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  1. Here's one from Shallan, but the quote may be a little off: I am glad to be in this chasm because I always wondered what it would be like for a chunk of meat to pass through an intestine.
  2. Was this thread necro'd because of the following WOB from a couple of weeks ago? Fan: can you tell me anything about Kaladin's maternal grandparents? BWS: Let's just say that his mother (you're asking a very astute question) gave up more than most people gave up in that city to go be what she became. She's definitely fallen in social standing since her childhood. She took a hit. <copied verbatim from Wetlander's post on tor dot com Words of Radiance reread, chapter 23, post 122. The link feature really messes with my computer, sorry>
  3. There are likely a lot of unknowns here. For one, I am 99% sure the person who got me to read them doesn't know that I read them. I actually tell people not to read works by Brandon Sanderson. My argument is something like the following: 1. If you read tWOK, you Will (not "should" or "will want to", but Will) read WOR. 2. tWOK and WOR are both over 1000 pages. 3. If you have life or are busy, you can't afford to read anything by Brandon Sanderson, as you will lose your life as you know it. However, this (reverse-psychological) argument actually makes people more likely, not less likely to start reading. After all, if it's addictive, I want in, right?
  4. Upvote merely for the "kicking major shin" reference. Both this world and the Cosmere need more puns.
  5. @ all: that's really helpful, thanks. Upvote to the first one (the quote feature doesn't work on my computer, sorry) who mentioned Sadeas loves his wife, because I never thought of that, and yes, I agree that is important to consider when comparing to Straff. I always thought Tonk Fah was a little messed up in the head, but maybe not enough to say he isn't evil? Kaellok, if I am to understand you correctly, are you saying that an attempt at evil actions (which is like intent plus action), whether successful or not, is what makes a person evil? What you say about Szeth reminds me a lot of a definition of second-degree murder. If you do something to somebody on purpose, knowing full well that it might kill them, and then it does kill them, you are guilty of second-degree murder. If there is also intent to kill, then it is first-degree. Either way it is at least second-degree. Szeth is a murderer in the first degree, but his attempted murder of Adolin "on his own time" should be placed in a more severe category than his other murders, (because he didn't even try to make an excuse there?). Perhaps if he hadn't tried to kill Adolin, Szeth wouldn't be as bad? I don't think Szeth would have murdered "on his own time" earlier in his killing career (though maybe when we find out why he became a Truthless we'll know more) The debate on who of Szeth or Taravangian is more evil is interesting. I used to think Taravangian was worse, hands down, but now I am not so sure. After Szeth's book, perhaps all of us will be more sympathetic of Szeth.
  6. Do we know what Mraize's darts are made out of? Because if they are metal ....
  7. In judging a person's character, motive is the most important. Sadeas and Straff Venture are motivated by a desire for power and nothing else (and are willing to do ANYTHING to grab power). We know this because we have both of their POV's. Are there any major differences between Sadeas and Straff Venture? Wyrn and Dilaf may have been motivated by power, but their intention to annihilate could only have been motivated by pure hatred. Denth is up there because HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. (see post 10) What were his motivations for starting another Manywar? Surely it couldn't be just the money. Was it an extreme case of apathy? And then we don't even know what motivates Suit or Ialai (we will probably find out later). Most everyone else "evil" are either just messed up in the head (Bloody Tan, Tonk Fah?, Szeth?) or they think they are justified by some cause (Amaram, Taravangian, Bluefingers, The Lord Ruler?, Miles?). Some of these really went Out Of Bounds, though. I am having trouble placing Iadon into any of the above categories. Someone remind me what he wanted so badly he was willing to do human sacrifices for it?
  8. When I read a masterpiece, I listen to a masterpiece. And so I usually listen to music by J.S. Bach when I read anything by Brandon Sanderson. With one exception. Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata goes to Mistborn: The Final Empire. Links are not agreeing with me, so I'll just name the pieces by title. Fantasia and Fugue BWV 537 goes to Kaladin. Toccata and Fugue BWV 538 goes to Dalinar. (Shallan and Pattern show up somewhere in the middle of the fugue, I think) Prelude and Fugue BWV 552 goes with the end of Hero of Ages. And there are many others. Edit: I should probably clarify about Moonlight Sonata. The first two movements are relaxing, while the third is rather violent. This especially matches the scene where Vin is at a ball and leaves it fighting. The slow, dancelike music in the second movement matches the ball perfectly, and then suddenly the third movement hits and she is fighting mistborns.
  9. Apparently Taravangian is a Stick now.
  10. Here is one from Lightsong (I think there are a lot of quotes from him that are worthy here): (to Llarimar) "I can't imagine you being married to the God King at any age, Scoot, ... ... Actually, yes I can imagine it, and the dress looks painfully inelegant on you."
  11. Then perhaps I should have included Rayse in the poll... It is suggested in the letter (written by Hoid?) that Rayse was already Hateful and gladly took the shard of Odium. Of course it could just be (Hoid's) biased opinion of Rayse. Otherwise, I would have to agree that we can't be quick to judge the Shardholders. And yes, Iadon is despicable. Edit: This was supposed to quote Haradion Drogon, but either me or this computer or this site or a combination of these is incapable to doing quotes.
  12. I think I laughed out loud when Elend said "He ate my horse."
  13. Wow, I am the only one who likes Kiin? He is boss!
  14. So that's why worldhoppers hop using the Cognitive Realm Edit: <this is in response to Moogle. The quote button doesn't work for me, for some reason>
  15. I start with the Ars Arcanum and refer back to it several times while reading the book. If I come across too many spoilers, I'll stop and come back to it later.
  16. How about a Suit of the Dead? 2 Tien 3 Dunny 4 Lamaril 5 Kabsal 6 Tyn 7 Lin (Davar) 8 Ym* 9 Helaran 10 Sadeas J Hanavanar Q Shshshsh K Gavilar A Tanavast And since there can be two Jokers (and obviously Wit is one of them), I think Axies could also be a Joker. * I know there is speculation on whether Ym is really dead. Cenn is another option, though Cenn would be the 2 of the Dead. Edit: I switched the postions of King Hanavanar and Sadeas