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  1. They are.
  2. Why would it smash through any better than a hollow ball of any other material? It would be lighter than a steel ball of that size, and should act like it. Take away the cutting edge, and you negate a lot of the OP advantages of shardweapons.
  3. A sphere has no cutting edges... So probably not
  4. Possibly... But it would need to be solid. Moving parts involve multiple parts, so that's a no go.
  5. Exactly. Dalinar is writing a book to tell the world of his journey, good and bad. I can't imagine he's going to just wait until the truth slaps his children in the face. He's going to tell them.
  6. And the Heralds are still in the Cognitive Realm... Just in a different location.
  7. @Bigmikey357 absolutely. You can have a hero who is incompetent and does everything for the right reasons, but everything the touch turns rotten. You can also have a monster who does everything for horrible reasons and inadvertently makes things better. The result is not in question. What Kelsier achieved is good. His reasons for doing it are not as altruistic and pure as people like to present. Hell, look at Vin. He saved a Mistborn girl who was horribly mistreated. Why? There were plenty of other skaa girls in as bad a situation or worse, like the girls sold to brothels (which Camon threatened Vin with) who would be used and killed in The Final Empires culture... But we don't see Kelsier raiding and burning those places down. We don't see him picking out random skaa and lifting them up to make their lives better. We see him save a young girl because she is Mistborn. A powerful tool to be used. Sure, he came to care for her deeply. It doesn't change how it started. That's the man Kel is. What he wants, and what he can use come first. He gets results, and in the Final Empire, what he wanted was a good thing for everyone. I just think that assuming that a person of Kelsier's disposition, even if his goals remain admirable, is always going to be working along paths that we as the reader agree with, or even believe are necessary, is naive.
  8. He mentions that he danced with her once... Which is also very similar to some of "Ahu's" ramblings.
  9. Ah, it was @Rasarr who made that point. Had to go dig and give credit where credit is due.
  10. Spren/human relationships... Weird me out honestly. If a human being is in the Cognitive and has a relationship with a spren, that's one thing. But a relationship in the Physical Realm where one party literally relies on the other for their sapience has some... Disturbing implications. I think @CrazyRioter brought this up in Discord just the other day.
  11. Note that I said this So I agree. And that's beside the point.
  12. Yes, short term instability, for a (hopefully) long term improvement. I've looked back over this conversation, and I see where it went wrong. It's my fault for not correcting your assumptions earlier. You framed the conversation as "what else should he have done" and I presented alternatives... But this was never about Kelsier needing to have changed what he did. It's about what he didn't do. Mennis is the one that got the Skaa to safety. Kelsier could have directed them towards those caves. He could have gone to the skaa after he killed Tresting and tried to offer them advice or help or storming anything. Instead he played slaughter and then GTFO. It's not about the consequences of his actions existing, it's that he didn't even consider them or care. Which goes right back into everything I've said about Kel's motivations. He claims to care for the Skaa, but it's not about that as much as it's about his hatred of the nobility. I'm not trying to say Kelsier shouldn't have acted. I'm saying he should have done more.
  13. Your relating an entirely unknown and unforeseeable problem, to the obvious and known outcome of an Allomancer misting killing a noble? Yeah, I'm done with this. That's in no way the same thing.
  14. No, they were attempting to change the system that was the problem. Not just a symptom.
  15. I'm sorry but this is the whole conundrum of the vigilante superhero in general. There's a reason there are tons of stories for superheros that go into all of the people their actions inadvertently harm and the need to question what they do. Save one person and cause a chain of suffering much greater. Seriously, what did Kelsier accomplish? He saved a girl. Good job. He also made a bunch of people's lives worse. And that would extend well beyond the current skaa of that plantation. That's still perfectly good workable land that o ly lost the masters manor. It will be rebuilt, and a new lord appointed, possibly better and possibly worse than Tresting, and new skaa will be shipped in to work it, most likely ripping families apart elsewhere. At that point, your doing far more harm than good, just to appease your own since of injustice at the small picture without looking at the larger one. Kelsier was planning to upend the entire system. Killing Tresting, on top of just harming more people than it helps, also indirectly undermines himself. If your going to rob a bank you don't start killing the bank guards ahead of time and draw attention possibly to yourself, but more importantly to the bank itself. You lay low, you set your plans in motion, and you sure as hell don't do anything to raise the level of alertness prior to that plan moving forward. Regardless, you've shown you place the immediate needs of the girl over the needs of the population. We aren't going to agree on this, so once again, I'll walk away.
