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  1. It would have been with him. He was bonded to it and never left it behind. He had it when he returned because he was still bonded to it. That said, at this point I don't think there was a blade swap. I think that Taln summoned his blade back and dismissed it, and Hoid planted the other blade to protect him. It doesn't contradict any of the other WoBs, and it's the most straightforward answer that still easily overlooked. As much as I still want it to be my Stone Shaman theory, at this point I think it's most likely that as soon as Taln is functional, he'll be able to summon it back.
  2. There was none prior, but there most definitely was after. Whatever the reason, the society that became the Shin, whether it was humanity as a whole or just them, adopted the singer tongue. Which again implies that the relationship between the early societies has to be far more complicated than we have information to explain, and it is definitely not as one sided as the Eila Stele implies.
  3. Two points. First, Taldain is no longer isolated. Second, and this one is my own speculation, but I don't believe that Autonomy's intent is what it is commonly (and seemingly obviously) interpreted to be.
  4. @SwordNimiForPresident what I think he did, was take a medallion, store that power in Nicrosil... Compound and store. Repeat that process while using aluminum, and you can do it all. Worst case scenario would be switching out individual spikes for the powers if you can't store medallions. Guess we have to wait and see.
  5. @SwordNimiForPresident with medallions in existence, all Kel would need to make the bands is a spike for F-F-nicrosil. I think that's what the bands are anyone. A single power medallion for F-nicrosil with storages for everything else.
  6. Considering his tendency to study local cultures, i find the only evidence that he's even Rosharan is his light violet eyes.
  7. That's the first time we're given his description, before we even know his "name." (we still don't know his name) There is no distinct nationality given. And they are not given in future meetings either to my knowledge. He is a distinctly recognizable individual, with no distinct ethnic/national traits whatsoever.
  8. No. He is not Thaylen in appearance.
  9. @RShara I still disagree with Peter. Absolutely nothing about Mraize is "obviously Thaylen" except his title.
  10. There is also evidence that Taldain is no longer inaccessible. Stormlight and Warbreaker spoilers
  11. @Lightblood spiking a spren would need to be done in the Cognitive, where spren are pretty much just people.
  12. I have to assume that there isn't. Notice that Brandon didn't actually answer the question. He specifically said that "Hoid isn't using it" but there's a postal service. He dodged the question and gave an interesting tidbit. And it's not the first time on this subject.
  13. This assumes that it would be as unbreakable and amazing while shifting as it normally is... Which I find unlikely.
  14. They are.
  15. Why would it smash through any better than a hollow ball of any other material? It would be lighter than a steel ball of that size, and should act like it. Take away the cutting edge, and you negate a lot of the OP advantages of shardweapons.