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  1. I have made a few myself. The most prominent is probably "busy," usu. followed by "rats" or "beaver," and sometimes used as an adjective. Aleph omega" and "aleph lamda" are favorites also. Yes, I am a nerd. emphasis added in quote.
  2. When you are disappointed to find out that the sign that you thought read "Welcome! We Snap customers!" actually reads "We Welcome SNAP customers"
  3. Why do you think I started reading the Wheel of Time? (A major time commitment, I must confess)
  4. My additions are in RED
  5. Shallan: I am happy to be in this chasm, because I always wondered what it must be like for a chunk of meat to pass through an intestine.
  6. When, where? Maybe I'll come.
  7. Nightblood. EDIT: Actually, assuming Hoid is human, he is obviously the most powerful human in the Cosmere.
  8. Let's just say that I have ... taken a little look at Dragonsteel. It was a little look, I promise. Dragonsteel Spoilers
  9. When you attune the Rhythm of Peace. Confessions:
  10. I didn't know you can have Aspergers and ADHD. I thought they were opposites. Too much focus versus not enough. (Yes, I, like 50% of everyone else on here have Aspergers)
  11. When someone says "splentastic" and you have to correct them. It's "Spren tastic." When confusion (of any kind) causes you to form the thought in your head with the following words: "That makes no sense." which is soon followed by "You must take this" and "Tell my brother"
  12. I agree. The following math-rant will be masked in a Spoiler tag.
  13. "Lift" is a computer science term. Make use of it in your programs EDIT: And "Pattern" is a thing also. EDIT 2: Soulcasting is a thing also. EDIT 3: And don't forget the Codes
  14. Nanrovah?
  15. 69% Skybreaker 45% Elsecaller 34% Bondsmith 31% Truthwatcher 24% Windrunner 9% Stoneward I took it again and answered a couple of questions differently (because I was divided on some of them) 41% Bondsmith 31% Truthwatcher 29% Elsecaller 25% Skybreaker 9% Stoneward 8% Windrunner Both times were 0% for Willshaper, Lightweaver, Dustbringer, and Edgedancer EDIT: I claim the first test. I think it was more accurate.
  16. Last 4th of July I was reading in Words of Radiance Fitting, isn't it? Memories.
  17. Nightblood?
  18. Oops, double post. Sorry! More Bands of Mourning spoiler below:
  19. Perhaps Bloody Tan was not an Atium Misting, but rather a Mistborn.
  20. I dunno. Zincminds? Perhaps a few Bronzeminds? Maybe an Essence Mark?
  21. That's not counting the first "part 1" thread, which has 1971 posts.
  22. Philosophy? Obviously a study for the Outdoors.
  23. No need to dream here at BYU When you see a man wearing this shirt (click the link for a minor Reckoner spoiler) and automatically think "faithful."
  24. A "sharp" violin cuts me to the soul as surely as a sword, lol.