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  1. Hi everybody! I'm wondering how interested people are in the yin and yan aspect of Szeth and Nightblood. Not only in their personalities, but in their aesthetics. Specifically, I'm wondering if any of the talented artists on this site would be interested in drawing Szeth and Nightblood AS the yin and yan, what with the flowing of the loose white clothes and the black smoke. It's how I imagine him when he bears Nightblood at the battle of Theylena; rising inevitably into the air, one arm in front of himself as if in prayer, the other outstretched, sweeping Nightblood in a flowing arc around himself, for one instant the white and black in perfect balance, separate, yet mibgled. Or however a willing artist pictures him . I can't draw well but I can see it so clearly. I think it's a powerful image and I'd like to be able to show it to others who are on the fence about reading! Thanks for the consideration, and if anyone else thinks this aspect of the bond is interesting, hit me up! I never get sick of talking about the Cosmere!
  2. I don't know if Ko!oss have a religion (it totally does look better spelled like that), but Brandon has said that this story gives some hints as to what Kelsier was doing after the rebirth of Scadrial.
  3. well here's the thing, even assuming that lashings work directly on an inquisitor, and working under the assumption that flared pewter is about as effective as stormlight in strengthening the body, steel and iron both use magnetism, where lashings and reverse lashings (the stormlight equivalent of steel pushes and iron pulls) work off of gravity. The force of Gravity on an object is = G x m1 x m2 / r^2 the force of magnetism on an object is = Ke x q1 x q2 / r^2 where G = 6.67 x10^-11 N m^2 /Kg^2 and Ke = 9.0x10^9 N m^2 / C^2 So an inquisitor can push and pull with about 20 times the force of a windrunner's lashing. This makes sense, since magnetism is far, FAR stronger than gravity. The inquisitor would massively outspeed a windrunner, and over 20 lashings to the ground would be required to counter a single steel push
  4. Not so much a cosmere question, but I just finished Bands of Mourning. The Set has Nukes don't they? Or at least they are close to building them.
  5. Is Cataclysm a candidate for one of the shards or does the Reckoners series exist outside of the Cosmere?