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  1. I absolutely agree with @Weltall that there's no way that Brandon simply forgot that he'd mentioned Cultivation, but we also have proof via WoB that Cultivation is not simply hiding but actively opposing Odium
  2. Location exist in the Spiritual Realm as information. You can be connected to that place... But "place" is purely informational. There is no distance to have "places" reflected. Only information.
  3. Obligatory link because Fused were said to be voidbinding. Not saying they can't... Just that we haven't seen them do it.
  4. @Pathfinder I currently prefer the "condensed stormlight" idea to the spren theory, primarily because of the Identity issue. I don't actually say that that's definitively what it is because, like RShara, I currently don't think there's enough information. Regardless, as I've said repeatedly, I definitely think that the spren are involved in the creation of plate, but I do not believe they compose the material.
  5. I firmly believe that "Unity" is just Honor reinterpreted.
  6. I'm not aware of one that confirms it is someone else. But considering the note from the gatherer on this particular rattle, I'm not convinced that speach would be a prerequisite. As to the idea that this rattle is literal... Honestly, I hope not. It would rely on the position of Odium’s champion being something that does not require acceptance, because an infant is incapable of understanding and agreeing to what's happening. If that is the case, then I'd want to know why Dalinar isn't still Odium’s champion, because if agreement doesn't matter then his rejection should not have ended the position.
  7. discussion

    I think Jasnah's ability to soulcast at range is purely of function of access to shadesmar. Notice that when she soulcast the man she touched to quartz, his clothing changed with him. When she soulcast the two to smoke at range, their clothing was uneffected. And then she comes out of the last trance like state. I think what occurred that she projected her mind into shadesmar and soulcast them from there directly. Without touching the beads that represent their clothing, the clothing was not changed. As such, I don't think other radiants have access to the same method.
  8. @marianmi "Returning" to shadesmar would only restore the mind of an Unbounded spren precisely because of the Spiritual nature of things. For a human in Shadesmar Physically, their body may not be present in the Physical Realm, but their Physical aspect still exists. That's why they still need food, water, and sleep. That's why they can cross back to the Physical through a perpendicularity. For a spren that is bonded, or has been unnaturally altered to have a Physical aspect they can't handle, being in the Cognitive does not change the state they are in. Because again, this distribution is written into their Spiritual Aspect. And they can be in both realms simultaneously and to different degrees. Windspren are not corporeal, but they are rarely seen in the Cognitive. Spren are drawn to emotions and begin to partially show themselves in the Physical even though we see that they are mainly in the Cognitive and what is seen in the Physical is only a part of them. And this isn't limited to spren. Wyndle himself says that lift can touch him because She must be partly in the Cognitive. Why would that make a difference if Wyndle were completely in the Physical?
  9. @marianmi I think it is exactly the same thing. Syl is stupid when she crosses over because she's in the Physical, with no bond, and her mind returns as the bond deepens... But she is not able to become truly physical. That doesn't happen until the third oath, when she becomes a blade. Jasnah says as much about Ivory. If they're stupid just from being in the Physical without a corporeal form, being in the Physical as an actual corporeal blade ramps that up in the extreme. And this is a Spiritual change. The distribution of a being between the realms is going to be something written into the Spiritual of a being. The fact that they are supposed to have a Physical aspect because of the way they were severed with the bond, when they were never built to support one naturally is the basis of the problem.
  10. @TheFoxQR I don't think the magic system would have changed immediately. I think it's something that would warp over time. Similar to a godmetal under a new Vessel.
  11. For one's that are continually present in the Physical? Not that I'm aware of.
  12. Exactly. And I doubt he is. Which is what makes any insistence that shades are more intelligent than they appear speculation. Considering that they are very much present in and act on the Physical realm, and the way we've seen that play out with spren, I find it hard to credit that they are somehow more present and intelligent on the Cognitive side.
  13. I'm strongly of the opinion that magic on Ashyn prior to the Human exodus was very different than the disease magic we know of, per this WoB (question and answer No. 2) The Purelake fish, like most Rosharan fauna, just have a spren bond.
  14. Well, I agree that settled does not mean discovered, I agree with Oltux here. The idea that the Shades are what Nazh was talking about is an assumption. He says specifically, Cognitive Shadows, not shades. It's the same reason that I don't agree when people insist that the Ire worrying about the "Forces of Threnody" is the Shades, when they've shown us no sign of an intelligence capable of planning or wishing to "join the main stage."
  15. Slight nitpick, but I don't think metal and stone automatically become type IV's. That would imply that, prior to Nightblood, there was no awakening of stone or metal.