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  1. Thanks Tess for running this game, and congratulations to the Elims for their victory. Special congratulations to Rath, who started in a very poor situation after his teammates got murdered, and managed to eke out a win anyway.
  2. Well, the only player with a vote on them right now is Rath. I don't think the evidence in support of Rath is very strong - I don't think an Elim would so strongly tie themselves to another player, especially if the votecount was in favour of Elandera not getting lynched anyway. In addition, I'm inclined to believe that there is about one Elim in each faction, and while that isn't a hard rule that should be followed closely, the fact that we already know the Elim in the Legal faction makes me trust Rath slightly more (in addition, Rath's vote on Elandera makes slightly more sense knowing that they were in the same subset - it shouldn't make a difference logically, but people often are more reluctant to lynch someone the more of an opportunity they've had to talk that game.) God King's flip of Research subset immediately makes me think his subset action was some kind of scan - if that's true, I think it would be worth any remaining Research Subset members speaking up about it - even ruling out 2-3 people as villagers would be worth it (it's likely that the EBI Agents already know who you are since they seemed to know who God King was, and I'd much rather that information was revealed before they get to you too.) In order to prevent a lynch on just about anybody else, I'm going to put down a vote on Kidpen. Rath was the last member of the Legal Subset - in removing them, you'd be depriving the village of a powerful role, in addition to killing someone who I'm inclined to believe is a villager. That makes me slightly more suspicious of you.
  3. The Kidnapping Sparkles and Sunshine Happy Time Subset roleblocks any actions, and any subset votes they make aren't counted. It's a night action, so it doesn't affect the lynch.
  4. I am part of the Kidnapping Subset, and we collectively targeted Elandera, roleblocking them - if another member of my subset wants to come forward to confirm, that's their choice. Though honestly, I think the 'Kidnapping Subset' has such major branding issues. I vote we rename them the "Sparkles and Sunshine Happy Time Subset'. We don't want to sound evil now, do we. As for my vote on Coda, I have no idea. I assume it was manipulated onto Venture.
  5. You can add an extra name to that list, Alv - Elandera, who was roleblocked last night. In fact, I'd say they're probably more likely to be the Elim than one of the people who were merely inactive, since I think it's likely the Elims have the ability to choose who submits the kill to prevent the issue of inactive teammates, and would have chosen someone active if at all possible. Also, I'm pretty sure the inactivity rule applied to the whole cycle, not just the turn - I posted in the day cycle, so if I'd submitted a night action I believe it would have still gone through, but I could be wrong about that (GM's?). So even if it were due to inactivity that the kill didn't go through, the people who didn't post the entire cycle would be... actually, I think that would leave no-one.
  6. Hmmm... Thanks, Elandera. Coda, I'd be curious to hear from you.
  7. Well, that's not good. I wonder if this game is structured like a conversion game, with more and more defections happening as the game goes on, or if this is a one-off. My guess is the first (and I intend to support a lynch today, regardless) I'm really not a fan of Shaney's last minute vote on Experience, but I'm working under 2 impressions: For Experience to have been bumped off deliberately, there'd also need to be vote manipulation going on, and my first impression of this game is that the vast majority of roles (a few like the Sequence excepted) are controlled by an entire Set rather than an individual player. To that end, deliberately trying to get Experience to die would take a combination of Shane's vote and convincing a Set to put a vote manipulation on Experience as well, which is highly unlikely, especially since it would both reveal Shane and the Infiltrator member in the Set. Also, Kynedath was our largest talker last round, and it already wasn't a highly active game (possibly everyone's too busy chatting in their docs, though the docs I'm in aren't that busy either) - to that end, until I figure out who I'm suspicious of, I'm going to place a pokevote on Elandera.
  8. Alright, hello, everyone. Looking through, I want to get a better read on Experience before I voted on them either way - I don't think the mixing up of the teams is probably slightly more likely to be a villager mistake, but it's too early for me to say that with confidence. Abstrusity is being quite aggressive with their votes, but they got called out on it and continued with it, which is a gutsy move if they are an Infiltrator, but again, it's Day 1, so a little early for me to say that with any confidence. Venture has put two joke-votes down so far - first on DeTess, then on Alv for "being too nice" - that could be a way of avoiding suspicion and flying under the radar.
