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  1. Another dead body. Relax, Jancey. Get through it. You can't keep freezing up like this... You can do better than that. You have to do better than that... There are Darkfriends among you, and your inaction could be the change between victory and defeat. There was shouting in the streets, as people began ganging up on each other. One grizzled older figure (Furamirionind) tried to encourage a discussion, and was immediately shouted down with cries of "Darkfriend!". "Who's the Darkfriend? Which side are you on?" someone yelled at him. Jancey paused. He wanted to think, wanted to consider, but there was no time... "If I had to choose, I think Fifi (BrightnessRadiant) is a good choice. Their tone seems too offputting - I sense the way they say things aren't genuine, but a way of trying to allay our suspicions." "If I had to choose anyone else as a potential candidate... I would need to think very carefully about our Eastern friend, Mr Mundy (Hemalurgic Headshot) - he hastened to call our veteran friend Keisa (Furamirionind), who I trust, a Darkfriend, and the way he did so felt strangely... opportunistic. I'll have to think about this further, though." (Gah. I've completely dropped Jancey's speech patterns. I really want to scrap it and start over, but I'm about to go out, and I don't want to go *three* days in a row without voting, so... never mind. Hopefully this might be easier to understand at the very least, which is something I was worried about with Jancey's distracted voice.)
  2. (This post was started in Day 2, but I wasn't able to finish it in time, mostly due to being tired and distracted, and mistiming when I'd be able to get back on to finish it. My apologies. The fact that I'm writing in RP, which I'm less comfortable and familiar with, is also a factor. There was also one half-finished section (which I've deleted because it's no longer the day turn), where I was going to place a vote on Fifi/Brightness Radiant. Also Steel, I couldn't find a way I liked to slip this into the RP, but... yeah, I'm posting entirely in RP this game, which I announced in my signup.) Night 1 Long after the sun had set on Jancey's first day in Fal Dara, Jancey was escorted into some kind of utilitarian barracks. Restlessly, he turned around on the rough mattress, trying to find some way to sleep comfortably. After several fruitless minutes of this, Jancey sat up, looking around at the other companions in the barracks, all snoring soundly. May as well go for a walk - see if I spot anything unusual. You'd probably have the best chance of catching a Darkfriend at nighttime, anyway. Softly, Jancey shuffled into a pair of fluffy slippers - an item that he was now very glad he'd brought with him from Cairhien, and softly moved towards the door. With a gentle push, he tried to open it to the cold air - and failed at the door moved half an inch, and then stopped. Jancey frowned, pushing harder. The door moved outward another half inch - barely enough to peek through the crack in the door to the other side. There was some kind of bar against the door, fixed against a bracket in the wall. Whoever it was, they'd wanted to stop people - wanted to stop Jancey - from moving around that night. Jancey released the door, and it slid back closed. Frustrated and tired, he lay back down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Day 2 "How do people sleep on those beds?" Jancey asked, to anyone who'd listen. "You may as well try sleeping on rocks - I think they'd be about as comfortable. Actually, maybe quite a few animals do sleep on rocks - that seems rather silly of them - why would they do a thing like that? I don't think -" And that's when Jancey saw the body. A boy with golden eyes, corpse guarded by wolves that seemed to snarl at those who came too close. Jancey recoiled, toppling backwards into the grass, in a way that probably would have seemed comical under different circumstances. Slowly, his skull began to throb, as it felt like someone had a vice around his skull and was beginning to tighten the screws. His vision began to waver, the world in front of him falling out of focus, and seeming to slowly lose all its colour. Cairhien - Eight years ago Jancey curled his fingers around the corner of the manor, and slowly, carefully, so as not to slip, shuffled his feet around the thin precipice. 