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  1. OK, so the bandwagon appeared on me over my vote on Joe (well, also Lum, but that was a hasty vote made when I was tired late at night, so I acknowledge that was probably a mistake), so we should probably figure out what Joe is in order for me to prope Here's what we know. When Fura asked about Joe being in the game, Fifth responded by saying: And yet, they have not spoken in the thread, they can not be PM'ed. However, I just received clarification that they are targetable by actions, as a player. The thing is, there's one role that is fairly similar to this - Elend Venture, Fifth's GM role. Here's a clarification by Fifth last cycle about players not appearing on the player list: If Joe has a similar type of role, then it would be obvious why they have not responded in thread - they are a co-GM, not a 'player' in the normal sense, and therefore it would obviously be kind of problematic if they were to start talking and acting like a player in the thread. In fact, I found it strange to begin with that Joe would join as a player before since, as someone who was originally going to be GM'ing, they knew many of the earlier secrets. If they are actually a co-GM, just one with a mechanical effect on the game, then that's suddenly not an issue. So, if Joe is a co-GM, and has a role that is targetable by actions and presumably the lynch, then the obvious next question is what role they have. I believe this would likely have to be Jestas Lekal, which is an excellent counterpoint to Fifth's Elend role, but aligned with the Elim team. I struggle to see Joe as a Village aligned co-GM, for a number of reasons. The first is a matter of balance. I think there is a certain aesthetic that would be achieved by having two GM's, each of which had a 'player' that worked for one of the main two sides. The second (and more convincing) reason is that a number of people who defended Joe last round are people who I find suspicious. In particular, after I suggested that Joe may have a role that did not allow them to speak in thread, Fura made a post that I found extremely suspect - I'm including that in the section on the bandwagon on me below. The third and final reason is that I just don't see all that many alternatives that seem to fit like this does. I am in a PM with somebody that suggested they may actually be a role like Kelsier, who is a Cognitive Shadow, and therefore unable to speak in the thread. I... can't see this being the case. If it were a player-Kelsier, then I would find it extremely unlikely that they would be given such a restrictive role that they couldn't talk, period, because at that point it wouldn't be fun for the player. As a GM-Kelsier, it makes more sense, but I again don't necessarily see that being aligned with the village. Because of all this, I think there's a very strong case that we should lynch Joe tomorrow, as a likely stealth-Elim co-GM role. Even if I'm wrong, and I don't think I am, then it will still give us lots of information based on who was in favour and against a Joe lynch. (Now I guess I'll just wait for @Lumgol to come in and completely demolish my theory since she actually scanned Joe... ) OK, so let's have a look at the lynch yesterday. As of about 8 hours before cycle end, the lynch was wide open. Here's a vote count from that time, just as I swap to Lum: Rand (3) - CadCom, Lumgol, Ark Lumgol (3) - Araris, Fura, Bard CadCom (1) - Adavantos Rae (1) - Rand Straw (1) - HH Araris(1) - Fura Joe(2) - Maill, Lum (Note: Rae had voted on Araris previously and retracted.) Fura responds to my suspicion of Joe here: First of all, I missed where Fifth implied that Joe couldn't speak - was this in a PM, @Furamirionind? Secondly, this seems off to me. It feels like Fura started with trying to prove Joe was innocent and went to search for reasons to dissuade suspicion of him without getting too close (Stink makes a similar post, but is actually strongly worded enough that I think an Elim Stink would probably distance themselves a little more). In particular, even if Joe couldn't talk, how does that clear him in any way whatsoever? It just says he can't talk. Especially now that we know that we can't speak to him through PM's either, this looks a lot like a delaying tactic. The bandwagon on Araris appears first, and then Rae and CadCom in quick succession vote on me. Rae says that Lum could easily prove their role, so my vote makes no sense (which is... fair), and also defends Joe. CadCom provides no reasoning except that they agree with Rae - I thought they were more of an analyser than that, though they might be busy. Elan votes on me a little later, by which time it seems to be a race between Araris and I, so part of it is based on not having a suspicion of Araris, and part is based on a distrust of me wanting to lynch a powerful role. It's precisely because it was a powerful role that I was suspicious - I didn't think any villager would claim that publicly short of nearly being lynched. That said, Lum has always been much more open with claims than I would be. The final vote is Rathmaskal, who doesn't find Araris suspicious and votes for me as the other major candidate. I wish there'd been a little more analysis on why that's the case, but that's pretty normal for Rath. The order of the votes from most to least suspicious would probably be CadCom, Rae, Rath, Elan.
