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  1. That's particularly horrifying after seeing how revengeful Gavinor is. If Taravangian can choose the boy, I don't see Dalinar willingly killing him, and this death rattle becomes horrifying. Same if he can somehow choose Kaladins little brother. Team Dalinar seems to be thinking in terms of having to defeat someone spectacular, rather than team odium somehow winding up manipulating themselves into a champion that they don't want to kill.
  2. I'm an idiot, I'd completely forgotten that Timbre also doesn't speak. Still, I'm very curious what the mechanics of this would be, as there doesn't seem to be any reason for them NOT to speak. It would make more sense to me if say, ALL Willshaper spren were nonverbal (which, maybe they are, but that's clearly not the case for honorspren). Just one of those little things that seems out of place to me and I'm sure there's a reason for it and I want to know what it is!
  3. Something else I don't think I've seen mentioned that this book confirmed for me and that I'd really like an answer to after noticing it in Oathbringer. (Please point me in the direction of a WOB if one exists) - Why is Rua nonverbal? No other Radiant spren that we've seen is completely nonverbal, even ones in early stages of bonding. Clearly Lopen can "interpret" or understand what he's "saying" anyway, but we don't have any direct quotes or speech from him.
  4. I'm frequently out of internet access for long periods of time due to my job so I actually have my own one of these (and my own WOB database for that matter haha). I'm very excited to be able to compare this one with mine over the next few weeks as I'm sure the collective knowledge here has caught many things that I probably missed. So much awesome!
  5. Haha, I disagree with your disagreement. Because I agree that the Oathpact needed some sort of outside threat. I just am of the opinion that none of the humans are actually native to Roshar, and that sort of mass migration/exodus is usually spurred by something terrible. At the risk of a slight topic hijack here, we know that Roshar is unusually Cosmere aware compared to other places we've seen and I think that's because the Heralds (and their peoples) were worldhoppers fleeing some sort of destruction/cataclysm. Possibly from Ashyn, possibly from elsewhere, possibly Roshar was just the "place to go" if you were a Cosmere refugee. Brandon has repeatedly RAFO'd where the Heralds are from, where they were born, and if they're native to Roshar. Now, if they weren't, then they had to have had at least some cosmere knowledge, and I'd say quite a lot if we managed to wind up with a lot of other things not native to Roshar, like "chickens", horses, pigs, etc. That bespeaks bringing a whole LOT of stuff over with them. It makes sense to me that a Cosmere-aware group, fleeing a disaster, would request of the shards of their new home some way or power to protect themselves in the future. I guess I see the Heralds as somewhat analogous to the Night's Watch. They were just out there, watching for threats that the rest of the world has forgotten even existed. Whether or not that was Odium or other things is open for interpretation, but regardless, I can see the Oathpact being formed before he actually arrived. It's certainly also possible it was a reaction, but I don't think it necessarily has to be, based on the available info.
  6. I think people often forget that the original Oathpact did not include Odium, and that his becoming trapped by it doesn't appear to be part of the original design. My take: So I see it more as Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar. Heralds/Honor have Oathpact (I personally see this as these ten people being the leaders of various groups of "refugees" that migrated to Roshar, and requesting a way to protect their people from future threats. but this is just my personal headcanon, not substantiated in any way.) Jezrien says "We took up this burden willingly" so they obviously weren't forced into it, regardless. Odium later arrives and unaware of the Heralds/Oathpact tries to splinter Honor/Cultivation like he did Dominion/Devotion and it failed because Honor already has champions and it seems that invested people can affect the world in some ways more than actual shards, which seem to have limits on their power and how it can be used. Honor/Cultivation start teaming up to try to resist and Odium starts going after the Heralds/Champions. It'd be useful to get timeline on which came first: The Oathpact or Odium's arrival. Has anyone ever asked this? I think Odium knew that creating his own champion would invest him in the system too much to leave, so instead he tries a roundabout way that winds up with the heralds being tortured off-planet somehow, but it fails from his perspective and he winds up too invested in the system to leave after all. This turns the Oathpact into basically permanent torture hell for the Heralds and Odium starts causing Desolations, using voidspren and Unmade (He's already invested at this point, so in for a penny, in for a pound) which also happen to threaten the spren who attempt to recreate what Honor gave the Heralds to protect themselves and we get Knights Radiant. Heralds blame Honor for getting them stuck in a hell they can't get out of and a war they can't seem to win (they note in the WoK prologue that the enemy is growing stronger, not weaker, which I see as Odium investing more and more into "winning").