3 stories tall and overlooking a fair portion of Cairhien, the view from where he stood was incredible. The manor itself was Jancey's parents, and was rich and ostentatious with several intricately detailed statues at the front. Jancey had heard whispers between members of the staff that his family didn't have the wealth to support this kind of place, but for the most part, Jancey ignored all that. That sounded like work, and made people all grumpy and annoyed. Jancey figured if he didn't think about things like that at all, he'd be able to be a happy person instead, and avoid becoming grumpy like everyone else. Faintly, Jancey heard his tutor calling his name from inside the manor, but he ignored it, slowly lowering himself down to sit on the ledge, legs dangling over the side. He knew he wouldn't be found out here - it was his own personal spot, where he got to stare out at the city and wonder about what all the tiny little people down there were doing. He stayed out for over an hour, just watching the sun drift lazily over the sky as people wandered through the town. Eventually, though, as the sun began to set, Jancey regretfully stood back up, heading back around to head into the empty bedroom window. That was no longer empty. "Jancey?" Jancey almost lost his grip, nearly plummeting down to the ground. At this height, the fall wouldn't have killed him, but it would have left him with bruises and scratches, and possibly a couple broken bones, that he'd rather not have to explain away. He turned around and saw his elder brother, satchel half unpacked on the bed. "Temril? I didn't know you were coming back." "It's nice to see you too, brother." His brother made a face at him, trying to lighten the mood a little bit. "You sure you don't want to come in from the window?" Jancey hurriedly stepped into the window, shutting it behind him. "Do you mind... uhhh... not telling Dad about that?" Toram chuckled slightly. "Your secret's safe with me." Jancey nodded back in appreciation. Toram paused. "You, uhhh, ... I hate to be the soulsucker, but know that you can't keep that kind of thing up forever." There was an ugly pause, that stretched on for several seconds. "So, how long are you staying for?" Jancey asked, his voice having a slight edge to it. Toram paused, then sighed. "A little under a week. Then I'm off to Tear to learn from the swordmasters there." Jancey nodded, taking that in. "Well, that sounds like fun. Good luck with that." There was another pause. "Well, I guess I'll see you around." "Guess so. Next time, you can come in through the door, OK?" "Fine... Spoilsport." Night 2 Jancey woke up, head dizzy, seemingly forgotten in the grass. He slowly raised his head, noticing that the last rays of the sun were beginning to darken. Well, on the upside, I might not be locked in tonight... Jancey slowly began to clamber up. Someone had killed that man with golden eyes, and maybe Jancey could, in some small part, find out who.
  3. ...I'm sorry, I guess I just... we were talking and then people were accusing each other of being a Darkfriend, and then people were accusing me of being a Darkfriend, and I'm not Forsaken, and I just didn't know how to react, and it all just got too much... Am I a Darkfriend? No... No, I don't think so? How do you tell? Am I acting strange? I don't think I'm acting strange... I'm too quiet? That was just... that's not normal, for me. If you told my parents I was being too quiet they'd probably ask how that happened and if you could do that more often... Normally I'm not like that - if you want me to talk more, I hope I can do that. I'm told I can sometimes talk a lot. Do I see anyone else acting like a Darkfriend? Ummm... I'm not sure... If I had to say, though, I guess I thought Fifi ( BrightnessRadiant ) was a little strange. I mean, yeah, she's a crazy old lady, but she's a little crazy even for crazy people, I think? I don't know. She seemed confused - that's not weird, I'm always confused, and there's a lot of weird people about (Why are you looking at me like that?) - but it felt like she was using her confusion as a cover so she'd be more active and say more without being at risk of implicating her Darkfriends. She also gives out advice that felt a little bit forced, as though she was trying to say something that would appear helpful, and the way she said it felt... strange. Huh. Darkfriends? That sounds kind of cool, actually - friends you have in the Dark, like a sleepover? That sounds like so much fun - you could play games, at the dead of night, because they're Darkfriends... What? I was just saying! ...Fine, I'll finish talking about Fifi... Her reaction to Exepins (Snipexe) being accused as a Darkfriend also sounded weird - it's sounded like she was already confident that Exepins wasn't a Darkfriend, and saying so ahead of time, while her Darkfriends (you don't think the idea of Darkfriends is at least a little cool?) weren't in any danger, she could gain some easy trust for being right. Then, later, she votes for Exepins, saying that she wants me to die less (thankyou, strange lady that I think is a Darkfriend!) - again, her actions don't seem too strange, but the way she says it seems a little bit strange to me, and feels like it's done to seem less suspicious to me and all of us. It's the kind of thing my father would find suspicious in that game of his.
