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  1. A friend once told me this is called a “noisy introvert.” I’m one too. People can get me out of my cave to put on a performance, but when it’s done I go back to the cave. With lots of Brandon books. Don’t bother me.
  2. TLDR (there actually is a Mistborn 1 spoiler though).
  3. Moash is going to join the Ghostbloods. The next place we see him is getting all up in Shallan’s business.
  4. Taln is the real hero of the SA.
  5. So, this is a big curiosity of mine, and when I went to the coppermind article on spren, I just have to say HOLY CRAP that’s a long wiki page, with over 200 sources! Kudos to you all! So. We know spren have genders (most of the time — the Sibling is an exception) and parents (how many?). So ... how does it work? Does one spren just start to get thought of in more than one way to the point that it splits? That doesn’t sound likely. Like, what happens? Does someone tear a piece of a spren off or something? The spren cut by spanreed fabrials divide in separate spren perhaps? Does Stormlight coalesce into a new spren under the right circumstances? We know most of the Honorspren are relatively young — younger than Syl. Where did they come from and how? Does the Stormfather regularly birth new spren? Perhaps Sja-Anat’s status as parent is a better starting place? How do spren generally have specific parents, like the Reacher (?) in OB? The word “conceive” may be strangely relevant (tangent). Perhaps we will learn more about this in Stormlight 5? Any predictions?
  6. I know, right? There’s that word ‘willing’ ;P I have toyed with this identification of Thaidakar for a couple of books now, and can’t say the so-called reveal is very satisfying. It sounds a lot like when my wife was reading WoA and asked me directly if (Well of Ascension spoiler) and my face told her everything she wanted to know <pulls hair>. Honey, if you don’t want to get spoiled don’t ask so many questions! I guess that’s the risk of coming on here, isn’t it?
  7. Definitely Maya. After her big scene in RoW I’m all hers 100%. Okay, the only one who could compete in my mind would be Taln, who you could argue is a spren, but that really wouldn’t be fair, kolo?
  8. Thaidakar serves Autonomy. Autonomy is the one with all the avatars, no?
  9. My reaction: Skyler is Prince Zuko (from Avatar the last airbender). I couldn’t help seeing his face with that voice.
  10. This begs the following question: Was Tanavast a dragon? Because they were romantically involved ... and not to dis too much on Shrek, but yeah.
  11. Did you notice how his chapter icon turns upside down based on if he is stupid or smart?
  12. My upvote is because of Wedgie.
  13. When, upon a reread of Warbreaker, you realize with surprise that much of the charming language you used to woo your wife came from Lightsong the Bold. (my wife still doesn’t know. Haha!)
  14. I thought it was heavily implied to be a fork of Atium. Gemmel wouldn’t have been much impressed by anything else, and we know Atium is required to make Malatium.