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  1. @SzethIsBadAsHell not all Allomancers are descended from Spook. There were no living Feruchemists at the time of the Catacendre, but the genes were still in the Terris people. And Spook was made into a (weak) Mistborn, which made him the strongest living Allomancer. But there were tons of living mistings in the storecaches. There are mistings and ferrings in the south. They're just rarer. The only change to any system that we know was made is that snapping is easier.
  2. You're mixing twi different things up. As a system it does come from both. The Terris were somehow granted access by Preservation.
  3. The Oathpact is still in place. The Heralds are still tied to each other, and Taln's presence on Braize still held the Fused back. The Everstorm has circumvented that, but it's not gone.
  4. Again, Suit says that they are limited to three boons. Humans need 4 spikes to be controlled. Kandra are different because they're no longer human.
  5. @Mushroom Catalog I think it's more complicated than that even. I think with the way Fortune and Gold Allomancy works, the Spiritual contains that information for all possible ways that events could, and could have been. It doesn't just have the position of what is, but all possibilities that ever were, are, and could be.
  6. Heralds didn't have Squires. As far as we know they didn't have plate. (Jezrien's uniform state in the prelude would be... Crazy if he did have plate). Personally, I think the "something more" of the Honorblades is the direct feed of Investiture. And I think Nale joining Odium’s side is going to be a necessary plot point for Vyre to not be a joke. Because this is what the Stormfather says about the blades. What do we know that differentiated the Heralds enough to make them so beyond the Radiants that isn't rebirth? Because we know that's not the blade. Face it. Moash compared to Szeth is a joke. For Vyre not to just be a poor man's Assassin, he's got to have a major edge. A Heralds power would make him something completely different. We've never been told that the direct feed actually ended. It's just been assumed. The highstorms haven't stopped though... And we've never actually seen Nale draw in stormlight. Just glow. I personally am of the same opinion as @RShara that the Heralds are still bonded to their blades. Which, if they are bonded more deeply than someone who just picks up the blade, would make their healing better... Combined with the direct feed, that makes it feel like a wonder anything ever killed them at all.
  7. There's also the fact that Nale says outright he used a Fabrial.
  8. The realms are interconnected and interdependent. They're also hierarchal. If something exists to n the Physical, it exists in all three realms. There are things that exist in the Cognitive and have Spiritual aspects that don't exist in the Physical. And though we haven't seen any in Canon, we've been told that there are things that are purely Spiritual. I think this runs counter to the things that Brandon has told us about the way that history and substance and everything are recorded in the Spiritual. How would your Spirit know your age or location or where you were born if none of those things mattered there? And I don't t think that Identity and self perception are the same thing at all. The sunbeam. Analogy is Leras'. For a good example of how the Spiritual is at the root of the hierarchy, you really need look no further than the Koloss. You take a few chunks of raw Spiritual information and shove them into the Spiritual Aspect of a person. As a result, both the Physical and Cognitive are changed. This works also when looking at the way that the Spiritual can be changed by the Cognitive and can then change the Physical in the case of gender identity. Self perception slowly rewrites the Spiritual... But it take an influx of Investiture into the Spiritual Aspect to then make that a reality in the Physical. Changes are not automatic. Investiture is required to enact changes because there is a degree of separation that, like with a perpendicularity bring the realms together, things need pressure to force a realignment or to resist the natural progression of time (like atium Feruchemy). It's all a complicated mess... But Unpublished Dragonsteel spoilers.
  9. In my opinion no, because this doesn't address my primary conflict with with the spren plate theory. The plate is Investiture that is keyed to the Radiant, which is why it allows the radiants Surges to bypass or effect it, but no one else's. That should out the Radiant as the source of that Investiture. Whether from their soul, or from having been held.
  10. Most theories I've seen placed them as a gasper and just feigned not breathing. Was there any mention of heartbeat at all?
  11. I don't necessarily agree. I think that the Sleepless are far far more primarily Cognitive, and I don't think that the cremlings themselves are that important to their mental capacity in regards to memory. We've seen Cognitive beings with no body at all that have all of their memories intact. I do agree that killing enough of them will cause the personality to collapse, and I think that would basically end the Hive, cause the cremlings to be nothing more than individual cremlings... The two big issues here though are that 1) we don't have any idea how big an individual Sleepless is in numbers... Is their humanoid form 80% of the hive? 50%? 1%? And 2) how much needs to die for the Sleepless to end as an entity?
  12. Agreed. Which is is why I've come to see the Spiritual as a realm that's primarily information. Time is still significant, but only in the way that it is relevant to the other realms. Same as location. There's a reason that I call the Spiritual the source code of reality. I tend to look at all of the "spiritual properties" as fairly distinct though. Fortune seems seems to plot out the paths of probability. Connection isn't isn't Investiture itself, but more like a "force" that acts on Investiture. Identity appears to be something separate from the way we use it. It's not personality but more of a Spiritual ID tag that designates that "this is a part of/stems from this entity" And Investiture is... Well, the substance of everything at its most fundamental level. So the way that I've tended to look at the structure of the Spiritual is as follows. Investiture is the medium upon which all of the information of the Spiritual is written. Connection is the vector by which all things are written into it, be it between people, places, events, times, etc, etc. Identity is the marker that designates what is encompassed and produced by a spiritweb... And Fortune... Is weird. As to the origin of the realms...
