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  1. That's just not how it works though. I'm no physicist and I don't claim to understand quantum entanglement all that well myself, but look up the no-communication theorem. As I understand it, the modern consensus is that if two particles A and B are entangled, taking measurements of A will produce random results, and taking measurements of B will produce random results, but if you compare those two measurements they will correlate. However, there is no way to force A to produce a certain value (without setting it up that way beforehand), so no communication is actually happening. You're just reading random values from A that you expect to match random values someone else is reading from B, but they're still random and no information is conveyed. An imperfect analogy I've seen is two people tuning to the same radio station. They'll hear the same thing, but that doesn't let them communicate with each other.
  2. Interesting thought, but it sounds too much like his 2nd ideal to be something new. Coppermind says the third ideal is "I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man."
  3. Not sure I agree with that, I'd say we have laws that are next to impossible to enforce, but that are still considered laws. I think the difference that matters is that an absolute monarch can simply change the law post facto and exonerate themselves.
  4. Ah, got it. That is interesting then. Maybe he doesn't care so much about inheritance rights, but the rights of the actual Dawnsingers who were there at the time, and since the Fused are those Dawnsingers (or at least some of them are I think), it's only once they return that it matters?
  5. Isn't that exactly what Nale said they were going to do though?
  6. I think it's perfectly reasonable to think that his comment was in regard to your argument and not to you personally, even if it was a little inflammatory. How about we just drop it so the thread doesn't get locked?
  7. Are you sure that's the case? I was thinking that if there were a law requiring lawkeepers to do something they would be bound to obey it. I think the only reason they could choose not to enforce a law is because there is no law requiring them to. Didn't either Szeth or Nale flat out say this was the reason in the book? @Leyrann I downvoted you because I think you're being more argumentative than he is at this point.
  8. I interpreted that as Odium choosing her to be the envoy. If it was Timbre I doubt they would have listened, and I don't think Timbre would want to reveal himself.
  9. I doubt it's necessitated by law, but it's certainly allowed. If you go back and look at how we've seen Nale executing surgebinders in other places he always obtains a writ of execution, and in fact one of the Viziers comments on how absurd it is to execute a child for stealing food. Quite possibly, yes. It's not entirely clear to me if they would consider themselves required to do this, but if they did it would be within the bounds of law.
  10. He did do something illegal though by letting the prisoners escape. Based on the context I think the law is something along the lines of "The administrator will maintain the prison and ensure that no convicts escape", but "maintain the prison" isn't clarified, so the administrator deemed posting a single guard and letting the prisoners set up their own hierarchy to be sufficient maintenance. As soon as the prisoners escaped though, he did break the law.
  11. The problem with this is that Ki explained that no law had been broken, so there was no malfeasance. It sounded to me like the law simply stated that the administrator had to maintain the prison, and it was up to him to judge whether or not he was doing so effectively. This is a problem with the law, the administrator shouldn't be the one to decide if he is doing his job effectively, so by not dealing with it earlier the Skybreakers are adhering to the law even when it is suboptimal. It's only once the convicts escaped that a law had been broken and the Skybreakers were able to intervene.
  12. Has anyone considered that Rock used a shardbow? Do we have an explanation for that? Might he have used shardplate? Granted, he didn't mention anything about a spren in his pov, but there was quite a bit of time between that and the fight with Amaram.
  13. You'd need a lot of duralumin as well. I can't remember, did we end up figuring out if it burns itself up too, or is it just really fast burning? I don't think Vin's stomach is big enough for minutes, or even one minute.
  14. Duralumin burns metals almost instantaneously, I don't think the pewter could last more than a second or two. She'd just be that much stronger for about the same amount of time.
  15. Why do we think Helaran had access to surges? His plate and blade were clearly "dead", he shouldn't have been able to touch them without hearing screams if he had a Nahel bond.