  2. I don't have time to respond to the lynch on me before rollover, so I'm just going to swap my vote over to Araris. I promise I'll have a long response after rollover. The very short version is that while I was definitely too hasty in my vote on Lumgol, I am actually now more convinced that we need to be suspicious of Joe, not less - I have a theory I want to test my theory of this tonight when PM's open up.
  3. ...Well, this will probably grant your wish, if not in the way you were hoping - Joe, Lumgol. That is an extremely useful role to claim to the thread, and I struggle to see a villager making that claim to the entire thread. I'm wondering if you might be Vin, since you have to find out Joe's role today before you get a different role next cycle. EDIT: There's a lot of resistance to the Joe lynch, which I'm still certainly not opposed to - can I say that it's not just that Joe has a secret role? It's that Joe has some sort of secret role, and has not given any sort of clarification or indication as to what's going on, or even posted anything at all. Once I'd seen some sort of response (which I'd expected by this point in the cycle), I'd have removed my vote anyway.
  4. OK, so we've gathered that Joe is a player, but not on the player list, and that's deliberate rather than GM oversight? Joe (Finn Seidel). I'd like an explanation - I'm assuming you're able to speak in the thread, but you haven't yet. (CadCom)
  5. Hey Straw. Do you have any thoughts on the game so far? Any comments on Fura's role analysis? EDIT: So I got notified for Straw's post, but not Rand's, so I almost missed it. I'm leaning against Rand's idea - if it looks like Zane is knocking off all the primary candidates for being an Elim, then it's quite possible they'll expose themselves in the process, either by the Thug 1 role if there is one or by leaving themselves (and Vin) under suspicion as Zane knocks out the competition for the lynch. Holding our suspicions closer to our chest will make it that much harder to analyse for both the Eliminators and the Mistborn.
  6. Hmmm... I think that's just me not talking in definites, I think. You say that the Thug 1 shouldn't claim under almost any circumstances, something I basically agree with - I'd probably extend that to a couple other roles like Tineye 1 and Rioter 1, since the existence of vote manipulator can be a strong disincentive for the Elims to bandwagon on Elend at the end of the cycle even when they have the numbers. That said, I think I'm increasingly becoming a stingy roleclaimer compared with the meta at the moment. I'm not sure why you say that Vin getting Thug 1 could guarantee an Elim death? You seem to assume they'll know the Elim target to target that player, which is a pretty big assumption. And assuming Zane will pretend to have a passive role is a pretty big IKYK (they could easily 'prove' one of the many active abilities they have if they wanted to, and after that statement it might garner less suspicion).
  7. Alright. I expect to be on before rollover most cycles, so I'll say now that I intend to move my vote to the leading candidate at the end of each cycle to prevent a lynch on Elend/Fifth - we don't want another LG15a. I recommend others do the same if it's convenient for them to be on at that time. We haven't heard from CadCom yet - I was considering putting a joke vote on Steel, but I assume there will be enough paranoia around him this game that it would probably be unfair of me to add to it, even as a joke. I mostly agree with Fura's analysis. I think this game is role madness, though I can't remember that being confirmed for certain, so I'm kind of curious about how this is balanced. With the sudden-death-by-lynch option this game, I can't see the Elims having much vote manip power. I think some kind of protect role, probably Senn Conrad, is in the Elims, to protect from Zane (Thug 2 is unlikely, though, since that can often delay the lynch and stall conversation). A Tineye 1 Elim would be entirely possible, depending how troll-ish Fifth was feeling. There's probably a scanner of some sort, and a Smoker is plausible, but possibly not, since there's not really a role that would be all that incriminating for the Elims to be holding.
  8. My apologies for the delay - I was really hoping to have a closing writeup and GM Thoughts here before I posted, but I'm tired and I'd rather not rush it, so I'll get to it tomorrow when I'm not feeling rushed and tired. Let me be the first to congratulate the Villagers on their victory this game - my condolences to the Elim team, who would have won two cycles ago if it hadn't been for Joe roleblocking Rand and preventing the kill that cycle. I was really impressed with how both teams played this game. Kidpen was lynched! They were the final member of the Black Shadows! Vote Count: Kidpen(3): Joe, CadCom, Maill CadCom(2): Kidpen, Strawman GM Spreadsheet Hallandren Restaurant (Elim Doc) Court of the Gods (Spec/Dead Doc)
  9. So that's why rollovers were taking so long. EDIT: And that's the end of the cycle and game! The Epilogue will be up soon.
