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  1. From memory, the only Wyrm game I played in was LG28, and I died Night 1 there, so... I'm too tempted not to sign up for this. (Also, by the way, Wyrm, the commentary beside the signup names cracked me up.) Jendred considered himself an enterprising figure. Eighth son in line to his house, it was unlikely he'd get much of an inheritance from there (not without a long string of unfortunate accidents, anyway), but Jendred had no intention of becoming a small footnote in the history books. A competition like this could be his chance. High risk, high reward, who knows what hanging in the balance - Jendred may even find himself enjoying this...
  2. Thanks to DA and Joe for running this game! I enjoyed it a lot. Also, congrats to the spirits for your victory - especially after Aanden and Karata were killed/converted in the same night, the village didn't stand a chance.
  3. OK, it seems like I'm going to die, so... ideally, I'd like another Baron to confirm everything said here just to make sure Fifth isn't in cahoots with one of Alv or Terminal. @I think I am here. - have you put your action in this cycle? (Sorry to nag you, but I think your scan results could make or break the game for the villagers, and the more scans you reveal, the easier it will be to find out if you've faked one - I'd go for the Wildmen.) Everyone's going to ignore this this cycle, but for next cycle, once you know I'm a villager. Assuming Dashe hasn't been converted (and therefore has no reason to lie), there are two Independent Spirits - currently - I'd consider a Fifth-Terminal pair being suspicious. (Actually, yeah, Terminal - that way, you might get useful information if Terminal survives, or if they flip village.) - Failing that, depending on Meta's role tonight, I'd vote Devotary, followed by Drought, who PM'ed me and who I'm generally leaning towards being a villager. I want to work on a final RP for Kaido for the rest of this cycle (I never wrote the RP where he realised his son died), so hopefully I can get that out before rollover, or in next cycles writeup if Darkness and Joe prefer. If Dashe has been converted... Lynch Dashe, obviously, but I'd be looking in the Wildmen, since the Spirits have almost certainly got a mole in the Wildmen to try and find Shaor. And... good luck.
  4. @Straw and @Walin- You've both been online recently, and if my process of elimination is correct, you both started the game as Barons. Can you confirm whether the Barons have ever healed Alvron or MetaTerminal, and if not, place a vote on one of those two for being a Spirit and having survived being attacked due to the healing they get from conversion? @Droughtbringer - you still haven't responded, but have been online recently - do you have any thoughts to add?
  5. Dammit. Right. I'm sure I'm going to be lynched this cycle, which is disappointing, since I genuinely am innocent. I'm surprised at two Independents - one I'd expect, but I thought the Spirits would be targeting the Wildmen to try and find and convert Shaor. There's the chance that Itiah is converted, but I don't read it that way. Which means I'm going to have to go with Drought through process of Elimination - Fifth could have been converted last cycle or the one before that, but certainly not before then, so isn't the first of two. I read Devotary as good, though my paranoid self is starting to doubt that, and I may try and do an analysis of their posts before the end of the cycle. Coop is dead already. Meta I again saw as village, and I honestly can't see them being converted (though that might be an IKYK), and I know I'm not an Eliminator, leaving Drought - @Droughtbringer. If I had to pick a second... it's hard to say, especially since it might have been a convert from last night, but I'd guess Devotary or Meta, with the possibility of Fifth being converted last cycle. (Oh, and Dahad (or whoever the roleblocker role is) roleblocked me last cycle. That's fair, I suppose.) EDIT: Huh. I missed the number of attacks. And Steel/Dahad died. As did another Wildman. That's... not good, in the number of possible Shaors left, and no-one to stop the conversions. EDIT 2: Drought, Alvron. You are a Wildman, and started out injured. How did you manage to survive an attack? Did the Barons ever heal you?
  6. Hmmm... ish? I might push for it harder if CadCom flips Elim, since we'll know that by posting the Wildmen lynch, we're not narrowing down the list of possible Shaors for the Spirits. As for why I'm voting on CadCom, a couple posts (particularly their first vote of the last cycle, which felt to me a lot like an Eliminator who knew they'd almost won) felt very off to me, and it matches sentiments expressed by others independently, and historically, that's been a sign that I've been on the right track. On top of that, I feel like he would make a good convert, since it would allow the Spirits to have a spy in the Wildmen doc, and have someone to try and influence the vote in that doc (the effects of which I feel we're seeing a bit now.) OK, this is interesting - I have more votes on me now, but the only one that actually gives an explanation (beyond not being suspicious of CadCom) is Fifth, which I think I forgot to respond to. Some of my posts were exaggerated in tone last cycle, but that's because I was paranoid last cycle that the Spirits knew who Shaor was and were planning on converting him that cycle, ending the game. Since that hasn't happened, my paranoia has eased (slightly). As for me trying to pocket you... I have openly stated I trusted you, but I think that was backed up with very good reasons (namely, you led the lynch on Shqueeves, and couldn't have been converted the cycle after). So I feel my posts were justified, and I stand by them. This may be my last post before rollover, because my laptop doesn't have a lot of battery life left, so if I get lynched (and supposing the game doesn't end with Shaor's conversion), please look at CadCom and Drought as my biggest suspects.