  9. I might be inactive the first 24 hours of the game, but after that I should be free to play this. My character will be Mister Bubblegum, someone with a fondness (though unfortunately not a talent) for secret names.
  10. I really want to play, but unfortunately I don't have time. Spec doc for me, please.
  11. OK, I've procrastinated on this long enough - sorry for the delay. Overall, I think I'm quite happy with this games. There's definitely a bunch of things I'd do differently if I could redo it all over again, but . There was definitely an Elim bias in this game - having 4 Elims was a mistake - but I'm not sure it was as bad as you might believe it was based on the result of the game. For one thing, all of the Elims were under some amount of suspicion by the end, and if there'd been one fewer Elim, then Lemon would have been lynched, and it's quite possible Rand would have figured out she was a Tinlie the next cycle and lynched Wonko the next cycle, with Elandera following on soon after whenever they scanned an Elim. So, in some sense, the annoying balance to this game is that the Elims effectively won on the last cycle they were still able to win. Which is... unbalanced in itself* , and something that would have been a problem in a normal game, but I was OK with running a slightly broken game, thinking that the sheer humour of the game would make it worth it. And overall, I think that's true. That said, I was surprised by the psychological impact that Devotary flipping random would be - I expected it to be amusing, and for people to be forced to rethink some of their assumptions about the game up to that point, and some people definitely took it that way, but I didn't expect the resignation or fatalism that occurred from it? It's one of those things that seems obvious in retrospect, but I didn't realize ahead of time, which was definitely an error on my part. I actually had a few different possibilities for this game beyond just blackout - I considered releasing all or most of the rules, which would have changed the balance, but the idea of the game would still have worked just fine. On the other hand, a particularly sadistic part of me considered having it look like a regular signups game with standard Scadrial rules and no indication there was anything different, but that was never under any serious consideration. If I'd had open rules, that would likely have counteracted the fatalism once they realised scans weren't reliable, since people would have known that going in, but it also would have been less trollish, and this game was all about being as trollish as possible. So, overall, I think I'm still glad that I decided to make it a blackout game. In terms of specific role types, I was slightly annoyed that my personal favourite role type - the Dawdling Tineye - barely saw any action - the game went by too quickly for that role to be anything more than another glorified random roll (there were a couple other roles that were more 'out there' that didn't make it into the game either on account of how short the game was going to be, as well.) Ultimately, I don't think roles like that can work without a longer game, which means a higher playercount. (Oh, and Striker, you were a Dawdling Tineye, by the way - I don't know why I accidentally skipped that when putting in all the roles. But you died Cycle 1, which just meant that you were effectively a Confused Tineye.) And before I forget, there's several players that I want to shout out in particular: - Congratulations @Sart for being the first to reveal the "Everyone's a Tineye" - Congratulations to @Abstrusity for being the first to figure out what the Types were about - also, I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say I was impressed by how you played for your first game, and I hope to see you in more games in the future. - Congratulations to the Elim team - @Wonko the Sane, @Elkanah, @Lemonelon, and @StrikerEZ - for your victory this game. - And finally, thanks to everyone else for playing. *I've talked about this before, but I think of 'balance' as being in two parts, which I call mean and variance - the mean is whether it's biased to one side over the other, and the variance is how easy it is it for one side to make a comeback after falling behind. So, I'd say this game was slightly Elim biased, but very unbalanced in the variance of the game, since the early game is very Elim biased, and that flips so the late game is very Village biased.
  12. You weren't the only one - I was kind of blindsided by how quickly everything moved, and if I'd realised that ahead of time, I'd probably have balanced the game fairly differently. But I'll talk more about that when the GM thoughts comes out.
