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  1. Recently, I reread Elantris 10th anniversary addition, and notice the extra epilogue on Hoid discussing whether he would succeed in being initiated as an Elantrian with a Skaze, there is a quote that caught my attention: "Yes, they [skaze] did have a wider range of emotions than Hoid had assumed. He needed to be careful not to let interactions with one member of a race - even a synthetic race - color his view of them all." What does Hoid mean by "synthetic"? It could imply that Skaze are artificial, and not something of natural occurrence. Due to the similarity between Seons and Skaze, we can sensibly infer one's characteristics to another. We have known that the Aons in Seons are in face Splinters, but not Seons themselves, which supports further that Seons, similar to Skaze, are artificial. We can infer that if there isn't any interference, these Splinters of Devotion and Dominion will NOT form Seons and Skaze. So who created them? The first possible candidates are Selish, especially those who can access the Dor in a large, significant manner, i.e. Elantrians, and later, Dakhor Monks. However, they do not appear to be viable candidates. First, there is no mention of the creation of Seons in the libraries of Elantris, though it is possible that Raoden has yet to discover related records, but very unlikely, as Elantris had been an advanced society for quite some time, and the lack of mention of the creation of Seons is rather suspicious. Second, even if Elantrians are indeed the ones who creates Seons, it does not explain the creations of Skaze, due to the fact that they are completely oblivious of their existence. Third, it would appear that Skaze has existed as long as Seons, but Dakhor Monks are reasonably a very recent creation of the Fjordell Empire, so they could not possibly be the creators of Skaze. It would seem that, Odium appears to be a pretty viable candidate for the creation of Seons and Skaze. It is known that Odium splintered Devotion and Dominion. It is also known that Seons and Skaze contains or consist tof Splinters. This is pure conjecture, but could it be Odium who creates Seons and Skaze? Could it be That in order to kill a shard, to Splinter a shard, it would take a Shard's investiture, and create something new, so that no one can pick up the shard and become its vessel? I originally want to involve Sprens, but as I do my research I discover many inconsistencies and sophistication involving the nature of them, so I will just leave it as it is for now. The main question I asked today, is that did Odium created Seons and Skaze, as the product or result of Splintering Dominion and Devotion?
  2. For those who know, Harmony is extremely torpid, due to the shard"s" he pocess, formerly Preservation and Ruin, are of exact opposite intent. He became a new intent under the integration of those two shards. I believe we have reiterated the fact that Harmony is extremely hard to act on something, mostly relying on his agents. But have we consider or ponder on the circumstances in which Harmony might act? This might turns out to be a crucial piece of information in determing the future developments of the cosmere. First, we have to answer that whether its inactiveness is only due to its singular intent, Harmony, or due to the clashing of its two former intent. But considering from the current state of discussion, I think that the answer leans way more on the former option, if not reaching a complete verdict already. You might think that if Harmony is just Harmony but not "Preservation vs Ruin", it's more likely to act. Harmony could vanquish all crime on Scardrial and acheive balance and blahblahblah...Well, no. Harmony doesn't do much purely out of his "Harmoniousness" is pretty logical in a philosophical sense. Harmony is most oftenly tied to the Oriental Philosophy, or more specifically, Daoism. Daoism believes that balance, or harmony is achieved by following the "Dao", or in literal translation the Way. If we endeavor on balance by actions, the reactions will simply pushes us further from balance. Rashek is the epitome of why Harmony wouldn't and shouldn't act on basically anything at all. Then, if we are in favor of the theory that "Harmony doesn't act due to its eagerness in Harmony", what triggers his action and how will he work? What if someone, or someSHARD, knock things out of balance or harmony pretty badly, which is in direct conflict with Harmony's intent? Would Sazed then act? And how will he? Making wonders like he did when he restored Scadrial to its former position? Or like Endowment to just send more agents? Harmonium would be the next biggest clue to how the newly formed Shard works. Thoughts, my fellow 17th sharders? Fun idea of the day: If Honor combines with Odium, it should be named Batman. Seriously.
  3. Well I think I can answer you the original question you were asking, regarding the ratio between metal and stormlight. (I honestly have no idea how this post got so sidetracked, but anyways.) First, you must understand one VERY important concept: Every practicable magic is powered by Investiture. [The emphasis on practicability is due to the fact that there are worlds where magic that people can only interact with, such as Threnody and First of the Sun, which is described in the novellas Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell and Sixth of the Dusk] Every magic practitioners in the cosmere has a tiny bit of investiture inside them, and if I don't remember it wrong it's more or less the prerequisite of using magic. However, it is not enough for people to actually use magic, so they'll need more investiture from a certain source. Stormlight itself is an investiture. I don't think I can really explain more on that. Yet, as above mentioned, metals are only gateways, or in a more accepted sense we call it the Focus. We can't possibly have a ratio on metals and Stormlight as they belong to groups of two very different but related concepts. I suppose you raise the question due to the fact that you realize Stormlight can support a Returned. Returned, aka Type One Biochromatic Entities, aka Spontaneous Sentient BioChromatic Manifestations in a Deceased Host, requires a Breath every week, as you must know. Breath is another type of investiture. If you insist to compare the seemingly "sources of magic" between Scadrial and Roshar, perhaps the best that you can ask is the ratio between Atium/Lerasium and Stormlight, as they are both in fact investitures. Mists are also a type of investiture that can be found on Scadrial, and it feels more comparable to Stormlight, in the light that they are both in gaseous state of "matter", or investiture.