  10. They had been so close. Yesterday, he practically tasted the victory . Steel had been a momentary inconvenience - it was annoying to have lost someone of his skill, but he had been foolish. Rand had been sure to make no such careless mistakes. But some damned fool person had prevented him from that final plunge of the knife the previous day, and it had cost him everything. He'd played innocent, but no-one believed him. Rand watched as a small tiny Strawman jumped up onto a table and quickly snuck their way in between the small collection of people trying to interrogate him. Rand ignored the group - clearly, nothing he said there would make any difference at this point. Maybe the Strawman could offer him something more. In a group this small, even a single Strawman could make all the difference. The Strawman moved right up to him, from where he'd been backed into a corner with little hope of escape. It lifted a hand, and reached in through a hole in the top of it's head. Something to rescue me with? The creature pulled a thin stiletto blade out from inside its hollow interior. Then it stabbed Randuir through the chest. Plans upon plans, all crumbling to dust. Rand softly let out a sigh - he'd been so careful... Then his eyes slipped close, and he collapsed to the floor. Do you know that feeling of déjà vu? When you could have sworn something that you see you've seen before? That was how those left felt that night. Like the night before, they all went to bed, but were too terrified to sleep a wink. Like the night before, one tried to prepare a defense for themselves, knowing the futility of it. Like the night before, one went from door to door, trying to find an exit that would open in order to escape this nightmare. One sat, not as content as the night before, but still scheming away. And one aimed to see if their gambit could possibly save them from death for one more night. And, when regrouped the next morning, they were all quite surprised that they hadn't lost another member of their party. Yet. Randuir was lynched! They were a Black Shadow! Vote Count: Rand(5): CadCom, Maill, Joe, Kidpen, Strawman CadCom(1): Rand Player List:Steeldancer - Awakened SteelXinoehp - ThaerbArk1002 - Katie the KolossElandera - Turquoise-Bellied Alligator (TBA)Randuir - inCadCom - Ch. Aracter TBAAlvron - Izzy DedyetLumgol - N'NairimKidpen - Buffy the Black Shadow SlayerDevotary - HohelinMaill - M'MalilRathmaskalSart - SartJoe - Jeo
  11. Thaerb had grown up behind a small outcropping, knowing only the barest amount of rock protected him and his family from certain death by the highstorms. And yet, growing up there, he'd felt safe - the outcropping, narrow as it was, had provided an illusion of security. And that allowed him to buy food, and hang out with friends, and put the highstorms out of mind. Every now and again you heard cases of rock collapses leading to villages being destroyed, but those events were greeted with a sombre moment and quickly put out of mind. It was the only way to keep going. Thaerb had been confused when he'd first arrived at Hallandren - a great, gleaming city, filled with colour and life and vibrance in every direction. The people, the sights - it was all so different from everything he'd known back home. It was only in the last few days he realised that many things were not so different after all. A small group had gathered around Thaerb now - most of the Awakeners who were left. He could see the looks in their eyes as they drew their sword - he'd seen those looks before. Maybe, they were thinking, maybe, if we kill Thaerb, we will be safe. The deaths will stop. It was a naive hope - a last stand, a way to keep telling themselves that things were alright, that they would be alright. They'd sounded so confident, back on that first day. What was a few cowards and killers in the night against the wrath of so many Awakeners. It was always there, Thaerb realised. It was less desperate, more hopeful, but it was always there. Thaerb hadn't noticed until now - he hadn't wanted to see it - hadn't wanted to know the situation they were in. Thaerb gasped as he was stabbed through the stomach. "Who's your companion?" the swordsman demanded. "I... I just wanted to help." "We're not fooled by your lies - it must be you - who else could it be?" "I'm... sorry." Thaerb's last sight was watching the moment of realisation of the person in front of him. They'd gotten it wrong. They'd lost. And now, there was nothing in the way of the Shadows. The illusion had been shattered. No-one slept that night. Enough people had done the math - by tomorrow morning, there wouldn’t be enough people left to stop the Shadows. They didn’t know which of them would die tonight - at this stage, did it matter? One stood by the door, waiting. If they were marked for death, they might not be able to stop it’s approach, but they damnation well intended to try. One packed their bags. Perhaps, if they fled to a far off place, they’d be able to keep their life, keep the small package of Breath they’d slowly built up. Thaerb had spoken of some far-off ‘Roshar’ - maybe he’d try to travel there. Around midnight, they grabbed their bags and moved slowly down the stairs, careful not to make a sound. When they got