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  1. It's unfortunately how are culture works. Redemption tends to be coded in a Christian context, which means redemption equals expiation. That means if Snape (or Darth Vader) are redeemed, it must mean in the end they are good people and their terrible deeds (including child murder and genocide for Darth Vader) are magically forgiven! If you don't think their evil deeds are forgiven, then they must not be redeemed and died as terrible people! You can see that, especially in Snape's case, this idea of redemption = expiation does not work, which is why I would separate the two concepts. Snape can gain redemption to a certain degree, but at a certain point you can not gain expiation for certain actions (for example, it doesn't matter what Darth Vader does for redemption, he'll always be a child murderer).
  2. I think here we have a vehicle to discuss redemption and expiation; how they relate to each, do they relate, how they contrast &c. One could make the argument Snape did redeem himself, but that redemption does not mean that his wrongs were expiated. People should not forget that he was a terrible person that did terrible things; his sacrifices for the greater good do not turn him into a saint.
  3. Bonus double post: Quick is finally tackling the Judging Eye by R Scott Bakker
  4. Incomprehensible noises!
  5. Currently reading White Fragility by Robin Diangelo.
  6. Oh man, if we're talking about Scout outings, I've also fallen in creeks, raging rivers... though mostly over my feet!
  7. This ex-mormon will have to object! When I was on my mission, I fell off a cliff into a briar bush and walked away with nary a scratch! And another time I fell off a moving bus onto the hard pavement and was able to walk it off with just a few scratches! Checkmate, Mormons!
  8. I just think it's kinda funny that this thread was created before the actual controversy! I mean, what are the odds in Vegas on that?
  9. Rothfuss' editor hasn't seen a word of Doors of Stone in six years. I honestly think folks should start making peace with the fact that it ain't happening. Rothfuss, unlike Martin, isn't a slow writer. He just isn't writing.
  10. I think that's a good functional understanding
  11. Community might not be the best way to describe LGBTQ+. It's probably more useful to view it as an identity, and as such, mere "allies" do not share that identity. The role of the ally is to support those with LGBTQ+ identity. What that support looks like will depend on circumstances, but it's support, not a centering of yourself. As an example of what to avoid: sometimes you'll see a variation of the acronym with an 'A' that some will say stands for "allies". This kinda makes the struggle for equality in these matters (at least partially) about those who weren't persecuted to begin with. *side-note: the 'A' is also sometimes interpreted as "Ace"
  12. I'm honestly happy that it's likely HAPPENING! I was thinking that, even if we did get it, it wouldn't be until well after the Karsa trilogy.
  13. If you want to get it ASAP, get the online version at the very least ($10 dollar tier). There's a decent (though not certain) chance that it will be released to backers in October.
  14. Robert Jordan? Overuse phrases and motives?! That thought infuriates me! You can't see me, but I'm smoothing out my skirt in frustration!
  15. Doom: Eternal