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  1. Since alot of us are stuck at home without haircuts, we may eventually be able to style our eyebrows like the Thaylens.
  2. Wait, isn't he a Time Lord though?
  3. I'll do it, Stick 2020 and Pattern for VP
  4. Didn't Odium and Ambition have something to do with Threnody getting screwed up
  5. I believe that a completed Suldam can't link so you need the black tower and circles. Regarding ter'angreal, if Elayne and Neald can figure out how he made Perrin's Hammer, maybe they could figure it out. Mat wouldn't fight his friends. The best way to ensure peace anyway is to create dynastic matches
  6. @Rosharan A.C. Defending Elysium is free on Brandon's site.
  7. I think was supposed to represent more in theory than it actually does.
  8. In Defending Elysium
  9. Also, don't forget aliens were hijacking humans so that may have been an issue and humans don't always play well with others
  10. If one is sufficiently fanatical, they can justify anything. They also tried locking up dissidents which ended up hijacking humans and probably causing the wars.
  11. @Singer the OoklalalaI think the next book will be more Spensa possibly with a bit more Skyward flight but not much. I believe Brandon said before that book 4 will be where everyone comes back
  12. Well skyward was basically battle school with some more stuff added.
  13. Brade is a human villain so we'll see her again. If we get interludes from her POV, then she might be redeemable because we find out that Ironsides isn't evil just warped by what happened with Chaser.
  14. That's what it sounds like to me.