  4. Ummm... OK, hi everyone. It's nice to see you all. I'm Jancey. You all... uhhh... don't think that we're going to do any... well... actual fighting, do you?
  5. (For those who don't know the setting, Fal Dara is in the Borderlands, and is a tough, heavy militarised zone, since it often has to fend off invasions from the Great Blight further north. Don't know if that will help people with character stuff at all. As for my character... Well...) Erm. OK. Hi. I'm Jandren Elnor Riatin, but you can call me Jancey. I'm kind of new here. My father signed me up here - he said a bit of 'military experience' would do me good. He says it's important for some kind of game - he tried to explain it to me, but I never really got it. I'm not... you know, actually expected to use a sword, am I? I... uhhh... kind of don't really like swords all that much. Or bows. Or anything that draws blood, really. You see, I, ummm... I kind of really don't like blood. Or fighting. But especially blood. It's just because when I see blood, I kind of get this strange feeling in my head, like a swarm of bees, and all of the colours in front of my eyes begin to fade out, and I hear this ringing and then I'm on the ground and people are around me asking what happened and I have this sick feeling in my stomach. I'm sure I can still be helpful, though! I can play a little music, though, if you like that. I have a lute. I mean, yeah, three of its strings are broken, and I can only really play two songs, but that's still something, right? OK. I've been saying since I started playing SE more (so, about 2 and a half years ago now) that I should RP more. I groan and mumble about it to myself, and then I ignore that advice the next game, and go back to doing things the regular way. As such, this game, I'm going to do something different. Every single post I make this game, I will be talking in character, for the entirety of the post, until the game is over. That's going to be doubly interesting with Jancey's style of tone, I think - still, that ought to make it all the more entertaining, if nothing else.
  6. Great thanks to Wyrm for running this game. It was great to practice my chops in being an Eliminator as well - it's been *ages* since I was once last. Also, congratulations to my teammates, especially Furamin... Furamirior... OK, I can't spell their name, but Fura did a fantastic job at being an Eliminator, especially for their first time. I'm probably going to be paranoid about them for the next games I play with them. Thanks to the village for being a stubborn opponent, particularly Orlok and Araris who really carried the village for the latter half of the game - to turn around what I felt was a sure victory. I think that's probably the biggest table turn back to the village I've seen, period, which is pretty incredible. I think I should have done a lot more to try and protect Gancho that cycle he died - that really seems to be the cycle where things turned against us. Also, if I were in the same situation again, I might try and kill Orlok a little earlier next time. EDIT: I forgot to post this, and Wyrm in the meantime has posted their wrap-up. That's... really, *really* fascinating. I picked up on some of that, but the whole aspect of making the story of the game a piece of a larger narrative picture is a fascinating one I hadn't really considered or seen before, and didn't pick up on during the game. (it seems obvious in retrospect, I suppose - I thought at the time you were just running out of interesting ways to write up the latest deaths, so chose to get a little creative for the sake of it. ) Now that I'm aware of that, I'd love to see that in future games, as it's a really intriguing idea. I (as usual) didn't get as much RP done as I wanted to, but that in particular really makes me wish I'd done more. As for the morality of Kelsier, and how that morality is interpreted after his death, I found that a fascinating read. I suppose the one part I disagree with is referring to Kelsier as Chaotic Evil - but that's probably because I've always found the D&D Alignment charts are kind of a bit too reductive for any meaningful conversation. Even so, I think while Kelsier was primarily driven by a very personally selfish goal of revenge, at least at the start of Mistborn, I wouldn't go so far as to describe him as a bad person, though maybe he is a person who did bad things (or, possibly, good things with bad reasons). The distinction, I think, lies in the ways that Kelsier channelled his anger. If his goal had simply been revenge, and nothing else, he probably could have achieved as much by simply wreaking havoc, and trying to stir up fear and paranoia in the minds of the various nobles due to his attacks. But his purpose seems to be more specific than that - he aimed to make sure that the person who sent him to the Pits and murdered his wife would never, ever, be able to do the same to anyone else ever again. So, to that end, I think he does fit more into the mold of the Marxist man-of-the-people that post-Catacendre society probably takes him to be, at least in some small amount, even though a lot of the details have been lost to time. The talk on religion was also fascinating, but... I don't have that much to add to what you've said, unfortunately. But thanks for that, Wyrm - that was one of the more interesting things I've read in a while.
