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  1. What in the world Middle Earth are all of you talking about? There are entire rooms of elven mead here, and yet in all the time you've had not one of you has opened a new barrel? This is an outrage. I am ashamed on all of your *hiccups, farts loudly* behalfs. Why, thank you!
  2. Scar stumbles in, smelling of elven mead and orc blood, the Ring dangling on a chain on his hairy chest. ”Why,” hiccup, “I am clearly the hiccup hiccup beshtesht ring bearer ever. Under its influence I have barely stabbed anyone at all. Don’t bring up those orcs, everyone knowsh HICCUP orcsh don’t count. ”Anyway” another swig of mead “I do believe I want to see who’s present and tally before deshiding who to shtab. I mean, be pushed into a volcano. I mean, go on this noble—“ Scar pauses to wipe some orc intestines off his tunic. ”—quest.”
  3. "Well, if no one else is claiming it..." <Scar nicks the Ring and puts it around his neck, a spark of madness suddenly appears in his eyes, or maybe it was always there, it's hard to tell with Scar> "As resident hobbit, I'll claim the Ringbearer cosmetic role in the interests of maintaining fidelity to source material."
  4. Scar, frankly, has never had any problems doing both. There's a reason the Hobbiton elders were so eager to send him on a mission to a volcano.
  5. Scar runs around the Council chamber, aggressively waving his twin daggers in everybody's groins. "Killing! Killing! When does the KILLING start?" Scar reads the rules. "WHAT? Let me out of here! This is a ripoff!"
  6. What choice did I have? Not join and roleplay as the least suitable character for possession of the One Ring I could think of? The craziness of the thought. Scar drunkenly crawls under a nearby table to sleep off all the elven mead (and also look for a good ankle to stab) (whichever happens first).
  7. I am Scar, the scary murder hobbit. The Hobbiton village elders sent me here in the hope that I would fall into a volcano. The only thing more legendary than my violence is my body odor. Where's the elven mead?
  8. Wow, I just wanted to drop in to say that I am pretty dang impressed by sheer potential lunacy this setup offers.
  9. Ha ha, we would respect the PG-13 rating and rules and whatnot. We're not, like, uncontrollable R-rated monsters. All right, thanks. I'll see what happens.
  10. Hey guys. I haven't played for a bit, but I lurk sometimes. So I've just played a few games, but I first came here from the forum elimination game where Meta first got the idea for Sanderson elimination, I think. But something a bit unfortunate happened. So my forum (Meta's original forum) is shutting down and the game there is being deleted soon. So we kinda have nowhere to play! We have our own Discord and are thinking about stuff like starting a new forum and whatnot, but we also just don't know if we really have enough players to keep going. Kinda need some new blood. We're trying one last game right now, but I'm really not sure what the future holds for us. One thing my friend suggested was finding another site and joining their game. One thing I thought of while brainstorming was the possibility of us moving here. We have like 10 or so regulars who might be interested. I don't know if we'll do this-- we might move to a different site we found, try our own website, or just let Forum Elimination die one final death, but I thought I'd ask this group just in case, because we don't want to just invade en masse. I mean, we're killers, but we're not rude. I think good things that could come from this are new players, plus our games are sort of technically related with Meta cross-pollinating and whatnot. Both groups seem to roleplay and enjoy crazy game rules. Things I am not sure would work is I don't really know how well our metagames really mesh (we are often pretty silly and jokey). Also the Brandon Sanderson setting is not very familiar to us, and don't know how you'd feel about a bunch of strangers migrating over and trying to kill each other. That said, we're kind of wandering the internet looking for a home right now, so I thought I'd ask!
  11. Good game everyone. The short cycles/games were pretty convenient for me as well. Thanks, Hero.
  12. Well, my dear Pet Bird, looks like my work here is done. But you didn't actually do anything, Mad. Didn't I, Birdy? Didn't I?
  13. The ... the torture didn't work? But it always works. HOW CAN THIS BE? I think anyone who's left should really focus more on wilderness clues than things like rioting and rifles, but also that we're probably all going to have a lot of trouble accounting for this on our resumes in a way that portrays us as effective when we have to start job-hunting again.
  14. Well, I get to be right about something. Edit: Not that I know what I'm doing, as is clearly demonstrated, but I'm not sure a rifle sounds like an accident.