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  1. speculation

    I have to say that I do agree with you, but I found it interesting that MeLaan described Harmony as "good and evil" during her (lovely) hermaphrodite speech. From a moral standpoint that sees killing as bad (or even death as bad), and even moreso from a standpoint that sees enslavement as bad, I can accept someone saying that Harmony is both good and evil. While I think that Harmony would be quick to point out the technicality, I think that "the personality you are speaking to" would even agree, on some level.
  2. TenSoon and MeLaan's relationship is also more father/daughter than romantic, I believe. That's probably only furthered by the fact that TenSoon is practically a demigod among demigods, now. I see the relationship between Wax and Steris as being a more realistic portrayal of arranged marriage on Brandon's part. It's actually true a surprising amount of the time (at least in cultures without extreme sexism) that once people have committed to each other, they grow to get along very well. To quote Fiddler on the Roof, "If that's not love, what is?"
  3. I was actually fixing to post a theory on this, but as I've been listening to Paalm's mental communication, there is too much of it that's personal. She starts calling him "Wax," for instance, and refers to his background in the Roughs. While this isn't solid evidence by itself, the communication, both mental and audible, continues to get more and more personal through the scene where Bleeder is going after the governor in his mansion. I'm listening to the audio book now (after having read the e-book first), but I'm going to have to read through that part again to be sure. It's hard to be certain about things when listening as opposed to reading, at least for me.
  4. He could put it somewhere that it could be removed, and only one spike at least doesn't open him up to much control. The only reason Wax would have for not doing it is that it's immoral, but he's been pushed by Spook's book into believing that it isn't, necessarily. Personally, I don't think he'd do it, at least as he is now, because it's Idashwy's power. He knew her, saw her corpse. I don't think he'll be keen on using her power. Now, that could very well change in the next book(s).
  5. Also, when Harmony tells Wax that he can't just track down Paalm, he doesn't seem to disturbed by it. It's not like it should be impossible. He just tells Wax that "it's complicated," and they have a good laugh about it. The other kandra seem more perplexed by Bleeder's ability to use allomancy/feruchemy than the fact that she's hiding from Harmony.
  6. Wait, I don't get the reference to red showing up. Is this a specific thing I've missed?
  7. The question specifically states a "fully charged" metalmind. So it's completely filled with Feruchemical Investiture. There is not "normal" metal left in that. So Brandon's answer doesn't necessarily have any bearing on partially filled or completely empty metalminds.
  8. I don't know... Brandon has said that some of TLR's "more spectacular" effects were achieved through Hemalurgy. He still must have been spiked, even if it wasn't his atium bracers.
  9. While plot-wise, that makes the use of "I haven't even murdered your father yet" perfectly reasonable, from a literary standpoint, Zea mays still has a solid point.
  10. theory

    The bit about Bleeder not acting insane is also covered in the books. Her goals are insane, not because they're a bad idea, really, but because they're not really connected to her desires. Overthrowing Elendel isn't going to overthrow Harmony, and we have no reason to suspect that "strong emotion" is going to make people less susceptible to Harmony's "control." I say "no reason to suspect" rather than "it's not true" because it is possible Bleeder has some kind of outside knowledge about how to upset harmony from wherever she got the "Trellium." Anyway, she's remarked as being quite rational with her plans, just not with her outcomes. That's usually how psychotic people work. They can be quite adept at planning, but they plan to do things that don't make sense, and don't have anything to do with their actions.
  11. A cosmere grey man? Hmmm.... The biggest downside to this is that the sense of connection works both ways. If you make others feel a heightened sense of connection to you, then you're also going to make yourself feel a heightened sense of connection to them. They'll trust you and do anything for you, but won't you do the same to them? That said, I still absolutely love this idea. I think it'd be more awesome as a good-guy, though, than a villain. Imagine if this were Wayne's power... (It practically is, anyway.)
  12. Both of these questions are pretty much answered in Alloy of Law. Wayne is mentioned as flaring his metals to get extra time. (It happens multiple times, but the most explicit one is the first scene with Wayne.) In the same scene where Marasi admits to Wayne that her bubble is bigger than hers, implying that there should be a gap between the two bubbles, she explicitly says that "nothing happens" when you burn Bendally and Cadmium together. If there was a region of slow time there, they probably would have noticed that. It still might be worth asking, though, as Marasi was rather down on the whole Pulser thing, so she might have been excluding that information. It'd just be for confirmation. (Note that a lot of people on here assume the answer to be the opposite of what we have in the books.)
  13. That's actually really big information, as we've been before told both that TLR was under Ruin's influence -- and that in book -- and that his bracers were his spikes. So this is new and revolutionary information.
  14. Koloss definitely still need spikes. Brandon wrote Pits of Eltania, didn't he? I suppose you could argue "Allomancer Jak" as a non-credible reporter (pun intended) but it lines up with what else we've been told.
  15. theory

    I'm just going to post this as a new topic because right now the discussion is spread across many threads. So after the climax, when Marasi is showing Wax the spike made of an unknown metal, and when she's talking to MeLaan about it, she comments that it is "one of the spikes [bleeder] was using". I've seen a lot of people assuming that this means she was using it at the time she died, and that "one of" means that she had other spikes in her (that she put there). While I'm not ruling this out as a possible interpretation, I think that it far from ironclad, and not the most likely possibility. Here are a few reasons. 1) We are told repeatedly, including by Harmony, that Bleeder only has one spike, that any above and beyond this would allow him to take control of her. It's entirely possible that the characters are wrong (less likely about Harmony, though he admits that he cannot see her consistently), but... 2) The characters, who knew that Bleeder was supposed to have only one spike, don't suddenly express surprise at finding two. If Harmony/MeLaan/TenSoon (and Wax) had all been wrong about this, Marasi might be expected to mention that. 3) Marasi calls the spike "one of the spikes she was using" (emphasis mine, obviously), which can imply that she's talking about one of the spikes she's been using for various powers. She doesn't say "one of the spikes she had in her" or something to that effect. This is lent further credence by the fact that... 4) The narrative constantly points out is that Bleeder has access to multiple spikes. When they find Idashwy, Wax points out that the antagonist might have any number of powers, or all of them. Furthermore, they know at least one place where Bleeder changed powers (where Wax was right before he saw her using Coinshot abilities), so they could have gone back there for the spike. But that's assuming she wasn't just carrying them all on her person at all times. They also know where she's been a lot of the time (or, at least, who she's been impersonating), so they could have conducted a search for her "stash." 5) It has been assumed that the "Trellium" spike is what allows her to avoid detection by Harmony. In fact, Harmony outright explains that this is because having god-like powers is "complicated." It isn't mysterious to Harmony, just frustrating. He and Wax have a good laugh over it. (I'll post more on this if I have time.) I do see some problems with this theory. One is how Bleeder is able to communicate with spiked people. This isn't an ability we have clearly seen a metal capable of doing. But it appears that Brandon has gone out of his way to avoid explaining this. The only clue we have, that I recall, is TenSoon's apparent surprise that Bleeder spoke to Wax directly, and the fact that he wasn't surprised (and knew about) Bleeder's ability to speak directly to Wax's mind. But I don't think this ability necessarily demands another spike, and if we assume the spike enables it, then that spike is doing two things according to the theories already proposed. The second... I forget right now, but it had something to do with the various powers Bleeder used. I plan to update this theory header as we get more discussion. Also, I anticipate a lot of people's questions at signings to pertain to this Trellium!