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  1. Use your imagination (but I’d take what I can get
  2. I want a board book version of The Way of Kings for my little one. please?
  3. My wife found a typo at the bottom of page 317 (hardcover, USA) and wanted me to report it on here: ”Exton overhead that, son.”
  4. I put it down and exclaimed “this is so WILD.” this was BEFORE they moved the scudding planet.
  5. Probably this. They’re called Knights for a reason. What makes a knight? A sword, armor, and … a horse! Here we have magic sword, magic armor, and magic horses. Easy peezy. And Brandon has all but backed this up. It’s what he was going for with the whole “knight” thing. As for the fifth oath, I personally believe (and I’ve said it before, so, sorry.) that the Fifth Ideal has to do with the Why of the order. For Windrunners it would be the answer to Zahel’s question (why do you fight?) and an excellent wrapup for Kaladin’s Journey from the beginning of his story (Journey before Destination).
  6. Guess I’ll just read Cytonic before and after.
  7. Specifically, is it safe to read Cytonic if I haven’t read Sunreach or Redawn?
  8. This isn’t much of a theory, but we’ve seen each secret society so far led by or influenced by some Herald or Someone Important. Skybreakers: Nale Sons of Honor: Kalak Ghostbloods: Thaidakar (Someone Important, bot just for being GB boss) Diagram: King T Veristatalians: ?? Evisagers?? We know hardly anything about the Stone Shamans, though Ishar might have to do with them. So, who is it? I think we’ll find out in book 5. Also, perhaps there is an actual Herald for each secret society? I believe there is a WOB that there are 9 secret societies. There could be one for each Herald sans Taln (though which Jezrien was involved with under this theory, beats me).
  9. Okay, so I wanted to keep the title spoiler free, but the question is this (and I apologize if this is an old question but I couldn’t find it from basic searching): What if Vin had taken the power at the Well of Ascension instead of freeing Ruin? Let’s start with a very brief fanfic (I don’t think Brandon will mind, but if he would I can take it down): “You mustn’t do it, child … you know what you must do …” Vin was supposed to be the Hero of Ages. She needed to be. But unfortunately, she was not that person. She could not, would not, let Elend die. And so she burned the power within her. It was as instinctual to her as burning Atium had been, or any of the metals. Fixing what was wrong with the world would be easy too. Rashek was a fool! She thought… Okay, I’ll cease butchering this story and get back to the facts. Besides the fact that Brandon already had that played out with Rashek and so repeating history wouldn’t make for as good a story, let’s remember some important facts: 1. Preservation was dying, independent of Ruin’s escape. Would he have lasted longer in this scenario? Possibly, but I don’t think for another 1024 years before the Well refilled. 2. Kelsier is still around. Now, without Ruin loose he wouldn’t have as easily spooked the Ire and Fuzz would have had different plans, etc. etc. 3. Sazed had figured out about Ruin’s ruse, and managed to escape Marsh. He simply wasn’t fast enough to stop Vin. In this scenario, Vin would soon have that knowledge. 4. Vin and Elend would still have a need to reunite the hemispher under their rule. There would basically be another Empire. Woth one key difference though. They aren’t fullborn, and while Rashek was able to create Allomancy, I don’t think he would have been able to make Feruchemists with only Presevervation’s power. Perhaps Vin could have made some other magic? Thoughts? What have I missed? What would have happened had Vin been “selfish” with the power at the Well of Ascension?
  10. This is mostly a musical musing and I don’t expect much discussion but if there are any music theory nerds out there, come on in! So, I’m guessing most Returned (and people at the Second Heightening) would abhor music us normal people make because they would hear it “out of tune.” I want to take it a step further though. Modern pianos are tuned with what’s called Equal Temperament, meaning that all keys are just a little off, as opposed to one key sounding beautiful with some of the others sounding terrible. The discrepancy comes from the fact that 2^(1/12) is not rational. My question is would a Returned hate all modern piano music? How sensitive is their Perfect Pitch?
  11. I came here and discovered I’d already upvoted these. Honestly I have no clue why there aren’t more upvotes for these.
  12. Phendorana, so I can warn her to duck =( =( =( Or Navani, Wikim, Renarin, or any of the ardents who study math. The math teacher in me is getting excited at the thought. if I am in a dangerous mood, Mraize. Or maybe Szeth. I love how Dalinar is very much not mentioned here. I think we would all like to *see* him, just not interact with him, kolo? The main thing that would be fun with Lift is trying to set her up so I can “catch her in the act” of stealing my food.
  13. Sorry, but this image dominated my mind as soon as I read this. Then not long after, this one. Firebending for Dustbringers and lightning for Skybreakers. By the way, I LOVE Uncle Iroh. He’s the best.
  14. I am also confused. Can you post a link?