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  1. Meta's traditionally been God of Death - I added God of Creation to that as well since it worked in that precise moment - for without Meta, who brought forum Mafia to the Shard, there would be no Wilson, or Orlok, or Maill as we recognise them. But it didn't really stick, and I wasn't all that consistent with it in the RP I did that game, so I just muddied the waters, which I regret - if there's ever a game like that again, I'll make sure to be much more consistent about whatever I choose to do, but in the meantime... God of Death is a fitting title for Meta.
  2. Well, I was operating under the assumption that when you were lying you had a purpose behind it, as opposed to just lying for the sake of it when it wouldn't matter anyway. I won't make that mistake again.
  3. Well done to @DrakeMarshmallow! When you announced your intentions at the beginning of the game, I was thinking "Everyone's going to be wise to that now, no-one will trust him". Ha. Well played. And @Butt Ad Venture, was this your first time as an Elim? You did a really good job, considering that your teammates were dropping like flies around you - you weren't even on my radar. EDIT: Also, everyone should read the Jail Doc the whole way through. It's not long, and Alv enjoyed himself.
  4. Sorry Elandera. You had really poor luck with finding Mistings to kill for conversions this game. You got me. I've been undone at the final hour - and I'd have gotten away with it too if it weren't for that meddling Rathmaskal.
  5. That's fair, Drake. I was thinking after Fura's Ledger was redirected that I'd probably have been suspicious of me, too. About the Kidpen lynch, I don't think it's as simple as saying "The Eliminators could have just bribed the vote away from Kidpen" - we saw that happen with Alv being saved, and that resulted in just about everybody wanting to lynch Alv the next cycle. I think they must have realised that, and decided to cut their losses by framing me. I don't know why they moved the Ledger onto Kidpen of all people - my suspicion is that if they moved it onto a player that didn't die that cycle, that would just continue to extend the chain indefinitely which would be worse in the long run. This is where I hope those with knives can start dealing with inactives, but I think there has to be enough posts done at this point to get readings of the alignments of people based on their opinions on the Constables Cycle 1/2, their views and interactions with Alv, Kidpen and Rae - there's more out there than just lynching inactives. And besides, if I were an Elim, then you'd just have to start doing that next cycle anyway.
  6. Right. It's worth mentioning that Burnt was strangely quiet about their role (or, as it turns out, their lack of one) - they made it clear this cycle that they had no intention of roleclaiming to anyone. I have a suspicion that the Inquisitor might have been one of Burnt's PM buddies, noticed that, and guessed that Burnt was a powerful Misting, maybe even the Mistborn, hence the kill attempts on her two different nights. Which... doesn't narrow down the playing field all that much. But I think that from Fifth's list (and including Fifth themself), that leaves Hael, Doc and Fifth who I know had PM's with Burnt, and Elandera and Stink who may or may not have had active PM's with Burnt, I don't know. Doc I trust - while they've said/done some suspicious stuff, their behaviour just doesn't match up this game with how I'd expect an Inquisitor Doc to make in the same situation. Fifth, I also trust, to a lesser degree mostly because of paranoia. Stink is the mystery of the bunch, and his playstyle makes him extremely hard to read, but when he's around he seems to be generating his own special Stink-flavoured brand of fun, which I don't think he'd need or bother to do so much if he were the Inquisitor, so I doubt it's them as well. Which leaves Hael and Elandera. Which, for me, is a really tough choice. Hael, I personally distrust more, mainly due to process of Elimination, but most of the people I talk to, including Burnt, seemed to think they've been acting fairly villager-y. Elan, on the other hand, has been going against the grain quite a bit in terms of reads and of opinions in thread, and I think the Inquisitor probably wouldn't do that? But then, I wouldn't put it past Elandera for that to be a deliberate tactic to seem like a villager for that very reason, given that they didn't have to worry about incriminating their teammates or any other team dynamics. Overall, I think I trust Elandera slightly less, but that's a placeholder vote that I might change when I have more time to do analysis tomorrow (I felt like I should make some effort to do analysis in both games tonight).
  7. When? And did you disclose this to the thread before and I just missed it?
  8. That was a brain fart - you just said you were manipulated onto Drake, and I just parsed that to mean action and not vote for some reason. I'm too tired for this... And daggers that are used to kill someone get passed to a player that voted on the stabbed person, right? Or if there are no votes on that person, it gets passed randomly, IIRC? So I thought that they wouldn't end up on the black market either way. Either way, though, I want to know know why Snip no longer has that Dagger.