  7. Fifth, I'd like that reasoning if possible - I do find it a little frustrating when I have someone voting on me and I have nothing to respond to. Lopen, Dashe scanned the Children, and found only one villain in that group. So, unless Dashe was also immediately converted in the first turn (which... would be fairly extraordinary if true), Dashe lied about the number of converts in the group, and then Fifth bussed Shqueeves, which seems to unlikely to be true. As such, I'm going to go with CadCom - I see your point, but I don't see any better candidates currently. If I were after an Independent specifically, I might go for @Droughtbringer, as someone who's neutral, but otherwise, I don't see it. (I trust both Devotary and Fifth at this stage, and MetaTerminal just seems like a new player to me. Actually - Coop got referred to as an Independent/Baron "ambassador". @Fifth Scholar - are you referred to as an "Ambassador" in your GM PM? And if there's an Ambassador for the Children, and an Ambassador for the Baron's, I'd be surprised if there wasn't an Ambassador for the Wildmen. Has anyone claimed as much in the Wildmen Doc? If so, (particularly if they haven't claimed as much to anybody), then they become a lot more suspicious to me.
  8. There's a Turn 5? *breathes a sigh of relief*
  9. Less a gut read, and more a process of Elimination - Karata was converted, and Elan is the only possible Karata. CadCom. I don't believe you, and I don't see a better candidate (well, besides Elandara, who's being lynched.) I give an 80% chance to there being a fourth Eliminator beyond Shqueeves, CadCom, and Elandara, since they might have wanted to save their conversions for later. I doubt there's a fifth (meaning, four alive now) - if there is, though, we've lost already. Hmmm... I'm good with revealing all the factions and Independents at this point (both as they were last cycle and as they are now), mainly because I suspect that the Village would gain more from that info at this point in the game compared with the Spirits. Quickly, going over the Independents: Fifth - Absolute Trust, at least for this cycle. Devotary - Moderate Trust, I'm getting a good gut read from Devotary. Bard - Hi. Drought - Neutral - if Maill reads Drought as suspicious, then I trust Maill's reads to a certain extent, but I personally don't see it. Coop - Neutral - On the one hand, Coop's posts Cycle 1 felt to... unfiltered to be from an Eliminator, if that makes sense - I think an Eliminator would be looking over their posts more. But they could have been converted since, so I don't know.
  10. ...Huh. OK, that's interesting. Re: The bodyguard, it doesn't seem like the redirection applies to conversion, so that's still a 50/50 toss-up just for that, and highly unlikely overall. But it's In regards to how suspicious I am of you... I don't know what to think, though if it were a choice between you and CadCom, I'm more suspicious of CadCom. But I'll have another look at this again when I have fresh eyes and it isn't 4 in the morning. I have to be honest, that definitely feels like a backtrack - to people in CadCom's doc I'd be curious to hear exactly when CadCom changed their mind - before or after I accused them in thread. I'm off to bed. Night, everyone.
