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  1. one thing to bear in mind is that Hemalurgy can have other effects besides stealing/grnting attributes. the original Koloss were made from spiked humans. the physiological changes to them do not come solely from just having more strength - something about the bindpoints for those spikes physically alters a human being into a koloss. So from that perspective, if you stole an attribute from yourself, and then spiked it back in the right place, you might be able to cause changes to your body. this is almost certainly still a terrible idea though.
  2. I remember hanging out with a friend of mine while he was doing the sky dungeon, and when he finally got to the item chest we were both excited to see what it was going to be, and it was ...a second clawshot?? and we are sitting there trying to figure out what is going on until he got to an area where you can use it, and suddenly its the coolest thing in the world. and yea BotW has references to a lot of places though. I was a little sad that the Tal Tal heights location didnt have an egg-shaped rock formation at the top.
  3. no, never quite got back to it, and by the time i had the time for it, BotW was out
  4. that's the one. I was close. been a while sicne I played that too. and i couldnt even do the last fight becasue the game froze on me.
  5. I will say that I did like the idea of returning to the main cave with more skills and more sand to delve ever deeper. that mechanic appealed to me. I also think that the pared down world works better than the Wind Waker world it was based on. To me Wind Waker always felt to big and empty - there was a lot of water, and even most of the islands werent worth visiting more than once. the PH world, I felt, struck a better balance. And I think I menitoned earlier, or possibly in a different thread, but PH and Spirit Tracks have a few really interesting boss fights; though its been long enough since I played either that I dont remember which ones anymore. Twilight Princess gets points from me for doing the double clawshot, which was really fun, and the reveal when you get the second one was just sort of baffling until you came to the realization of what it meant. I also liked the dungeon designs, especially snowpeak. they felt more like real places, instead of like most zelda (and other video game) dungeons which sort of tend to be a bit contrived. on the down side - my game froze on me at the final fight with the main villain guy (gant?) and i never quite did get back to it.
  6. as in good or bad? also surprised to see someone professing love for Phantom Hourglass. the general consensus seems to hold that at the very bottom. for myself, i liked it OK, but I think the DS touchpad control scheme is terrible. If they remade it with more standard controls, I think it could be great, but as it stands, I just can't put it anywhere near the top of the list.
  7. Been working form home 4 days out of 5 for the last few months anyway, so the change to my schedule adding that fifth work from home day is pretty negligible. i've been out 2 or 3 times to pick stuff up from stores, and i was surprised by how little some of the roads seem to have changed. the collector road near me seems to get nearly as much traffic now as it did before. It was also interesting to see what was still in stock and what was out in teh supermarket. there was almost no meat, and very little milk. ironically, the milk that they did have, was the double pasteurized stuff that has a much longer shelf life than regular milk. the produce section too was odd. greens were low, but there were tons of tomatoes and a pretty substantial amount of potatoes and onions. we've also had nice weather around here, so i've at least been able to get out and walk some. quarantine like this in the winter would be a lot harder to handle. my main problem now is that I get bored eatign the same foods over and over again, and only a few days in i'm already sick of the stuff available at my house.
  8. I could see transformation powering through will and/or other things like built up investiture (e.g. allowing one to transform a metalmind, which would otherwise resist it more strongly). For illumination, a single strong pulse of light or sound was something that occurred to me, but that is a very specific use, and not one we've really seen Sahllan attempt to apply, I think. It seems plausible, but i'm more interested in what would happen if someone burned duralumin while just tring to generate a normal illusion, like Shallan's Veil disguise.
  9. OK, sorry if this is gravedigging a little bit, but I have a follow up question to this: what would be the actual effect of duralumin boosted surges? I mean some seem pretty straightforward. Windrunner surges plus duralumin would just be supercharged versions of those surges. same for something like progression - you'd just end up with extremely fast growth and/or healing. but what about Shallan's illusions? what would it mean for her to create an illusion using all of her stored stormlight? same for something like an elsecaller jumping between realms or a soulcaster transforming something?
  10. if anything, their disdain for awakening means that they won't even have the potential boost of their world's magic system to help them. Idris probably isn't any harder to conquer than a similarly sized Earth nation.
  11. Well, more than that though. the way it is discussed in the book, it sounds like Odium's champion would have a specific role related to teh Oathpact
  12. I'd tend to agree with this, Surgebinding is theoretically the same, provided they aren't breking or regressing in their oaths in that timeframe. That said, I think there migth be an edge case for people on their way to becoming allomantic savants, in which case their body might begin to revert away from savantism during that time.
  13. I mean, I guess it isn't exactly high, but like I said, it would be in my bottom 3 alongside spirit tracks and probably adventure of link to round it out. in my case it gets hurt by the fact that I played BotW before I played skyward sword, so there are a lot of things that might have seemed OK originally but that now feel like rough first tries at things BotW did better. I actually have some of the same porblem with Wind Waker, though i'd still rank that a bit higher. I kinda see what you mean on ALttP, and I agree that LA and the Oracle games deserve a higher spot than it. but i'd probably rank it higher than the NES games, skyward sword wind waker, and the DS games, and probably ALBW too. Which I guess would put it solidly in the middle for me. A Wii U and 3ds with their virtual console options will cover you for I think everything except Minish Cap. MM and OOT are definitely available on the Wii U virtual Console (or as 3DS rereleases), and WW and TP have HD rereleases for the Wii U, and BotW is native to it and it's backwards compatible with the Wii for Skyward Sword. meanwhile LA, the Oracle games, and the NES games are definitely available on the 3DS virtual console. plus link between worlds is native to 3ds, and it is backward compatible with the DS games. I'm certain ALttP is available on at least one of those as well, possibly both. Minish Cap, much to my eternal frustration, is not available on the virtual console, which is why I still havent played it
  14. I did, but its been a little bit. had to actually go watch a video to remember how that fight went, btu yea it's pretty cool. I'm really curious about how high up you have skyward sword and how low you have both the original and Link to the Past. I understand the original being pretty low, personally i find most NES games almost unplayable these days, but the very bottom, even below zelda 2? and likewise, skyward sword is in my bottom 3 without question, so i'm curious about why you have it as high as you do?
  15. I do, and I enjoyed it, though I have never had time to do the trials of the sword. since you cant save between rooms you need a huge block of time to dedicate to it that i just cant fit into my schedule. but the new dungeon, the new shrines, the search for the new equipment, all of that I loved.