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  1. This is according to Ishar in what one presumes is a lucid moment of his, but the topic of this thread is about Renarin. It seems increasingly certain that Renarin can touch the Spiritual Realm. We see an example of this in his healing of Adolin in Oathbringer, Chapter 10: And also in Chapter 8 of Rhythm of War: Given that, and his precognition (which is -- you know -- a pretty big sign), I pose the following question: Can Renarin render the Heralds lucid by using his abilities near or on them?
  2. Another book has come and gone, so let's check in on what we know! The Diagram, and Ishar, both state that Shinovar is playing host to one or more of the Unmade now. We can thus treat Ishar's words with a small degree of trust on this specific subject, since another source is willing to corroborate it. WIth that said, we can deduce that at least three of them are likely there at this time. I'm going to go through all nine, sorted by least likely to most likely to be there. Least Likely * Ba-Ado-Mishram - So far as we know, she's still trapped inside her gemstone. It's a safe bet she's not active in Shinovar. * Nergaoul - Similarly, Nergaoul is enjoying a spa treatment in the ocean. It's a safe bet he's nowhere near Shinovar. * Sja-anat - We can trace Sja-anat's movements from Kholinar (her interlude) to Emul (Odium's orders). As she talked to Taravangian directly in an interlude late in the book, we can safely say she also is not anywhere in Shinovar. This is likely to change for the fifth book, but by no means a certainty. * Moelach - Moelach settled in the Horneater Peaks during Oathbringer, according to Taravangian's interlude. So far as we know, nothing has changed here, and while it's possible that he moved, I think it unlikely that this Unmade was suddenly ordered away from guarding Cultivation's Perpendicularity. Inconclusive * Re-Shephir - Re-Shephir somehow found time to inform Raboniel about the Sibling (how is a subject for another day), which would suggest she travelled east toward Kholinar in order to do so, as that is where we were first introduced to Raboniel, who had this knowledge of the Sibling during that meeting in Chapter 14. As Raboniel is confirmed to have Transformation, she would have had help to get to Kholinar, or simply awakened in a body in Kholinar in the first place. Either way, she somehow encountered Re-Shephir before Chapter 14, which means the Midnight Mother did not travel west to Shinovar. We can't nail down a timeline of Re-Shephir's movements, however, and thus I put her as inconclusive as to where she is. * Chemoarish - It's unclear if the Dustmother is trapped in a gemstone. Given Hessi's Mythica, lore has generated about her sufficient enough to suggest activity in modern Roshar. However, it's also possible that she has been dormant like Sja-anat apparently was for the past few thousand years. Either way, it's hard to confirm her activity level and thus I put her at inconclusive. Most Likely * Ashertmarn - This Unmade fled the Kholinar region, heading to unknown whereabouts. We saw first hand in Oathbringer how severe his influence can be on humans, so his activity is not in question. He has had plenty of time to cross the continent to get to Shinovar. * Yelig-nar - Like Ashertmarn, Yelig-nar is active in the present-day world and we have seen him on screen. It therefore is not unreasonable to assume that this presumed-sapient Unmade is one of those that has begun influencing Shinovar within the course of the past year. Secondly, he is presumed sapient, and if the Shinovar really are worshipping the Unmade, it would likely require a sapient Unmade to fully facilitate this relationship. * Dai-Gonarthis - With the scouring of Aimia possibly being attributed to Dai-Gonarthis's activity, per Mythica, we can at least state that this Unmade has shown some activity in the world within the past few centuries. I say this as a definitive because we the readers have evidence supporting this Unmade's existence (the WoK Death Rattle we saw in the epigraphs). As they are presumed capable of causing an entire country to be scoured of life -- Akinah even has a nickname of "The Void's Playground", per Kaza's interlude -- it seems appropriate that this Unmade would be one of those involved in causing Shinovar to become shut down. They have also not been seen on screen, so of all the presumed active Unmade, Dai-Gonarthis has had the most time to go to Shinovar and begin influencing it. I suspect Dai-Gonarthis is also sapient, due to the orchestration of events of Aimia, so I use my point about needing a sapient Unmade to facilitate a worship relationship here as well.
