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  1. ahh, cool. thanks. and yea, I agree that Kalad's Phantoms would definitely, even without the above. they arent particularly heavily invested, and are very muhc physical.
  2. Well, not aluminum - that won't have an atium shadow. I'm actually curious whether something less substantial, like a spren or one of the wraiths from Shadows for Silence would have one. Or something just extremely heavily invested, like the Bands of Mourning. We know they dont show up to Wax's steelsight, similar to Aluminum, would they similarly resist presenting an atium shadow?
  3. ahh, neat. yea, I kinda like that cover better than the one I have, but i mostly wouldnt take it literally.
  4. your cover shows Mat holding a bird? that is definitely not what mine shows
  5. I think the last book and the epilogue give him entirely too much credit. He is definitely interesting, and a good chracter, I just don't think the good he did is enough to erase what a complete jerkbag he was.
  6. I think you'd have a lot of trouble doing this specific combination, actually. at the very least you'd probably need to be a 5th oath skybreaker before you could bond the cultivationspren, because I don't think the early skybreaker oaths are very compatible with edgedancer oaths, but at the 5th oath, you may have some additional freedom. even then it would be very hard, I think. and for what its worth there are at least 1 or 2 threads on the stormlight board discussing this sort of thing.
  7. it can be done well, but it does get tiring when it seems like so many books fall into that trope.
  8. with enough duralumin and enough steel, maybe. especially if the allomancer themself is particularly strong. the human body's natural investiture interferes, but you can overcome that with enough raw power, its just that usually the amount of power needed is higher than a person can get. but duralumin can push those limits higher, at the cost of burnign up your entire supply in one go.
  9. the duralumin enhanced push is a lot stronger. you should note that a lot of what they think they know in era 1 mistborn isn't necessarily 100% true. The Lord Ruler can push and pull on metals inside the body for instance, and can pierce a coppercloud, just because he's so much stronger than your standard mistborn. so in this case, with the duralumin to enhance things, the push is much stronger than Vin could normally manage, and is strong enough to affect metals inside the body.
  10. If memory serves, you'll get a solid answer on it later on. though the fact that there are 11 more books in the series should probably suggest something.
  11. mistborn

    I think you are basically correct: a coppercloud won't prevent a tineye from hearing what is going on within, because a coppercloud blocks investiture not physical sounds. to your other question, tineyes still have limitations, and soft speech blocked by walls, or surrounded by other sounds will be harder and harder to hear. A good tineye might be able to pick out one soft conversation amongst dozens, an a savant could probably manage it, but just your average tineye would have trouble. likewise for walls and additional distance - the more obstructions and distance between the source of the sound and the listener, the harder it is to hear, same as for anyone, really, its just that the tineye has a better baseline because of their enhanced senses. Most of the crew have experience with mistbron and tineyes, and would generally be familiar with what a tineye's limitations are, and would probably be able to keep themselves unheard by any but a savant.
  12. that's the one
  13. seconded. Denna annoys me, as does Kvothe's infatuation with her. Devi is pretty solid. I also like Auri (especially after reading Slow Regard for Silent Things) and the master namer (whose name I have, ironically, forgotten) and a few others. I'm personally also fond of the sort of themes of storytelling that pervades the whole thing. It ties together some of the more disparate elements in ways that they wouldn't quite manage on their own.
  14. Is that how Injera is made? Spongy is definitely the word to describe it. To the pancakes thing, have a look at the "pancakes" that are served alongside Mu-shu pork in chinese restaurants. that is more along the lines of what I was imagining during Edgedancer. those, while made with flour, are much closer to a tortilla than to what I would generally term a pancake.
  15. I haven't been paying attention, didn't realize Peace Talks was out. Was going to say I picked a bad time to start a WoT reread, but I just went to the library website and put a hold on Peace Talks - I'm number 30 in line; though they do have 5 copies going around, so that should help.