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  1. Sheesh, that new restricted list has left me a little salty! Our (Crane's) new Seeker of Fire role was a tough enough sell without forcing a choice between Guest of Honor and Feast or Famine.
  2. I don't see how they can improve on the other mini series! Who's making it?
  3. That's like saying Return of the Jedi doesn't complete Star Wars, Episode 9 does. It's a continuation of some minor points and leaves behind the epic scope of the first two to retread the same conflict on a smaller scale. Also, Hyperion is the one with all the awards Edit disclaimer: Star Wars is used as an example because it too has an unnecessary sequel series that people can still enjoy.
  4. That's a pretty good one. Fall of Hyperion is also good, and pretty much completes the story. The other two books in the series are flaming dumpster fires, though, and embodies all the socially problematic tropes of science fiction.
  5. It's really good, Jeminsin is a trained psychologist, and that expertise really shows in how her characters act.
  6. There's a couple movies, but mostly I'll be watching 3 maybe 4 movies next year in theater.
  7. Well, if you wear only one sock, one of your feet will be bare!
  8. Some timely controversial opinion: Neon Genesis Evangelion is a mess. If the statement, "put a bunch of stuff in a blender and process into a chunky goop" ever made sense as a critique for anything, it's for this show. The best part about the show? A Cruel Angel's Thesis.
  9. Crows are better, because they don't talk with a lisp
  10. One reason. The other being you probably recognize that it isn't nearly as cerebral as the reviewers made it out to be. Seriously, not every sci- fi movie that takes itself seriously is 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  11. Did you see it in theater? This is one of the few cases where that matters. The ambience created really adds to the film, and I can see why the director was upset that it was only released on Netflix in the UK.
  12. Pffft.... that's not even VanVogt's weirdest novel! It's certainly one that I can see idiot libertarians or other idiot right wingers quote, but that's a whole other voyage of the space beagle!
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2. I should be doing some story missions, but it's much funner to steal this jerk's best goats while he sleeps!
  14. I imagine it's planned as A conclusion, not necessarily THE conclusion. So whatever story this trilogy tells will be completed, but there can be further adventures.
  15. The translations are what are widely available and what shaped culture, I feel it's perfectly fine to critique the Bible based on that without reading several commentaries (which I have), consult different translations (tambien), study it extensively for years and study ancient language (didn't do this). Now, if we are talking about what it really says and means, that's a completely different story!