  3. This is something I think should be asked to Brandon when we get to an AMA or other question-asking event that allows book spoilers.
  4. Garnets were also what are used in the suppression devices, so there's that angle to consider as well.
  5. It's been pretty clear that Sja-anat can control at least lesser spren that she's corrupted. We saw this in Oathbringer. What disturbs me most is the implication that she has agents in the Physical Realm doing things for her, or even worse: she can get inside people's heads and directly control them. "Taker of Secrets" does kind of suggest she may have the power to manipulate the mind, but we simply just don't know everything she (and the other Unmade) can do. I do like the idea that Sja-anat is Navani's opponent for this book, though. We haven't really seen the Unmade "rampaging" yet, only gotten hints, and that exchange with Navani was pretty hostile.
  6. Using Voidbinding to generate Voidlight which they use as fuel source for evoking said spren-nature, yes.
  7. This is kind of a compilation of my thoughts about it. I'm sorry if it's hard to read but I couldn't get it to come together as a research paper so much as writing out outlined sections. (I made some edits for clarity.) I. The Case for Consumption Here, I talk about what I think Voidbinding actually is. Let's begin with the following WoB: My intent behind this question was to establish that the Unmade are using Voidbinding on some level. This has been a suspicion of mine ever since I came up with the model I will describe in a later section. The powers of the Unmade have not been mimicking established magic (Surgebinding or the Old Magic), so it seemed clear to me that they were doing something else entirely. As Splinters of Odium, it seemed the most likely that they were using Odium's magic to accomplish some of what they do. More on this is also in a later section, as I will be going into more detail on the powers of the Unmade there. I call this section "The Case for Consumption" simply because the term is heavily affiliated with the Unmade. Five of the nine (Yelig-nar, Dai-Gonarthis, Re-Shephir, Nergaoul, Ashertmarn) have all had the word directly used in some manner about them. Over half does not strike me as a coincidence. The Unmade are also believed to be "personifications of kinds of destruction" (The Way of Kings Ch. 45 epigraph), and consumption would be one way in which they achieve that. Note that I speak of Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual destruction, as we have seen examples of some of those in how the Unmade afflict people. The other point I raise about consumption being the primary core of Voidbinding has to do with the nature of the Shard of Odium itself. "This was something so terrible that it consumed light itself." (Oathbringer Ch. 57) Presumably, this is Dalinar being given a glimpse of the Shard as it exists in the Spiritual Realm, but he nevertheless describes it as this all-consuming force of hatred. Voidbinding, therefore, sources from that key nature. Between the Unmade being likened to "kinds of destruction" and the Shard itself being likened to an all-consuming flame, putting two and two together shows that Voidbinding is a destructive art. Given the name, and how Odium is referred to as "the empty pit that sucks in emotion", it seems plausible to me to assert that "consuming" would be the basis behind an Odium-based magic. II. The Model / Known Levels Let's just dive right into it, shall we? Note that I am intentionally leaving out the mindless Unmade here. Level 1 -- Consumption This level draws power from an external source, depleting it, similar to how one draws power stored in a metalmind. In this level, Voidlight is the result. One synthesizes the depleted attribute into Voidlight, and this does cause damage to the afflicted, which would justify Voidbinding as a "dark and evil thing". This is the level I believe to be most commonly used by the Unmade (all nine, in fact). They Invest themselves by way of consuming a target attribute and use that power directly for one or more purposes. I also note that performing this act would make it akin to the Old Magic, which (if we assume it's what the Nightwatcher does) also causes a depletion in exchange for something else. Here, we have depletion in exchange for power. (n.b. I suspect they have a name for this that's somewhat euphemistic, similar to how corrupted spren are "Enlightened".) Unknown Level - Midnight Essence Re-Shephir is the primary source of this. I have more to say about Re-Shephir later on. Unknown Level - Surge Binding Yelig-nar performs this "service" for his hosts, at the cost of consuming their soul. I note that the aspects involved seem to be Spiritual. Unknown Level - Enlightening Here we have Sja-anat's touch. While this does not seem very consumptive, because we haven't seen the effect performed on screen, I note that it is possible to change an organism through consumption, and I refer everyone to virology for more information on the subject. A hostile takeover of the host's internal workings is one of the ways viruses propagate throughout the body, and white cells consume affected