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  1. Next PoV is The Stick comfirmed
  2. Lift not liking bacon is a horrible character decision that will keep her from being an influential figure the Cosmere and will stifle the reader’s ability to accept her as a viable POV character throughout the Stormlight series once her personality quirks become stale
  3. Put Alcatraz Smedry in a room with Adonalsium The Shattering happens
  4. It’s a little bit of a cheat but Hoid
  5. I only asked him one question Me: In The Final Empire, the captain of the Luthadel garrison is named ‘Bevidon’ Brandon: Yes Me: which sounds suspiciously like Bavadin Brandon: It does Me: Any connection there? Brandon: RAFO
  6. This has been my theory for a while now humans find the dawnshards, use them to kill Rayse Moash takes up Odium Kaladin takes up Honor They both kill each other Shallan takes up both, becomes Sarcasm end of Cosmere
  7. Stick: I’m the Map (Dora the Explorer)
  8. Wheel of Time. That was my first real epic fantasy series and I started it right as Memory of Light was coming out. Around book 8, I learned Robert Jordan died and that someone else wrote the last 3 books. So I made my way through, dreading the switch and expecting them to be poor imitations of the rest of the series. But as it turns out, The Gathering Storm wound up being my favorite out of the entire series so I was hooked on Sanderson. If I had to put it down to a specific thing, the whole is what sold me on him as an author
  9. If I’m being boring about it, it’d probably just be the Book of Mormon but longer
  10. Way of Kings: Words of Radiance: Edgedancer: Oathbringer:
  11. Jasnah uses plate in the final battle of the book. It was heavily hinted at anyway. I forget whose PoV this was, but they saw a fused fly through the air and crash heavily into a wall. The person looked around the corner at the source, and saw Jasnah there, glowing faintly for a moment in a way that wasn't from stormlight, but was identical to earlier descriptions of what it looks like when a Radiant's armor appears/disappears.
  12. Kaladin playing the weird flute Hoid gave him for Syl
  13. The radiants find the dawnshards and kill Odium. Kaladin becomes Honor, Moash becomes Odium, they both kill each other and Shallan rushes in, takes up both and becomes Sarcasm. /Cosmere