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  1. welp this is going about as well as I expected - books 9 and 10 were automatically chekced out to me this week, but im still waiting on book 8. if whoever has it keeps it for the whole 2 week loan period (these books just aren't that long, how does it take 2 weeks to get through one????), then i'll get it on the 26th and have just about 4 days to read through all 3 books before the later ones get checked back in automatically...
  2. Don't we also know that Scadrian pronunciations would be similar to French? hence the kelsiEY example he gave?
  3. it was, and its a pretty good one. thankfully whoever had it out was already over a week into their 2 week loan, so i only had to wait 5 days. put the next 3 on hold this time, but book 8 (Proven Guilty) is the one due back latest - I think whoever checked it out did so on the same day that I placed the hold, so may have to actually wit the full 2 weeks - so I'm hoping that I get it with enough time left to finish it plus the other 2. depending on when they get returned, it could be dicey.
  4. finished The Burning White on Saturday, then blitzed through books 4, 5, and 6 of the Dresden Files in the last 3 days. now i have a hold placed on book 7, but i'll have to wait up to 2 weeks for that to get resolved. debating whether to look for something else in teh meantime, or to just take a bit of a break until the hold comes through.
  5. yea, thats the one i was looking for
  6. I think its more that there is more going on there than just a standard nicrosilmind. we know they are unkeyed so that they arent tied to a specific person (presumably by storing identity while storing the other traits), and they are also ...i think the term used is unlocked, which somehow allows them to be used even by people without nicrosil ferruchemy - and its definitely not yet clear how that is managed.
  7. yea, that's what I was getting at
  8. not entirely true.
  9. We see at least some aspects of nicrosil ferruchemy in the era 2 mistborn books, so if you haven't already, you should read those. but the short version is that what we've seen so far is that it stores the ability. so someone who is a Feruchemical nicrosil/Allomantic steel twinborn could store the ability to use allomantic steel. however the person tapping that that would still need access to steel to burn in order to use it. likewise someone like a full ferruchemist could store the ability to use iron ferruchemy, and the person tapping would then be able to use that, btu would still need access to iron to use as a metalmind to store their weight. as far as how that works with compounding, presumably it works the same as anything else - you store 1 charge and get 10 back, so you'd be able to access the stored ability 10x as long, or for the same amount of time but almost 10x stronger. in this case, i don't think youd be storign something like an actual steelpush, instead youd be stroing something like x hours of steelpushing at y strength (e.g. spend 1 hour with your steelpushing at 25% strength to store 1 hour of steelpushing at 75% of your normal strength, then compound it to get 10 hours of 75% strength)
  10. about 2/3 of the way through myself. theres a few quibbles I have with it, things that seem like they weren't set up as well as I'd have liked in previous books, but overall i agree
  11. Looking at it again, i think the question was more...if you do something like rapidly age an egg to hatching (similar to using progresssion to grow vines or something) then would you be able to control things like sex of the eventual baby, since that isn't determined when the egg is laid but later in the gestation process. My guess would be that someone sufficiently talented probably could, yes. but i don't have much to back that up with.
  12. We know most cosmere healing works by sort of aligning the physical with the cognitive/spirtual versions of the self. this is why Kaladin's slave brands don't heal for instance, but his tattoos do - he considers the brands to be part of him at this point. so based on that, if an animal changed its sex and was later healed with progression, then its likely that it would retain the new sex, provided it had had it long enough to shift its cognitive image of itself.
  13. Even using conservative estimates (high end for bow, low end for gun, sourced mostly from wikipedida) a rifle bullet is easily 1.5-2x more powerul than an arrow in terms of the amount of kinetic energy it delivers. comparing average to average and the rifle is going to come out looking better still, though i didnt try to calculate those numbers - nor did i try to account for the fact that an arrow is going to lose more of its speed than a bullet is. I believe it also delivers that energy to a smaller area, as you noted, which means its going to be even more effective at causing damage than the above numbers suggest. A Colt .45 actually has higher initial energy than the low-end .22 rifle example (though i suspect the rifle fares better over long dsitances - not doing that research now), so at short range its going to be even more effective. so basically, in any reasonable scenario, a bullet is going to be several times stronger than an arrow, and likley more accurate as well.
  14. I got the feeling that this was in part because they were trying to convey some of the books humor, but a lot of it was the sort of word-play based humor that just doesn't translate when you lift it from the page.
  15. huh? Pretty sure Copperclouds explicitly block emotional allomancy, at least to the user.