  7. Ah, right, thanks. Fura, Araris. Hmmm... In order from least to most likely, through process of elimination: @A Joe in the Bush / @Aonar Faileas : They've both been inactive for most of the game, which I don't think they would be as Eliminators. A lynch on either of these two would also be pointless in terms of gaining information, since nobody would have any opinions on them. Araris: I read you fairly strongly as a villager, with the lynches you've made. Rath: I'm still paranoid about Rath, but I'm also aware that my paranoia is rarely helpful in finding Eliminators. Also, if Xino's an Eliminator, that would probably clear Rath in my mind, since Rath's been pushing for Xino hard. @Shqueeves : They've been posting infrequently, and are semi-active - enough to submit orders. They've asked a couple times if there's a Tineye still alive, which seems to indicate activity in PM's in the night turn. Shqueeves, do you have any thoughts on the game? Who are you suspicious of? Fura: The way they get strangely defensive about their actions - it could be a new player habit, but it seems suspicious to me. @xinoehp512 : The posts they've made seem highly non-committal (e.g. their last post before today that I could find - "I am suspicious of Rath and Ark, and approve the lynch of one of them." - considering they were the two lynch candidates that cycle, this post fails to say anything meaningful.) I'd say this was due to inactivity, but they are highly active on the Shard, and in the irregular posts they do make seem caught up on what's going on. As such, it seems to me like a way of appearing more active without actually posting. In their post today, they suggest there's only one Eliminator left (which we just don't know - I could see two), and it seems like they're trying to downplay the threat. Then, they again fail to provide any analysis, or even a vote. Xino, who do you find suspicious? So, of these people, I'd be OK lynching either Shqueeves, Fura, or Xino, I think.
