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  1. If the majority of them were left by Feverstone Keep, that's roughly in northwestern Roshar (since it has relevance to Rall Elorim), and we've hardly gotten a thing about that region. Rall Elorim has a reputation of some sort, but we know as little about it as anything else. The point being, for all we know people avoid it too. I am suspicious that it being "just like they say" is that people call the place cursed, myself.
  2. I suspect it will depend on the nature of the Sibling and the Cognitive reflection of the tower. With ten Oathgate platforms, there is most likely those ten platforms sitting in the Cognitive Realm, but the gemstone pillar could partly exist in the Cognitive Realm in its own way as well, or the Sibling could exist in both the Physical and Cognitive and draw it from a Cognitive highstorm directly.
  3. I'd say the Heralds would be of use, depending on who was doing the talking. Regardless of their mental states, they undoubtedly know a lot about matters, past and present. There is still some lucidity with them, as shown with Nale and Ash seeming to be somewhat intact mentally (but not necessarily behaviorally). It really depends on what kind of cognitive breakdown they each have and how far it has progressed. This is also assuming Odium, the Unmade, and/or other elements aren't doing anything to them to interfere, either. We have no idea what Mraize stood to gain from his talk with Ash, for example.
  4. I'm not convinced the Everstorm is a tenth Unmade or even close to them in capability. I rather suspect that the process of birthing a tenth Unmade would "expose Odium to a strike from Cultivation." If he chose not to destroy the Stormfather for this reason, who per WoB is on a "similar level" with the Unmade, then I don't see how Splintering his own power to create another being on that same level wouldn't merit the same consideration of whether Cultivation could harm him.
  5. Yeah I'm still trying to decide how I feel about Brandon's answer to you on that particular point (voices in the head and the Unmade). I feel like I've both overthought it, and that it's a lot simpler than we think. The latter means: "people affected by the Unmade are more open/vulnerable/receptive to other things", because the Unmade 'consume' and have been shown to cause Cognitive damage (Ashertmarn, Nergaoul) as well as Spiritual damage (Yelig-nar, Ba-Ado-Mishram's capture). In other words, Rosharan people may well be at "1.5 cosmere standard" for cracks in the soul, you might say.
  6. The real question I have about the Sibling is why the Sibling went into hibernation in the first place. Presumably it was the death of their Radiant, but shouldn't that have happened numerous times over the course of millenia, simply from old age? Not only that, the Sibling has been sleeping for over two thousand years. The Stormfather knows the Sibling's state, so it stands to reason the Stormfather might have tried to rouse the Sibling, as he did Sylphrena, but to no avail. So why is the Sibling still asleep? The Elsecaller epigraph strongly suggests an external influence causing this comatose state, but given that it's become unclear if all nine Unmade were captured in that era, it's hard to say if the Unmade are the reason why, or something else entirely.
  7. What I don't want the most: Little to no info about the Unmade. >.> *drops mic*
  8. RE: Bolded Not necessarily. We don't know the full extent of the Unmade's powers, particularly how far Ba-Ado-Mishram's influence had spread when she was Connected to the singers before her capture. Not only that, but we know next to nothing about Dai-Gonarthis and Chemoarish, and I suspect we have not seen everything Yelig-nar is capable of doing either. For example, how many hosts can Yelig-nar have at one time? Can he choose how fast he consumes one, allowing for sleepers to travel across the world? We have not seen the sapient Unmade do a whole lot, which I find very curious if not deliberate. Sja-anat was said to be the most feared by the Radiants, yet she didn't really do a whole lot in Oathbringer to validate that claim. Knowing that she can spy on you with a shadow is neat and all, but I don't know that I'd call it fearsome on its own. There's just so much we don't know about the Unmade.
  9. Yet a spren caught in a gemstone is required for "modern*" fabrial science, for the fabrial to actually do anything. I think there's a very good chance a painspren is required for a painrial to cause and reduce pain. The point I was trying to make, though, is that there have been hints that everyday spren such as flamespren and the like can evoke an effect on the Physical Realm under the right circumstances, presumably via bonding combined with a source of Investiture. Just look at the entire Singer race, skyeels and greatshells for proof of that. The Singers generally can't transform into everyday forms without bonding a spren or the Unmade getting involved. And so, based on those hints, I think it stands to reason that Sja-anat touching and controlling a lesser spren could very well allow her to generate those effects. Her touch for a fact creates a bond of sorts (or else she couldn't control spren she touches) and an Unmade certainly qualifies as a source of Investiture, so I don't think it's farfetched to say Sja-anat can Do Things(tm) with lesser spren besides spy with them. * I refer to the fabrials we've seen on screen the most, the type that Navani's involved in creating, not the fabrials such as Soulcasters.
  10. When it comes to Sja-anat, I think her ability to corrupt spren and gain control over them is the very relevant point for why she was so feared, but for reasons that relate to what Kaladin did to repel the highstorm. I don't think it's farfetched to say that he bonded with those windspren and used them to briefly control the wind in his small area of influence. Now imagine Sja-anat doing similar, except using any kind of spren that are nearby. Bunch of painspren nearby? Kind of hard to fight if they're being touched then used against you like with Navani's painrial. This line of thinking is why I'm wondering if the Radiants lured all of the Unmade* to Shinovar to try and capture them: because of Sja-anat being too strong except in a place where spren typically don't manifest. Another point, though this one is much more tenuous, is the possibility that Sja-anat can corrupt and control Investiture in general. If she can corrupt a spren, and spren are basically instantiations of Investiture, why not the more general form as well? If she can actually interfere with and/or consume their magic, then regurgitate it, that's pretty scary stuff because they'd effectively be powerless against Sja-anat. * Remember Shallan's impressions about Re-Shephir: "She'd felt isolation and loneliness from Re-Shephir, a sense of being torn away while the others escaped" (OB Ch 32), implying the Unmade were together at the time the Radiants managed to imprison Re-Shephir.
  11. Personally, I do think he was close to that with Nergaoul, but not necessarily in the Nahel bond sense. There are a couple oddities with Dalinar and Nergaoul that don't align with some of what we've seen in bonds with spren, and Brandon has flat out said that Dalinar has a personal connection with Nergaoul which was "very important" in capturing Nergaoul.
  12. Presumably. We don't have any reason to think she was lying about how "we've never managed to Enlighten such powerful spren before." It's entirely possible that Glys is the first higher spren to become corrupted, and that led to other things.
  13. Let's also not forget the fact that the Vorin church is extremely unlikely to believe that Taln is the Herald of War, especially with those dark eyes of his and presumably no way to prove it (to say nothing about his mental state). Even if he had his Honorblade, they would likely decry him as a Voidbringer or "just a Radiant" simply because he didn't fit the current narrative for how the Heralds are supposed to be. So yeah, I'd be surprised if Dalinar had anything less than a sheer cliff wall to scale, in terms of getting the rest of Roshar to truly listen to what he has to say. He has very little in his arsenal that is guaranteed to get through to others except for his tenacity, really. Matters at Thaylen City will help, but it is pretty much a given that "the Alethi" tried to take it over. There is still plenty of debris to dig through, literally and figuratively.
  14. Copy-pasta from my reddit post because I'm interested in what people think on this: => Is Steris an aluminum or duralumin misting? <=
  15. I'm not sure if this is a typo, considering Kholinar had corrupted spren all over the place. p716 (hardcover) "...Hungerspren buzzed about the heads of the people, like black specks..." versus p212 (hardcover) "A single hungerspren started flitting about his head, like a tiny brown fly..." Other mentions of hungerspren (such as p47 softbound in Ch 2 of The Way of Kings) also describe them as brown.