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  1. I have a problem with some of these generalizations, but this one I can get behind. Anime doesn't bother me, but i've skipped entire shows or comics because I don't like the art style or animation, and most anime do tend to have very similar art styles.
  2. hmm, maybe i'm wrong about having all the information. I just reread the segment where they are introduced, and there is a bit less there than I had thought. enough to identify Osan'gar, but less for Aran'gar. sooner or later you'll have all the information you need, but I guess it might be a little while yet.
  3. I don't recall how much more attention is going to get brought to it, honestly. knowing that Osan'gar made the trollocs is enough to 100% positively identify him - creating shadowspawn is the defining trait of one of the forsaken; there is only 1 person that can be. Aran'gar is a little bit harder, but I think the information is already there for that too. I can give you their identities if you want, I'm reasonably certain there are no spoilers attached to them
  4. I know there are enough details given throughout the series to determine which ones they are, but I couldn't say for sure if you have that information yet. For Morgase's POVs, there is Morgase, Lini, Gill, Gill's bouncer Lamgwin (i may have that name slightly off, but pretty sure its close) and his girlfriend/whatever she is, and Tallanvor, the guard from the Castle who escorted Rand n/or Mat to see the queen when they dropped onto the grounds.
  5. if you're worried about it, cook some armor food and some bonus heart food, since you can have both of those bonuses at the same time, that way you go in with extra health and you take less damage. and start on a red lynel. but once you fight a couple you get use to their patterns and you can beat them regularly.
  6. you fought a Lynel yet?
  7. i'm thinking soulcasting the entire body to alumnium might fail, or at least cause problems, and may also be painful for the spren animating it. i expect tht sulcasting a thin layer around it would work though
  8. i'd assume it would be fine, but you'd have to do the coating after it was created, I doubt the spren or whatever could penetrate pre-existing aluminum.
  9. to be fair, the coppermind says you have to die to Nalthis to Return, but doesn't have a citation for that. I dug around in the WoBs and couldn't find a solid source, though i got bored long before i checked every result. I did also happen across conflicting answers to whether non-Nalthians could return, including one that was a hard "no" and others that suggested it would be possible.
  10. to clarify: only nalthians are born with Breaths, however anyone can receive breath. if you have a breath (either natural born or received), you can use it for awakening and/or give it away. there is no location restriction on this, so you don't need to be on nalthis to do any of it.
  11. It's also not really fair because Dragonlance did the same thing a decade and a half earlier
  12. Near as I can tell, this is pretty much everyone's opinion
  13. I've read a few by Guy Gavriel Kay and of them the only one that I think rises above middling is Tigana. that one I actually want to reread, the rest, while fine, i wouldn't bother picking up again. Though I don't recall Under Heaven, so I don't think i've picked up that one.
  14. For 2d I'd be hard pressed to choose between Link's Awakening (my first Zelda game) or the Oracle games; with Link to the Past coming in a solid 3rd after those. I don't think I ever managed to beat the original Zelda, though I have gotten to the last dungeon. my bane in that game are Wizrobes. without whirling blade, or even just the ability to hold out my sword, I have a much harder time hitting them before they phase back out.
  15. I guess my first question would be is it actually a fully frictionless state when using abrasion? or just mostly frictionless? in the latter case, there should still be some effect, since friction is proportional to weight, but it might be hard to notice if most of the friction is gone. (i.e. the difference between 1% and .5% is hard to measure) the reverse also works though - if you increase weight while increasing friction, it should make you harder to move overall. since those 2 terms multiply together in the friction equation.