  8. OK, sorry for not responding earlier. It looks like I'm going to get lynched this cycle, but I'll try and do my best to respond to that. I suppose I'll place a vote on Fura, as the only other lynch candidate this game. I was in a PM with them last night, and their response seemed suspicious to me. I quizzed them about their last minute vote of Gancho last cycle, and they seemed weirdly defensive about it. Looking back, it's a similar reaction to when Orlok asked them about their use of the word 'Spiked' - they put a strange amount of effort into defending themselves. (Note: I'm not saying that the use of the word 'Spiked' is suspicious - more on this later. I am saying the way Fura responded to that accusation was suspicious.) I would respond to the accusations against me, but... honestly, I don't see any particular reasons why I'm getting lynched. Rath, I did make an innocent mistake about when Orlok first said they were suspicious of Terminal, but that was a genuine mistake - even if I were an Eliminator, I don't see how that would remotely help me - I was protecting Orlok while I'd probably be trying to achieve the opposite if I were an Elim. There's also the fact that I use the word 'Spiked' in my posts, like the Tineye - honestly, I don't see this as a valid argument - I'll tend to adopt the words that something is described as for that game - you can go back to more or less any of my previous games and check that fact. I don't know whether the Tineye was trying to frame me or someone else by using that word, or if Fura's the Tineye, but either way, I'd rather not be lynched, potentially at the cost of the game, because of it. Of course gut reads are a thing, but... it's kind of irritating I don't have anything to respond to to defend myself - jumping on bandwagons without analysis or explanation is also an easy way for the actual Eliminators to hide. I also said I was suspicious of both Gancho and Jon before there was much suspicion on either of them - technically after Orlok posted the same thing, but I was working on that post independently of Orlok and wasn't influenced by that post when I made mine, or when I was trying to find who I was suspicious of. But... yeah. I think I know roughly how I act as an Eliminator, and I'm pretty sure this isn't it. I'll be on in about 5 or so hours time, if there are any other questions people want to ask me. I also (and this probably isn't the time to start sprouting controversial opinions, but I don't think it matters at this stage) think, looking back, that the suspicion of Rath dissipated really quickly after the Spiked Tineye message - part of me wonders if that was the intended purpose of the message. If it was a Tineye trying to get a member of the village killed, I feel their message could have been made a lot more convincing.
  9. Hmmm... I'm really sorry for not getting on earlier in the cycle - I was keeping tabs, hoping the Tineye would claim, but it really seems like that's not going to happen. Given that, I think that the Tineye message is probably an Eliminator - I don't feel at all confident on that, but unfortunately I feel like we're approaching the endgame now and I don't have any information to go off of, which is really annoying. And so I'm more inclined to view Rath as a villager than I was last cycle. There's still enough room for the Eliminators to do a last minute bandwagon on someone at the last minute, so I think I'll vote Gancho to try and make sure that doesn't happen. I need to put down a Praise vote, and between Orlok and Araris, I trust Orlok ever so slightly more right now, I think (also, if I vote for Araris, I think that would result in a tie, which is probably not a good idea this late in the game.)
  10. OK, I'm doing a quick reread back through the game to see if there's anything I missed, or that seems more or less suspicious now that we know the roles of a lot of the players. I haven't yet figured out how to quote across threads properly, unfortunately - if anyone could teach me the code to do that, I'd be very grateful - it would make things a lot easier the next time I do one of these. Since it's a night turn, I'm using red and green coloring to show the alignment of deceased players, and orange and blue for my predictions of players. Day 1: Some RP Snip says he's busy, Fifth pokevotes him to remind him to post. Between dead players - nothing to be gained. Fura votes on Fifth, saying it's "unfair to be voting on someone so soon after the game starts". They later put this down to their sense of humour - voting on someone early on the grounds that you shouldn't vote on someone early. I think this is NAI - they're a new player, and don't necessarily know the meta around here yet. Orlok and Joe vote on Fura, pointing out that pokevotes are perfectly common. Fifth points out this behaviour is not uncommon for new players, something I agree