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  1. I mean, it definitely builds on itself, but it does so in a very repetitive way. if you've gotten that far, and aren't satisfied with it, then i'd say just drop at at that point.
  2. Heinlein has got some Opinions and he makes certain anyone who read his books understands that. but Starship Troopers is a fun read, as I recall, and doesn't go too, too heavy into politics or into his whole....thing.....on sex.
  3. one laser for the stationary ones, 3 for the mobile ones and if i'm remembering the timing right, you hit the button pretty much right as the blue energy appears. as long as you are at the distance away where they stop approaching.
  4. someone told you wrong.
  5. Hah, i never had Link's Crossbow Training, but a friend of mine did. I briefly held the record on one of the levels in his game because I was the first one to realize that there was a multiplier for not missing, so hitting 10 targets in a row was worth more than spamming arrows at 50. of course once he understood that, my record got blown away, because it turns out I was not very good at it.
  6. pretty sure it wasn't Galad who killed Rand's father, not sure where you are getting that from
  7. Yea, I doubt any windrunner is going to be able to kill a defenseless man. probably not edgedancers either. but there doesn't seem to be anything constraining a lightweaver. and for Kel specifically, he has broken so many laws that I doubt any skybreaker even slightly familiar with his history will have trouble justifying it.
  8. yea the Nynaeve/Elayne dynamic is....very frustrating
  9. suppose it depends on how much duralumin vs how much stormlight. I've always assumed that it was possible to have leftover metals after a duralumin burn, but I don't think we've ever actually seen a case where someone burning duralumin had any reserves remaining of the metals they had been burning. but I' also reasonably sure that the Radiants tend to have way more investiture on hand than mistborn do, most of the time.
  10. presumably it would dump the surgebinder's entire store of stormlight into the lashing for a single, extremely powerful, lashing. the basic lashing doesn't dissipate immediately once you aren't feeding stormlight to it, it as some duration before it wears off so the affected object would basically launch itself in the direction of the lashing, and would continue accelerating in that direction fr a little while before normal gravity reasserts itself, at which point it will continue coasting on momentum for a time. for the amounts of stormlight that we see windrunners commonly using, this honestly might be enough to get somethin into orbit, assuming that it doesn't get destroyed on the way up by other objects or the force of the air itself.
  11. Rand didn't go through the rings. he saw them but they weren't what he was there for. the Ter'angreal he walked through is described as "a small forest of tall glass columns"
  12. harmony

    In terms of raw power available to him, I'm pretty sure Sazed is objectively the strongest of the shards. but he has trouble using it due to the nature of the shards he holds. there are WoBs on this though, like this one: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/249-waygate-foundation-write-a-thon/#e7318
  13. yea, i'll third that. The chemistry just really isn't there for the most part.
  14. I'm not sure this actually holds. It is true for the skybreakers, but it isn't clear that it is the case for anyone else. for instance the first surge we really see Kaladin using is the reverse lashing, which combines the two surges. for that matter, he is clearly far more adept at the basic lashing, which uses only gravitation, than he is at anything adhesion based. And we've seen Venli do more with Cohesion than Transportation at this point
  15. Mraize's master (his Babsk) is Iyatil. her master is Thaidakar. also some of that is RoW spoilers, and shouldn't be shared outside the RoW section.