cells as part of its means of fighting off the infection. Now picture that in reverse: Sja-anat's Investiture is playing the roll of the white cell trying to "consume" the "infected" (not of Odium) aspects of Investiture of a spren. She thus replaces Investitures not of Odium with Investiture that is of Odium, resulting in a being that is comprised of multiple. It's like a transplant, in other words, except her ability suppresses the immuno response to it. III. The Powers of the Unmade It is my belief that the Unmade are doing more than merely Voidbinding, and that their massive areas of influence are not Voidbinding at all, but supported by it. Nergaoul, at the minimum, was heavily Invested with Voidlight (note the gem shining with it after his capture by Dalinar), and this was just after consuming a 10,000 strong army of soldiers while in the Physical Realm. Nergaoul was also very large in the Physical Realm, covering a good portion of Thaylen City, according to Navani's annotated map in Oathbringer, and was a "mountain of power" in the Cognitive Realm according to Shallan's observation. Additionally, we have Pattern commenting on another being below Kholinar's Oathgate that "is likely one of the Unmade. It must be very large on this side." I note the size of the Unmade for further discussion in a moment. One oddity that has struck me is that the Unmade have areas of influence that affect people in different ways. Nergaoul encourages violence, Ashertmarn encourages excess, to name two of them. I will not be going into specifics on what I think all nine do, but rather I will attempt to explain that some of them, such as Re-Shephir, are using Voidbinding and their own natures as a spren to project these influences over very large areas to achieve new effects, and even larger areas when in the Cognitive Realm. I will use Re-Shephir as my case study here, because of the following assertion: Re-Shephir uses Voidbinding to create Midnight Essence (presumably from living creatures). She then uses her store of Voidlight to project her nature as a spren to shape the Essence into a desired form. The shaping of Midnight Essence is not something I consider Voidbinding. My basis for this thinking is in how Shallan sees Re-Shephir as like a creationspren gone wrong. Re-Shephir has been directly observed to be making copies of "creatures she saw or consumed" (Oathbringer Ch. 110 epigraph), which is indeed similar to creationspren mimicking recently observed Physical Realm objects. Now suppose we were to trap a creationspren inside a gemstone and hook it up to a fabrial. While the effect may be unknown, I wonder if perhaps it might be possible to influence mutable substances (water, mud) into desired shapes by capturing creationspren that are mimicking such shapes. The point I am trying to make, is that spren project their natures when in the presence of stimuli and Investiture (the gem's Invested state). We've seen this most commonly with flamespren that make heat fabrials. Flamespren "evoke" the concept of heat to which they are attracted. Now imagine a spren that doesn't need to be both in a gemstone and subjected to stimuli to do this, but rather is a spren that has access to large quantities of Investiture and was, say, subjected to a certain Vessel of Odium making them be able to evoke this nature. In Re-Shephir's case, that's mimickry, an influence which can be applied to Midnight Essence. We know that Midnight Essence can be "extracted and used independently" (WoB), so the shaping of it is not exclusive to Re-Shephir. This is why I bring up the possibility of creationspren-based fabrials allowing for creating works of art with mutable substances. This projection of nature is how I see Nergaoul as capable of affecting people with the Thrill over a massive area of influence. He is so large in the Cognitive Realm, and so Invested, that like a fabrial emitting heat, he "emits" the Thrill on a very large area simply due to sheer size and power. Similar reasoning would apply to the other Unmade that influence the mind. Much like a fabrial evoking an effect, they are broadcasting specific states of being on a wide area, and it's for this reason that I think calling them spren is very accurate. We have seen something like this with Shallan and Re-Shephir, which in her case would be "twisted creativity". She created multiple drawings she can't recall doing, but were still in her sketchbook, and she also created multiple mimicries of herself without having the need to draw them first. This influence on Shallan's drawing is why I suspect Re-Shephir is projecting an influence whose effect is what enables her to alter the shape of Midnight Essence. So, with that established, I think we can say that all nine have similar influences, and that we can potentially name them _____spren for what kind of influence they project, and that because they are all Invested Splinters of Odium, they are actually affecting people much like a fabrial hypothetically could. So there you have it, a lot of words about my thoughts on Voidbinding and how it relates to the Unmade. I will be very interested to hear what everyone has to say about this work.
