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  1. short answer is it isn't clear from what I can see digging through the WoBs. I did see this though: which suggests that stone soulcast from wood is going to be heavier than the original wood was. but there were also other WoBs that said soulcasting mostly conserves mass. and yet another suggesting that the process of soulcasting is a bit more complicated than it looks and potentially involves multiple reactions happening. so just clear as mud
  2. trawling through the WoBs on this and Brandon has been very vague on the subject. for instance it seems like soulcast blood is close enough that it could be used for transfusions, but wouldn't necessarily register as exactly human if you tried to test it. i'm paraphrasing a bit, but that's what i'm getting out of it so far. e.g.:
  3. true, which is why I'm still not completely ruling out your position here, but given the WoB above i'm 90+% convinced tat you'd be able to burn an unkeyed metalmind.
  4. right, but the relevant fact is that he doesn't have ferruchemy at the time. for the purposes of this question burning your own metalmind without access to ferruchemy seems like it would be equivalent to burning an unkeyed metalmind without ferruchemy.
  5. right, but we are talking about using allomancy to burn the metalmind, not trying to tap it ferruchemically. it isn't impossible that it needs to be unsealed as well, but I don't think it obvious that it would need to. with no access restriction based on identity, I think someone burning it would be OK. now they couldn't store that power, so unless they have the capacity to handle the big burst they'll get, it may be mostly wasted, but I think they could.
  6. I don't think it would have to be unsealed to burn it. unkeyed, yes we have confirmation that it needs that at minimum, but it seems to me that that should be sufficient, unless you know of WoB otherwise
  7. I feel like Kandra using ferruchemy would want metal "bones" that double as metalminds. but thinking about a kandra with iron ferruchemy raises interesting questions. like would storing their weight include the weight of their bones? what if those bones were ironminds? is it purely a perception/cognitive identity type thing - like they would count if the Kandra in question considered them part of itself? I'm sort of imagining a kandra in a bird shape flying through a combination of physical shape and storing to an ironmind to reduce weight
  8. second is correct
  9. If the breaths they used for awakening originally came from humans, then I don't necessarily think so. Also Singers are generally humanoid too so the resulting forms of trying to imitate them wouldn't be that different from human, and Kandra were originally humans, so they still might produce humanoid awakened objects. but if you took something like a population of Ryshadium and brought them to Nalthis and left them for a couple of generations so that they would naturally be born with Breaths, then yes, I think their awkening would tend toward horse shapes, rather than human.
  10. yea I see what you are getting at, but it doesnt work that way: from here https://wob.coppermind.net/events/153-hal-con-2012/#e2803
  11. doesn't work that way. if you tapped it to get to 2x sp an stored all that back into a new metalmind, ten tried to tap that metalmind to get up to 2x speed, you still hit the 5/6 efficiency issue. to use real numbers - if you spent 12 hours at 1/2 speed then tapped that to gt to 2x speed at 5/6 efficiency, you'd have 5 hours worth of 2x speed (1 hour of 2x speed requires 2 hours at half speed to store). dump all that into a new steelmind and try to withdraw it back up to 2x speed again and you have 5 * 5/6 = 4.16667 hours ( hours and 10 minutes) worth of 2x speed.
  12. I suppose we'll know more in future books. up until BoM there wouldn't have been much reason for someone to try it. now, however, it might make sense to try to transfer a charge from an unkeyed metalmind into one of you own.
  13. the same attribute or different attributes? pretty sure there is noting to stop you storing weight while tapping strength or whatever. but Im not sure you can simultanesouly tap and store the same attribute, basically to transfer from one metalmind to another
  14. ah, yea. I think I remember that.