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  1. The laws of lazy writing decree you kill the comic relief character because it is more impactful on the audience. Tormund is sooo dead. Lyanna is dead because the same lazy laws decree that as a minor, fan favorite she is disposable and will "up the stakes". Brienne is sooo dead. I don't know about Jaime. Theon is definitely dead. Really, it might be easier to say who will live: Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion and, I'll say it, Bran. Sansa is hard to say, but I think she will survive. Arya? I don't know. We might get a situation where we won't know if someone died or not until the end of the season when they show up again as wrights.
  2. Better than the first episode, but also setting up for next week's episode which has been highly anticipated. Hopefully, fan favorites like Tormund and Lyanna will perish in the next episode so they don't have to be shoehorned into episodes to appease the fans.
  3. Depends. If I added "Brandon is not anywhere close to being literary" and "literary is better than sci-fi", it might be more controversial here, but it isn't what I meant and kinda distracts from the point. I also imagine that it's a controversial opinion for those who have a knee-jerk reaction to this "ongoing controversy." I don't know how many of those are on this forum, but experience tells me there is a substantial number that will grow and become more vocal as the fanbase ages. But, for the sake of controversy, how's this for a spicy take: the literary genre produces more good writers of a higher quality than the sci-fi genre.
  4. The whole "sci-fi vs literary" arguments that crop up all the time are really dumb. It essentially boils down to hack sci-fi writers trying to artificially raise their work to a higher artistic sphere while the literary writers are trying to distance themselves from pulp genre works. All this occurs while both sides refuse to recognize what sci-fi and literary works are, what those terms mean in a genre sense and how they are both in such different markets that they aren't really competing with each other anyway. Just a waste of time.
  5. Sure, Alcatraz is bad... but you still got Zoidberg, YOU ALL STILL HAVE ZOIDBERG!
  6. I guess it's kinda nice that the characters are almost caught up to what the audience knows. Also, if I wanted to watch Neverending Story...
  7. I'll have to slightly disagree with the two of you. The first Golden Sun is an underrated classic. The sequel is a mess of missed potential (so calibrate your expectations accordingly) and there are no other Golden Sun games
  8. Started watching My Hero Academia. So far it's 25% Action, 15% Exposition, 17% inspirational speeches and 43 % Midoriya crying. Waaaay better than Attack on Titan (but, then again, I hate that show)
  9. I wonder if this movie would be good if only it wasn't supposed to be a Joker movie. I like the direction away from Jared Leto, I don't like the Joker having a backstory. The memoriability of the Joker is in his simplicity, a simplicity that almost turns him into a force. He's not supposed to be a developed character. That said, if the reviews are fine, I might check it out.
  10. Well, shoot, I think you are right. Was really hoping for my interpretation. Thanks for the correction, at least now I won't wrongfully believe Brandon broke a nonbinding promise when he likely works on Skyward 3 after Stormlight 4.
  11. I wouldn't take it as such. @Chaos always tends to post his "we are watching you" warning whenever a religious debate is starting or about to start. That's from experience on the internet telling him that things could go terribly south.
  12. It certainly contributed significantly. Though what really pushed TLM from being "possibly written" to delayed was Brandon deciding to write the Magic novella. That pretty much took the time frame that would have otherwise been used to write TLM. Now, for some "good" news! In the newsletter he sent out, Brandon did say that Stormlight 4 and TLM would be written before Skyward 3. It's some good news for me as it is more of a concrete promise then what was provided in the State of Sanderson. It also means that if it gets delayed again, you Skyward fans will get to taste the bitterness of delay! Mwahaha!
  13. It is, and the push is coming from the "new leader", not an organic cultural development. Particularly when for the past couple decades, millions of dollars have been spent by the church to associate it with the label "Mormon." It's kind of like people getting mad when you write X-Mas instead of Christmas. It ignores the history of the word by making up a problem and leads to, frankly, petty policing of language.
  14. I knows parts of a martial art!
  15. Yeah, I'm hoping my friend grabbed some tickets for opening Saturday like he said he would, otherwise I'm going to have to accept having the film spoiled for me.