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  1. i have complex feelings about fire emblem. on the one hand its a fun enough game, but on the other hand, I hate losing people which makes me endlessly replay the same levels to the point of frustration. also, the first fire emblem i played, the one they released back on the game boy advance, had this annoyign thing where eliwood was basically required in the last level against the dragon, but for me his growth was absolutely pathetic - he was always my weakest lord. it made that fight really annoying.
  2. I'll second all of this. I'll probably have to get a switch when BOTW2 finally drops, because BOTW was so good that I don't want to miss out on the sequel. after BOTW though, my favorites are probablyt eh Gameboy/Color games. Link's Awakening (DX is fine, but I hate the graphics on the switch version) and the Oracle games are fantastic. Least favorite is between spirit tracks and skyward sword
  3. the Cosmere 101 thread should cover everything in sufficent detail here: though it may contain some spoiler material. the very condensed version is that thousands of years ago there was a god-like being called Adonalsium who was killed and his power shattered into 16 parts, called shards. each shard contained roughly equal amounts of power but was also associated with an attribute, known as an intent. examples include Ambition, Preservation, Honor, etc. These intents to soem extent govern and restrict how the power can be used (e.g. the person holding Honor would find it difficult, if nto outright impossible to behave dishnorably) these shards were picked up by 16 mortals who basically made themselves the gods of various planets. in some cases there were existing planets and populations like on Roshar (Stormlight Archive), in other cases they created the planet and/or the life on it like on Scadrial (Mistborn). last I checked there were 10 known shards: Honor, Odium, Cultivation, Ruin, Preservation, Endowment, Autonomy, Ambition, Devotion, and Dominion; some of which have been killed and their power splintered - broken into such small pieces as to be impractical to re-assemble.
  4. Silmarillion is one of 2 books that I couldn't get into at first but that worked for me the second time around, the other being Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
  5. Not a specific suggestion, but the entire Kamigawa block is chock full of nature spirit creatures which would likely be a pretty solid stand-in for spren. There are also at least a few cards of the illusion type which could fit with lightweaver abilities - I particuarly like the "Phantasmal xxxxx" cards for this, since they die if they are targeted by a spell. The Jace, Cunning Castaway card seems a solid fit for an actual lightweaver, though not Shallan specifically; or possibly one of the other Jace planeswalker cards could fit for either a lightweaver or maybe a truthwatcher, though we know a bit less about that order.
  6. alternatively, the AonDor seems pretty flexible about the things it can do, so gaining/borrowing/stealing knowledge is presumably a plausible use of it....but this does look like its referring to forgery to me
  7. One piece that I think you missed is that it is not just as simple as pickign up the Shard, you need to have some amount of connection to it. I'll put this in a spoiler box in case you havent read Mistborn: Secret History yet so Sazed may not be able pick up one of the other shard if he lacks the necessary connection. As far as Sazed being unable to act, that comes down to the specific balance of Ruin and Preservation. In theory if he picked up a 3rd shard somehow, it could change that balance and allow him more leeway to act.
  8. just finished up licanius 2, gonna have to see which branch of the local library has the third.
  9. is there any evidence that nightblood has any partciular connection to Ruin? I mean he was made using Breaths, which is investiture coming from Endowment, and more recently has been on Roshar feeding on stormlight which comes from Honor (and maybe cultivation too? i was never clear on that)
  10. yea, that was sort of my thought process. unless the vast concentration of investiture changed his physical properties enough that he'd count which...i mean he can block a shardblade so maybe.
  11. shardpool liquids are liquid, and hence not solid . but i did consider mentioning nightblood. I'm not certain if he counts or not, because presumably he was made of ordinary metal, then infused with a ton of investiture, but whether he would qualify afterwards I don't know. there is probably a WoB on it somewhere, but if so I don't remember the answer.
  12. right, in the currently published books, I think the only definitive examples we have of solid investiture are atium, lerasium, shardblades, honorblades, and maybe shardplate
  13. There are passagaes from Kaladin and/or Szeth where they mention not needing to breath while holding stormlight. and we know from ferruchemy that investiture can substitute for at least some nutritional needs. its entirely possible that if the fused have a driect line ot Odium's investiture that that alone is sufficient to sustain their bodies.
  14. do we know that about Silence Divine? im a bit out of the loop on most of the unpiblished stuff, but I knew dragonsteel and MB4 placements. hadn't heard much of anythign on Silence Divine.
  15. was abotu time for a silmarillion reread, so workign on that. just getting ot the beren and luthien parts, aka the best parts. been hearing a lot abotu the licanius trilogy recently, so thats in the bullpen once silmarillion is done.