with. CadCom votes on Joe for bandwagonning. I see where this is coming from, but if Joe were an Eliminator, he'd probably be a lot more subtle about it than that, so I read Joe's vote as NAI, and possibly posting before he realised Orlok's post was there. Orlok expressed mistrust of Fifth for pocketing for the first time - something that he'll push much more strongly for in Day 2, so I'll discuss what that says about Orlok (if anything) there. More RP (I don't mean this to sound dismissive - I'm in a permanent state of wanting to do more RP - I'm just focusing on stuff that's potentially alignment indicative right now.) Devotary suggests a plan to smoke influential players, then pokevotes Ark. The smoking plan is supported by Steel pokevotes Nohadon. Steel dies that Night. Almost certainly a coincidence - the Elim kills do seem random, but I'm aiming to be thorough, so worth noting. Terminal posts. Supports a Day 1 lynch, doesn't vote on anyone. Advises caution on the Praise vote. Shqueeves pokevotes Snipexe, apparently via RNG. (This is the second vote on Snip, who ends up dying.) I express mild suspicion of Fifth, then pokevote Gancho. Itiah supports Fura. Gancho votes for Itiah - "I can offer no reason except my gut." Elandara does a votecount, then pokevotes Jondesu. Araris votes for Orlok. "I can't say that I have particularly good reasons for either, but it's D1, so that will have to be good enough." This is something that continues through to todays vote - it could be an elim trying to get rid of an analyser, but I see it more as a villager tunnelling. Ark votes on Snip, not citing a pokevote, but not elaborating on any other reason either. "I don't exactly have the msot accurate opinion, I've only been in two SE games, but that is my vote." Snip gets annoyed that he's going to be lynched via pokevote, votes on Ark for insufficient reasoning. Meta votes for Xino. I think this is most likely a distancing vote, though that might be me projecting my prior suspicion of Xino. They then praise Fifth - a safe, NAI vote, since a number of villagers had done the same thing. Aonar tries to engineer a tie as best he's able - is foiled in in tieing the Praise vote since he can't vote and praise the same person. Seems villagery (and Aonar-y) to me, but I haven't seen enough from Aonar to say. Points out that Praise, especially in the early game, probably isn't as important as people are making out, which also feels villagery. OK, from now on, if one dead villager comments on another dead villager (and nothing else of interest), I'm not going to note that down, else I'll be here all day. Orlok votes on CadCom, for their "analysis reading as contrived". CadCom's response: "Good! In trying to mix up my playstyle, that way when I finally get to be Elim, people don't know what to expect! I was trying to make it sound contrived!" - This does not go down well, and the lynch is added to by Fifth, Devotary, Xinoehp, Elandara, and Terminal. In self defence, CadCom votes on Snipexe, to no avail. ...OK, Chrome just crashed for me, and I lost a lot of work (I was most of the way through Day 2, and it only restored to what you see here, at the end of Day 1. As you can imagine, I am *really* annoyed right now, both at my laptop and myself for not backing up or doing this in an auto-saving Google Doc or something, but... never mind. Quickly, in response to Orlok - I agree with you about Jondesu and Gancho, however, Fura seems like a villager who's still trying to learn the meta to me. I also disagree about Rath, and probably will rewrite up that segment, at least - even if what happened at the end of Day 3 is ignored and written off, there is still a fair amount of other behaviour that makes Rath suspicious. In particular, what I was writing about shortly before it crashed was Rath making a post first saying that there was almost certainly an Eliminator in the bandwagon against CadCom Day 1 (something that mirrored what I said, however, my analysis was dependent on the next lynch candidate after CadCom, Snipexe, being an Eliminator. The Coinshot (presumably) had killed Snip the previous night, however, and revealed Snip to be a villager, and so there was no reason to expect that. On top of that, Rath leaves off Terminal in his analysis of who's most likely to be this Eliminator, which is highly suspicious (he cites Xino and Elandara as being the most suspicious) - he later tries to correct for this in a later post adding that Terminal's bandwagon could also be suspicious, which feels like him trying to walk back on his mistake. Currently, the people I find most suspicious (roughly in order) are: Rath, Xino, Jondesu, Gancho, and Shqueeves. Anyway, I'm not sure if any of this makes sense - I'll try and have my thoughts written down a bit more concisely and coherently (and focused more on those players I find suspicious and why) next cycle, I suppose.
