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  1. My S/O is an extraordinary artist, (As in 2d art not 3d models), and I have a lot of experience with C++ (Although never in a game-making capacity). If either one of us can be useful let me know. EDIT: We both have full time jobs, so as long as there's no immediate deadline it should be doable.
  2. On the giant crab thing that swims through the ocean! Waterfront property with a new view all the time.
  3. Bro I was just thinking that. Awesome pic.
  4. Just like in real life, not everyone has everything figured out. Especially a people as primitive as the Parshendi, they're going to be driven (As a society) by fear. When they had Gavilar killed, it was because fear drove them. When they decided to go into storm form, fear drove them. It's not like they killed King Gav for trying to bring back the Gods, then brought back the Gods. It's more like they killed King Gav for trying to being back the Gods, and then, when faced with no other option, took a risk that they thought might bring back their old Gods, because they could either do that or face extinction. I got the feeling that their God is going to be something similar to the Stormfather. I doubt it's Odium. But I could definitely be wrong. Edit: Similar to the Stormfather, but evil of course. She didn't. That's why she was so mad that Eshonai was going to be the first one in the form.
  5. Agreed 1000 Percent. I think he'll either end up with someone completely opposite his personality, (Like Shallan or Tien) who can cheer him up, or someone just as dark and sulky as he is, and they can darkly sulk about together forever.
  6. Probably because he's a crapple.
  7. He was very good in warbreaker, and Brandon says he's even better now. Since we have no one to compare his swordsmanship to (since none of the Stormlight characters have fought any Warbreaker characters) it's probably safe to assume he's very, very good. He did beat Kaladin after all, even if he did get pretend hamstringed. Not to mention in that fight, Kaladin was giving it his all and I get the feeling Vash was just toying with him. Anyway, the thread was about how Nightblood got to Roshar. I have a feeling that one of the bad guys brought him over, and Vash came to track him down. That's why he's in the Stormlight universe.
  8. I understand that some are stronger than others, but if someone is stronger than you in real life, you don't say "He's level 24 at bench press..." You just say that he's stronger than you. That's what I mean. (I should've stated it more clearly in the last post)
  9. Actually ranking the characters with "power levels" kinda makes it feel like a video game instead of an immersive world. I prefer thinking there's no quantifiable way to rank the power, and the strongest channelers are the ones who win in a fight/heal most effectively/etc etc. Making levels takes away the magic.
  10. Who is Nin then? And why did he have Nightblood? Why isn't Zahel (Vasher) trying to get him back?
  11. That profile pic is more or less what I was looking for. Thanks man!
  12. I feel like I'm being really needy, ha. But I'm looking for an image of the eye itself, like it would appear in the almighty's face, not the grouping of schools in the shape of an eye.
  13. I'll Check it out. I should specify that I'm looking just for the eye, not the surges and orders that it represents. Thanks!
  14. I'm looking for a decent quality .jpg of the "Double Eye of the Almighty." This is the closest thing I could find: I'd even be happy with an image of the chapter art from the book, if another doesn't exist.
  15. Combination of Freedom, Bridge four, and dangerous. Hopefully it doesn't look too tribal.