  13. They had time. They had to have time. “Lemonelon is clearly guilty here,” DeTess said. “We should expel them, and then we can figure out what to do from there.” “Yeah, that sounds great. Let’s lynch Lemonelon.” Wonko said. DeTess glanced at Wonko. There seemed to be something slightly… off about him. He tried to use his Tineye abilities to figure it out… no, DeTess must have just been paranoid. One by one, they agreed Lemonelon had to be expelled, despite his protestations. Finally, they reached Abstrusity. They looked torn, looking at Lemonelon. "You're sure you're not one of the Thugs?" "Yes. Would I lie to you?" Lemonelon talked slowly, as if any sudden movements might spook Abstrusity into calling for his expulsion. Abstrusity looked around, indecision clear on their face. "What do the rest of you all think?" DeTess opened his mouth to make his case, to remind Abstrusity of why Lemonelon was suspicious, but he never got the chance. "You have to vote according to what you think is right." Elkanah said. "Yeah. It's your choice, at the end of the day." Wonko added, smiling. "Don't let any of the rest of us sway who you want to vote for." Abstrusity paused. "OK. I think we should expel Coda." Wonko's smile widened. "You know, that's a good choice. Let's expel Coda." Coda looked around. "Wait, what? Lemonelon's clearly the guilty one here, why are we -" Elkanah grabbed Coda by the nape of his clothing. "I've heard enough from this Thug. Let's get rid of him." With that, he physically picked up Coda from the back of his clothing, and, despite Coda's flailing attempts to get free, easily walked with him out the front door of the school, returning a moment later wiping his hands clean. "Now, I think there's one more thing to get to." There was a stillness in the room as Wonko walked up to DeTess. Elkanah slowly walked around the edge of the room, watching DeTess like a cat watches a mouse. Sart and Abstrusity stood still, seemingly frozen by the sudden change in fortune. "You've caused a lot of trouble for us, you know." Wonko said. This entire time, the smile had never slipped from his face. "You nearly had us, right there at the end. You nearly took from us that which we rightfully deserved." Wonko kept talking, and Elkanah kept walking around the room - it was getting harder and harder for DeTess to keep an eye on both of them at once. "It was you, then? You murdered El, and Straw, and all those others?" Wonko smiled. "Of course not. You did. Or at least, that's the story that the headmaster will hear. We're simply doing our civic duty in making sure that you couldn't hurt any more of us poor students." "But, you don't have any actual ability as a Tineye, do you? That's why you needed to cheat your way in." Wonko smiled. "Not yet. But on behalf of my comrades, I'd like to thank you for your sacrifice." DeTess looked confused at him for a moment. Wait... where was Elkanah? Even as she had the thought, she felt the dagger go straight through her chest. No, not quite a dagger... a spike, of some kind. As she slowly collapsed, she felt it... draining her, as her abilities as a Tineye seemed to get absorbed into the Spike. "A steel spike, for absorbing Tineye abilities. You should be honoured. So far as we know, you may be the one of the first people since the Ascendance to have had this ritual performed on you. Just know that your powers, your beautiful abilities, will not go to waste. I'll be sure to use them very well." That's all DeTess saw before she lost consciousness. Wonko pulled out the Spike and ramming it through his own chest. Throughout the process, he had never stopped smiling. Coda was expelled! They were a Tineye Student. Vote Count: Lemonelon(3): DeTess, Elandera, Coda Coda(4): Abstrusity, Lemonelon, Wonko, Elkanah Elandera(1): Sart With that, the Elims have won the game! It's three on three, which means they could force a draw next cycle, meaning a villager and an Elim would die in the lynch and a villager would be killed the same day, leading to an Elim victory. GM thoughts to come in a day or so. GM Spreadsheet Thug's Lair (Elim Doc) The Almost Students (Dead Doc) Worried Parents (Spec Doc) Role Types: Boring Tineye: They scan correctly every cycle. If it’s a Student, they scan the player as a Student. If it’s a Determined Thug, they scan the player as a Determined Thug. Tinlie: If it’s a Student, they scan the player as a Determined Thug. If it’s a Determined Thug, they scan the player as a Student. (Sidenote: These were originally called Anti-Tineyes, but Abstrusity came up with a better name for them, so I'm using that. ) Confused Tineye: The result of the scan will be either Student or Determined Thug at random with equal probability. Naive Tineye: The result of the scan will always be a Student. Cynical Tineye: The result of the scan will always be a Determined Thug. Dawdling Tineye: The first cycle's scan is random. Every subsequent cycle, the result of the scan is the alignment of the player you scanned the previous cycle. Player List:
  14. And that's the cycle, and the game! The epilogue will be up shortly.
  15. Way to strike fear into a GM's heart. Just an error, that's been corrected. Also, it's a bit hard to vote on a dead player.