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  1. Yeah, I have to admit, my evidence is entirely anecdotal - the last two MR's both had to extend signups in order to get enough players, and a lot of GM's have just seemed frustrated that they didn't have more players. I'll look at the MR numbers to see if there's a general downward trend in those games. OK - so the player count hasn't so much been decreasing as there was a precipitous drop recently - that may or may not be statistically significant. I know if I had a choice between an MR and an LG when signups are at the same time, other things being equal, I would be more likely to go for the LG. And as a general rule, LG's tend to have fancier shiny new mechanics more often than MR's do as well, which is also a draw, and may be why the LG numbers haven't declined as much. And because I want to see if the drop in numbers is matched elsewhere, and to be a completionist, here's the QF numbers from the last year. So 'the drop' seems to apply to the QF's as well (though not as much), and possibly the LG's, depending how/where you draw the line. Since it is just the last 3 months or so, I'm willing to chalk it up to randomness for now and see if the trend continues.
  2. A few new players, a few returning players, and a couple interesting mechanics... Bleh. I really want to play this, but I'm running the next QF, and I don't have time to do both. Sign me up for the spec doc, please. (Sorry, this looks really interesting.)
  3. Yeah, I was going to say something similar to what Jofwu said - I think there's a theory out there (I don't believe it's been confirmed) that says we've only ever seen one 'line' coming from a given object because of Cognitive Realm stuff, where the object being Pushed/Pulled perceives itself as one object, so you would only be able to push-pull the object. It's a really neat idea, though - if it were some sort of elevator specifically designed to have two metal plates on the top and bottom, it might work? Actually... how much torque would this produce? You're Pushing the top and Pulling the bottom, so my 'elevator' idea wouldn't work either (at least not one I'd want to stand on), since it would end up spinning wildly as it rises.
  4. mafia championship

    Thanks. It's not allowing me to vote, though. It says "34 members have voted", so maybe it's reading that I already voted last year and won't allow me to vote again? I'm not sure.
  5. mafia championship

    So, historically, this would be the point where we put the candidates who've said they could do it up for a vote - I think that's @Furamirionind, @Elandera, @A Joe in the Bush and @Devotary of Spontaneity (to clarify, Devotary, do you accept the nomination or not?). If @Fifth Scholar, @Alvron or @little wilson could get the poll up and running, that would be great.
  6. Ha. That was incredibly fun - I definitely think that someone should run more meta games in the future (I don't know if Joe and Gaea have plans for it - with Joe's wrap-up it doesn't sound like it, but I hope so). Getting to play dress-up for a little while was fun. Part of me had a bit of RP planned for if @Fifth Scholar died and I was the last remaining mod/god character, which I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to see to fruition, though. (They just had to vote and be active every cycle as well, so I wouldn't be tempted into nudging that particular ambition along... ) And yeah, that was just incredibly bad luck on the Eliminator's part - Roadwalker might have been relatively cleared after the Day 1 lynch, because usually 2 Eliminators up for the lynch is quite rare - frankly, I decided to kill them more a a partial inactive and a way of moving discussion back into what I saw as more useful territory than out of any genuine suspicion - it was just bad luck. It also put Devotary's vote in a much more suspicious light. IIRC, this was @May I suggest The Only Joe's last game before they head out on their mission. I think I speak for the community when I say we'll miss you, and that we can't wait for you to come back in 2 years time. I remember your first game in LG29 when you seemed like you had a lot of potential, so decided to convert you to my team - I think you more than lived up to that potential, in that game and in every game since. Good luck.
  7. I was specifically told I was roleblocked on Night 2. (Compared to Night 3 - initially, the GM's forgot to tell me what happened, hence the initial confusion, and I was later told I was redirected to Itiah, who was an invalid target.)
  8. I killed Itiah, so the Eliminators must have killed Lumgol, which seems like a strange choice (perhaps they thought Lumgol was unlikely to be protected?) For those trying to keep track for their wincon, I too am not yet Joe. Walin - at this point I think we're just running down all the potential candidates left who aren't absolutely cleared, unfortunately - you didn't miss all that much, Ada.
  9. 1=Elandera 2=Xinoehp 3=Fura 4=Rand 5=Steel 6=Itiah 7=Fifth 8=CadCom 9=Lumgol 10=Araris 11=Aman 12=Walin Using Ada's code from Cycle 2 - my first post to you, count the number of letters in where this letter is found (o2 is the second time o appears) - that's the person I'm referring to. Spaces not inclued in the count. Ada, I'm currently planning on killing o2, but if you have prefer, I'd be open to killing e. Arand, I'm currently planning on killing a, but if you prefer, I'd be open to killing e. (I'm guessing you might want me to kill s, but unfortunately that's not possible this cycle.)
  10. mafia championship

