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  1. Yeah, I go back that section and stare at it periodically, but I haven't managed to get it to resolve into anything coherent yet. Maybe one of these days something will strike me slightly differently...
  2. There are already a few of us actively playing with it... I'm slowly working on an alphabet book as a fanart project. You can see a few of the pages I've finished in the gallery :-)
  3. Thanks Kobold!
  4. A collection of chalklings, including a unicorn done in something approximating Melody's style. Drawn in chalk on black cardstock.

    © KalynaAnne

  5. The Eskridge defense with dragon-cat chalklings done in chalk on black cardstock.

    © KalynaAnne

  6. J is for Jella tree, another page from the Vorin children's alphabet book.

    © KalynaAnne

  7. Yeah, I know it has been mostly translated and I've spent a lot of time with that key . But there are still gaps in the translation (at least as far as I can tell after searching the forums, certainly in the translation on the first page of this thread) where the text is partially obscured by Shallan's lovely drawings of the lait flora. The bold parts of my previous post are where I'm filling in uncertain/missing things in the first few lines. There are still sections that are unknown in the later lines.
  8. So... I started looking at the women's script on the Shallan's notebook page about the lait plant life which was analyzed here thinking that my goal was to figure out which vowel sounds correspond to the different vowel symbols (since English vowels are a mess...) and whether there is anything interesting going on with diphthongs. Instead, I got distracted with looking at the translation and, after poking at it for a while with zhencongming, have an update for lines 2 and 3. I think the beginning of the passage is: "The statement that intrigues me though is that of King Nohadon. He implies Urithiru could be reached by any of the main cities. If such a thing were possible, evidence of the roads would likely be in place among the kingdoms of today." I added a transparent layer over the page and did my best to trace the women's script in black, filling in what I could by symmetry in blue. Things in green are places where the script is reasonably clear but funky. I filled the word "likely" in in red so that we can see how perfectly it fits in (though hidden by the plant). There are things in line 5 that I really feel like we ought to be able to figure out, but that I'm not currently getting sense out of. I might look at it more later, but right now I'm kind of fed up with it... A version against white rather than the original image is in the spoiler tag if you want it. If you want the Gimp file with the layers, let me know and we'll figure out how to get it to you.
  9. I checked the anthology out from the library a couple of weeks ago, but just finally got around to reading Shadows for Silence. I enjoyed the story, though it didn't suck me in like his longer works do (though that could just be a function of the length). Does Daggon remind anyone else of Galladon? His speech patterns, and particularly his use of the word "friend" feel familiar... Also, when I read Silence's lullaby, my brain immediately provided a tune, so I recorded myself singing it. The gallery section for "audio art" doesn't actually let us upload audio files, so I can't put it here directly, but you can find it on tumblr here if you want to hear it :-)
  10. Since skyeels are amazing, I ended up painting one as well :-). Painted in FreshPaint using the watercolor brushes.

    © KalynaAnne

  11. S is for Skyeel, another page from the Vorin children's alphabet book.

    © KalynaAnne

  12. I'm planning to do as many of the letters as I can come up with good pages for. Right now there are a few (E, O and Z) that I have no idea what to do for and several others where I know what plant or animal I would like to use, except that our currently available descriptions are extremely vague (like the yu-nerig - which also involves figuring out what to do with a hypen in women's script...) I'm having fun though!
  13. V is for Vinebud - another page from the alphabet book

    © KalynaAnne

  14. Go to a craft store. The fancy cake decorating section should have vials of powdered food coloring. This collection includes a few different metallic colors that I've thought would probably be great for creating metal vials. That same section will have various different kinds of sprinkles (including metallic ones) if you want larger "metal pieces" for your vials. These options are especially cool because they mean that your 'metal' is actually edible! The craft store also likely has a section with assorted glass bottles and bowls that probably has glass vials as well. I have definitely seen these things at Hobby Lobby, but I would be very surprised if Michael's, Jo-Ann's, etc. didn't have them. ...I spend way too much time in craft stores...
  15. I imagine this as a page from a child's alphabet book :-)