to the ground floor, they found all the entrances sealed off. Two smiled in a dimly lit room, sensing the fear coming from the rooms nearby, and the victory that was mere hours away. And one waited impatiently, squirming on their bed, praying that their gamble would work. It’s hard to say who was the most surprised the next morning, when they all gathered below, apparently unharmed. On the table was a small dead rabbit, beaten bloody. Thaerb (Xinoehp) was lynched! They were a member of the Hallandren Alliance. End of Cycle: 10/5/19, 5:30PM AEST Vote Count: Xinoehp(4): Rand, Joe, CadCom, Kidpen CadCom(2): Xinoehp, Strawman Randuir(1): Maill Player List:Steeldancer - Awakened SteelXinoehp - ThaerbArk1002 - Katie the KolossElandera - Turquoise-Bellied Alligator (TBA)Randuir - inCadCom - Ch. Aracter TBAAlvron - Izzy DedyetLumgol - N'NairimKidpen - Buffy the Black Shadow SlayerDevotary - HohelinMaill - M'MalilRathmaskalSart - SartJoe - Jeo
  12. Izzy looked around at the assembled mob, face completely neutral. She'd followed orders. She'd done her best to try to catch and eliminate the False Shadows - she'd been mistaken about the Steel, which had seemed harmless, but there was nothing that could be done about it now. She couldn't talk, couldn't defend himself. Her orders did not call for her to do these things. There was nothing to be done about this either. She would have liked, before she died again, to have fulfilled her orders - but that couldn't be helped. She was trapped in by the wall of people, nearly everyone united against him. Izzy wasn't all that worried about dying. She'd done it once already. It wasn't all that bad. Rath knew he had a target on his back - he'd gone after Steel, had been the one to plunge the killing blow. He'd felt a wealth of Breaths flow into him, and knew that the Steel's allies would want that power back. He'd sealed himself into a room - and barricaded himself in. The doors had been barricaded, the windows had been bricked up, and he was confident that no person would be able to get back inside without a hard fight. A bunny, however, would have no such problems getting inside. The village heard screams in the night, and rushed to help, but every entrance was sealed. It was the next morning by the time they were able to crash through an opening, by which point Rath was long dead. There were scratch marks by the front door, where he'd sealed himself in from his own paranoia. Izzy Dedyet (Alvron) was lynched! They were a member of the Hallandren Alliance! Rathmaskal was killed by the Black Shadows! They were a member of the Hallandren Alliance! Vote Count: Alv(6): Rand, Xinoehp, CadCom, Rath, Kidpen, Mailliw Player List:Steeldancer - Awakened SteelXinoehp - ThaerbArk1002 - Katie the KolossElandera - Turquoise-Bellied Alligator (TBA)Randuir - inCadCom - Ch. Aracter TBAAlvron - Izzy DedyetLumgol - N'NairimKidpen - Buffy the Black Shadow SlayerDevotary - HohelinMaill - M'MalilRathmaskalSart - SartJoe - Jeo
  13. The Steel would have rubbed his hands gleefully, if it had any. He'd figured out the key to the mastery of Spiritwebs, and he had all the Breath he needed to put that knowledge to use. He'd struck a gold-mine of Breath with N'Nairim the previous night, and he wasn't about to let it go to waste. On the dining table in front of him, he had a body. It was young, fit, healthy - the perfect specimen. He hadn't asked where it had come from - he hadn't cared. One of the perks of being a bad guy, he supposed. He'd drained it of blood, and was in the process of slowly filling the body with ichor-alcohol when there was a knock on the door. Steel thought quickly. There wasn't an easy way to move or hide the body, not in it's current delicate state. He redoubled his effort, ignoring the door. Why did they have to come now? This is such a delicate stage. Steel moved carefully around, slowly injecting the ichor-alcohol into the creatures liver. This was not a stage he could afford to rush - one slip, and the syringe could tear a hole and his work would be ruined. Cautious, but quick. That was the way to do it. Outside, it sounded like a mob was beginning to form, and someone shouted for something to crash down the door with. Well, that was just fine with him. Let's see how they liked his new friend. He paused. He couldn't technically breathe, by the usual definition of the word, but imagining taking a deep breath was still calming to him. Then, he resumed work, not hurriedly - he couldn't afford to screw up, but with a determined purpose. The mob was rising to fever pitch now - he could hear jeers and yells coming from outside the door. He'd filled all of the major organs, he just needed to make on the various arteries and veins now for peak performance. Thud. The door shook on its hinges as something heavy crashed into it from the other side. The crowd cheered. Steel sighed. It would have to be good enough. If he'd just had a little more time... Those that interrupted him would pay. Slowly, he removed the syringe he'd been using to fill the Lifeless with, and began to check for any perforations. Thud. There was a slight cracking sound as the door began to give way, and one hinge looked slightly buckled. Just one perforation, near the stomach - Steel tutted. He