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  1. Quaqua Qua, a small quick-witted nine year old will be signing up. He was born on the south side of Scadrial, unknown to the people under the Lord Ruler's rule. At seven weeks, he was somehow transported to Saverfrex(probably instinctual worldhopping but he can't be sure), and was adopted by a family there. He has been living with them ever since. He has no allomantical or feruchemical abilities known yet. EDIT: typo
  2. Alvron, has my personal conversation been deleted? I cannot find it, am I dead?
  3. I don't trust Jain, though Fafa but why is everyone voting for him? Do they have information I don't? I hate being left out! "Trust no one!" - Ghost of Captain Qayshar Junglewood, previous holder of Honor, now splintered.
  4. Lil' Meester Wafa hit the ground running. They're gaining on me! I'm going to die this time, aren't I? Earlier Wafa had been spying on some inquisitors, and saw them stab a man with a spike, similar to the ones on Wafa's elbows. The inquisitors did this over and over again, bringing in new people every time. These people did not always die, but when they left, they would walk out in a stupor, as if their soul had been punctured, and was deflating with every step they took. After many people had been impaled, the inquisitors brought in a new man, who looked triumphant, excited, and excited, as if his life goal was to come here. They tied a man to a metal table, and abruptly stabbed his eyes with two spikes, and the man shrieked, writhing on the cold metal, as blood poured down his face. It took Wafa awhile, as he was a bit slow but eventually started to make connections about his sudden powers and how it had happened the same day he had got his spikes. He had figured out the secrets of hemalurgy. Flaring his luck, he snuck into the room and managed to grab two spikes before an inquisitor noticed him. "Kae!" an inquisitor yelled, angry, charging at Wafa "There's a boy in the room! Don't let him out!" Fafa stuffed the spikes into a pack he brought, and still flaring his compounded chromium, he also burned regular chromium, and directed it at the two inquisitors chasing him. The inquisitors had been momentarily stunned by their loss of powers, and Wafa jumped out the window, stained glass shattering, and Wafa the ground running. I'll need to hide, I can't face them all, unless I use my shardblade or awakening. The inquisitors were gaining on him, and soon he found himself cornered in an alley, three inquisitors looking triumphant. "It must be my lucky day!" An inquisitor said coldly, with a smirk on his face. "A Leecher. I myself don't have Chromium!" the inquisitor added, taking a spike out of his robe. "No," said Wafa, trembling, but determined not to show weakness "It's my lucky day. I'm also a Spinner," So, with a tremendous flare of compounded chromium, Wafa knocked the spike out of the inquisitors hand, just as a shardblade appeared in his hand, wet, like as if it had been left out in the grass over night. With that, Wafa seperated the inquisitors head from his shoulders, severing his soul. When he looked up, he saw that the two other inquisitors had left, evidently scared (Yeah Winter, Wafa sacred Kae and Cleo!). Wafa sat down on his bread, braciing himself, as he stabbed two spikes into his sternum, one above the other.
  5. Or maybe you're devoted to being devoted to hate.
  6. I'm stepping out of character here. Who do you mean by "I"? Are you possessed by Odium?
  7. "Winter is offended by this," the ghost of Captain Qayshar Junglewood reported to Wafa, telling him the words Winter had said, and telling Wafa that she had said it without a trace of emotion. Winter does not care thought Wafa, sniffling she just doesn't want to get on anyones bad side. "Would you like me to report that back to Winter as you reply Wafa?", asked the ghost of Qayshar. "No no, that isn't necessary," answered Wafa, uncomfortable "Tell her I'll meet her in the village square, and tell her to say that she is sorry!" Wafa started to cry. "No one loves me!"
  8. Who, me Winter of the Wolfkind? Are you speaking to I, the ghost of Captian Qayshar Jungelwood, previous carrier of the Shard Honour? Yes, I do believe with all my incorporeal heart that I will live forever as a ghost, forever tormenting those who have wronged me during my life. EDIT: I forgot to use epithets, which the the ghost of Captian Qayshar Jungelwood, previous carrier of the Shard Honour loves.
  9. Try as you might, you cannot lynch a ghost like me, or my fellows like the ghost of Ostrich. As I am incorporeal, the most harm you could ever do to me would have to be verbal. I am sorry to tell you Mailliw, but as much as you wish to live once again, you are as much of a ghost as I, Captain Qayshar Junglewood, previous carrier of the Shard of Honour, and have no right to vote. If you wish to vote for me, you may vote for Fafa, a friend of mine playing in the next Sanderson Elimination. I will be his adviser, and would love for him to die, so that we may wander the Cosmere together as ghosts, Fafa and I, side by side, as EQUALS! I will live forever (as a ghost)! EDIT: Spelling
  10. "Wafa forgives you, and hopes that you'll give him a second chance. He is not telling you in person because he is not sure if he can trust you yet, so I have come to act as a messenger," said the ghost of Captain Qayshar Junglewood, emerging from the ground in front of Winter of the Wolfkind.
  11. Alas, I had forgotten to ask almighty Joe, if I, the ghost of Captain Qayshar Junglewood may speak, but I now have. At least I have given nothing away, with my ghostly comments, but you are right, oh Winter of the Wolfkind, I should have asked the great Joe for permission.
  12. I guess you're right Winter," said Wafa "but I personally had never thought of tapping and storing at the same time. You have now diminished my courage, Winter of the Wolfkind, and I now have no self esteem." Wafa leaves the room, sulking and looking down at his shoes. A tear trails down his cheeks, leaving a line of cleanliness on his otherwise dirt covered face. EDIT: I added the action.
  13. Wafa has figured out how to always be lucky, even when storing luck! "By tapping fortune in one metal mind, and burning compounded chromium at the same time you can store and use fortune at the same time! After storing chromium, you can compound it, therefore making up for the compounded chromium you were burning while you were storing chromium. Ya feel me?" I haven't explained very well, so you may not understand, but it works! EDIT: Puncuation