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  1. Not a novel, but Naruto Shippuden has one of the best climaxes I’ve ever seen in anything. it’s a massive battle including just about everyone in the cast, and the stakes escalate several dozen times, to the point that by the end of it, there’s an entirely power scale at play compared to when it starts, the magic system and its origins have been fully explored, and the main antagonist has changed 3 times over (more if you count switching back and forth). It’s one avalanche that I don’t think even Sanderson can match in a single go. literally the entire 4th Ultimate Ninja Storm game takes place just within that one massive battle. which occurs over the course of a single night. for over 100 episodes.
  2. Nah, I thought I was being original with it since I just happen to really like that clip. I’m not surprised though; it was an easy dot to connect after reading RoW.
  3. “I Will Protect Those Who Were Written to Be Protected”
  4. I'm also going to be adding any of the extra talks he's given about the writing process (as opposed to details about the books themselves.) Luckily, it seems that all you need to do is say "writing" somewhere in his general vicinity and he'll immediately shoot over to you and give an impromptu lecture about it.
  5. So this past year, Brandon uploaded the 2020 classes to his YouTube channel But he teaches the class every year and they don’t have a script or anything, so they are different every year. In content, in examples, in stream of consciousness, even sometimes in cases where he’s changed his mind on something if you’re interested in writing professionally, or just a fan of his and want to find out his thought process and ideology around writing, I highly recommend literally all of them you can find so far, I’ve found, and put in the following order, 2020, 2016, 2014, 2013, and 2012 if I find more years or individual lectures not in there, I’ll add those in as well.
  6. Audiobook chapter 39 12:00 or so To Kaladin: “ .., Relain Asked?” Delivered as though it were part of the question might be a creative choice thing, but it really stuck out to me as odd. In fact, my fiancé and I kept rewinding it and Laughing at the delivery.
  7. Is that a rule? I legitimately don’t know. if it is, I’ll delete one of them. I posted it here and in the RoW board both, because it seems to me that at the moment, both boards have entirely different audiences, and this is a rare example of something that is both specifically relevant to RoW, while not being an actual spoiler. That, in contrast to most other stuff on that board, which is extremely spoiler-heavy, to the point that having only completed Part 2 myself so far, I vehemently regret spoiling myself on the fact that <redacted> kills <redacted>
  8. Oathbringer
  9. I actually really like the idea of Szeth dying in book 2 then they could go to Shinovar later and the flashback sequences could have been from him figuring out the world was ending. That could even be a way to tell us, the readers, things about the world that even the main characters don’t know yet because Kaladin killed the only guy who knew. Besides, it would be such an amazing move to kill him there and really drive home the idea that no one in this world is safe. Even the strongest there is. Between that, Kaladin, Shallan, Moash, and Jasnah (maybe among others) surviving certain death offscreen, I’m getting way too certain that central characters just don’t ever die unless you literally see it happen I’m more than half expecting Eshonai to have lived through the last book and become a fused or something Honestly, every time I read about these things that Brandon got talked out of doing, I get depressed at how much better it would have been Like how Raoden’s brother from Elantris is my favorite character who never existed in any book.
  10. Maybe like a rotspren? I think they behave like moles or literally any other spren because you know... rotspren are gross
  11. I forget the exact specifics. I seem to remember it being that he was on a panel with the guy. But I could be wrong. Given the context of how Brandon talks about the experience, I’d be surprised if the book was nominated for anything. Sounds like he simply missed his target audience and never really took off.
  12. The only correct way to pronounce Kaladin is with this intonation