  11. Hmmm... Araris, your point on Orlok is interesting, and my paranoia means I can't fully trust Orlok on anything. However, looking back, Orlok's been fairly suspicious of Terminal since more or less Cycle 1, which leads me to believe this isn't just Orlok bussing a team-mate, unless he really planned ahead. As such, I think it's better to try and vote for those who are far more likely to be guilty by association with Terminal, which, in particular, means Rathmaskal, for seeming to at first bus his teammate, and then turn around and try to save him when they realise they can tie the vote. As for my praise vote, Araris does seem to be very villagery this game. He's more active than I generally remember, but that's something that should be encouraged. Wyrm's writeup with the death of Terminal briefly scared me - the way it was suggested that the Spikes may have been implanted as a device to frame Terminal made me really paranoid about the existence of some kind of 'framer' role like from ToS, but I got confirmation from Wyrm that there are no secret roles or alignments, which is a relief. (Jon, that also means that there isn't a role that could have caused Elandara's death - it must have happened naturally.) Shqueeves' post Night 4 is interesting - they barely contribute in the thread, but then they ask in the Night turn whether there are still tineyes around, meaning he's presumably active in PM's. That could be a sign of an Eliminator trying to avoid posting alignment indicative posts in thread, though that's probably just my paranoid brain. @Shqueeves - do you have any thoughts on the game right now? Who's your top suspicion? Sorry for my thoughts being kind of all over the place - it sometimes feels like I can be active, coherent, or accurate, but never, ever, all three at once.
  12. I'm really, really sorry to everyone for not being active the last cycle or so - I got distracted and kept meaning to check back in, but something else always came up. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. OK, I'm pretty sure we're lynching Ark or Rath this cycle - I want to read over the thread properly since I've only skimmed the last day or so to confirm I agree with Orlok and others reasoning before I vote, though it seemed fairly solid on an initial reading, especially now knowing that Terminal was an Elim. Normally, I'd try and reread first so I was more certain of these things, but I want to post now or else I'm worried I'm going to get sidetracked again - hopefully, by posting now, I'll get in the right headspace again. Losing two of the more active members of discussion is really worrying - hopefully, I'll be around more from here on out, but we're seriously at the risk of this discussion turning into a graveyard right now. I feel like I haven't said anything useful yet, so I'm trying to go through the thread and find something to analyse that's a bit more productive... Xinoehp seems a little suspicious to me - bandwagonning on to the Terminal lynch at the last minute. His last post before that also seems to be wishy-washy about Terminal - possibly a mark of an Eliminator trying not to get their teammate killed, but trying to distance himself in case Meta is lynched - it also throws suspicion at Orlok without any kind of reasoning - possibly a way of trying to create mistrust in Orlok's reasoning, and possibly get a major analyser lynched. Huh. I got ninja'd by Rath who's also suspicious of Xino. I... really don't know how I feel about that - I'll try and figure that out when I wake up tomorrow.
  13. Could you elaborate on that, Gancho? Why do you feel suspicious about Ark? Steel, Araris Hmmm... Itiah - asking the Coinshot and Seeker to claim are red flags for me. Yes, it worked in AG3, but I can just as easily point to a game like LG12(?) where Rae had a vig role and relied on Burnt for advice, who was an Eliminator, and who got led astray as a result. Also, I strongly disagree that one of Orlok and Fifth would have to be an Eliminator like you suggest, and it feels like that thought process might be a way to get rid of one or both of the better analysers early on in the game. The fact that Orlok seems to find Itiah suspicious as well gives me a little more confidence that I'm not just tunnelling, as well. On top of that, I don't view Fifth as suspicious currently, so I'm happy to go along with it (part of me wants to vote for someone else so we don't end up giving the Praise vote to the same person multiple cycles in a row, but if I'd wanted to do that I should have gotten online earlier - I don't think there's time at this stage of the cycle.) As for Rathmaskal - it read to me like they were trying to do some genuine analysis - it didn't read like him trying to distract the village or anything like that. (Particularly since, given discussion today, there doesn't seem to be much to distract from - with luck, tomorrow will be more active.) And Ark... Is it just that Snipexe voted on Ark and then Snip died? That feels tenuous at best. Hmmm... Tonight or tomorrow, I'll try and go through and do a player by player, because when I do that my thoughts usually solidify at least slightly, and right now I just feel like I'm grasping at straws.
