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  1. Karata did not heal. There's a grave for her next to Hrathen's in the end. As to the others, as I said, we only see that in the moment of transformation. When Raoden fixes Elantris and their actually made into true Elantrians. This is obviously not the case normally. Galladon's father died of simple heart failure.
  2. I think you're overestimating all of those things. The only amazing feats we've ever seen from an Elantrian that I'm aware of happened during the process of transformation itself. The amount that sustains them should be a trickle.
  3. Don't know about destroyed. Be he does have an upper limit in which he becomes "sated" and kind of goes to sleep. I've never seen anything implying a way to destroy Nightblood at all. Regardless, an Elantris with Nightblood would not have an easy time of things.
  4. Other than the fact that I'm saying that I think the difficulty is prohibitive, no.
  5. I get what your saying. And I mean, yes it's possible. Technically by what we've seen, with enough knowledge, time, and preparation, AonDor is capable of damnation near anything. My issue is that it's going to be far more complicated than I think you guys are putting forward. You need modifier and/or chained Aons to make the Edo field shape itself to each individual piece of the armor, which would most likely need to be customized to each individual piece. And then you'd need the ability to make it mobile... No, the planetary motion really shouldn't matter. Sel's magic is regionally locked and doesn't function outside the planet at all. Most magics are tied to the Cognitive anyway, and it would be tied to the same location cognitively. Plus you have the perception aspect of it. This is no different than a time bubble anchoring itself to a spot, or spanreeds failing to incorporate planetary movement into their transmission. Anither consideration, is if you are not ncased in this Edo armor, what does this do to your ability to draw Aons?
  6. I am not staff... But to my knowledge, Brandon misspoke. The only thing the site is able to hand out currently is Aether...
  7. @Fanghur Rahl the five colors of magic are both elemental alignments of a sort, and philosophical alignments, and for these I think the philosophical aspects are more important. Here's an explanation from a wiki I found for the black ideology.
  8. Or you know... They look at a map and go "available land here, give him that." I doubt the name of the river had anything to do with the choice.
  9. Other than the issue of previously broken oaths, I don't see why a spren would have any issue with a Herald. Their being insane just fits the part of being broken that makes it easy for them to bond in the first place, and each order of Radiants emulated their Herald to begin with. The Heralds are, kind of by definition, the exact type of person the spren is aiming for.
  10. Cynicism, obviously.
  12. That's the entire problem. Aon Edo doesn't move. It stops everything. Including Physical motion. Which would include the armor itself.
  13. The old ardent that the pictureless WoB is referring to is this piece from Ch. 33 of tWoK.
  14. The problem with that, comes with where the line is drawn. I don't think this is going to be as difficult as messing with aluminum... But this WoB kind of gets the point across. So while I don't think it's that hard, I do think Brandon has made it intentionally prohibitive. For purely story reasons. Gems are the limitation on all the magic. Readily producing more of them removes that limitation. Brandon's not going to do that without creating another limitation. Jut look at Lift. She doesn't need gems... But she can no longer use them either.
  15. As @Invocation said, the entire system was created. 10 gas giants. 3 (arguably) habitable planets. 3 moons on Roshar. 16 celestial bodies.
  16. This assumes that "ambition" is the Shards true name. There is a recent WoB that kind of surprised me concerning Ambition, that only makes sense if you understand the game Magic. Mono-black. So. Ambition, at least in my opinion, is essentially a nice name for greed. Self empowerment. Whatever you want to call getting more.
  17. The Shards don't have free will. They don't even have a will at all. They need a vessel to have a mind. A Shard that was left alone and developed a mind of its own would have a will, but at that point it would be an entity to itself and a moral judgment would be applicable to it. But a force is not a mind. This in itself is an assumption. We don't know what Autonomy's intent is. I've proposed something very different. Which is also an assumption. But generally speaking, I think we don't know nearly as much about the intents as we've been lead to think.
  18. You have different rates of usage in by different surges, different levels of efficiency of stormlight use, different gem sizes and cuts, variable amounts of time since a highstorm for stormlight to have leaked out of the gemstones, leakage from the radiant themselves... Then you have the size of the object being effected by a surge, and potentially stormlight leakage from the lay object... There are just too many variables to try and nail down anything concrete.