  4. Then I wonder what Highstorms in Shadesmar looks like
  5. From the SLCC transcript, someone ask something irrelevant, went like this: This is definitely related to Worldhopping, but what and how? Is it like an aspect of a magic, like Elsecalling to Surgebinding? Or is it like an object, like a Shardpool, or a concept, like Intent or Focus? And if this 'Perpendicularities' is the same concept as what we have in real life, this Perpendicularity has to be perpendicular to something. Maybe the Cognitive Realm?
  6. To be very frank, I do not really understand the idea that you are trying to connect here, but it is a good start by starting to post what you think. Well, magic are categorized as end-positive, end-neutral, and end-negative. Only end-positive magic are fuelled, as they are the only power that gains magic. And every end-positive magic are fuelled by Investiture(duh for old theorists). I don't think end-neutral magic will actually be considered as "fuelled", as nothing is gained or lost; whereas in end-negative magic you loss investiture. What is Investiture related to? Well from WoB(Words of Brandon), the major feat of investiture is to expand one's mental capabilities. Next time when you start theorizing you should and could start with the Cosmere magic framework. Try to start by thinking with Realmatic Theory, Investiture, Focus, Shards, Intent, and Spiritweb, but don't let the existing framework bound your imagination. If you don't know what are they, go to or this very forum for different info, ESPECIALLY WoB. Wish you all the best.
  7. damnation I have to admit even when it's not what I hoped I still pretty much want to hang it on my wall. Way to go!
  8. So it's basically a moot to discuss which world the Ones Above come from as it could basically be anyone.
  9. Makes sense, that Sazed being fond of doing researches, and the Ones above could definitely be agents of Harmony. However, few more questions are raised if we theorize the Ones Above being related to Harmony. Thousands of years must have past for Scadrial to have reached FTL technology level. At the meanwhile, Harmony's sentience must also have been expanding and understanding the Cosmere. Why would it take so long for Harmony to do research on powers that are already more or less available before its ascension, or in other words, primitive? I believe that we can consider the Ones Above have hidden agendas, if not malicious. We can be almost certain that the Ones Above will take the power of Aviars for themselves, which is definitely not the intention of Harmony. Harmony have used Kandras as his agents, and they are way subtle and efficient that sending people in spaceships. Why FTL while you can worldhop? And in regarding the Shard in presence, I'm just picking the one that feels most like it, and giving the possible reasons for having no practicable magics.
  10. I admire your ambition, and it would be intensely cool if you managed to succeed, but you should really map it out in a three dimensional manner. After all, space is a three dimensional space and those planet would not align on a plane like our solar system do.
  11. I think the reasons we think that the Ones Above are Scadrians because they are the only ones with space travelling technology so far. However, it could be other civilizations, and the way they act doesn't feel like the Northern Scadrians that we know of But if they are indeed from Scadrial, it should be the Southern ones, as most speculated that they have metallic arts related technologies, coinciding with the devices from SotD. One important question to ask if we want to confirm if the Ones Above are Scadrians is that: Why would they want Aviars? They have Atium already, and they have coppercloud to protect their mind anyways. If magics in Cosmere really works like wavelengths, their existing abilities will suffice, why Aviars? And in regarding the Shard influencing the First of the Sun, I think that the "survival shard" from a booksigning long ago suits the magic present better. As you have mentioned, the story emphasises strongly on the theme survival, so what suits it better than magic dealing with protecting one's mind from detection and death precognition to avoid danger, with the sole purpose of surviving? Also I think that a shard with such intent will not give out much of its investiture, if not none, which resulted in a world with magic only you can encounter with rather than practicing.
  12. I think it is a natural response that those abilities such as playing guitar or gun-slinging would be considered as an effect of training as an out-worlder. I myself believe in pratice and training more than anything else. But I think that mordern day sport science have discovered that motorneurons has very much to do with how good an athlete could do. Not everyone can have good motorneurons, as they are born with. Would they call them cheating? Well, it is definitely an advantage people would die for, but I think that it is something we just have to deal with in reality. And when it comes to Cosmere, a magic-filled world, it is just someone that are born with. How they use the gift is entirely up to them. Furthermore, our favourite characters in books were never the ones that are most powerful, but the ones that are earnest and gutsy. One thing that spark this idea is how Wax is described. I just got a vibe that he is some gun-slingin' genius of some kind, and with some logical leaps I came up with this. And pleasepleaseplease show me where they establish the exact and detailed theory behind Shallan's mnemonic abilities.
