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  1. Brandon did not make any changes to try and mitigate the "fake death" stuff. The change to that fight was purely a Kaladin character bit, and we've been outright told that the. Echanics of the ending in both versions would work on Canon. Szeth dies either way, and he'd have revived via the healing either way. The entire point was about Kaladin's character. And I hate it. For two reasons. First, and a little less important is for combat reasons. In the new version Kaladin makes a spear thrust. In the middle of that very fast and very short action, he notices that Szeth is not attempting to block and so he tries to redirect the direction of his strike to miss.... And strikes Szeth's hand causing him to drop the Honorblade. With a spear thrust the more natural reaction is to just stop the thrust, not redirect, and more importantly it's insanely fast and with stormlight despite their reaction speed being seemingly accelerated so is their physical movement... So in maybe a tenth of a second Kal notices that Szeth isn't going to block his "feint" of a thrust and redirects it unnaturally because he realizes he doesn't actually want to kill Szeth... The original ending feels like a more natural flow of combat and would actually have played very well into Kaladin's character with Kaladin feeling conflicted about his actions... Which leads me to my second and much much bigger gripe. The new ending actively undermines Kaladin's character. It makes Kaladin entirely too perfect in that he somehow can tell that a man who has been a persistent threat, killed the leaders of half the world, attempted to kill Dalinar multiple times, and previously Kaladin is somehow not someone who needs to die when Kaladin literally just saved Dalinar and came upon Szeth mid murder attempt... And the after his somehow psychic decision to spare a man who by all logic he should have killed he (at Syl's urging) chooses to save a weapon over the the man he just decided he shouldn't kill. In both endings Szeth chooses to die. In the second ending, Kaladin decides that he shouldn't kill Szeth and then let's him die anyway to save a weapon... How is that in any way better?
  2. And that's not at all what I said.
  3. That has a much much simpler explanation. For one thing, Odium is aware of Glys. The hole in odium's "Diagram" is something we've seen elsewhere.
  4. I really don't think that I am. Because he did not say no to an explicit "is Renarin voidbinding" question. That's been consistently RAFO'd since that question. He said yes to Argent's first question. Which means that Renarin is doing something other than Surgebinding. So that would mean that when asked what's up with Renarin, Brandon directed Argent to a chart that's representative of a magic system that he isn't using, later confirmed that he is doing something other than Surgebinding... So if he's neither Surgebinding nor Voidbinding, then what?
  5. What? I'd like some examples, because to my knowledge, that's in no way a common thing. He RAFO's or he doesn't. He doesn't just shrug off and ignore questions and end with implicit confirmations precisely because of stuff like this. Yes he has RAFO'd the question on Renarin since. And in his own words, sometimes RAFO is because he doesn't want to kill discussion. In this case, we're having that discussion, and it only exists because the waters have been muddied. Which is a problem that he has intentionally created before. Look no further tha. "The Man who calls himself Taln." he created an issue via WoB that never existed in the story, and actually made the blade swap in the books make no sense. But people talked about it. A lot.
  6. And I actually think it's far less convulsed or confused than people try to make it. Because of this WoB. There are two separate questions here that confuse things. If it would have stopped after the first question, there wouldn't even be a debate. Renarin is Voidbinding. The second question then makes it clear that the way in which he is doing it is not the normal manner. In tandem, people argue that Renarin isn't voidbinding, but between the "what is up with Renarin" and pointing to the storming voidbinding chart, and the answer to the first of the two questions in this WoB, I think trying to say that he isn't doing so is... Willfully ignoring the evidence.
  7. Depends on what you mean by rogue. Harmony values free will. If a Kandra chose to leave rather than swear to him, I wouldn't consider them to be a rogue, or for him to have a problem with it.
  8. I don't think they can actually turn off their feelings, but that's not really what happens. They've chosen to play a role, and so they act that role. It doesn't matter what the Kandra actually feels personally. They're method acting, and the role has changed. Considering that I think they're there of their own choice, I'd say the job is to serve Taravangian as the man he's chosen to be.
  9. There is an old WoB that says that burning a Hemalurgic spike would graft the spike into your soul. But we have a more recent one that contradicts that. Personally, I think it would "compound" and you'd get an excessive amount of the Hemalurgic trait for the duration of the burn... Which could be monstrous, or fatal. But I also think it's an integral part of making medallions.
  10. theory

    I don't think that there is anything near a clear cut boon ane curse for om Cultivation, and I don't believe for a moment that Lift was a Nightwatcher project. She is by far the most extensive and weird change of anyone who's gone to the valley. She has all of her stormlight nonsense. She has the Cognitive nonsense, which both allows the spren contact, and messes with her shadow. She can enter into an area of the Cognitive Realm that is a creation of a specific Splinter because she feels like it (the only other tkme someone enters the visions without being pulled in by the Stormfather, it's storming Odium). And she can "smell" the touch of Cultivation on Dalinar. What is boon, what is curse, and what is side effect of what? With Dalinar, his "curse" was the loss of memory... But that "curse" was exactly what he needed to grow into a better man, so was it really a curse? With Taravangian, the curse is supposedly the fact that he can't access to both is compassion and his intellect at the same time... But the days that he he has aren't really random. And it's funny the way that smart T shows up just to change the Diagram in ways that are specifically relevant to current events. With all three of them, there is a cost. Things have changed in ways that some things are more difficult, some things are painful. But as far as what is their boon and curse, that's a lot harder to say. The reason that I think Lift is using Stormlight, is that she still gloss and leaks blue-white light. That's stormlight. Voidlight is violet/black/stygian light and that's what appears around the Fused when they use it. The mist in the Valley, the "Cultivationlight," is green. No one has glowed green. Absolutely no one.
  11. theory

    The ending of Words of Radiance was changed. Kaladin only cut Szeth's hand, he dropped the blade, released the bond, and fell into the storm. Because Nale says as much. Anything that can heal the soul can heal a shardblade wound. Rysn's inability to be healed says more about her perception of herself, just like Kaladin's brands. If either of them didn't accept those wounds on some level, they'd have been healed, like Lopen's arm, or Renarin's eyes. As an example that in general, cosmere healing doesn't care about shardblades... Mistborn spoilers.
  12. I think that the "void" in voidbinding refers to the same void that we see in Moash. See this passage fron the Elia Stele. I think the Void is just another means of accessing the Surgesvia a different system. And as far as Renarin is concerned, I don't think that he's the one experiencing the "Void." I think Glys is. I think the "void" is emotion fueled, and Glys is the one fueling Renarin's visions.
  13. theory

    In the Canon version of the ending that is not how Szeth died, albeit we've been directly told that mecha is of both would work in either case. But as far as it goes, Szeth's state is specifically because the Fabrial is worse. Warbreaker spoilers The difference between Szeth and Gawx is that Gawx was healed. Correctly, and Szeth wasn't. He's soul is not "sticking" to his body correctly. Renarin or Lift wouldn't have had the same issue. As long as the soul has not gone beyond, regrowth is perfectly capable of resurrection, even vs a shardblade.
  14. theory

    Szeth had not gone Beyond (which is different than the Spiritual). That was simply a regrowth Fabrial. Lift did the same thing to Gawx, and better. Szeth's after image is because the Fabrial is less efficient/precise/nuanced than a Radiant using the surge. Szeth's state is because that Fabrial was worse than a Radiant, not better.
  15. In contrast, I think the Surges on the voidbinding chart are one thing. They are the same glyphs changed to radial, rather than axial symmetry. Same surge, different expression. The "order" and surge glyphs on that chart are two separate things. There are no lines connecting the "orders" to the Surges. I do think that Renarin has standard Progression and the Voidbinding variant of Illumination, primarily because of his inability to make any even simple image. In his own words, "somethings wrong."