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  1. Nyneave and Elayne are too young to be AS whereas the others went the normal route. Elayne jumped the line because she's Elayne, Nyneave jumped the line because she fought a Foresaken basically to a draw.
  2. @Thornjust an aside, yes it seems like Rowling just phoned large parts of book 7 in
  3. I'm legally blind and don't look at the cover pics from Audible anyway but from what I gather @BookishOcelotthe cover art, at least us covers are useless. Don't know about other country covers or fanart.
  4. Oh okay, have him be a foresaken then
  5. I was hoping Sean Bean could be Lan to break the mold. Also he has the sword skills to be a blademaster by now, I assume.
  6. Now it's real and I'm glad I haven't heard of these people, more of a chance they'll do it Justice. I just hope they cast someone who can sing and chant for Thom because his physical stuff can be handled by a stunt double.
  7. Next update, Hey guys this is Brandon and I accidentally wrote stormlight 5 because there were problems I just could crack without it. Carry On
  8. I agree with The Last Post, TenSoon is the only acceptable cosmere dog name, especially a large dog
  9. @BookishOcelotif you're waiting GRRM, stop because unless you have an alternate reality vehicle you aren't getting those books
  10. Before this is done I think he'll get a new callsign since Brokenwind can sound cool and childish at the same time while Jerkface just sounds childish and mean.
  11. I heard the Taim change was made because too many people figured out who Demandred was which may or may not be the actual reason. We hear a rumor of of some conflict in Shara and a Sharan in Tear in KoD but Brandon couldn't go back in time and drop more hints or anything in books 7-11. You should therefore place blame elsewhere since I think Dem and shara were always going to feel like they came out of nowhere.
  12. Also some adversary(Autonomy or Odium) does know hermalugy because of the unknown godmetal in Shadows of Self.
  13. Maybe Ambition had the best potential but being dead kind of puts an asterisk there
  14. Along with Aether, there's a prose version of White Sand that you can email on Brandon's site for, I believe
  15. I recommend you get the free prose version of White Sand before you read the graphic novels.