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  1. I actually really like this theory, Ecohansen! It's a cool thing that you've figured out, and I wouldn't put it past Sanderson, the Great and Powerful, to add something like this into his world.
  2. I have signed and personalized copies of Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. They look so perfect together. Like Adolin and Kaladin.
  3. No But it's still awesome! And now my signed copy of Way of Kings has a buddy!
  4. Guys I finally added a fact to our WoB vault! Now I feel like I contributed.

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      Cool! Where from?

  5. Guys I've finally added a fact to our

  6. My signed copy of Words of Radiance arrived today, after a good two months, but it was worth it! I asked the question: If Elendel is named after Elend, who is Luthadel named after? This was just a question I thought of during a re-read of Alloy of Law. I just thought that I'd find a cool bit of trivia that could be put up on the Coppermind or something. But then... I have a feeling that the identity of Lutha or Luthad will become important later on in the Alloy of Law arc. What do you guys think?
  7. Primus Pifferdoo, First of his Name, nearly choked on the ash as his long cloak whipped through the air. My my, that is annoying how the damnation thing pulls me off balance in the wind. This newfound gift of flight had occupied the man for some time after Rashek's Ascension. The gifts given by Steel and Iron seemed the most intriguing to Primus, and already he was devising some sort of method to travel freely between cities. Maybe carrying metal spikes to Shoot into the ground, then Recalling them after - no, they would have to be some permanent fixture. If there were mineral deposits along the roads - no, we wouldn't be that lucky. Hmm... An hour of thought later, Primus Pifferdoo found himself on the tallest tower of his "keep": an abandoned church of Kilvaros, God of Rivers and Life. Rashek, in his sudden Holiness, had banned the practice of other religions. Primus had been one of the last preachers of Kilvaros, and as a result could not bring himself to abandon his faith so freely. He fingered at the bottle of river water he kept tied to a rope around his neck. My cousins of the faith have already started convincing the few rivermen left to move into the city. Once my people are here, they can begin building vessels on which to seize control of the waterways. Primus wringed his hands. There was so much work to be done. A day later, Primus Pifferdoo was Shooting and Recalling nails when he realized something. In this new world of Allomancy, my blood will soon become the most valuable commodity. "However elevated we may be, Rashek, we have sunk farther than you may imagine." Primus muttered to himself. That being said, an heir would be more useful in the long run than any trading company or business deal. A bond in blood will only secure alliances for the future, and insure the survival of my family, and ultimately, my faith.
  8. 8.5/10 Nice quote, could have a bit more information about yourself
  9. The House of Pifferdoo: Origins --- "Will you follow me?" Primus Pifferdoo, First of His Name, looked at the man on the floor, then at Rashek, then at the man again. His hand moved to his sword, and the simple blade was pulled from it's scabbard. The preacher-turned-warrior threw his weapon at Rashek's feet. "I will. May Kilvaros have mercy on our souls."
  10. What about a plant that will shrivel up into a ball or stem structure during periods of high gravity, and then unfurl during periods of low gravity? A creature that has adapted to the magic system of the world in a way that is noteworthy to the magic users. They would even work as a natural sentry.
  11. I have graduated! Whoop!

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      Congrats! Me too, but mine was on the 28th.

  12. Sel had two Shards, Dominion and Devotion. Interesting theory, though I have a feeling Shardblades may refer to objects that can sever spiritual bonds.
  13. I'm going to need a lot more copper then. And some gold, and some cadmiun and bendalloy, and a Shardblade, and a bottle of scotch. You know, for anesthetics.