  16. I've payed Chrono Trigger and it is definitely great, though I don't know that it would actually benefit much from a remake. You might be able to clean up the graphics a bit, but I worry it would end up like the Link's Awakening remake, whose graphics I hate. as far as game mechanics, I don't think there is much that needs fixing, though it has been a good while since I played it, so i might be forgetting somehing. Chrono Cross I Haven't tried
  17. The obvious popularity of the Final Fantasy VII remake has had me thinking recently about what other games I would like to see remade. It turns out to be a pretty long list, but they mostly fall into 2 categories, so I'll give one example from each. I'm also curious what games others would pick. As far as I'm concerend a remake of a game can be anything from just updating the graphics to completely redoing the gameplay and graphics, while keeping the core story and/or mechanics more or less intact. Category 1 - Graphical upgrade to PS1/N64 era games For anyone growing up in the 90s, I figure this category is going to be a huge draw, and FFVII is sort of the poster child for it - it took the extremely basic and, quite frankly, ugly character designs (backgrounds too, but the characters were always much worse) from the PS1 original and made them absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of games from my childhood that I'd want to see receive this same treatment (and some already have and/or are in the works!) but for me the number 1 contender is probably another Finaly Fantasy game: Final Fantasy IX. FFIX was my first FF game, and in fact one of the first games I had for the Playstation, so it holds a special place for me, and while its graphics hold up a lot better than FFVII's do, I'd still absolutely love to see it rendered in high quality format. beyond just basic graphical upgrades, I'd like for places like the cities to be rendered more fully with full maps, rather than just a few streets with a few shops each. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to gameply upgrades here, but I honestly don't know of any i'd specifically request. Category 2 - graphical and gameplay updates to 8 and 16 bit games. I have tried my hand at a bunch of older NES and Gameboy era games, and often, though not always, I am terrible at them. A lot of the time this is down to limitations on the hardware preventing these early games from doing things that would be commonplace later. Password save systems for instance, or enemies that respawn as soon as you move out of view of their spawn point - most later games would do away with these things, in favor of save slots, and a more persistent game state where a defeated enemy stays defeated, at least for a bit longer. Another thing is that if I've played later games in a certain series, going back to earlier games can be difficult because there are common controls and abilities that didn't exist in the earlier version. For example the 2 button layout of the gameboy and NES controls limit the options for what you can do in a game, and won't allow things like Metroid Fusion's diagonal aiming by holding the shoulder button, making it harder to hit enemies above and below you in the original. In these cases I would generally want to update the graphics at least to the SNES era graphics, if not further, and update the gameplay with newer controls and features to streamline the experience. My top pick here is probably a bit more controversial than the category 1 pick, but it is probably my overall #1 choice for a remake: Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. I played this game a while back, and it is pretty embarrassing, but buried in there is the bones of a good game. I think if it had been developed for the SNES, it would have been a bigger hit, and may have changed the Zelda formula entirely. for this game, I would actually try to port it all the way to a decent 3-d console (presumably the Switch), rather than trying to recreate it as an improved 2-d version of itself. I think the 2-d sidescrolling fight style is a much closer match to the modern 3-d zelda games than either is to the traditional top-down fighting in most 2-d zelda games, and I think a lot of the abilities you get in game would translate better to 3-d than to enhanced 2-d. So there you have my choices, and I'm curious to know what games other folks on the forums would like to see remade.
  18. makes it even weirder to consider for hemalurgy....like if you put the spike in backwards would it just eject your investiture like a fountain?
  19. I'm not sure this i quite right - it seemed to have polarity. Raboniel removed and reversed the core of Raysium in the dagger before using it, suggesting that the investiture only flowed in one direction along it.
  20. I'm inclined to agree with others that BAM is likely pure Odium, but I agree there could be godspren for all of these combinations. though whether a spren of Odium would be able to create a Bondsmith, given the Honor/adhesion connection is a separate question. though if the Nightwatcher can then it seems possible.
  21. One ting to add here that I didn't see mentioned: When Raboniel and Navani discuss how they people of Urithiru have been using Stormlight to make the crops grow, Raboniel mentions that Lifelight actually works better. it seems reasonable then that lifelight would probably be a better fuel for progression as well, so that might be part of what allows Lift to push past the supression, in addition to some or all of the other things mentioned.
  22. It can be done, though it would take effort, and it does seem like a Bondsmith's powers are probably uniquely suited to actually accomplishing it. Think about the scene in Oathbringer where Dalinar helps put the statue back together, but doing basically that with the shards of Honor. the more I think about it, the more plausible I think it actually is. We already have seen that his powers can affect spiritual aspects, not just physical.
  23. Swearing new ideals does make the use of powers more efficient. Kaladin uses less power for the same lashings after the 3rd ideal than he did after just the first and second. among other things that would make training easier. likewise Shallan's ability to make an illusory army is less about being better at her powers and more about the being able to do more with the same amount of light (also as I recall she had access to a ridiculous amount of light in that scene, and illusions are one of th lowest power uses of stormlight that we have seen)
  24. Pretty sure I had to read "To Build a Fire" on at least 3 separate occasions throughout grade school. never did read White Fang or Call of the Wild. I had a book with both stories in it, but my dog actually ate it, or at last chewed it up enough to make it unreadable
  25. pretty sure I'm already past them - I definitely saw a few mentions of things that I recognized as being dawnsard references. but its also a library thing. I think they automatically lent me dawnshard when they got it, so i have a time limit on it. i'm already half way through, so it isn't a huge diversion.