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  1. I'd forgotten about X-23! She's great! I think what helped Miles Morales establish himself as Spider-man is that originally, in the Ultimates Universe, Peter Parker died and he was the only Spider-man in town. Now you can only tell the difference based upon what adjective the comic book employs on Spider-man Marvel has been working pretty hard to get new characters to take up popular names... with varying success. I think Amadeus Cho crashed and burned as the Hulk whereas Robbie Reys has some success as Ghostrider. Lunella Lafayette succeeded as Moon Girl in part because no one cares or knows about Moon Boy
  2. @Use the Falchion Kamala Khan would be a success story as well, being that she is known and associated with Ms Marvel, possibly more so than Carol Danvers. Definitely more so than the other two. I suppose if we take that as an example, Peter Parker would have to adopt a different persona name... like Captain Spider!
  3. What about ham? Me? I'm very picky with my pork products. I've only recently found ham that I like, pork has to be cooked a certain way, I like some but not all sausage and bacon has to be just crispy enough. I'm pickier with eggs. I love them, but almost never when someone else cooks them.
  4. I believe I am technically employed now, ending months of unemployment! 

    1. Tesh



      I'm out of upvotes, so... *upvote*

    2. Orlionra
  5. Ok, turns out that I was one episode off of where people get the She-ra vibes (the Grom episode). So fine, I get it... y'all are wrong but I get it. Went ahead and finished the first season, because why not? It's fun, and I'll definitely check out Season 2 when it comes out.
  6. "Bending Ingredients to Your Will" is a great title for a cookbook

  7. Today's controversial take: meat is delicious!
  8. Started watching this show, finally. I'm getting some Gravity Falls vibes, but I imagine that is because of the voice work of Alex Hirsch. I'm also getting some Star Vs the Forces of Evil vibes as well.
  9. We're fresh out of memes, I'm afraid
  10. Double post! Watched the first couple episodes of the new Animaniacs series, and it gets a resounding "meh" from me. The Pinky &the Brain segments are good, everything else? Seems like the scripts were forced into what people "want" from the Warner bros and sister without really succeeding.
  11. Don't let Vapor.... GASlight you!
  12. It's not the Trinity if it's not the traditional way That's why you'll hear the term "Godhead" more often and it's more accurate when one asks "Do you believe in the Trinity?" as a response.
  13. Siblings are mostly people (unless they are changelings), so I can see there being variations. Personally, mine are fine but I have friends who have siblings that are probably agents of the infernal realms.
  14. The scholarly term would be Non-Trinitarian Christian. They do believe that Jesus died for mankind's sins and resurrected, but do not believe in the Trinity. God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are separate entities that occupy their own region in space...incidentally, God the Father has a physical body and its therefore not omnipresent like in other Christian beliefs. Note: Yes, the Holy Ghost also only occupies limited space, but that's a Mormon theology deep-cut... might be in an Institute Manual?
  15. Now that I've had it, I can confidentially say: 

    I would totally betray Narnia for Turkish Delights! 

    1. Scarletfox


      Well now I need some Turkish Delight. 

    2. Orlionra


      @Scarletfox I had the pink kind, which I believe is flavored with rose water? 

      Either way, I enjoyed it! 

    3. Scarletfox


      @Orlionra Ooooooooooooh, I will have to seek out some of this rose water flavored Turkish Delight :ph34r::D