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  1. Did you hear the Invisible Man was a chainsmoker? He walked into a bar and the bartender said "Why the lung face?"
  2. The Good Place. It's hard to describe it enough to get people excited about it without dropping huge spoilers, but how often do you find an American sitcom that has spoilers? Breezy pacing with plenty of hidden details worth poring over (Ted Danson's performance and everything about the set design is much more rewarding the second time through), and the second season looks like it'll have plenty of shirt up its sleeve. ...I swear, Ted Danson's wardrobe in this is making pocket squares start to make sense to me.
  3. There's always another Secret.
  4. For hundreds of years, the Inquisitors kept digging up new deodorant sticks under Luthadel.
  5. There comes a time... when we heed a certain call... And then... the murders begaaaaan...
  6. Adapting it to an American cultural context would mean a few things: - "He seemed like such a nice boy with a bright future ahead of him." This is what we say of school shooters. When they don't look like social maladjusts in a visually obvious way (like that bowl-cut thing a certain recent mass murderer had), they look like ordinary teenagers. He's not the well-scrubbed, upper-crust Light that would be produced in Japanese or British society (a British adaptation would be slick and socially cutting, BTW). He's in America, where we feign ignorance of class divisions and are taught a higher emphasis on individual responsibility for actions(something that will make the question of Light's motives a little blander). - This is L: I've only seen him impersonating Snoop Dogg in Straight Outta Compton, but he's been an up-and-comer in middlebrow arthouse movies for years. I hear he's really good in Short Term 12 and Atlanta. Perhaps there'll be a racial rather than classist implication in Light's choice of victims? - In the reboot live-action series from a couple years ago, Light doesn't jump right into using the Death Note. Ryuk edges him into it a bit. It's probably an easier angle to take the beginning from than the original. I think a feature film length version can work fine. There are implications in the manga and anime about the world's reaction to Kira, but not a lot of aspects of society are shown changing from it. From day one, Death Note has been more about plot mechanics, mind games, reversed expectations. You can do that just fine with a pared-down pool of characters (please no Near or Mello) and a plot arc that will probably have the ending of the live-action movie from about 10 years ago. It'd be great if it ended with the midpoint of the anime instead, but that's more just my personal bias.
  7. This joke proves you made it through the banned pass filter.
  8. We are incredibly inefficient lifeforms.
  9. Worst example found so far, The Chocolate War. They murdered him. And then the murders began.
  10. The insistence on "1=3, don't ask how, it just is" was one of the first easy steps in my journey from Catholic to atheist.
  11. Khmer Rouge.
  12. The Ruling Class (1972) is in its entirety on YouTube. <3 that movie.
  13. "Kill Aragorn early" and "make everything about Tom Bombadil" would have been great ideas for the story.
  14. I started to write a little skit about Missouri settlers, but realized there's already a better version: