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  1. I'm genuinely confused by this rationale. We see inside Adolin's head more than any character who isn't one of the "big three" over the course of the series, and there's plenty to judge about his motivations... And even if there weren't, a person can't be judged by their words and actions? Adolin, as a character, has always seemed to be a character that's very clearly written, which is why the divisiveness of the character has surprised me continually.
  2. Agreed on all counts. Which is why I still stand by the first sign of the process of her healing wasn't her speaking her name, or anything in the Physical. It was when she attacked the Fused to protect him. It as the first time she did something of her own volition.
  3. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine while I'm not sure I agree with your theory, I do want to point out one thing that supports it. It's actually not a contradiction. She's talking about making a version more potent than it is naturally to make it take effect more quickly. We saw what fully dried leaves do with Lin Davar, and it's not nearly so quick or effective. We have seen exactly this method though. On the darts that Iyatil used to try and kill Amaram.
  4. I partially agree with you, but definitely think he is a distinct type and he's using Transportation. I do think he's "abandoning" his body like you say... And only using transportation to redesignate where his physical body is supposed to be... Which "heals" him a new one, including healing shard severed hands and regrowing broken carapace spikes, but it's technically healing back the "same body." which is why the old one crumbles to dust, just like growing shardplate in a separate location. It's the same body and can't exist in two places at once.
  5. Formless, is... Not a single thing, per Radiant. It's indistinct possibilities that have not become personas. It's potential personas that may or may not gain form depending on a variety of factors in Shallan's stability.
  6. He also created a new body with every Teleportation. He's creating matter, just like with healing. That's clearly not doing the same thing. The transition itself maybe, but the body definitely not.
  7. It does. But to quote @Master_Moridin from this same discussion that were having on discord at the moment Just look at awakening and this is minor in comparison.
  8. In certain cases with the Fused, most notably the Shanay-im, we are seeing a phenomenon where they seem to be able to use their abilities without any seeming cost. I have an idea for how this may be happening. Imagine that using a surge functions like a water wheel. Windrunner performs a lashing, and stormlight flows past the water wheel performing work. The entire time this happens, stormlight flows away and is depleted. You would expect voidlight to work the same, and in some cases it seems to, like when Moash was lashed into the air to meet with Leshwi in OB. But this only appears to happen when the shanay-im lash something other than themselves. When they lash themselves, the effect seems to be ongoing. I think that they've replaced the water wheel with a closed loop system. A feedback loop. Voidlight flows out over the "water wheel" and right back into the reservoir. So long as they don't push that power outside of themselves(lashing, slicking.,or placing an illusion on something other than themselves, possibly realmatic transition if they were to make a perp though I think Lezian is using the power somewhat differently here that relies in the Fused's spren like nature) or use it for the creation of matter, as healing does, there is no loss. The downside to this, I think, is that the upper limit of how much voidlight they can carry is much lower, which means that again, using the shanay-im as an example, the maximum number of lashings they can use at once is much lower, giving Windrunners and Skybreakers a distinct advantage in the short term. And it makes the choice to lash something else or a need to heal much more relatively costly. If a Fused can outlast a Radiant without the need for external uses or healing though? They can just keep on going. I'm interested to see if I'm correct here. Regardless, their mechanics are intriguing.
  9. Yep. Taravangian's "illness" that covered his trip to the Nightwatcher was "5 years ago" in OB. Dalinar's trip to the Nightwatcher? It is the only flashback in the series to have a partial year indicator. 5 1/2 years.
  10. At this point, I totally believe that all Adolin needs to do is get to the point that he's the equivalent of a third oath Edgedancer where Maya could be a blade through him to be healed. Yes, swearing the oaths is not in itself enough. But per the fact he 7 heartbeat summon, she's already healing imo. Whatever "extra" needs to happen I think already has. I don't think he'll get any powers until she's healed, and I at that point if she wants to end the bond that's her choice... But I don't think she will. As to the idea that she's going to hate humans in general... I think the spren were at minimum complicit in the recreance and that it was most likely their idea to begin with. So no, seeing that the Desolations have returned, I think she'll serve to give us some much needed information.
  11. Absolutely @robardin. The Lightweaver "oaths" may be the most malleable, but I think all of the orders oaths after the second are going to be just as intensely personal for the person saying them. It may not be this specific issue for others, but there will be some kind of issue that ties in.
  12. Even that not necessarily true. Just means he's either not progressed enough to summon a blade or he hasn't summoned his blade in a few hours. Kaladin's eyes revert to dark as well.
  13. I think that's because she basically doing the exact same thing that people here are. She doesn't know what it is. She can't remember. So she looks at her other oaths and assumes this must be even worse.
  14. It seems to be the consensus that Kaladin cares too much. That he needs to forgive himself for his failures. That he needs to learn the advice his father always tried to teach him to "choose when to care" and to grow calluses... I disagree. Caring is fine. Grieving is fine. Kaladin's issue, in my mind, has never been about caring too much. And it's not about forgiving himself either. His biggest issue, to me, is summed up by Syl when Kal finds Eth's body shortly after Szeth's first attack in Dalinar. I underlined that last bit because that's it. Kaladin doesn't just want to protect people from harm. He wants to protect them from their own choices. He blames himself for the things other people choose to do. It's why he was scared of Bridge Four forming romantic relationships because it would be harder to protect them. Whether it's the slaves that died in revolts he lead. Or Sah and the other singers he knew, or Moash... He has to respect other people's choices. Whether that means that they go into battle for the same reasons as him and die doing what they believe is right, or that puts them at odds with him and results in them fighting, and even dying by his hand... They made their own choices and that isn't his fault. Kaladin doesn't need to let go of the past, or learn when to care. He doesn't need to forgive himself for his failures. Kaladin needs to recognize that doing his best and failing requires no forgiveness, and that he can't protect people from themselves. He needs to recognize that there's nothing to forgive himself for.
  15. As someone who suffers from depression myself the sentiment that Kaladin should get over it is mildly infuriating... But I understand it. Here's the thing. The frustration that you feel when you read Kaladin and he's falling back into the same cycle? Those of us who suffer feel it to, about ourselves. The people who love us feel it, and it's hard for them, harder than for us in some ways. The frustration is natural. I can't speak for Brandon, but I think that the frustration is intentional. It's what someone who loves someone with depression is bound to feel at times, and we all love Kal. That said, I think one way or another this shift will be good for Kal. He needs some new coping mechanisms to deal with this when it happens... And he needs to allow the people who care for him in. He has a support network. He needs to let them support him.