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  1. seems like it could be - pretty sure there was enough of a delay for Lightsong in his scene that someone with the breth could have done it. that said, i suspect most lifeless go through an embalming type process to get the ichor alcohol and sew up any wounds that might leak etc. so I'd guess you wouldn't see it in most places because it would essentially be a waste of breath/body to awaken it immediately
  2. maybe:
  3. I'm reasonably certain we have seen that more oaths sworn = more efficiency using Stormlight.
  4. So like if you had the right metal and the right intent, would it still be able to tear a spiritweb hole even if it couldn't retain the investiture? that's an interesting question. I am honestly not sure; I can see arguments either way. you are basically separating the "tearing out a piece of spiritweb" function of hemalurgy from the "storing it in metal" piece, and I am not sure if that would work. to twist it further, I'm slightly more inclined to believe it would work if you didn't know the metal was full and this didn't have a reason to expect the stealing to fail - that is if you try to use the spike for proper hemalurgy and it just can't hold more investiture vs if you knowingly tried to subvert your own hemalurgy by using a spike that could not work.
  5. so my current impression is this: If the Dakhor bones are providing some passive benefit, like enhanced healing or strength, then the spiking that attribute from them should include the enhanced version as well - without twisting your won bones. it is stealing the strength/healing/speed/etc and it doesn't care how much is there or why it is higher than normal. that is based on this WoB about what happens if you spike someone who stamped themselves: now for spiking a power out, that is a bit trickier. because I THINK the way that Dakhor powers work is that the twisted bone acts similarly to an Aon. so it doesn't give you the power to teleport or whatever, it just gives you a built in rune that you can activate with existing Dakhor powers. so to get that you would need to spike out the ability to use Dakhor powers, and spike out connection to the right location if you didnt already have it, and the twist your own bones. but I could be mistaken about that, its a bit more speculative; I am pretty confident about the first part
  6. possibly you are right. I always read it as being able to steal anything at all, but the WoB you list does seem to imply that it is specific to powers. on the other hand this WoB, https://wob.coppermind.net/events/202-barnes-and-noble-book-club-qa/#e5971 says "Think of it as a wild card. With the right knowledge, you could use it to mimic any other spike. It works far better than other spikes as well." which is more in line with my original interpretation.
  7. I had considered all this, but even if the vessel's body isn't destroyed, per se, I think we can agree that something weird is happening there. because the body definitely disappears from the physical realm in all 3 cases we have seen of a living person picking up a shard. and since part of the point of the bond was allowing the spren sapience/power/form in the physical realm it seems like that could (but doesn't necessarily have to) complicate things. this is along the lines of what I was envisioning. this and/or imbuing the spren with more raw power, so potentially powering up a regular radiant spren to the level of something like the Stormfather. but also, do the enlightened truthwatcher spren have the same oaths as regular truthwatcher spren? it doesn't seem like they would have to - if they are now fundamentally different from what they used to be, there is no reason that they would have to have the same oaths, but tat the same time, the only other case we have of multiple different spren for the same order, the Bondsmiths, do seem to have the same oaths so maybe they would
  8. yep, also things like: 1. if picking up the shard destroys the vessels physical body, would that have an affect on the spren bond? would it behave like when the KR dies, or would it be different? 2. the nahel bond isn't one way. if a KR picked up a shard, would some of that power flow across it to the spren? what would that do to the spren? would influx of investiture from a different shard be enough to alter the nature of the KR oaths?
  9. spren are not generally cognitive shadows. the Stormfather is, but most are not. as to your questions: 1. just like matter and energy can be transformed into one another IRL, investiture can be converted to matter and/or energy. godmetals, such as Atium, Lerasium, Trellium, Harmonium/Sazdium and yes Shardblades and, presumably, shardplate are basically just investiture that has been converted into solid matter. 2. probably something, but we don't know precisely what. there would likely be some kin of allomantic effect, and also it would probably not be pleasant for the spren to have part of itself burned that way. but without having seen this happen we don't know what the result would be.
  10. By "Fragment" do you mean Shard? if so I doubt an individual would be able to trap one like that, and even if they somehow could, or perhaps came across one, like Ruin, already trapped I doubt their "body" would be physical enough for Hemalurgy to affect it.
  11. I doubt that would quite work. it may be possible for the collective imaginations of the various sapient species on Roshar to create a Nightwatcher or Stormfather level being - maybe even something on the level of a shard, if they can all sort of focus on one thing long enough to pull most of Honor's investiture back together - but there is just not enough investiture in the system for them to create something at Adonalsium's level.
  12. 1. probably: Hemalurgy is pretty versatile, an Atium spike in particular, so transferring investiture or connection or both should be doable. 2. hard to say. investiture resists investiture so it may nt be possible for a spren to bond to a Shard. moreover it isn't like there would be any benefit to the shard for doing that, they are almost infinitely more powerful than a spren alrady 3. no reason they wouldnt be able to in theory, as long as they were compatible with the shard in question, but as to what happens to the spren, it is hard to guess. depending on the mechanics of the bond it could go any number of ways, some of which could be benign, others of which could be potentially harmful.
  13. i've replayed A Link Between Worlds a few times, even though I consider it a middling title.
  14. depends on the game. i've played Link's Awakening like a dozen times and it never gets old, but on my 2nd playthrough of BotW right now and the exploration/discovery aspect is drastically scaled back because I have seen it all before, which is making it more of a drag than it was the first time through.
  15. fair enough. that would have to go back to Brandon. Star clusters definitely can have thousands of stars, but he hasn't described the Cosmere that way, so he'd either have to revise his descriptions or else those stars would have to exist outside the cluster, at which point, as you say, there are further questions