  11. Oh dear. Two out of three leaders converted or killed in one night - I find it very likely this will be either the last or the second last cycle in the game, especially if they know who Shaor is, in which case, it's impossible for the village to win (more on this later). Elandara. (One quick note: as I understand the rules, Karata would also have been moved to a non-spirit doc, but that reads like a genuine mistake, not an attempt at manipulation.) I spied on a PM last night (yes, this is me claiming Independent) which had [Fifth - I'm 90% sure, unless Maill is even more trollish then I remember him] claiming to Maill that Elan is Karata - they should both be able to confirm this conversation when they both get online. Also, process of elimination says you're Dashe, Itiah - what were your scan results? (Normally, I wouldn't reveal your role like that, but I don't think it matters right now, and if you claim here in the thread - and if you say you are Dashe and no-one counterclaims that, it lends a lot more validity to your statement and does actually rule you out as a potential Karata.) First off, to dispel this rumour, Fifth revealed Shqueeves last cycle, so there's been one turn to convert him. Except, we know that they converted Karata last cycle, so unless Fifth is Karata (for reasons I've already stated, that's unlikely), Fifth could not have been converted last cycle, and is one of the few players we can trust absolutely this cycle. Now, Crimsn and CadCom's posts strongly read to me like Eliminators who know they're a cycle from winning, so are barely trying to hide it. Which, if they know who Shaor is, the village can not win. Actually, it's possible to put it up to a 50/50 coin toss/IKYK mania, depending on whether the Spirits target Shaor or the Bodyguard this cycle (leading to Shaor being unprotectable next cycle), and whether the Bodyguard correctly guesses who will be targeted, and even then, we would need to have no mislynches, and have the Wildmen attack the correct target over two different cycles, and have Aanden's gang heal Shaor in case the Spirits attack him and the Bodyguard is protecting themselves. So, basically, if they know who Shaor is, we've lost. Assuming I'm right, well played to CadCom and Crimsn.
  12. Oops. This is what happens when I craft a post over two different days - I forget what I said/did yesterday. (Thanks.) Lopen, Shqueeves I... huh. I could have sworn you did, that's really weird. I'm going out now - I'll figure out what I thought I saw and who said it when I get back. I was trying to get a post out quickly with plenty of time before the end of the cycle, and I guess that backfired since I didn't properly doublecheck everything as much. I haven't just escaped from an asylum, I promise...
  13. My assignment is all turned in now, so I should have a lot more time to devote to this. Apologies for not being here sooner. Also, a fair chunk of this was started yesterday, then I put it aside because I had other things to get done - discussion about this cycle is at the very bottom of the post. This post is fairly eclectic, since I have a bunch of mostly independent things I want to talk about, since that's just the mood I'm in. Sorry about that - if you need clarification on anything, let me know. Hmmm... Cadcom, a quick response - as a couple of people mentioned, I do think it's fairly typical for me to try and post a couple early reads as soon as possible. That's doubly true in a conversion game, as well, since I think it's important to have as many people's opinions and thoughts out on the table as soon as possible, so we can see where they change later, and whether that change is suspicious. (I had planned to urge others to do the same, but due to time restraints I didn't have time to, unfortunately, which could make the late game more difficult. Nevermind.) The fact that I voted against a Day 1 lynch instead of for it is highly unusual for me, but that's because the odds are so much lower due to this being a conversion game that I didn't feel this was worth it. I find Terminal's post much more concerning - immediately jumping on xinoehp after Shqueeves called xino out on not posting (speaking of which, Shqueeves, I haven't seen you post anything at all about your suspicions either, so I'd love to hear more from you), then immediately hopping over to voting on me after Cadcom's vote, and providing little or no reasoning either time apart from "I agree with what the person above me said". They don't seem to be on Wilson's Spreadsheet yet, so I'm assuming that this is Terminal's first game (if so, welcome to SE, Terminal. Glad you could join the madness - I look forward to stabbing you in the back sometime. ) As such, I think I'm putting that down in my head as being a new player. [Me from the future - I can't really see Terminal as a Spirit, so I disagree with Maill's choice of purple vote.] The other post I find immediately concerning is Coop's, particularly since I have a trust read on Maill. It seems like Coop was just in a hurry due to IRL stuff (I've certainly been there), so again I'm not going to treat this as too alignment indicative. However, I will say that from what you described, I don't find Maill's behaviour all that unusual or suspicious - I remember him having a reputation for being good at convincing other players to claim to him. I have a (slightly sore) memory of his final game before his hiatus, LG24, when he was leaving in the second or third cycle, and before he left, he tried to reveal the role/alignments of every player in the game. He wasn't perfect, but he was better than anyone had any right to be, IMO. [Me from the future - I basically agree with what Drought said about this as well.] Oh, and I went back over Steel's posts specifically with fresh eyes, and couldn't find whatever it was that made me suspicious of them - I'm putting it down to sleep deprivation. He's back to neutral on my reads list. I've gone back and looked at Elandara's posts, as well, since two people (Maill and BR) independently seem to have expressed suspicion of him. I don't really see it, but I intend to keep an eye on his posts to see if there's anything that strikes me as off from here on. A brief note on the number of converts we can expect - the Spirits have had the chance to convert twice, but there's a certain amount of advantage in converting late since it means that there's less chance for the Eliminators to have gotten picked off over time. On the other hand, more Eliminators early means more security to prevent an accidental early reveal, and more people to discuss strategy with. Depending on the experience of Raoden and Galladon, then I'd guess they've probably converted once. Speaking of which, here's a rough callout of people who I haven't seen post much in thread - @xinoehp512, @Walin, @Straw, @I think I am here., @Shqueeves, @ElephantEarwax - if you could, could you please post something about who you're suspicious of, and who you think you trust? For now, I'll vote on Lopen as a pokevote. This is where I stopped yesterday, mainly because I felt like my post wouldn't be that useful without some idea of at least one person who I was suspicious of, and I honestly couldn't find anything that struck me as suspicious yesterday. Luckily, I have two more suspicions from todays content. First, Shqueeves. Even if it's wrong, we still get leads, since in meant Fifth or Fifth's contact/group is lying, which is useful information to find a Spirit either way. Second, BR. Something about their post this cycle where they give reads of everyone feels off. Specifically, the posts I find village or neutral gave off the sense of not knowing a large chunk of information and was trying to figure it out, and this didn't give me that sense. Then again, they're also one of the most active posters, which makes me hesitant to vote on them, since they're one of the big drivers of conversation, and there's just more chances for her to write something that seems suspicious to me or anyone else. I'm keeping an eye on her posts, though.