  7. Welcome! As to that, I'm not sure what that says about what Brandon thinks of us since..... Perhaps it's just because we're all looking for Hoid. Or we're all cluelessly bumbling around, accidentally doing things like introducing plagues
  8. For some reason, I always assumed Reya's Tear was either Ashyn or Braize. I guess because using our world as an example - you can see other stars, but the abnormally "bright" ones are typically planets within our own system. I can't think of any planet outside our system that's visible off the top my head. Would also explain why only Roshar seems to mention it.
  9. INTERVIEW: Jan 24th, 2015 Barnes & Noble (Newnan) QUESTION Do you consider Kaladin a paladin? BRANDON SANDERSON You know, that is partially why I came up with the name. He was named something else in the original draft and it just didn’t work. So I’m like “I need a new...” Yeah. TAGS Brandon on naming, You're not the only one!
  10. I feel like this thread needs a mirror thread of Sanderfan fails. Like me, not at least finding out if the Barnes and Noble guy who sold me Arcanum Unbounded (after fetching it from the back for me) and then talked my ear off about Oathbringer and the Kingkiller Chronicles, was a 17 sharder. Fail.
  11. I don't find their involvement odd at all. We know that at least one of what we think is an Unmade, Sja-Anat can do something weird to spren, from one of Dalinar's visions. It's entirely possible that the Desolations are just as dangerous to the spren as to the humans. So working together makes sense, if both of your "species" are being threatened by an outside foe:
  12. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! Yes he certainly is careful with his wording which is why I'm curious since some of the information we have now is contradictory. When that's happened before, it's often meant that something we thought we knew from in-world was wrong, but it's also possible that that one WOB is outdated and Brandon has changed something since then, as @Spoolofwhool suggested. Here is the quote from Way of Kings - it's in the chapter where Szeth goes to kill Taravangian and finds out that he's the one who's actually ordered the murders: So the only source we have for when the death rattles started is that sentence. I can't find any WOBs or anything else in the books to corroborate it (except that one a few posts up where Brandon says that they started at around the same time). Taravangian obviously believes it's true. I started looking more into this after this conversation and there are some mentions in the books about "the strange things men have started saying when they die" and other such oblique references, all of which implying that the Death Rattles are a more-or-less recent phenomena and people are noticing the oddity. Not so for the Thrill. I can't find a single mention of someone thinking it odd or out of place.
  13. Oh I wasn't serious and I think z was being more or less facetious and just saying we really don't have a solid answer. But the concept would be amusing. Even if it just turns out to be something completely unrelated to what we've all thought for so long. Brandon's books are so well foreshadowed that that rarely happens completely. Especially since somebody's almost guaranteed to have at least gone out on the crazy limb and called even the most unlikely of options. The mass brain explosion of the forums would amuse me to no end if it ever happened though..
  14. That'd be an interesting question.....I'd also be inclined to be curious as to whether or not Taravangian is correct here. Them starting at the same time doesn't really prove anything to me about when that time actually was....the part about it being at the same time as Gavilar exploring the plains is from an in-world source, and Chana knows we've seen those be wrong/misleading before!! Either way, something doesn't quite add up with the information we have currently. @Zmann966 - Oh my haha I just had a vision of how many heads would explode after almost seven years of theorizing about Heralds and Knights if it turned out that the Desolations were just simply on a refill clock and that clock somehow got disrupted with the abandoning of the Oathpact!! Tinfoil hat! Once the Heralds return to Braize, it triggers the refill, and after 500 years the Desolations return. If only one returns and 9 are missing, it takes nine times as long which is why we haven't had one in 4500 years!!! (haha this math is wonky and I'm a crazy person, but whatever, I'm entertained.)
  15. To be fair, that's also a really vague question. I read this one as minor spren CAN bond, but the result isn't the same as a Nahel bond that grants surges: Soooooo no, you probably couldn't with a flamespren, a lifespren, a windspren, or an awespren, but with an Honorspren, or a Cultivationspren, Highspren or an Inkspren, why not?