    Thanks for the nomination, Fifth, but I definitely do not have time. I would like to second(/third) Fura, Devotary and Joe, however.
  11. Eh, I wasn't planning on claiming because I didn't think it would achieve all that much, but I think my hand is forced if everyone wants me to. I'm the Contribution Crusader. I killed Kidpen yesterday, since they were both borderline inactive and fairly suspicious. The reason I didn't kill the two nights previous to that is because I was roleblocked Night 2 (attempting to kill Drought, which I'm still inclined to put down to a now inactive Vashikaran, though I'm less confident than before, since 6 Eliminators seems unlikely - if this is because of you, could you please speak up?), and redirected to an invalid target Night 3 (from Drought to Itiah, who posted more than 5 times that cycle - this is from Xino's redirect), both of which I announced publicly in thread at the time. There's one more thing I should probably add about my role, but for reasons that should become clear, I want to wait until the night turn to do so. Honestly, I don't know what's up with the convert. The one thing I can think of is if Alv was hoping that he would be lynched Day 4 once it was revealed he was lying about his role, but intended to convert his strongest opponent Night 3, a night after everyone thought the convert was made, thereby making that player most likely to be trusted to the end of the game. That's really heading into mad hatter paranoia territory, so is almost certainly wrong. I think I'll leave my vote where it is for now - for one thing, I can kill Snipexe (or Walin or Itiah) tonight, while Araris only needs to post one more this cycle to be immune to my kill. For another thing, I don't think there's that much more evidence against Snipexe than there is against anyone else - I don't see any reason Snipexe would lie about being redirected even if they were a Spammer (though I may have forgotten some of the precise details with Snipexe, since I've been busy and they weren't really on my radar.)
  12. Yeah, I'm inclined to think this might be the vig, in which case, the last Elim is likely inactive. On a coin flip between Araris and Walin, I'm voting for Araris. Ideally, I'd like to hear a bit more from @Araris Valerian, @Walin and @I think I am here., and probably a few others I've forgotten.
  13. ...OK, what is going on. I have a correction to make. I saw my action hadn't gone through, but I didn't know why, and the GM's had gone offline. I thought that, like Night 2, it was simply because I had been roleblocked, and I'd targeted Drought, so I posted to the thread with the information I had. Joe got back to me when they came back online (which I saw just now), and my action failed because I'd been redirected to Itiah, due to a peculiarity of my role. @I think I am here., guess it was me who targeted you yesterday. Sorry, I didn't realise that until now. So... What the storms happened with the redirects last turn? List of redirects: Fura: ? -> Drought Bard: Drought -> Itiah Snip: CadCom -> Xino I can't spot any pattern here - unless there's some sort of big loop where my target was given to Fura, and Fura's was given to Snip, or something, but I'd be interested in hearing anyone else who was redirected to try and figure out this mess. In the meantime, Drought, since it does look like I may have jumped the gun. Did you target Fura and I yesterday? This doesn't look like a SookeSiled action, since all of the people who mentioned the redirection sent in orders. It's too chaotic for a villager to have used it, I think, so I'm inclined to believe it's the Spambot convert action that caused this (at least in part). EDIT: Ha, @Furamirionind, you have impeccable timing - poke-voting me just as I was putting the finishing touches on my post.
  14. I was roleblocked for the second time (presumably by the Vashikaran). However, I targeted @May I suggest The Only Joe both Night 2 and 3, so there's a slight possibility that that player is immune to my action, either as a village role or as a second Vodiyehi. In either of those cases, however, I would have thought the Vashikaran/Vodiyehi would have sent in a kill action, not their role action. Droughtbringer, I want to know if you have any insights into this.