  13. Forgive me if the following theory has been proposed/proved already. Introduction: During my daily conjecturing routine about the cosmere, a wild speculation came across my mind about Waxillium Ladrian, and is related to his marksmenship skills. Hypothesis: The seemingly "innate abilities" of characters that are magically-unrelated are caused by investiture, i.e. magical properties. Main argument: Wax is good with firearms, which I believe either in-world or out-world characters would concur. Firearms, in other words, are trajectory weaponry, utilizes projectiles , which, which involves our hand-eye coordination and sense of distance(more or less). Further more, I do reasonably believe that Wax is a nature in using guns, from the way he was described in AoL, and from a certain quote from Miles Dagouter (Don't remember, somebody help me). On the other hand, Wax is also a Coinshot, an allomantic steelpusher, able to push metals away from the Coinshot's body/location. In the cases where Coinshots pushes metallic objects with smaller mass than themselves, such objects will fly away from Coinshots, which in some sense are also projectiles. You might just think that "Yeah, it's convenient and definitely entertaining for Wax to have such setting", so what? What is the point bringing these two up, and why did I emphasis on the word projectile? Let me bring up something else first. In a certain WoB, Brandson mentioned that by gaining more investiture it grants different magical users a more powerful effect in their respective magic, but more importantly it expand the user's mental capacity(Citation help required). The first example was when Vin or Sazed take up the shard(s), which themselves are de facto immense amount of investiture, their cognitive abilities expand; the other being the residents of Nalthis, whereas with more Breath(investiture) grants further Heightenings, especially the Sixth Heightening and the Tenth Heightening, which grants "Instinctive Awakening" and "Mental Command", which are self-explanatory expanded mental abilities. Back to Wax. Everyone in the Cosmere is basically invested. Some with more investiture, some with less. And the people who are more invested are naturally regarded as a powerful [certain magic system, e.g. Allomancy, Awakening](Requesting more concrete evidence other than what I remember at the back of my mind). Wax is a powerful Coinshot, so it's logical to deduce that he is slightly more invested. And with the more investiture, the larger the mental capacity. Here is the twist. I speculate that as he is a Coinshot, his mind is expanded in a way so that he is more adapt with Coinshot abilities, so that he has a higher sense of balance in the air and with flying projectiles. And as his mind is somehow tweaked and enhanced after a certain fashion, he is better at shooting than others, as shooting are simply flying projectiles. Conclusion: I guess we could say that as people has a certain magical ability, they are invested and their mind are expanded in a certain and precise way, which its side effect will grant some noticeable and seemingly non-magical abilities. And the more powerful magical users, whom are more invested than others, are often found having a certain "secondary" ability that goes really well with their already-possessed magical abilities. Implications: I guess Shallan Davar's mnemonic abilities is still(?) one of the most speculated mysteries in the books, and I guess this theory applies to her as well. But first, I need to get something clear first. People might ask what makes Shallan posses more investiture? KR gain abilities through Nahel Bonds, rather than sDNA, which in inherited through family. Well, for one fact that we know is that Shallan bonded at a VERY young age, the second is that N Bond changes one's sDNA. Does being bonded makes someone more invested? I don't know. A tear in sDNA, that will be cause by the N bond allows more investiture to flow through you(As I recall, NOT SURE), and does it makes you more invested? Maybe. Regardless, it is not a bad bet that Shallan is more invested than most others(Come'on). As she is a Lightweaver of the Ten Surg-ical (Haha) abilities, she is required to have a better sense in light and its angles, ergo her painting talents; she also has a practical use in stored visual images, as she can utilize them as future illusions, and thus her mnemonic abilities.(Kind of a far stretch, I know, just sit back and savor the theory while you still can). Others, like Shai or Breeze, who are good at understanding someone and manipulate them(their soul/ cognitive), are also possible examples of such effect. However, I will not rule out the factors that we know of, such as traumas or growing environment or simply, training. What I am doing here is merely providing a possible effect of magic on individuals in the Cosmere. Speculations Related to this: Nahel Bond grants extra investiture The more tear in your soul/sDNA the more investiture flowing through you. PS Please would you all be so kind and help me adding the citations I'm bad at doing this kind of stuff but I want to make it more sound even with the possibility that it might be refuted. Mercilessly.
  14. Hong Kongese, or Chinese to be politically correct... Funny being the minority here... Written Chinese and English Colloquial Mandarin Cantonese English All fluent Picking up latin
  15. Suddenly I just got a very bad intuition that Kaladin is going to die for real