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  1. When you put mustard on a burrito, because, well, you've gotta know.
  2. What are you saying here ...
  3. When I first saw this I thought it was "Kill everyone. Then there won't be any copycat murder." Seems like something T. would do <shudder>
  4. You're missing the biggest similarity: They both loath the "upper class" -- Nobles and Lighteyes.
  5. So take what he said with a grain of salt. Literally. The salt is part of what makes them delicious
  6. I was thinking along the same lines, but more in the way of how he describes his own ability. He Sees. So why not See things like those books before they were destroyed?
  7. Could this be a way to trap the Unmade or would it mean **shiver** that someone else would be driven to commit suicide?
  8. Nah, they're just afraid you will spoil too many things for them.
  9. Elantris could probably be a musical.
  10. LOL. Don't feel too bad. It's a graduate level course in abstract algebra. I'm a Masters student at BYU. @The True Survivor Yes, it is group theory. A Sylow group is a group of order prime power. A Sylow p-subgroup of a group is a subgroup of order the highest power of p dividing the order of the group. Sylow's theorem says there is always at least one such subgroup for each prime diving the order of the group. Syl is the set of all such subgroups, etc. Syl knows all about it too. Kaladin just hasn't asked her yet.
  11. In my algebra class I was already excited when I started seeing Syl everywhere, but it doesn't end there. p is a prime number and H is a finite group. Sylp(H) is the set of all Sylow p-subgroups of H.
  12. If you want a truly exhaustive list, your Stormlight list should be very long indeed.
  13. WHY???? It is SO annoying when websites do this. All of the buttons, menus, and bars move all over the place and by the time I get used to it it changes AGAIN. You just barely changed the 17th shard interface and you just had to do it again after what, 2 months? At this rate I will always be fighting with how to use the site. Go ahead and downvote me like you did last time I complained about this. Let the downvotes FLOW. I am not ashamed of my frustration. If I may say one thing I LIKE about this website it is that it isn't littered with ads (at least not outside of advertising Sanderson books of course).
  14. I was a noob. The upcoming election has also been putting me on edge. I will now direct my anger to where it belongs. I am sorry.
  15. When I created the thread, I was expressing an annoyance I knew would be unpopular, but it wasn't intended to be an accusation. Thus, I do not have any screenshots. What I remember is that the picture at the top was a lot thinner, and there were less buttons up there. There was no way to see the chain of nested topics (which is very convenient for navigating the forums) as there is now. The buttons now on the top right were accessible in a dropdown menu (I just had to find it: it was not labelled). For a couple of days, that was what I saw in both tablet mode and desktop mode. Now I don't see that-- I see the same thing as what started in June, in both tablet and desktop mode. I do not have access to other "modes" if they exist. The way it is works fine: it is easier to use than what I saw for those couple of days . When it changed back and I started receiving accusations (or perhaps those were not meant to be accusations either), it looked an awful lot like what I described above was happening. I didn't know who was actually to "blame" however, so I just blamed the "admins." At this point, I don't think it was Chaos. I do think something funny is (or was) going on. The change didn't seem the result of a bug. I do hope it was only misunderstanding. It doesn't make sense for there to be nasty stuff happening on a fansite. I am sorry for any undue accusations (probably all of them: I was probably in the wrong. If there is some form of hacking or nasty stuff, that is where I leave accusations). Hopefully the Shard of Friendship was not Shattered in the process. EDIT: mystery solved. It is the resizing of the window. I am a noob.
  16. I almost didn't post this since I consider everybody here friends, but unfortunately the Truth is my greater friend, so I will now reveal to everyone what just happened, even though that will probably get this post deleted and me banned from the site. Here is what happened in chronological order: 1. 17th shard admins changed the interface again about a week ago. Enough change that there was difficulty finding things again. 2. I made this thread. 3. The admins quickly changed the interface back. 4. The admins pretended, quite emphatically, there never was the change. 5. The admins accuse me of falsely raging. Who here is being false? Hmm? Do what you will with the site, it's small stuff, really (and yes, I have programming experience so I know what work you do). But please don't lie and then accuse me of lying. That is very offensive.
  17. Since he is having to balance the divine Intents of Ruin and Preservation, constantly pulling him to do very opposite things, does anyone think that after a few thousand years this will wear him out? Imagine a deranged Stormfatherlike god that is orders of magnitude more powerful than Stormfather. Scary?
  18. A person coming out of the Horneater Shardpool as told by Rock at the saloon.
  19. Heal Voidbinding, hurt Oculatory Stuff 1. Allomancy- 7 2. Feruchemy- 20 3. Hemalurgy- 11 6. Awakening- 3 7. Surgebinding- 14 8. Forgery-6 11. Voidbinding- 7 13. Oculatory Stuff- 3 14. Epic powers- 2 15. Rithmatics- 11 18. Sand Mastery- 6
  20. Hurt Epic powers, heal Voidbinding (evil laugh goes here) 1. Allomancy- 72. Feruchemy- 203. Hemalurgy- 116. Awakening- 37. Surgebinding- 148. Forgery-611. Voidbinding- 613. Oculatory Stuff- 414. Epic powers- 315. Rithmatics- 10 18. Sand Mastery- 6
  21. Heal Sand Mastery, hurt Oculatory Stuff: also I made the edit the previous post neglected in the numbers. 1. Allomancy- 72. Feruchemy- 203. Hemalurgy- 116. Awakening- 37. Surgebinding- 148. Forgery-611. Voidbinding- 513. Oculatory Stuff- 4 14. Epic powers- 415. Rithmatics- 10 18. Sand Mastery- 6
  22. Yes.
  23. Braize is not Yolen. Remember Hoid told Frost to "leave that place" to help with the Rayse problem? If you think about that, it only makes sense if Frost is not in the Rosharan system. Also, Frost in the letter back refers to the Rosharan system (where Rayse is "trapped"), and it doesn't sound like the author of that letter is there. EDIT: I upvoted the theory though, for good thinking.
  24. The shattering of Adonalsium has been to me some kind of given backstory that I learned of very quickly after beginning to read Brandon's books. But where is the backstory and when/how was it given? I don't mean the obvious "no one knows, RAFO" answer, I mean where did the information we DO have about it come from? Just a series of WoB's that someone strung together, asked him about, and he gave a brief explanation, which is the source of most of our knowledge? If so, where is it? The most I have seen in books is in Secret History, which is quite recent. The information has been public for a lot longer than that, except for the tidbit SH adds. Is it all tidbits? If so, where are they? Just a fun note: Brandon clearly got the name Adonalsium from the name Adonai, which is a Hebrew word for "Lord" (and yes it is sacred so be mindful of how you use it)