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  1. Just hear that bass and think of all those digestive juices consuming those bones! I dare you to listen to the whole thing. It's quite brutal.
  2. Kind of like Vin Juggling horse shoes? Dalinar would have to get really good at putting a fixed small amount of Stormlight on things. Obviously he would do this to climb with all fours, not walk horizontally. It would be like climbing with suction cups, like this:
  3. @ValentineMichaelSmith FWIW I believe the word you are looking for is eccentricity of the elliptical orbits. A circle is an ellipse with eccentricity 0. An ellipse can have eccentricity between 0 and 1. Higher eccentricity gives you the other conic sections. The following wiki article may be helpful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eccentricity_(mathematics)
  4. Kiin: Rad Tonk Fah: Disturbing Navani: Seductress Rysn: Bold Demoux: Focused Dalinar: Boss Nightwatcher: Twisted
  5. Re: sneaking: One does not simply sneak up on Kaladin Stormblessed. You really think Syl will allow that? So even if Kelsier tries to get Kal in his sleep, it's not exactly game over.
  6. theory

    Adolin has literally exhausted all other options. I identify.
  7. Ten for a year, Eleven for a year, Twelve for a year. After those three years, she's Thirteen. If it had said her third year being ten, then you would be right.
  8. From near the end of part 4. So Nine is a number associated with Odium, whether because of Braize or of Odium itself/himself I do not know; but Nine is definitely an important number here.
  9. Source: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/175-oathbringer-houston-signing/#e8381
  10. Remember this from The Way of Kings prologue? They probably can hold it in their gemhearts. Some gemhearts might even be perfect gemstones, so they can hold on to the Light indefinitely.
  11. I used BWV 538 for tWoK. (J.S. Bach) I think I used BWV 548 for WoR. (J.S. Bach) I used Music in 12 parts, part 7 and Music With Changing Parts for OB. (Philip Glass) Music is very important, and only the best of music may be used for the Stormlight archive. No pop music is allowed. "You ruinsed it! Stupid Fat Hobbit!"
  12. Hey! Syl is already Kaladin's "Ideal woman." <let the groans begin> In more seriousness, I am a long-time supporter of Kalarysn.
  13. This is actually my debunked theory. Although I believe I (and you also) was right about 9 being Odium's special number.
  14. Anybody remember in WoK when Rock threw a tree at Kaladin and Rock says "was small tree"? Rock is a big dude. He is also a strong dude. I don't have a hard time believing a strong dude with Stormlight can pull a shardbow. Isn't Stormlight what powers Shardplate anyway? If anything else supernatural is involved, it has been involved since WoK time or even earlier.
  15. You can see my Radiant order in my signature from another time this went around.
  16. I'm surprised no one in this thread or the other have mentioned Syl's quote. What was it? "Be glad I'm the wrong kind of spren or I'd probably lick your forehead or something to get at your emotions" This could probably serve either side of the argument.
  17. Kaladin sees the nine shadows in the painting "intended only for a divinity to see" the painting by Nenefra (an obvious Nalthis name) from the Court of Gods (in Hallandren). Of course it was supposed to have been burned in the court. So, was the painting, in fact, intended for Kaladin (who kind of qualifies given how much Investiture he uses), or can the same piece of art in fact function for more than one deity to different ends?
  18. Remember Lightsong was able to see visions in those paintings, and he was not the God king. So Kaladin need not have as much Investiture as the God king, just a regular Returned, which I find highly plausible.
  19. You know, I was planning to troll and necro so I could become the King's Wit again. It appears the Destination came before my Journey. Cremfather.
  20. When Wait, this airport's bookstore has Oathbringer? THIS AIRPORT'S BOOKSTORE HAS OATHBRINGER. But my flight boards in 8 minutes. Ten Heartbeats. I don't care. Yeah, that was a while ago, but I am a slow reader, and I did return to earth (from Roshar) on foot. Alas, I have Returned (to the 17th Shard, etc., but not before destroying lots of evil )
  21. I didn't even see that she was Vivenna until part 4. it was so storming obvious. <shamespren>
  22. This is literally the climax page. There is no way you saw that humor until a reread.
  23. There must never, ever be a movie made for this book. To begin, they would get the music wrong for absolute certain. It would be injustice. And I, as a Skybreaker, will not stand for it. It will not ... fly
  24. Navani. She just represents everything I hate about women.