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  1. He does, it's just shy. It's mentioned after he swears his third oath.
  2. We know that it isn't. We see it damaged by the Midnight Essence in Dalinar's Starfalls vision.
  3. Shards do not have Cognitive Shadows. The shard continues in whole, or is Splintered. The Cognitive Shadow that the Stormfather merged with would be Tanavast's, and speaking of him as "Honor" would just be shorthand for "Honor's Vessel." The Shard itself did not have a Cognitive Aspect to become a CS, and frankly based off the Intents, I don't believe a Shard would have CS even if it had developed a Vessel independent Cognitive Aspect.
  4. @LerasiumMistborn "anti-dalinar campaign"? "the whole readership wants him dead?" The only person I've heard consistently say he's going to die is you. I've heard a few others, @Invocationin this conversation included, saying they expect it to happen... But by no means is anything like what you discribe something I've seen from anything like the majority. You're insistence on this matter is... Frankly disturbing. You assert that it will happen and that you hate it, and that it ruin's the story... When it's never stated anywhere, it's not a opinion put forth commonly that I've seen, and in the times that your bring this opinion up, most people are disagreeing with your assertions. It makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. I'm sorry, but I disagree. Authors in general vary greatly, and while this is true for some it is by no means true for all. I very strongly disagree to the idea that Brandon is retreading ground he's already written before. If he were I wouldn't be the obsessive fan of the Cosmere that I am. I'm sorry, but what are you talking about? He quite clearly has his own spren, and the Connection between him, the Stormfather, and Tanavast's CS have major implications. If the "child of Tanavast" thing is what you're referring to here about Kaladin, I'd like to know where Brandon explained what it means? Because you're giving it a lot of weight that is based on what exactly?
  6. Everything here is assumptions. Dalinar's death. Kaladin's supposed usurping if his role... Dalinar is the Bondsmith. The leader and moral center of the current Radiants. He quite literally overcame his own death in OB. The assumption that that's just going to be tossed aside astounds me. If Dalinar dies, I'm sure there will be an interesting journey to reach that point. I'll wait to read the story were given.
  7. @LerasiumMistborn as has been stated in multiple threads now, Kaladin is not the "main character," Dalinar is Brandon's favorite character, and the things that supposedly foreshadow his death also foreshadow the events of Thaylen Field where he should have "died" in becoming Odium’s champion. We do not know where Dalinar's arc goes from here. It isn't over.
  8. The "end-(whatever)" classification is only really useful relatively anyway. Feruchemy is not truly "end-neutral"
  9. Hell. It's not exactly something most people are looking for, but the class/race dichotomy comes up in the book itself. Kelsier and the crew are clinging to their lineages and justifying their actions based on that, and Vin rips into them for not knowing what it's like to live as skaa, because they don't. Class wise they live closer to the racial line they demonize than they do the skaa they fight for. And she was absolutely right. Edit: and as I brought up on the "is Kel good/evil?" thread, it goes well beyond class and the way that they live, when even Breeze was scared of Kel finding out that he was noble.
  10. I'm sorry, but it's both. In systems of systemic racism, class and race become so inextricably intertwined that trying to tear the two apart is futile. Yes, the skaa and nobles had interbreeding to a point that there were no obvious physical differences, but there were still two major differences that persisted. The fertility rates (which were necessary to maintain the skaa population in the face of the brutality they suffered), and frequency of allomancy. No one without noble blood was an Allomancer. Kelsier may not have noted a difference in physiology, but he did note one of psychology that he thought meant that as a whole the nobility should die. Up to and including the fact that he thought sparing Elend was "misguided." Call it racist. Call it classist. Either way I agree.
  11. That doesn't answer @Agent34's question. When is it ever mentioned that Sazed uses any Feruchemy whatsoever after ascending? When he was unable to figure it out was as a normal, mortal, Feruchemist. Not as a Shard. We're not infallible, and we miss things often. So if what your saying is correct, can you point us to the passage you're talking about?
  12. If a metal is viable in Allomancy, it should be viable in the other two metallic arts as well. With the question being unanswered, and atium currently unavailable (not to mention full Feruchemists) it's unlikely we'll have an answer anytime soon, if ever.
  13. This. Just look at Lopen, held up by Brandon himself as an example of not having a dark and tragic past. So while Adolin is clearly a RAFO, it fairly clear that being "broken" is not what people in world think it is. Regardless of what people think about Adolin, I personally think Maya speaks for herself. Until someone can present a viable realmatic explanation for what could be healing her other than a bond forming, I'll continue to believe a bond is forming. Beyond that, it's exactly what Brandon says. RAFO.
  14. ..... F-steel.... ..... I hate it so much.
  15. For reference... Edit: seriously waited to post this until they answered if they'd read it or not... Cause that's a hell of a spoiler