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  1. any specific type of sausages? because like, I'm not fond of Kielbasa, but can demolish some breakfast sausage or chorizo.
  2. I re-checked the tracker this evening and it looks like its been moved out to a different post office in a differet state???? maybe i'm not reading it right, I don't know, because it makes 0 sense to me. it did say expected delivery Saturday, so I can be patient that long....it would just help to understand why.
  3. Alas, it is not to be. slightly frustrating, since the post office received it yesterday morning, and it is literally a 10 minute drive away. well, maybe tomorrow.
  4. finished Fire on the Mountain, and now waiting, mostly patiently, for ROW. did check the tracking and it looks like it is in my city as of today, so hopefully it comes out to me tomorrow.
  5. Fire on the Mountain by Terry Bisson - an alternate history about a world where John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry had succeeded. was recommended to me by a firend, and its pretty interesting so far - though I'm currently more invested in the "historical" 1859 accounts of the alternate civil war era than I am in the "present day" 1959 storyline.
  6. meant to say "zoo day" instewad of "skin game", so that one is after Changes as well
  7. Bombshells, Jury Duty, Cold Case, Day One, and Skin Game. also Aftermath from the other short story collection, Side Jobs, takes place after Changes.
  8. Bombshells sort of does. I think it is technically set between Changes and the next book, but it flt a bit spoilery to me when I read it. and Day One I think has spoilers for Skin Game, I want to say. I think the rest are OK, but its been a bit since I read them, and i'm only going off a cursory wikipedia check here.
  9. While I have gotten to the end of the original, but I don't think I ever actually beat it. i've tried The Adventure of Link and I couldn't get through it. I think there is a good game buried in there, and its near the top of my list for a remake, but I just think that I'm too used to newer systems and I just can't handle its style with all the inherent limitations of the NES.
  10. The difference is sort of like globe vs map. Roshar the planet is spherical, like a globe, but its reflection in Shadesmar is more rectangular, like a map....maybe one of those fancy ones where topographical features are actually raised or lowered compared to the baseline - it's not necessarily a common thing, but i've seen them as like wall decorations before. anyway, the point Brandon is making above is like this - imagine a map of earth. most of the ones I have seen thend to have Alaska and Hawaii on the far left, and eastern Asian on the far right. so if Earth were projected intot he cognitive realm in a similar manner, then western north america would be one edge and if you tried to go further west you'd end up on a different planet or even different star system. likewise Eastern Asia would be at the far east and walking further east would also take you off planet. but on earth itself you could easily sail a boat west from alaska and end up in russia so what happens to the cognitive body of a spren when you cross that border in the physical world?
  11. Not sure if this is confirmed or not, but my personal assumption is yes, and it is: (Words fo Radiance spoiler)
  12. I liked season 4 better, if only because Damien Darhk was great every time he was on screen. He was sort of gleefully menacing and it 100% worked for me. the rest of the season was a mess, btuu at least the villain felt solid. I watched a bit of X-Men Evolution and liked it, but i figure it gets cancelled out on the DC side by Static Shock, in terms of quality. and DC has Batman Beyond, which was fantastic.
  13. I haven't watched much of either recently, so I can't attest to that. which is sort of why my own grading has to go all time. im much more familiar with the 90s shows (honestly more like late 80s-2000s), where DC was great, though Marvel had a fair showing with XMen and Spider Man at least. they also had Fantastic Four and Iron Man, but I don't remember enough about those to judge. Arrow and Flash are frustrating because they could have been so much better. they both started out extremely strong, then blew it. I've heard good things about Arrow's last season, but I couldn't stick it out that long. Hard agree on Legends of Tomorrow, though. after a frankly disastrous first season, they had to have the biggest turn-around i've ever seen, and seasons 2-4 blow all the other CW shows out of the water. On the Marvel side, Daredevil season 1 was great, and season 2 had a great start - putting it about on par with The Flash. Jessica Jones season 1 was fantastic, with a few minor hiccups, Luke Cage had a great 1st half but sort of lost momentum, and I havent seen the rest. I could easily see that matching pretty well against the CW shows in terms of overall quality.
  14. I mean how do you grade this sort of thing? is it total number of good shows? across all time? currently airing? how do you count shows that were maybe good for a bit, but are bad now, or that have a mix of good and bad seasons (e.g. Arrow, The Flash). I think DC probably just also has a lot more shows that they've made. do the bad ones count against them? I'd probably give the edge to DC counting from a position of total good shows across all time (the DCAU gets them a lot of points, here), though that doesn't necessarily account for any new shows coming out.
  15. Scadrian version of Zeno's paradox right here.