  14. Hmmm... I like to live dangerously - to avoid vote shenanigans by Raoden, assuming this counts for anything whatsoever, and that I'm not about to die, Joe. As for the other players up for the lynch: Steel - probably my most likely candidate due to a gut read, but I don't especially want to lynch him this cycle until I figure out why - maybe next cycle. Slight Elim. Kidpen - Voted on Joe - I got the sense that Kidpen didn't have any reads he wanted to act on, and was just mucking around until he got a better idea. Very, very slight village. Elandara - "Weird vibes" from BR - fair enough, I suppose - I didn't see anything like that, but when I reread, I'll keep an eye out on Elan's posts. Neutral. Drought - Inactive vote - as good as anything, I suppose? Still, Drought can be an active player depending on what he's got on IRL, so I'd like to hear him post at least something first. Neutral.
  15. That's fair. I've sat down to type out a response three times now, and three times I've had something interrupt me IRL. Also, after tomorrow midnight (AEST time, so about 32 hours from now), a major assignment of mine I'm working on will be handed in, and I'll have a lot more time to devote to this. I'm also against Maill's plan to reveal the players, for a lot of similar reasons as what people have said here before, but also because, even if everything goes exactly as Maill says and we catch Raoden and Galladon, it might happen at the expense of fun. It definitely won't be fun for Raoden and Galladon, who, especially if they're part of the Independents, will get caught out without any chance of being able to try to defend themselves, nor will it be especially fun for the villagers - after the initial "hype" (I can't think of the word I want) for the plan, quickly becomes kind of formulaic and uninteresting for them as well. Admittedly, with the conversion in play, the second half of the game would still be much more interesting trying to catch the converts, but I'm still not enthusiastic about that plan. Also, I remember MR14 - I kind of think lynching Joe is a bad idea... Failing this, I've read the thread, but I haven't done it thoroughly enough to get any solid reads out of it, especially on Cycle 1, and especially in a conversion game where there are only two Eliminators to start out. I hope to reread the thread after tomorrow night and see if I spot anything particularly unusual. In the interest of saying something useful, though, I'm going to say I have a tentative trust on Maill for now, as his plan seems like a villager-y way of getting potentially alignment-indicative information out of people (which, if I read him correctly, was probably more his intent than treating his plan as anything serious anyway.) I've also marked down in my head that I want to read Steel's posts carefully in particular, since something about them seems slightly off to me, but I'm not sure if that's just my clutching at straws, whether Steel's an Eliminator, or whether this is a kinda-but-not-really-a-faction-game. (It's probably the first, but I hope to see if I can pin that down more firmly on the reread, and point to something specifically that Steel can defend himself from.) Kaido saw ranks upon ranks of Hoed in the room, half comatose, but occasionally thrashing as though to ward off their own demons that no-one else could see. Slowly, he paused in front of each one, heard their mumbles, and made the sign of Domi for them, before passing on, and doing the same for the next person down the line. The other person looked at him. "Why do you bother?" "Everyone else has abandoned these people - someone must remember them, and pray for them." There was another reason, of course, which he didn't say, but breathed a sigh of relief when, several hours later, he had finished praying for the entire group. His son. His son was not with the Hoed. Not here, not yet, at least.