was normally so meticulous about these things, the others must have made him shake slightly. It wasn't a major concern, however - he could have it sewn up later - for now, he quickly and efficiently wrapped a small bandage around the wound just to be safe. Thud. The hinges snapped off cleanly, and the door was thrown backwards, narrowly avoiding Steel. The doorway was dusty, but Steel could make out the silhouettes on the other side as it began to clear. None of them seemed to be the one to go through first. Clever people. "Awaken to my Breath." Steel intoned, the words ingrained into him. "Serve my needs, live at my command and my word." His voice dropped down to a whisper. "The command word is Unfinished Business. Kill everyone who steps through the front door." The Breath flowed out of him, into the body in front of him. It began to twitch as finally, someone stepped through the door to try to get him. Steel could have smiled. Just a few moments too late. The Lifeless sat up, and slowly turned, its face entirely neutral. It stood up, and began to walk towards the leading mobster. But... something was wrong. It was moving too slowly - had he done something wrong? He thought back - no, he was sure he'd done everything he needed to, that he hadn't made any mistakes. He had been careful, as always. He looked closer at the body - it seemed to be limping on one leg. The specimen had had a limp in life. It could have made a fine Lifeless in different circumstances - but it was useless as a fighter. The mob surged forward - it wouldn't take them long to finish off the Lifeless. He had to come up with another plan. This wasn't it - this couldn't be it, it just felt wrong. Undone, by something so small? No, Steel couldn't allow that. The ichor-alcohol? He'd only had the one kadaver left, and there was no time to make another Lifeless anyway. The scalpel and the syringe were theoretically makeshift weapons on the fly, but against a dozen mobsters with swords? Ha. There was one idea left. Steel smiled. Well, it was a long shot, but it would have to do. The Lifeless fell to the ground, bleeding ichor from a hundred different wounds. It still moved sluggishly for a moment, trying to fulfil its commands, before collapsing to the ground. The mob turned its attention to the Steel, who sat, still, with a flask in front of him. "Well, it was a good run." the Steel said, nodding to the crowd. "Well done - what was it that caught me out?" The mob stared at him. "I propose a toast - for old times sake. I... uhhh, can't drink, since I don't technically have a digestive tract being Awakened Steel and all, but you go ahead. Those were fun times we had, weren't they?" Silence. "You get to celebrate! Hurrah! You caught me! Well done! I'm proud of you! What are you waiting for. Let's just toast and you can get on with the job. Maybe if you have a chat while you drink, you'll be able to get a couple names of my teammates out of me." In front of him, Rath turned to Joe. "The drink is poisoned, isn't it." "Yup." Rath drew his sword and hammered it through the Steel. Steel felt his consciousness... split. Two halves, with the fractured Spiritweb slowly untangling from where it had been severed. He... he was dying, probably, whatever that meant. All this work, to be undone... Well, not all his work. His prototype had gone well... Sart smiled. They'd caught a Shadow. And if they caught one, surely it couldn't be too hard to do it again, as many times as it took until every last one of them was gone. All in all, things were good. He strode down the street, breathing in the lively Hallandren the atmosphere. Everything cried out for his attention, and he drank it all in, smelt the flowers, admired the sights. A cart with all sorts of aromatic smells passed by, narrowly avoiding squashing a bunny as it hopped across the road. Sart knew there was a marketplace nearby, so he began to head towards it. As he approached, the bunny hopped towards him, ears flattened in fright from all noise in the big city. Sart reached down to pet it. It looked up at him, and it was only then that Sart saw the bunnys eyes, dead and grey, and entirely lifeless. The bunny lunged forward, a furious bundle of teeth and fur, aiming straight for Sart's throat. Sart moved backwards, but too slow. It was over in seconds, and the bunny's bloody Commands were done. It hopped off from the prone body, and continued bouncing along the road. For those who wonder why a bunny randomly appeared, it's a reference to a series of writeups from a while ago, last time someone ran a Breath game. A long, long while ago. I feel old now. Also, the bunny was just there as flavour - they're not an actual Lifeless. Awakened Steel (Steeldancer) was lynched! They were a member of the Black Shadows! Sart was killed by the Black Shadows! They were a member of the Hallandren Alliance. Vote Count: Steel(5): Rath, Joe, Rand, CadCom, Kidpen CadCom(3): Sart, Alv, Steel Player List:Steeldancer - Awakened SteelXinoehp - ThaerbArk1002 - Katie the KolossElandera - Turquoise-Bellied Alligator (TBA)Randuir - inCadCom - Ch. Aracter TBAAlvron - Izzy DedyetLumgol - N'NairimKidpen - Buffy the Black Shadow SlayerDevotary - HohelinMaill - M'MalilRathmaskal -Sart - SartJoe - Jeo