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  1. With everything going on in the world at the moment, I haven't exactly been active here recently, but that definitely doesn't mean I'm gone. I love this place, and the fantastic community it's built. It is, and always will be my internet haven. Digging into the deep lore as heavily as I did after becoming active and my constant back and forth with @Extesian during that period will always be a fond memory, as well as wrestling with the tangled mess that was theoryland (bless you Arcanum). The OB prerelease and the intense and rapid fire theory mess that it was. And then, of course... @Oversleep and @Extesian. Long live the Hive. I miss you all. Happy anniversary to the best place I know.
  2. Happy Birthday, Calderis! 

  3. "healed" would mean no longer trapped as a blade. In which case I don't see anything stopping her from being just like any other spren. If it goes a different route, great, but I wouldn't call her "healed" otherwise. As I've said repeatedly in this thread and countless others I think the foreshadowing is pretty clear and consistent at this point.
  4. That's actually specifically why I think they couldn't. I think any godmetal is going to work that way and just as with the shardblade scenario, no direct tie to Ruin would mean no ability to access the Investiture.
  5. Standard schpiel. "broken" does not mean every has to be Kaladin/Shallan/Dalinar levels of screwed up. There is absolutely plenty of evidence in the books about Adolin's insecurities and fears. The other Kholin's being Radiants may be a reason people dislike the idea, but it canonically makes him more likely to become a Radiant because of Connection. And frankly, the storyline in which we get Maya's name and she's summoned in under ten heartbeats is a setup that I find pretty telling. Dead blades take 10 heartbeats. Less means she's already healing.
  6. @Quantus This is a super old one... But with metal being Scadrials focus, I really don't believe it's possible for a metal to only be viable in one system over the others... If it has an effect in one Metallic Art, I think it will in the others as well... With a caveat. Just because you have an effect doesn't mean that that effect is accessible. For example the infamous shardblade WoB. If the problem is not having a tie to the Investiture, that doesn't mean that the metal doesn't have an effect. For example, say a non-scadrian burns lerasium and becomes Mistborn... They have a Connection to Preservation obviously, but might not to Ruin... So can they burn atium? So Trellium is something we've seen used for spikes and so far that's all... And currently, I don't think Trell has Invested in Scadrial to a point to create the tie necessary in people to allow them to use it for allomancy or feruchemy. So functionally, yes, I think that most godmetals will be Hemalurgically viable in ways the others aren't, because unlike them, Hemalurgy requires no Spiritual component on the part of the user. Just knowledge, Intent, and the proper metal. Mechanically though, I think that if a metal is viable in kne its viable in all, though additional hoops may be necessary to allow access to all systems.
  7. Don't know if it's a dream wob, or just a lost one, but either way I got nothing
  8. I completely disagree. She is a character who inherently distrust everyone and manipulates them, and over the short course of the story is forced to open up to Gaotona about things that she repeatedly lies to herself about. She has a very real and intense struggle, which is the key to her escape. If she hadn't done so, Gaotona would never have let her go.
  9. Happy Mutual Shardversary Hivemate 

  10. @Pathfinder seriously? I'm done here. The WoB was sharing because it was given to me and this is a discussion on Adolin as a character and as such it is relevant. It wasn't intended to prove anything. And again, me stating my opinion is not shutting down discussion. People are free to disagree. I've stated the way that I think things will play out. You, and many others disagree. That's fine. What's different here, is that you're twisting it around to say that me stating my own reasoning is somehow preventing others from doing the same. I don't have to agree with you. You don't have to agree with me. That's all fine. I've stated the reasons I disagree with you, and you've done likewise. That's still fine. Saying that my reason is somehow attacking others ability to speak? No. Have a good day.
  11. I think Avatars are something specific... And while others could definitely do what Autonomy has, per WoB, I don't think that they have.
  12. People are allowed to disagree with each other sure. Giving all opinions equal weight is never going to happen beyond empty words. Insisting that me stating my opinion and reasoning is somehow shutting down discussion is not something I agree with, and not going to change my arguments. If this discussion has resulted in anything, it at least had a lurker send me this extremely relevant WoB to Adolin's personality that I'm going to go and enter into Arcanum. If she agrees, I'll add in the questioners name for proper attribution, but for the time being, seeing as she didn't want to post it herself, I'll leave her anonymous.
  13. Yeah... That seems like a one off scene that's depressing as hell. Canon fodder and survival at the whims of chance. We already got to see that in the vision where Dalinar lost an arm and had to be rescued by a stoneward. Fun times. In order to teach others how to do what he did, he'd have to understand what he's doing. I don't think it will ever be common or easy. And I've yet to see a compelling realmatic argument in how a spren could be healed without restoring what they lost. You know I'm not talking about us here.
  14. And other than Dalinar, how many of those characters names do people remember? And how many characters are we going to have play the negotiator/peace broker? I didn't say suicide. I said sidelined. And being that every one of those characters save Dalinar is a minor character, I think you're making my point for me.
  15. Which is a cop out. It's literally the same job. How many times have we been told that each Highprince is essentially a king in their own right? If he can effectively be one, he can effectively be the other. And I think you're missing my point completely. Without powers, he will be a liability in combat with the other radiants. He will either continue anyway, and eventually die in the process... Or he'll step back from combat in which case he will be effectively sidelined from his current story role. Adolin is able to stand with the other characters, even in the face of horrible odds. The entire reason people like him as the "normal" perspective is because we see the action from the perspective of people without powers... Which is a role that's going to be less and less viable. If he becomes like other characters you mentioned, Gawx, or Fen, or Sebarial, or any of the many generals, or Highprinces, or nobles or random other characters... He becomes a minor character who has multiple other people at the same level, in the same role, that are all doing the exact same things he is, and his story role essentially becomes "Shallan's husband, Dalinar's son, and Renarin's brother." That's being sidelined. There would be absolutely nothing he is doing outside of his relationships to the other characters that isn't being fulfilled by a multitude of similarly minor characters. Because it was a general statement and not directed at you.