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  1. agreed....a manifestation of their deepest desire for control. Slight tweak Your under high stress.....you realize you have no control...and you snap!...boom your an epic. And whatever made you lose that sense of control is now your weakness.
  2. I think Epics are like Lions....No fears and always seeking to be on top. The "Calamity syndrome" kind of makes them lose their normal logic mind and just drive to be the strongest...and to survive. When someone or something takes out the prides leader...who you know is stronger than you....you dont question it...you just submit or bail. And we all know how bad epics are at submitting. Survival instinct is the key though...epics want more than ANYTHING else to survive...a very base instinct. So when a new animal arrives and kills the big dog...instinct kicks in and you bail. My thought is....even though everyone knows David is the steel slayer...they havent forgotten he has a very powerful epic working with/for him "limelight". And how powerful must you be to have an epic that powerful working for you.
  3. i much prefer Prof. Green...Monster or if its trailer for the movie.... (Remix- Heavy bass...kinda like profs Sound wave powers) Cant you imagine the trailer for the movie already...imagine it....The camera panning up on the prof in his lab coat in the middle of a city and everything looking normal...then when the music starts getting wavy....it flashes back and forth from that image to him in "Limelight" gear and the city around him destroyed. Then Slow mo Flashes to the other Main characters moving in VERY slow mo and flashing between their "normal human version" and their "Epic Version/hero version" the same way -.megan and Firelfight...Steelheart and Human version in prison clothes....Etc... and then the last 10 seconds Shows weakling david...and flashes between normal him and him sighting down his rifle...and the camera zooms into the scope and its aimed at the Profs head and tia jumping in front of the sight.....*Goes black*.....Gunshot sound...then the last words of the song....*Ill find a way to turn you into a monster*... THAT...my friend....would sell some movie tickets... SIghs...wish i was better at film and editing ...sucks to be an idea guy with no execution talent. Obvoiusly would need to be saved for the 3rd movie once all the secrets are let out from the second book.
  4. *cough* tia forshadow *cough*
  5. OR..... She was a youth with a troubled past who never got the acceptance she wanted from her parents...so she ran away...and was afraid of being caught. He greatest fear could be the idea that her parents did accept her and thus made her running away and all the trouble it caused pointless. So she continues to run and avoid being caught...but deep down inside fears that shell be accepted and it was all for nothing.
  6. 2 weaknesses questions... A: The one major problem i have had with book one and steelheart's weakness is...So he can pull a trigger and set off an explosion (Set by someone who did intend to harm and fear him) but...i cant imagine that they never setup Trip mines or other booby traps that steelheart himself would have triggered and thus...set-off the same criteria. But heck...maybe they ran out of stock on trip wires and claymores. B: I cant remember, do they ever explain how David finds out about the Kool-aid and bad rock music?? I know Tia asked him about source field but did he answer her or evade the question?
  7. Yes and No...could be that she just feels "more herself" or "more under control" with soda inside of herself...i don't know...i don't really trust Tia right now and the group she works for and all their secret information. I swear that crew has more to do with this than they have let on. I mean...being fair...Her and Prof have known calamity was an Epic for ages but never told david or anyone else...what other useful info have they been controlling?
  8. Yup... DNA most likely from the water Epic.
  9. So if being a epic comes with these assumptions... Weakness = Biggest fears and Powers = Some semblance of control over those fears (Regalia thought David would get water control powers because he was afraid of water) What could have given Megan reality controlling powers? Bonus question: If alt reality Megan was a human torch because Megan weakness is fire (her opposite) would alt reality Megan's (who's a human torch) weakness be reality? Loss of reality? Reality TV?
  10. Seemed a little vague and foreshadow like for Regalia. I feel like if the answer was that easy she would have just said it vs. being vague. But assuming that she was talking about the operation, im still curious why some can be gifters and others cannot. If gaining powers has a unified connection (dealing with fears) then what is the variable that allows them to be gifters.
  11. good catch... 30-35 years.
  12. ROFL
  13. He kills tia.....enrages at her loss...fireflight realized that she can pull a reality without calamity into our reality and wipe out what has been done...but that means wiping out current version of david too...its tough but he talks her into it... Prof unable to accept what hes done goes full Dark and try to stop her because he will lose his powers...FF confronts him with alternate reality Tia/Prof that are married and happy and have a kid...FF tells him to trust her and she will make his dream come true...he has to trust...goes weak...lets her poof out the calamity reality...Happy days and kittens for everyone. ......Except firefight who realized that david has forgot about her when he got wiped by the new reality to and so she lets alt reality FF overtake her and has to have faith that her and david will find each other again in this world... *ties bow*
  14. "All epics can become Gifters under the right circumstances " -Regalia What do you think those are? I wold like to know from the simple fact that Megan gifting David her powers could have made things about 100 times easier in so many situations. My guess....Humility: Mostly based on the concept that Conflux didnt become a true gifter until he killed his wife...and well....Gifters are so rare because so few Epics exhibit any humility.
  15. i don't think becoming weak would make you susceptible to being able to get powers from others.But just a thought.