster and Awakener working together...(and now I want Jasnah and Vasher to meet, eh what could go wrong)
  13. Thought this might be relevant to what was previously said, also there is a WoB there stating that Vasher did not manage to awake stuff with Stormlight(which is not surprising given that Breath tends to stick to things/people Stormlight tends to leak out) on the other hand nothing is said about him being able to use the stuff to get further Heightenings or not or about him having managed to develop a new use for Stormlight inspired by Awakening(which he could have, guy's reallly Smart actually that's what I believe he managed to do).
  14. Hmmm...Do Red and Gold hold any particular signifiance on Taldain ? And by the by how did you get to hve whitesand ? Because I would love to read it.
  15. Just dropping by to leave this WoB here: If Odium went to Scadrial, would he be blind to metal there? BRANDON SANDERSON Um. [nervous laugh] Um... JOSHBecause I think you mentioned more than once that focuses are actually determined by planet. BRANDON SANDERSONI'm going to RAFO that. But that's one of those excellent questions. I'm amused that people have figured out enough to be asking questions like that. source Thought it was interesting and rather relevant to a certain Hemalurgy related new element presented in the book.