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  1. I'm of the opinion that if the Skindancers were going to attempt a WGG, they'd send someone to the crockery, rather than organising protection for them. Much less suspicion would be placed on said person and it would be the perfect stall tactic if things went wrong. Depending on the composition of the elim team, if they had someone with limited availability to play the game, I could see I as a decent move. My thoughts exactly. Also you didn't quite get what I was saying about voting numbers. More that 4-5 different individuals needed to share the DP given by the masters to approximately give the optimal amount of DP for lashing. Every vote after the first pushed Aonar further towards expulsion, and seeing as he thought that was the better option, it's likely that his other Skindancer buddies felt the same way, so Burnt, HH, Stick, Queen and Alvron are on the top of my suspicion list at the moment.
  2. Same same, but different? Given he's now an outed skin dancer, and I was actually village. And regarding the Imre strategy, and your explanation of uselessness to the skindancers, begs the question why? What are you trying to achieve for the village by handycapping yourself?
  3. Unfortunately I can't vote this turn, but I would like to revisit on of Orlock's (I think) ideas, voting for the role block rather than expulsion. Given Aonar is a namer, I think it would be more beneficial to the village to keep him permanently role blocked than expelling him and him being able to use the name(s) that he has learnt. To that end, the 11-12 bracket of DP is the most efficient, giving 70% chance of lashes. That means we want 4 or 5 people (someone with better maths might be more accurate) with votes on them, that aren't staying at the pony, to spread the master's DP and achieve as close to that 11-12 number as possible. As to people to vote on, if I were able, I would be voting on Wilson after the interaction she has had with Aonar this turn. The early defence of him is understandable given the very weak initial argument made by PK, but it is a strong defence and one that carries weight given who its coming from. However after the full argument is made, there is sill a level of defence there which I find inconsistent with how aggressively she had previously gone after people with much less evidence (Burnt and the Gram comes to mind).
  4. I got my brain rearranged playing rugby over the weekend and have had to take a couple away from technology. But will catch up on the last cycle and get up to date asap.
  5. I.E a list of rich players who do not have 40% chance of a sabotage failing?
  6. Darkness Ascendant Night all, I'll say a prayer to the RNG gods.
  7. I disagree here. Not saying I have any suspicion of you because of it, and actually I agree with basically everything in your first post this cycle. That being that basically the only method for the village gaining information is through abilities (other than thread analysis), and that we shouldn't vote for no reason. I just don't see where real suspicions at this point can come from. I would argue that we essentially have the equivalent of 3 D1 lynches in this game, given that the first time anyone will have access to information from abilities will be turn 4. Day 1 lynches usually give very little information at the best of times, and that's when they actually give any. Our options when putting people on the horns include nothing happening, forcibly reducing someone's tuition by 5 jots, role blocking people who likely wont even have roles yet and delaying their leaning for 1-3 turns, or expelling someone, likely before they have had the chance of learning an ability (how bored would you be after that!!!). 2/4 are detrimental the village, the other 2/4 are inconsequential. The only way the village wins is if we fluke a skindancer expulsion, or somehow role block every singe skindancer. If I were a skindancer, the best possible outcome for the first couple of cycles would be send someone insane every turn, and to have someone(s) that have not been elevated expelled every turn, because you'd be removing potential tools of investigation before they had a chance to exist. I'm not against everyone voting for the sake of financial security. I'm Yllish, so not in the worst position, but I can understand others wanting the reduction pretty badly. However as randuir said about PK earlier, leaving it till 12 hours left in the cycle probably isn't enough time for people to come up with real suspicions, and enough of them that we're not staring down the barrel of an expulsion. I'm of the opinion we should be restricting votes to people that are in the Golden Pony, or everyone votes. And since yours is the only vote on someone who is not confirmed to be in the Golden Pony, I would like to see you remove it on HH's behalf.
  8. Cluny, I guess because you're a noble with no other vote on you. No other reasoning there. Still finding my feet in this expanse of a game and am generally quite a reactive player anyway. It almost feels like I'm playing an solo RPG rather than team elimination. I'm interested to know about how much the PM restrictions limited PM use in the previous iteration of this game? What was the communication distribution like?
  9. Philosopher must be inactive, because they definitely would have targeted Aman out of everyone in the game at this point, even knowing there was likely to be protection on him given Rae's chatter before role over. That's some very sketchy logic, and I don't know why you're trying to focus on the SK anyway? Trying to divert attention from a bigger threat in this game maybe? At this point.. SD I fancy a friend if Len has his duke vote on me
  10. The fact that this seems 'too convenient' IMO works in Aman's favour. We have a strong player, that many others have observed working for the village, with the potential to lose his head based on a position that could well have been orchestrated by redirects or other means. I'd rather not risk losing one of our most vocal members based on far fetched hypotheticals. Ren , is the only other real option right now so that's where my vote is going. @Elenion I don't see how as an 'aggressive player' you could just back off either player. I'd rather not lynch both, so make a choice, as with Silver dragons noble vote it could well be tied.
  11. I don't see how I've contributed less than con, ren, orlok, sart. And yet I'm the one you put up on the chopping block. Also you post this within the last 40 mins of a 48 HOUR turn and essentially pass off your kill on me by saying the words 'plz ChayShan'. I don't by it at all. I think you're just using that as an excuse, and have my name lined up next to the ChayShan in people's heads so when they see my name in the write up, it's just assumed that was the cause.
  12. I'm not sure we should make the assumption that the the kills are ChayShan and Eliminator kills. While its almost certain that one of them is an Eliminator faction, the other kill I have some doubts about. I think its more likely to be a serial killer, given that this is a secret role game and that there was no real suspicion surrounding Con or Alv before the kill was placed. It really only benefits the SK to be trying to kill people every cycle without discussion. It would be incredibly easy to target the person that the village is calling the ChayShan to target, have them make the assumption that that is in fact what happened, then avoid suspicion or retribution in further cycles.