  9. I... huh. I did not expect that. So, the ledger is Elandera's, they claimed that last cycle. And the two ledgers were there last cycle. So Join the Alleyverse was either Devotary's or Rae's. If Rae had it/it was in Eliminator hands (I'm assuming Rae's an Elim here since the flip chance was extremely small) - then I struggle to believe it wouldn't have been used by now, since the Alleyverse dagger has been out of commission for several cycles. (In fact, last I heard I thought it was still in @Snipexe's hands - did you use the Dagger or did you pass it on, and when, Snip?) Devotary holding/hoarding the dagger makes more sense - they're a villager, and a kill without an alignment reveal isn't especially useful. Finally, Drake's vote was manipulated onto Rae and someone manipulated Fura's action onto Drake? I don't think that's a coincidence, though I'm not sure how they're related exactly. What was your action, Fura?
  10. Apologies for the double post, but there's a change of vote, so I want to make sure it gets seen. I saw Devotary's post after I posted, and I'm inclined to agree with her logic. Hemalurgic Headshot, Elandera. If Devotary is evil, I will be really annoyed with myself.
  11. Oh... Oops. Yeah, sorry that this is the last hour before rollover. Let's see between Fifth and Rae - I remember being pretty neutral about Fifth and somewhat village leaning on Rae, but let's see. So, Rae gave a rundown of every player here: That list seems fairly NAI, and while I agree with most of it, it doesn't come out as pandering or trying to avoid attention either. Fifth didn't provide much of an explanation for their vote either, besides that he'd vote for Fura and/or Drake instead if they weren't cleared. Speaking of Fifth... there doesn't appear to be much of a case there either. "They sound village but I'm not 100% convinced" is also not a convincing argument. Some of the discussion in earlier cycles - particularly Cycle 2, I haven't really taken in, so I'd like to do some analysis of that - unfortunately, I don't think there's time this cycle. Honestly, if this is what the lynch is down to this cycle, I'd rather lynch an inactive over no lynch, so Hemalurgic Headshot - they haven't posted at all recently (1 post in the last week), but have been online. Their last post did mention that they'd had a lot of trouble keeping up, which I can empathise with, but it's still worth making sure they're not just lurking.
  12. Hmmm... That's disappointing - as Burnt said, the odds are high that a Misting will die tonight, which means that next cycle is the last cycle we can catch the Inquisitor before they have the ability to convert again. (I'm actually not all that convinced that the Inquisitor converting again would be a bad thing - that way we can search for interactions and the game can be a bit less of a lost cause for the Inquisitors.) Also, sorry I wasn't around much basically at all this day turn, I just got busy/tired. I should be more active from hereon out.
  13. I'm fairly suspicious of those who are voting on me, since I can basically be hard-cleared this cycle or next cycle when Fura or the next ledger holder closes the circle - it's quite possible that the Elims don't want a trusted group of 5 hardcleared players, or as close to it as possible, running around, and I don't blame them. Of them, Kidpen seems to be the one who's already got votes on them for both that and other reasons, and looking at the arguments and at Kidpen's history, I'm inclined to agree. I think I mentioned it already, but if I didn't, I bought it from the black market C1.
  14. Right. I'd hoped to have another list prepared of who I'm clearing and why, but I wanted to get it out this Cycle and I don't feel like going through in the amount of detail I wanted to, so here's a quick rundown of my thoughts without having gone back through players posts or providing any actual analysis - green indicates I trust those players, orange indicates I'm not prepared to clear them, and red is I'd like them Coinshot or lynched ASAP. I intend to do the list properly, which might see a couple opinions change, once I'm properly awake, since it's 2:30am and I have school tomorrow. Haelbarde (Spar) Burnt Spaghetti (Opal Ghetti) Snipexe (Cutting Bored) Araris Valerian (Hadrian Penrod) Lumgol (Teraval) shanerockes (Bill) Doc12 (Galen Aurette) Elandera (TBA) Fifth Scholar (Lerdar) Devotary of Spontaneity (Nevene) Rathmaskal (Rebelmaskal) Sart (TBA) STINK (Fonar Redacted) The other thing I want to bring up is that if the Inquisitor doesn't kill a Misting tonight, it may be worth killing a Misting in the lynch tomorrow, for all the reasons discussed way back in Day 1. Looking for a lone Inquisitor is frankly not a very interesting job, and pretty demoralising for the Inquisitor too.
  15. I'm actually more inclined to agree with Snipexe on this one - from a meta perspective, the level to which you're pushing for Drake's appointment is kind of mayorish - with the possibility of the game being less fun because of it. I don't mind voting on Drake, since I know they're a villager, but I feel like it could be crossing a line to push too hard for others to do the same. I know this is maybe hypocritical coming from me - I made a similar statement at the end of turn 3 to Drake about if Rae dies, but I was disappointed with Burnt and El dying early, and didn't want Rae to die too by vote manipulation, as well as being a very spontaneous decision in the madness that was going on then. People play SE for all kinds of reasons, and focusing too hard on optimal play can do more harm than good.