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  1. Can I join as Pestis? Just a slight warning that I never actually played SE properly, so I am a little confused. A few questions (maybe very straightforward, but I just wanna make sure. Do Plants know the identity of other Plants? I am asking this, because that would make Passion Rioters mostly useless for Plants (since as I understand Passion Rioters forces character to reveal their alignnement, no?) What exactly do you mean by "Classical Mafia"? Also, does "doc" mean there is a character with a heal ability (sorry, I probably play too much ToS)? Or do you mean "doc" as in ".doc" text file for a faction?
  2. I just watched Manhunt on Netflix. pretty interesting, but what really hit me was this one line in the last episode. "These are your lawyers. You will do as they instruct. If they say you're mentally defective, you will nod and agree in silence." Wow, just wow. This is officially the most f up thing I have ever heard being said. I have no word to describe it, really.
  3. MOMOMOMO IS BACK! God, Marblelympics always get me excited.
  4. Oh, ok. I just put words like that in the same bag as other swears, so I got a little confused with the separate category here. Thx for clarifying.
  5. Yes, do Dresden. Dresden is amazing from 4 book onewards.
  6. Sorry I will write a little off-topic, but what in the world is "body related language", and why would anyone need to be warned about it? I am seriously curious. Does that include words like "leg", "hand" or just words describing ehhh... taboo places? Or did I misunderstand it completely? Also is "body related language" actually a phrase used IRL, or was it just created for the purpose of this one post?
  7. So there is this guy, called Eoin Colfer, known for his Artemis Fowl series (at least in Poland that's his most well known series). But one time he wrote this book called Airman. And Airman is the best YA book ever created. It feels like a fairy tale.
  8. I just watched How to get away with murder episode 4x08. To be honest I am really struggling in the level of idiocy these characters seem to poses. Especially that apparently all of them are that stupid. One of them brings an unlocked (!) gun for no reason, the other one just waves it around and points at everyone for no reason. Well, no wonder someone got shot. God, I know better how to behave with gun and in my country guns are pretty much illegal, so it's not like you can find a gun just lying in your parents drawer or something. Geezus.
  9. Batman > Marvel > DC - This is the ultimate truth. That's all I have to say.
  10. Fate/Apocrypha is baaaad. There are so many better shows this season. And yes, I know it cuz I am also watching it, cuz I am anime addict recently. xD Also I just watched Valerian and city of thousand planets. Such a terrible disappointment. Really badly written sci-fi. Nice visuals though.
  11. Nooooooooooooooooo. That hurts, man. Although, to be honest I kinda think all YA books are terrible by default. But some are just the worst.
  12. So I started watching Elementary. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, but I am starting to think I definitely watch to many similar shows. I just keep guessing the identities of murderers. Obviously not every episode, but enough for me to notice a sort of patent. Oh well. xD
  13. Well, I guess you have to be pretty... eeeeehhh.... resistant to work with animals in this way. That's probably why at university they keep all the animals with spine far away with us. They don't show us anything more than pictures. They only let us work with plants, bacteria and some insects. Fortunately, you can work with plants, bacteria, and some insects for the rest of your life if you want (and most people do, cuz the field of test animals is shrinking every year, as new in vitro methods are being discovered). So don't worry, not all genetic engineering harms animals, and a lot of it is currently working to remove animals from any testing as much as possible. For my dissertation I am actually just working with some cell culture.
  14. And I'm majoring in biology. I think we found the problem in our difference of opinions. Edit: Why uncomfortable? I'm seriously curious, cuz I find genetic engineering totally awesome. I actually do study Biotechnology and I am currently starting to write my dissertation in Synthetic Biology (which is like genetic engineering but from very zero).
  15. The chemistry one is a strong contender, but my choice wins because of extra biology points, and perfect sync with original combo.