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  1. have Dresden Files 3 (new to me) and Lightbringer 1 (reread) on hold at the library so just finished The Wind in the Willows while I'm waiting, sicne its one that I'd never gotten to before.
  2. I always felt like it should have been 7 books because of the whole color motif.
  3. sometimes the lack of consistency is just because the author is bad
  4. I've seen it recommended periodically. I did read a related short story one time, and liked it well enough, though I still didnt quite get the overall hype for the series. could have just been a bad example though. I'll have to give it an honest try and see for myself.
  5. hmmm. i've been tryign to think of something i could read that isn't a reread. i'll have to see if my library has dresden files.
  6. Taking a nostalgia trip with Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. I don't have a switch so I can't get the remake when that comes out, btu I'm not sure i'd want to anyway. I think it would be weird to see a game i've played so often but with those new graphics.
  7. I'll second most of this, though honestly its hard to say exactly how much it will all apply. My college experience was a lot more laid back than High school, and I had classes that I could have skipped every day and still aced. I'll add one more thing though: I don't know what your major is or what kind of plans you have after graduation, but I found that having a major that I was genuinely interested in went a long way. If you like your major then you are going to like the classes you take (or are more likely to anyway) and you'll be more engaged. And if your planned major doesn't seem to be working for you after a semester or two, don't be afraid to change it to something you like better. And if you are worried that that will mess up your post graduation plans, well consider that if you don't like the college version of the subject, you'll probably hate it as a job too. Also, and I can't stress this enough, find time to have fun. all that stuff there is great for the calsses and work, but you need a social life and you need downtime. don't force yourself to work 16 hours a day and sleep the rest. schedule in breaks, go hiking or kayaking or whatever you are interested in on weekends. you aren't going to do yourself any good if you work yourself to death.
  8. you're reading Malazan.....sure Discworld has about 4x as many books as the main Malazan series, but they are smaller books. i'd bet they are similar in terms of page count or word count.
  9. Guards, Guards!, Mort, and Small Gods are all good starting points. They are each pretty independent of anything that came before them, and are all pretty strong examples of the Discworld books.
  10. Finally finished Skyward Sword. I've already complained abotu the things I dislike, for the most part, so I deicded to end on a positive note with the things I do like: 1. there are a couple of pretty cool fights - the first fight against the robot pirate guy is fun, the fight against the clockwork golem things is also pretty cool, adn the second half of the Demise fight is fun as well. 2. I did like the slide puzzle dungeon at the end, though it was a bit small. ...and thats about it.
  11. Brandon's closing books are pretty good, excpet for the part in Gathering Strom where he gets Mat completely wrong.
  12. i liked crossroads better than path of daggers, eye of the world, and the great hunt. The mere presence of Mat PoV chapters goes a long way
  13. true, but it is probably close enough. and while i've heard it said that technically fungi are more closely related to animals than plants, in this case i'm not sure that would matter either since, to a layman, they seem more plant-like.
  14. that would be harder because the existign investiture would interfere with the spiking process, but it probably could be done by someone. Harmony (or Ruin before him) at least could probably manage it if so inclined.
  15. Dragon Reborn is probably my favorite in the whole series, definitely top 3 at least. for complicated reasons, its the book I read first, and that made gettign through books 1 and 2 much harder in comparison when i came back to them later.