  19. This still relies on Aon Edo being able to be made mobile. My understanding of that Aon is that it creates a barrier that stops anything, including the person who made it. So you'd need a way for it to flash on and prevent a hit... And then immediately dismiss so that your armor can move. I think it would be possible... But not in any way simple.
  20. I think you miss Weltalls... Point. Oathbringer definitely wasn't the spren name. But know the blades were named, encourages people to name them. And blades with histories then become easier to track.
  21. Except for the fact that we've been directly told that it is involved. Until a book is released, all WoBs are tentative and able to be contradicted by Canon. So, yes he obviously doesn't WA t to limit himself, and even if he were to have confirmed my question, it would sti be subject to change until its written out. That doesn't mean it isn't involved. He's said that it is. And there I definitely some manner of Connection be used.
  22. Alright I'm going to try this again. Here is how I think a medallion is made. Single Power Medallion To start, you need a medallion or spike to grant aluminum Feruchemy to the person who has the power you wish to put in a medallion. This person is a willing participant. They store their Identity, and the power needed is spiked out. You now have an unkeyed hemalurgic spike. Next, you need a person who has, through whatever combination of Spikes, medallions, and natural ability, all of the following. Aluminum, Duralumin, and Nicrosil Feruchemy, and the allomantic ability corresponding to the type of spike that stores the power stolen. This person Stores all of their Identity, and heavily taps Connection (whether this is a general thing, or a specific type of Connection I don't know. I don't think we know enough about it) imprinting their stores with Connection enabling the touch bond of the Medallions. Identity free, and heavily Connected, this person burns the unkeyed Spike, and immediately stores what is produced in a nicrosilmind. You now have a Hemalurgic charge, free of Identity and stored with connection to whoever holds it, tricking their spiritweb into believing that a spike has been properly placed to grant them the power (without the damage that normally occurs, avoiding the issue of hemalurgy's weakness). Multiple Power Medallions and the Reason for the Three Power Limit As you create these medallions, you'll eventually end up with a three power medallion that will give you all three types of Feruchemy needed to make them. No spikes needed in the maker. At this point, you just need to burn and store multiple spikes. No problem. Except for the limit of spikes that a human can have. Three spikes burned, three powers stored...and an attempt at a Fourth puts the maker above the threshold of control. Interference The Connection trick is why multiple medallions interfere with each other. By using Connection to convince the Spiritual Aspect that a spike has been placed, you create this limitation. Multiple medallions attempt to trick the Spiritweb in the same manner and it causes a mixed signal which interferes with both medallions. It's like trying to listen to two radio stations broadcast over the same frequency. Instead of one clear signal, you get a garbled mess of unintelligible noise. Assumptions There are two main assumptions made here, that I know some people disagree with. The nature of Nicrosil Feruchemy. Some people believe that Nicrosil is only capable of storing powers. I believe that Nicrosil can store any part of the Spiritweb, which is coincidentally what hemalurgy steals. If I'm incorrect, this method does not work. Duralumin Feruchemy. Connection is not, in itself, Investiture. It is a property of, or force applied to, Investiture per this WoB. So I believe that while tapping and storing Connection can have immediate effects, as seen with the translation medallions, I think it functions like Aluminum Feruchemy. It changes the level of Connection of the Investiture of the Spiritweb as a whole. As such that Connection, or lack thereof, would be preserved when the Investiture is stored, just as Identity is. Again, if this assumption is incorrect this method fails. Edit: adding in two wobs to this. First, one I asked of Brandon recently Doesn't tell us much, but it does show that the nicrosil in the medallions is not just standard Nicrosil Feruchemy. Next this, which I found while looking for something else, and I think reiterates the point above, and supports the need for Connection manipulation.
  23. If it is no longer in the newsletter, then there is no longer a legal way to obtain it. Sorry.
  24. You're absolutely right. It's also a huge waste because it relies on width of the cutting edge to sever limbs. Honorblades are incapable of healing Shardblade wounds, and yet when Szeth is stabbed by Kaladin with Syl as a knife it does so little that Kaladin thinks he heals. A simple puncture that doesn't hit a limb core doesn't seem to accomplish anything. All of which is why every time this topic comes up I bring up an oversize chakram. Because if a radiant in plate throws this thing, it's going to do some storming damage.
  25. No.