  8. Let's just say I think that Gavilar's moment of death will be very educational in the next 2-3 years.
  9. One thing I found absolutely fascinating about Chapter 1 was this: I couldn't help but wonder not only where she got the idea, but why she considered these spren so dangerous. (Likely source: the Fused, because they were instructing singers in a great deal during Oathbringer.) It made me wonder if singers have to be more aware of what spren inhabit an area than humans do. Why do I think that? Singers can bond them. Suppose these plaguespren inhabited an area and a highstorm rolls through. We know transformation with a singer isn't a precise art to them (per WoR interludes), so what do you suppose happens if they come out of the storm accidentally bonding one of the more "negative" concepts (e.g. painspren, plaguespren, rotspren)? My assertion is that singers will put human superstition about spren to the test and vice-versa, because singers can bond a spren and change based on that. As I said on Discord, I don't think this would necessarily mean a sudden form of power, but with plaguespren there is such a concept as being a natural reservoir for a disease, and their body could transform to incubate it and subsequently release it. Patient Zero, in other words. Thoughts?
  10. The term squire is explicitly used in https://www.brandonsanderson.com/the-ten-orders-of-knights-radiant/#bondsmith
  11. I am a Truthwatcher with Edgedancer not far behind. I can't recall what the %s were but the Truthwatcher was in the 70s. So I basically got what I would want to be.
  12. Personally I've been of the mindset that you have one Bondsmith that "specializes" in Connection related to the Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual side of things (depending on which spren they have) and this blurb went a long way towards me convincing myself that this is what is up. They each have their own niche, but they can do what the others can do in a pinch, if not as well.
  13. My brief list of what I want to see, in no particular but completely biased order: A lot of details about the Unmade. (Epithets and powers, as well as what influences they have on people, are what I'm hoping to learn; I don't think we'll see their origins in the first five.) Voidbinding mechanics and whether some tiny % of the Fused can do so. (Enough said.) Mayalaran's full resuscitation (I predict a one year time skip has progressed her ability to communicate with Adolin quite a bit.) Details about the remaining Surges. (Example: What is Cognitive or Spiritual Cohesion?) Fabrial science with corrupted spren. (I have a suspicion that the artifabrian community knows about this already.)
  14. I'm becoming increasingly suspicious myself that Moelach's primary purpose is to interfere with Realmatic transition, thereby making it very dangerous to project oneself into Shadesmar, Soulcast, and/or use Transportation if he should be nearby. When I say interfere with transition, I mean I think he consumes the (I'm not sure what to call it) inertia that's involved in changing Realms, thus making him very suited for guarding a Perpendicularity. I do agree with @Calderis that the Death Rattles lean closer to a side-effect of what it is Moelach actually does. If we can trust the Diagram, all of the Unmade have relevance to precognition, but I think Moelach stands out because he is the one who offers it up to anyone instead of being the sole beneficiary of that precognition. "This seems common of the less self-aware spren," per Mythica. Which, if true, raises interesting implications for the sapient Unmade in particular. EDIT - One other thing I want to add is that I think being parked at Cultivation's Perpendicularity is going to have some very nasty developments transpiring with the Horneaters. That is, I would not be surprised if we find out that many of them become schizophrenic and/or develop disassociatve identity disorder. I'm a little suspicious that Moelach's influence will lead to people getting bits and pieces of those visions of the future on account of the Perpendicularity's presence causing a bit of bleedover from the Unmade, and over time that's going to have some pretty gnarly effects on people.
  15. My thoughts on this are that "normal" Voidbinders cannot. I think they can create something similar (*pointing at Midnight Essence*) but not a Shardblade that has the same properties as what an individual with a Nahel bond can summon. My opinion is also that a normal Voidbinder doesn't really need one, because I am increasingly certain that Voidbinding is a very destructive* art at its core (to power it), similar to how a Hemalurgic spike is not good for the donor's health. * I'm not counting Renarin here.