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  1. Thanks I didn't know he said that either
  2. Maybe it'll go faster now as didn't he write some of Stormlight 4 when it was still Stormlight 3
  3. The Cytology series
  4. Either that or Mbot is a refugee from king koopa and wants to categorize mushrooms to see which one will make him big.
  5. I can attest to that as I've been drawn in more than once. Now I'm trying to stay away from there, whether or not it will work. Also Amazon has a vested interest in it working as they have the Middle earth series coming and if WoT works, that series will do better and I'm sure it won't hurt any of Amazon's other series.
  6. Don't forget @Wolverine13 all the chatter around the series in online forums is only a tiny slice of the target audience. Sure Amazon wants fans of the books to watch but they want a wide audience as possible and some of the casting criticism comes from some who had an image in their head while others I won't get into. Just hope for the best.
  7. Exactly I don't want Brandon to suffer a GRRM and never finish the Cosmere, although I won't complain if he accidentally wrote Lost Metal because he was really stuck.
  8. Thom is in the battle or whatever on winternight and he suggests Moiraine can heal Tam. I think he needs to be there. As for forsaken, I think Anthony Hopkins would make a good Ishamael, an A-lister whose there to draw eyes and then dies, like in Westworld. For Lanfear you have to have someone who can pull of going from nice to full on psychopath without making it look stupid. Fain will have to be extensively rewritten as he's massively underused but I don't know who could do him justice.
  9. Maybe she went to Yesteel and he showed how to make more swords. Something obviously broke up the band and it might be that knowledge. This is why we need Nightblood as that book likely has some answers
  10. FYI, I guess the cover art, at least the American versions, are very innacurate. Being legally-blind, I have no first hand knowledge but that's what I've heard. Also @Toaster Retributionin Carnival Row, they seem to have one sex scene an episode and it's not needed. I just skip them, I'm on episode 3
  11. I agree but they have get the right famous actor to play Thom or it'll just be bad. Even if he tried his hardest, I'm not sure I could take orlando bloom seriously; I'm watching carnival row on Prime now so we'll see how well he does.
  12. who is it
  13. That's odd, I just tried and yes clicking a section show it over 50
  14. I just want to get there already, seems like it might make good viewing once it's finished
  15. Nyneave and Elayne are too young to be AS whereas the others went the normal route. Elayne jumped the line because she's Elayne, Nyneave jumped the line because she fought a Foresaken basically to a draw.