  16. Steal her so that they don't come after the skaa for Trestings death... Or you know, suffer the problem and wait for the revolution. Don't thrust people into a life or death situation they didn't agree to and that ultimately changes nothing. Hell, killing Tresting quietly would have been much less nasty than going in, slaughtering everyone and burning down the manner. But that's not flamboyant enough for Kel. Go big or go home... Or go big and deprive people of homes. Same thing right?
  17. No, there's really not. He saved one person yes. In the most violent way possible, which would cause the most harsh repercussions for dozens if not hundreds of people. Not a few. People who very well could have been tortured or killed or starved to death. Paint it as heroic as you wish, but it's still a moment in which he let his momentary anger overshadow any thoughts of the future, and never stopped to consider that, even after the fact.
  18. And focusing on that you're missing my entire point. Mennis became thankful because of what he chose to do after the fact. Kelsier did what he wanted, with no regard to the consequences for anyone else. Regularly. If it worked out for them in the end, that was their doing, not his.
  19. Right up until she asked him to stop. Which he did. Kaladin's struggles with delegating authority is a control issue. If he doesn't take care of it, they could get hurt. If he doesn't know where someone is he can't protect them. The difference between his treatment of Shallan, and his treatment of Bridge Four is that he doesn't view Shallan as his responsibility. She's not someone who he's supposed to take care of. If their relationship actually went somewhere, I don't think that would hold.
  20. @Isilel my immediate counter to the "limit" to simultaneous powers is the Bands and "She tapped. Everything." They typically used what was applicable in the moment. That's not a limit. That aside, the limit on Era 3 should be 5 powers at once if the 3 power limit to medallions holds (and like I think the Bands did, that can still be circumvented via Nicrosil Feruchemy). So the typical limit for most would be a single power, two for a twin born, plus 3 from a medallion.
  21. I'm not saying anything at all about the outcome. I'm speaking about Kelsier's part in it. Kelsier did not direct them to the rebels. The army of which tht old man was a part did not exist yet. Kelsier killed Tresting and left those Skaa to fend for themselves. The fact that they managed on their own has absolutely no bearing on Kelsier's part in it. In their conversation in the caves, Mennis even admits to resenting Kelsier for what he did, but being thankful that that resentment gave him purpose. How many of the other Skaa do you think never reached the point of being thankful?
  22. Which is exactly what I was saying. One specific surge with an altered manifestation. His illumination works under the glyph on the Voidbinding chart. His progression under the Glyph on the surgebinding chart. I don't disagree here... But we haven't seen the regular Truthwatcher resonance, or his, so it total speculation... And what bearing does that have on anything your responding to? Still not Voidbinding. At least not specifically. When Brandon told us we hadn't seen Voidbinding yet it was after WoR, which means Stormform isn't using it. Personally I think that the forms in general, not just forms of power, are closer to Fabrials than anything else. Which should be able to mimic either of the other systems. And use things outside them. To be clear I'm speaking directly in relation to the "order" glyphs (that we have no clue what they represent on the Voidbinding chart) And some look completely unrelated. If the two are derived from each other, they should be similarties between each of the corresponding glyphs... And some of those pairs seem as if they were intentionally crafted to lack all similarties. The Truthwatcher position most of all in that regard, but Skybreaker and Lightweaver positions also seem very disconnected. You post confuses me. On somethings you seem to sound like your disagreeing when you make the same point, and other places you make points that seem unrelated to what I've said. Have I been unclear?
  23. I'm aware of that. I'm also aware that Kelsier seeing that old man was a surprise to him. That changes absolutely nothing in what I said.
  24. If Shardblades were aluminum they could not be dismissed or summoned. Plate could not explode and be regrown. And as I posted in the other thread, shardblades are light because of the nature of the Investiture they are composed of, just as Nightblood is extra heavy because of the Investiture within it.
  25. With the Fused, there is of course and Identity shift that take place in the body. The Original inhabitant of the body is expelled, and their identity leaves with the Investiture that composes them. The Fused takes over, bringing their Identity along with them, and the marbling pattern written into their Cognitive and Spiritual Aspects overwrites what existed in the Physical. As to the Connection and Identity restored to the parshmen by the storm... I think that one stretches the definition, by Brandon's own implication.