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  1. The main reason I think this is because when Sarene speaks with Hoid later in the book, He strikes her as an old man both from his voice and his appearance.

    Sorry for the Necromancy, but I actually found a quote from the book that confirms why Hoid is the same person throughout every book in the Cosmere.

    "Sarene had never seen his face, but she assumed from his voice that he was an older man." (Page 562, chapter 58, second POV section)

    *Sarene never actually sees Hoid's face!* Knowing Hoid, he is perfectly capable of masking his true voice; and with his talents, possibly even his physical features.

    I also seem to remember Hoid being a beggar in Mistborn too...

    Again, sorry for the necro.


  2. This is really quite simple. Here let me show you

    By House

    Gryffindor: What do Gryffs like? Sports and hitting things. The three main sports in Roshar are Dueling, War, and Bridging, which means Kaladin, Adolin, and Dalinar all qualify. Looking at Harry, another apparent quality is womanizing, so Adolin double qualifies. So is sulking and moaning about responsibility, so Kaladin double qualifies as well.

    Slytherin: The only apparent quality of Slytherins is their ability to be despised. So Sadeas, Amaram, Roshone, and pretty much all of the Lighteyes are shoe-ins.

    Ravenclaw: Nerds, thus anyone who has glasses or reads books. Shallan, Navani, and Renarin fit the bill. Jasnah was in this group, but she was expelled for declaring the entire staff senile id'jits and telling people that all of the "friendly" ghosts were really an evil undead army of the damned, lying dormant.

    Hufflepuff: Everyone not good enough to get into the other clubs.

    So basically Elkohar.

    Um. Hufflepuffs are the hardworking, loyal, sensible, honest, optomistic, and overprotective. If you have a Puff on your side, they stick there without fail. They will literally jump in frount of you to keep you safe.

    But on the flip side, if they decide to be evil BOY are you in trouble! Everyone seems to forget that Umbridge was a Hufflepuff...

    As for Slytherins, DID YOU FORGET HORACE SLUGHORN? Yes he was a pompus codger but he was a very lovable pompus codger.

    And that discription of Ravenclaws was downplayed and borderline offencive. Being a Ravenclaw myself, I know a lot about it. Ravenclaws are nerds, yes. We read books, again correct. However you forgot that we are the house that is good at potions, that tries to create new and helpful spells, and might be slightly insane.

    Gryffindors just like "sports and hitting things"? Wow. No WONDER they've always been the glorified house.

    Excuse me if I'm wrong but that seems a little house racist to me. All of us have a dark side, and people are more complex then those discriptions.

    Edit: I don't mean to be rude, but I don't want anyone else to be rude to my Hufflepuff and Slytherin friends.


  3. While I think that Elhokar is on his way to becoming a Radiant, I don't have a good feeling about those spren. They seem to bring out a worse side of Elhokar, and I think they are deliberately feeding his paranoia. They disappeared when Kaladin arrives, and Kaladin is one of the most hero-y characters in the book.

    So, Yes, I think Elhokar will be a Radiant, but those spren are giving off some seriously bad vibes, dude.

    Perhaps the Cryptic's were trying to prevent Elohkar's bonding from happening!


  4. Baine: Well, Pattern was pretty creepy before he turned out to be Shallan's spren...

    Ari: You might be onto something. Though, we don't exactly know how far Brandon's going to go with a Shardworld of three Splinters. Cultivation's power hasn't really been seen like Odium and Honor's... Maybe!


  5. Yeah... introvert/extrovert isn't necessarily just loner vs. party animal. INFP's tend to be really, really nice and genuinely care about people (as opposed to INTJ's, [who I apparently must insert into every post,] who just literally can't make themselves care about other peoples' feelings even if they want to)

    Thanks! INFP here.

  6. While reading WoK and WoR I noticed something really exciting: Elhokar sees the shadow of at least one Cryptic following him. He complains about it when talking about his fear of being assassinated, offhandedly saying "I see them in the shadows... Swirling symbols." (I'll find the exact quote a little bit later, but those are the important parts. If someone else wants to find and post the quote feel free!)

    Thoughts? Theories?


  7. Hoid = Ravenclaw. He's strange and wise enough! Lol, but I'm serious about his placing.

    Adolin is a dead ringer for Hufflepuff, but I can see him being a Gryffindor too.

    Shallan is hard to place, but I believe she's a Slytherin. Let me explain: Shallan LOVES finally being able to adventure and study, something she'd dreamed of forever. She struggled with her bond with Pattern and accepting it (Slytherin's are known for their hard times in accepting themselves as they are. They seem to think that they aren't enough...).

    Renerin is a Ravenclaw.

    Dalinar is a 'Puff or a Gryffindor, much like Adolin. I think he's more of a Gryffindor though.

    Navini is a Ravenclaw, she loves tinkering with Fabrials like Luna Lovegood's mum did with spells, only safer.

    Elohkar is a Gryffindor.

    Kaladin is a Slytherin with VERY STRONG Gryffindor qualities.

    Tien is a 'Puff.

    Rock is a Gryffindor.

    Lopen is a Gryffindor.

    Teft is a grumpy Ravenclaw.

    Jasnah is a Ravenclaw.

    Lift is a Puff.

    Sebrial is a Ravenclaw.

    Palona is a Gryffindor.


    That's all I can think of right now.


  8. Food / cooking on / rock. Rock / on cooking / food.

    Just adding my little attempt. I hope to acheive longer Keteks, but haven't quite managed one yet.


  9. "Dustbringer! Oh wait, copyrights. Deathdust? No, that's too weird. Dustdeath sounds just as bad."

    *He crumples that paper.* *Accidently crumples it so it has 'death' and 'point' right by each other.*

    *Doesn't see it.*

    "I wonder what shows are on." *goes and watches TV.*


  10. Primary powers would be hyper-realistic hallucinations in everyone around me and hightened physical abilities.

    Secondary would be slight danger sense, but my aura would make this only aplicable for snipers.

    My weakness: driving a car with other people on the road. Which as my power is a constant aura, is highly dangerous.

    My weird Epic name... Inkspell.

    Outfit... Hm. Black v neck t-shirt, black jeans, gold neckalace and bracelets, and I'm barefoot. My long hair is braided down my back neatly.

    Things that activate my Evil Epic Destroyer Mode, stupid people being stupid in my line of vision. I would be very vicious.

    (Ps, I'm a girl, just in case you didn't figure that out...)


  11. I can't speak for anyone else, but personally, I've always loved the cursing in Brandon Sanderson's works.

    ...Which is strange, because I myself never use any curse heavier than "drat," and I've been known to gasp and dramatically faint if even the mildest obscenities are uttered in my presence.

    But that is all beside the point. What I'd like to draw attention to is the fact that most of the curses found in the Bandersnatch's worlds are clearly connected to an element of the setting. People on Roshar say "storm it," people on Scadrial say "rust" or "Lord Ruler," and people on Nalthis will exclaim "colors!"

    In the Fractured States you can find many people cursing by the name of Calamity, but two other profanities we find in the setting are "slontze" and "sparks," which bear no obvious connection to the world or its quirks. So where did these words come from? In the case of "slontze" in particular, what is it's in-universe etymology, and how did Brandon come up with the word?

    I relate to everything you said in that opening.

    Slontze could be just like "jerk" or other similar words, or it could have been an Epic who died in a really dramatic/comical/stupid way before everyone stopped fighting and so it has been verb-ed into someone who is Epic-ly and dramatically stupid. (I also like the "mush for brains" and sun/Calamity theories.)