  14. My assignments are all done now, so hopefully that means I'll be able to contribute more now, though hopefully we'll get more people contributing than just those who have so far. I already mentioned last night what I thought of the whole CadCom lynch, and how that relates to the meta of SE. I feel like repeating those points here and continuing a fairly NAI conversation would be useless, though it might be worth bringing up in the meta discussion thread after the game is over. To me, it looks like everything said here was what Fifth and Orlok actually believe, so there's no game-relevant information to be gleaned there. Orlok seemed to think Fifth was being strangely hyperfocused on the lynch between the thread and PM's - I didn't particularly get that impression from the thread, and I don't have access to their PM's, so it's hard to say. There's an interesting effect in the rules - a Seeker can't tell when they get Roleless Noble whether it's someone who's been Smoked or whether it's an actual Roleless Noble. However, if a Seeker were to scan a Roleless Noble, and then, through some sort of collaboration, a Soother/Rioter tried to vote manipulate that person the next Day, then it can be confirmed whether a player is or is not being Smoked. As such, to the Seeker(s) (probably singular, but who knows) out there, if you scan a Village Soother or Rioter, I'd claim to them in PM's and set some sort of system up. Village Smokers, it might be better for you to not Smoke people, or at least be prepared to claim if a lynch train arrives on someone you Smoked, blocking a Seeker scan. As for suspicions... I now know that Snipexe is innocent, so my analysis from last night doesn't count towards anything. It could be an attempt to protect an Eliminator Orlok, but neither Araris nor Aonar's votes seem out of character for me, nor did Orlok's vote seem like a vote that had much chance of gaining momentum or needing a bandwagon to save Orlok from the lynch. In place of actual thinking and analysis, since it's 4 in the morning, I'll pokevote Steeldancer to do the analysis for me, since he said last night that he was going to post his thoughts later, and he hasn't done so yet. (I'll try and form an actual opinion when I'm awake tomorrow - I couldn't find anything that stood out to me looking at the thread - neither Devotary nor Snipexe posted anything that seems likely to cause an Elim to want to murder them, nor did anything else strike me as particularly off.) Since I need to give a Praise Vote, I'll Praise Araris, because they posted as I'm typing this and they seem to have decent points. Jendred leant against the lamppost, eyes slowly skimming over the paper. Seems like some of the competitors of the competition had gone and got themselves killed. That was just too bad - but, Jendred supposed, if they didn't know how to handle themselves, then that was their own fault. Plus, it meant less competition for him. With any luck, the rest of the competition would get themselves blown up too, leaving him an open pathway to that inheritance. Slowly, Jendred folded up the paper and began to stroll on his way.
  15. OK, two assessments down, one to go, due tomorrow night. I'm taking a break from working for a little while to catch up on this, though, especially since these kinds of things can be hard to catch up on. OK, that read like quite a bandwagon on CadCom at the end of the cycle, which makes me suspicious that the next biggest candidate for the lynch, Snip, might be a Spiked that their Elim buddies were trying to protect, especially considered how little CadCom got lynched over. (To me, CadCom just seemed to be trying to figure out different kinds of playstyles, and if anything, I'd suspect they'd do the opposite if they were an Eliminator, and try to play it safe. Part of me worries that we're too eager to lynch anyone who strays too far from the default SE playstyle, but that's more a conversation that might be better for the meta discussion thread. To cut a long story short - we've had people like Stink, "chaotic players" here historically, and while Stink tended to get lynched more than a standard player might, I worry that lynches like yesterday's mean that we're getting more homogenous and less tolerant of differing playstyles, which I think would be detrimental to SE as a whole.) I generally believe Orlok's and Fifth's votes seem genuine and well thought out, but Xino, Elandara, and MetaTerminal seemed to bandwagon on. Especially if Snip flips Elim, I wouldn't be surprised if at least one or two of these people are also Eliminators.