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  1. We agree.
  2. There's only one destination. They leave or they stay. Wax isn't a Cognitive Shadow because he was resurrected prior to the point of separation and the Beyond. The "conversion to Investiture" is Brandon's take on the Ship of Theseus debate. The soul, over time or through a massive influx (Ala a shard or Kel and Rashek with the Well) is replaced or petrified with Investiture. Is it a copy? If it is in all ways the same thing but the composition has been replaced with something else, is it the same person? The "soul" in this sense is a debatable thing. As I said either there is something else that goes beyond other than Investiture, or nothing does. Considering that we see CS choose to leave, I'd have to think that whatever extra remains. But it's completely up to reader interpretation. I'm not sure I understand the question? What more do they need than the potential for eternal existence and, given the proper knowledge and materials and/or natural mechanisms, the chance at rebirth?
  3. And that's my point exactly. Nothing is keeping them from going. They just don't feel the pull. We've seen multiple CS leave for the Beyond by choice. Rashek, Vin, and Ati all left, and all had no need to go. The difference isn't that they can't, they just aren't compelled.
  4. Identity, and what you speaking of as identity pieces, are not the same thing. Identity as the Spiritual trait is not the same thing as identity in the way that we use that word in real life. It doesn't influence the mind. It's just a marker on the Investiture that says "this is a part of me." It rekeys. As to Vahr, you're speaking of this WoB. So the Breath can carry some residual Cognitive information, which is interesting, but in most ins ances I think people are going to be varied enough for it to be a non-issue.
  5. Couple issues I have off the bat. First, you'd have to somehow store the breath in the Nicrosil feruchemically, which isn't the same as just storing the breath via the "my life to yours" command. Doing that we know doesn't work. Depending on the way Nicrosil works, it may require multiple hacks to make compounding breath possible. It's not going to be as simple as traditional compounding even if you are able to store it, because you're going to be trying to ue Preservation's Investment to create Endowments. Secondly, assuming you succeed there shouldn't be any difference in the Breath. Breath naturally rekeys it's Identity to the person who it's given to, which is why only the person who awakened an object can retrieve the Breath.
  6. Investiture never leaves the Cosmere. Never. So either living things have something additional which can go Beyond, a "soul" in the religious sense, or death is oblivion. If a Cognitive Shadow is unable to go Beyond, then a spren wouldn't either, as they're both sapient Cognitive entities composed of Investiture. What you choose to believe happens is up to you, but the composition of a Sapient entity should have no bearing on the existence of the Beyond.
  7. Intent can be subconscious. It's already been covered with the arrows and reverse lashing... But think of the first time that Kaladin had a power pointed out to him. He sticks a pouch to the side of a barrel instinctively. At the time he was trying to set it down thought he'd placed it on top, and wanted it to stay and not fall... So it dlstayed and didn't fall. Subconscious/instinctive uses of the power are still intent based. Many times its just a case of wanting to do something and so you do... Even if your not quite sure what you did.
  8. The surgebinding we know on Roshar, and the Surges used on and to destroy Ashyn were similar... But not the same system.
  9. I absolutely agree with @Weltall that there's no way that Brandon simply forgot that he'd mentioned Cultivation, but we also have proof via WoB that Cultivation is not simply hiding but actively opposing Odium
  10. Location exist in the Spiritual Realm as information. You can be connected to that place... But "place" is purely informational. There is no distance to have "places" reflected. Only information.
  11. Obligatory link because Fused were said to be voidbinding. Not saying they can't... Just that we haven't seen them do it.
  12. @Pathfinder I currently prefer the "condensed stormlight" idea to the spren theory, primarily because of the Identity issue. I don't actually say that that's definitively what it is because, like RShara, I currently don't think there's enough information. Regardless, as I've said repeatedly, I definitely think that the spren are involved in the creation of plate, but I do not believe they compose the material.
  13. I firmly believe that "Unity" is just Honor reinterpreted.
  14. I'm not aware of one that confirms it is someone else. But considering the note from the gatherer on this particular rattle, I'm not convinced that speach would be a prerequisite. As to the idea that this rattle is literal... Honestly, I hope not. It would rely on the position of Odium’s champion being something that does not require acceptance, because an infant is incapable of understanding and agreeing to what's happening. If that is the case, then I'd want to know why Dalinar isn't still Odium’s champion, because if agreement doesn't matter then his rejection should not have ended the position.
  15. discussion

    I think Jasnah's ability to soulcast at range is purely of function of access to shadesmar. Notice that when she soulcast the man she touched to quartz, his clothing changed with him. When she soulcast the two to smoke at range, their clothing was uneffected. And then she comes out of the last trance like state. I think what occurred that she projected her mind into shadesmar and soulcast them from there directly. Without touching the beads that represent their clothing, the clothing was not changed. As such, I don't think other radiants have access to the same method.