  13. The only thing we have is fairly general. It implies that they aren't tied to any queen or brain style bug, but gives no idea of the total magnitude of them or what amount of parts is to little. It's one piece of a long WoB on the various means of immortality in the Cosmere, so here's a link to the whole, with the total relevant section quoted. Which... In. Y mind anyways means that if the "bodies" that we see the Sleepless make are enough of the hive to kill them, then making them at all is pretty stupid. It is an even broader term then most. Seems to apply to what we would consider "bugs" and small crustaceans. Which definitely implies they could look different and blend in on other worlds.
  14. Agreed, and why I don't believe that the collapse of probability actually removes those paths of potential information from the Spiritual Realm. Gold shows that the alternate paths still exist, they just aren't normally accessible as "dead branches" of probability.
  15. Because she shares a surge with Truthwatchers, so is probably perfectly capable of doing what they do, just as they could make illusions. I think both are aspects of Illumination and typically each order is just better at different aspects. @PrinceGenocide considering the Unmade seem to have still been active, and everything has been on a general slide towards war and animosity for seemingly centuries, I'll agree to disagree. Odium has "reigned" for far longer than his actual presence.
  16. That assumes that this was the majority... Which we have no idea how many hoardlings a Sleepless controls. And I don't think that's a result of a funeral as much as the manner in which they died.
  17. Well... Just because the hoardlings died doesn't necessarily mean that the Sleepless actually did.
  18. Four. Two for Kandra, four for humans. Koloss can be controlled because they have four spikes, and the set are limited to "three boons"
  19. Eh. Agree to disagree. As I said, I don't believe their clash created any part of the system, only altered something preexisting.
  20. What makes you think that I'm not treating it as such, or that I expect you to drop this just because I disagree? This is what theory craft is about. People try to poke holes. You address them and adapt the theory. You disagree with the reasoning of the argument and disregard it. Or you agree with the argument and the theory breaks. For me, that's what makes posting a theory fun in the first place. Arguing these things is how I formed my ideas in the first place, and when something breaks my model I have to change it, whether that is new Canon, or someone's reasoning that I find convincing. I'm not sure what an injury to a shard would involve, but I thi k pieces being ripped off and separated is more a symptom of the "mortal" nature of Ambition’s wounding I don't think that Odium’s tactics changed at all. I think he was attempting business as usual right up until Honor and Cultivation trapped him. Which is also why I find his repeated loses as a far more likely source than either of the previous fights for him being called the Broken One. Honor went down swinging as well. He specifically says that Threnody has a "non-shard based magic system" and then immediately links that to people coming back after death. So I don't think it's anyone's magic system. Yes.. And then she explains how something becomes a Cognitive Shadow generally, because that's what they are.
  21. How do you rationalize this epigraph if Adonalsium is "the broken one"? It seems to clearly point to Odium when paired with the use of "Odium reigns" said by the Stormfather. The "three of sixteen" clearly places the subject of the epigraph after the Shattering, and unless it were reformed I'm not sure how Adonalsium is capable of ruling anything?
  22. She does, and I don't think that requires any Investiture from the Shards at all. A shardic battle should have impacts across the realms, regardless of that. Doesn't change my point It implies he was injured. Nit necessarily that he lost anything, or that it happened here. He's been fighting in multiple places for a very long time. And I'm not saying you're wrong, or that in right. Just the evidence that we have. That caveat is Khriss being a scientist and qualifying her statement. It need not be false. More on that to follow. I think it's applicable to all of it. I think that the shades are a phenomenon that would have happened regardless of whether or not the Shards had fought or ever been there. I definitely think that with the red eyes, something has changed their behavior, but I ascribe that to the power that washed over the planet from Ambition. I don't think think anything about Threnody was intentional. And I agree that "extra Investiture" line is not specific to Ambition because I don't believe it's specific to the shades. She's describing the requirements for making a CS in general. I did not say anything was, or wish to misrepresent anything. I'm just presenting my reasoning.
  23. There's an even clearer sign that Aimians fought in the Desolations in the flashbacks.
  24. That wouldn't be a requirement at all. Anymore than Roshar, which has only ever had three shards there, is technically invested by all of them. Much of what is present on Threnody, as a world that's never had a Shard in residence, could have developed all on its own, and the red could be a property that's solely from parts of Ambition hijacking what's naturally developed. My reasoning in my previous post is more based off of the Threnodite essay than WoBs. If both were wounded enough to wash the planet in their power, this seems like a glaring oversite on Khriss' part.
  25. theory

    This is the only thing you've said that I take issue with. A Shard not being present on a world is not a requirement. Investiture interacting in a world is to my knowledge. The Roshar system as a whole was created by Adonalsium. All of the world's in that system therefore contain Investiture from all of the Shard's, hence this WoB. Threnody, to our knowledge, had no shard either and there is still a "natural magic" there. Magic systems have a planetary focus that is more integral to the world than to the Shard, which is why all magics on Scadrial are metal based. No matter what shards are involved there, it will be focused via metal. No shard being on Yolen (which we don't know) does not mean that the Investiture of the system does not remain. The planet remains, and Investiture is accessed Spiritually, and Hoid has all of the Connection needed to access that world's system. I am not saying that what your suggesting is impossible, but all of the information that I'm aware of in world and WoB implies that the systems themselves are shaped by the planets as much or more so than the Shards themselves. To the point that shards don't actually build their systems. Without a planet, a shard can most definitely act as they wish within the bounds of their intent... But for a person to access that and have it result in a systematically consistent and focused set of powers? That part I find unlikely.