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  1. Not bad... I'm thinking maybe we can combine the two... A small bit of the body of a shard of a fictional dead god that you can injest to become a super warrior who eats metal.
  2. Hi, I was pretty active on this site a while back, I've popped in a few times to catch info once in a while. I've read most of Brandon's books. Recently I had a local "artisan" to cut this decal for me so I can distinguish my cup from all the rest at work that look like it. The fun comes in when you try to make a quick explanation about what the symbol is. "A portion of the body of a shard of a fictional good that if you swallow it turns you into a mistborn" Design note: I suggest making any if the allomancy symbols do a circle and have the symbol in negative space. The ends of the spices want to pull up.
  3. the newsletter ended up in my promotions box. I feel
  4. OK, I have searched this site, and google. Why can I not find a link to the excerpt? Can someone please help me here?
  5. exactly what I was thinking
  6. I still have to find someone to sew the hood on, once complete, I plan on it.
  7. For some reason when I first read this I kind of harummped at it. Why change it? but some minor continuality stuff helps the story, not changes it. Just as a FYI, Tolken did some major editing of The Hobbit that had major affect to the story line from what I am told (I haven't read the original so I don't know. ) Either way... Ill read the update.
  8. As a last minute thing, I decided to make a Mistcloak for a Comic-con type event. I had two days to make it, and probably set a record for making mistakes on it. So a few tips: 1. Give yourself more than two days. I am sure that quality was effected by the rush. Also I don't know how to sew, and due to the time crunch I couldn't find someone to sew the hood on it, so I'm wearing more of a Mistcape than a Mistcloak. 2. Sharp scissors. Mine weren't that sharp. I had some rough edges. "The better to hide you in the mists," and "Its an outer dominance cut" will probably be used several times. 3. After cutting out your basic cloak shape practice on that scrap to get the hang of straight cuts. the last few cuts I made definitely look better than the first few. 4. When you purchase your material, talk to the people where your going to get it, and this is very important. Do not go to Wal-Mart for the cloth. I actually got this one right, they helped me pick out a very nice cloth that was not hard to cut. 5. Have a large area that you won't have to move it when you take a break. I lost a tassel to this mistake. 6. Lay out your cuts before you start cutting. I used a half circle cloak pattern. (pattern below) I folded it in half so that I was basically making two cuts at once. I started drawing one line, cut, one line cut. I realized that by the end I was going to have a huge gap. I began laying out V's the arms of the V was the tassel, and the center part was loss. the arms of the V would bump against the one next to it. 7. Work toward your strong hand. If you are a lefty, work left to right, wrong-handed folks work from right to left. I discovered that on my first cut. It would have costed a lot of time if I had not. 8. Keep track of what you are cutting "Tassel, Tassel, loss" became my mantra for about 3 hours. I almost lost a couple of tassels to this mistake. I realized it and stopped the scissors, that tassel is just thin at the top. 9. When cutting out the hood remember that it needs to be quite a bit larger than your head. I almost messed up to the point I wouldn't have the cloth for the hood. Overall I am pleased with the result, just if I had this advice before I started it would have looked better. I will post pics once it is in one piece.
  9. nearly? its the funniest show on TV. Now if I was trying to get you hooked I would have claimed that there was an Elantris reference in S8E8. I laughed until it hurt for that episode.
  10. I'm pretty sure its not intentional, I was watching it while looking at this forum... so I probably made a connection that wasn't there.
  11. Be sure to look at the large image. Its awesome in the photo seen above, but I missed something until I looked at the hi-res.
  12. Gary Busey as Ashwater Cett... then we have built in Jake Busey as Gneorndin
  13. Dark. Very dark. not that dark is a bad thing...