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  1. Phendorana, so I can warn her to duck =( =( =( Or Navani, Wikim, Renarin, or any of the ardents who study math. The math teacher in me is getting excited at the thought. if I am in a dangerous mood, Mraize. Or maybe Szeth. I love how Dalinar is very much not mentioned here. I think we would all like to *see* him, just not interact with him, kolo? The main thing that would be fun with Lift is trying to set her up so I can “catch her in the act” of stealing my food.
  2. Sorry, but this image dominated my mind as soon as I read this. Then not long after, this one. Firebending for Dustbringers and lightning for Skybreakers. By the way, I LOVE Uncle Iroh. He’s the best.
  3. I am also confused. Can you post a link?
  4. I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but I recommend The Chosen. I think you will not be disappointed.
  5. I think the 5th Radiant ideals have to do with WHY. It’s an ultimate understanding of what the order is all about. For example, Nale talks about “becoming” the Law, but I think what this really means is understanding Law to the point where you can interpret it with perfect honesty and judgement. A second or third order Skybreaker is like a police officer, who makes an oath to enforce/uphold/defend the laws of the land. A 5th order Skybreaker is a Supreme Court Justice (apologies for the USA reference for those outside the USA). Recall the scene in Oathbringer where Kaladin is confronted by two opposing parties and he wants to protect both sides. Obviously this situation was beyond what 3rd ideal Kaladin could handle. I suspect even 4th ideal Kaladin, at the end of RoW, would still have trouble in that scene. That scene would have required a 5th ideal Windrunner, who would understand protection to the level of why. Right now Kaladin doesn’t know why. It’s why he’s no good at large-scale battle/war (remember the side-carry scene in WoK?) or politics. I think all of the orders (I could possibly argue even the Lightweavers follow this pattern) follow this pattern: 1. Basic understanding of what Radiants are all about. 2. Basic commitment to what the order is about. 3. Commitment to push through even when there is resistance. 4. Understanding of the limitations of the order. 5. Understanding the Why of the order. All of the orders we have seen so far fit this pattern (I could make a case for it, at least). Personally, I would like to see what a 5th Bondsmith ideal would look like. They would have to understand Connection and the Spiritual Realm on a very deep level. WHY are people/beings connected to each other the way that they are? Editing to add: remember Nale is not exactly his best self right now, so what he told Szeth is probably a tainted version of what the Skybreakers are really about. Kaladin probably still can’t answer Vasher’s question, but when he can in full confidence, I think he will say the Fifth Ideal. And I think Kaladin IS the character Brandon intends to exemplify the Radiant journey. The other main characters have weird exceptions/situations that make them not the best examples (which also makes the story that much more interesting).
  6. https://i.imgflip.com/51q51u.jpg
  7. Can you spoiler tag that please? Thank you.
  8. She is an Awakener though, and out of the closet, so to speak. So, no titles and basically disowned. She wouldn’t inherit.
  9. Well, Dalenar now has a reason to make babies with Kinae. He ran out of heirs!
  10. When at work you need to draw a diagram of a hidden Markov model, and it looks like this:
  11. A friend once told me this is called a “noisy introvert.” I’m one too. People can get me out of my cave to put on a performance, but when it’s done I go back to the cave. With lots of Brandon books. Don’t bother me.
  12. TLDR (there actually is a Mistborn 1 spoiler though).
  13. Moash is going to join the Ghostbloods. The next place we see him is getting all up in Shallan’s business.