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  1. Only in this game is a 'one minute' notice necessary...
  2. I'll have an hour and a half from when I get home to read the thread and leave plenty of time to post. There won't be that much content between then and now, will there? Ha. Hahaha. (Note: I'm pleased there's so much content. I just seriously miscalculated.) Right. I want to get this out in time for people to react to it, so I'll be brief. Crimsn Chanarach. First (and weakest), the timing of their claim feels kind of off, like they're trying to find a way to avoid suspicion rather than being open and honest. This was my exact thinking when I saw the role they claimed, and is probably my strongest source of suspicion. Glad someone got to this before I did. I can confirm that this matches with my own knowledge of the roles that exist right now. Also, I'm inclined to trust Seventh Saint, and don't see a need to lynch them right now, and there's not time to create a new lynch, so Devotary seems like the obvious choice for that reason as well. Yes, Fifth has an extra life, but if I think there's a villager, I'd prefer them to keep that life for now until I have reason to doubt that claim.
  3. I would be happy for a lynch on Steel, but I feel like we need to broaden our discussion a little. I'm just going to type up raw thoughts as I go through Day 1 (mostly skimming until I get to the part where Road/Guest become the top lynch candidates): - A lot of jokes and trollish stuff - makes sense given this game and the fact it's Day 1. NAI. - HPoLT votes on Elandara, is deliberately vague about why. Seems to me like a satirical take on Orlok's style - it made me laugh, as the victim of that a couple times, so I really want to say slight village, even though I probably shouldn't. - Fura votes Arand, criticising Arand for clearing Elephant too early. The post in question is one line, in which Rand says they don't want to publish their speculations on Elephant's role, which seems fair enough to me. Neutral - I disagree with Fura, but I think it's consistent with Villager behaviour. - Fura swaps from Arand to Ada, after Gammalv's analysis. NAI. - Banter and Fun. - @Araris Valerian votes on Gammalv on a 'hunch' - I'd be really curious to hear some reasoning, or, failing that, whether you have any new hunches. Besides that, it's consistent with what I remember of his behaviour, so NAI. - Elandera votes on Roadwalker. Just a poke-vote, trying to get Road to be active. We can't clear Elan for this, since it's perfectly consistent with Spambot behaviour to distance, and assume that an actual candidate will emerge, or that Roadwalker will post and the lynch will move elsewhere. (Also, I went through and checked to be on the safe side, and can confirm that Roadwalker was the only person not to have posted at that point, though a few people had posted just one joke line.) - @Kidpen says he would vote on someone, but he doesn't want to vote when he wouldn't be able to remove it in time for rollover. That seems... suspicious to me. As a villager, if you vote on someone before going offline, you can hope that other villagers that will be online will vote for a better candidate if a better candidate exists. It makes more sense in my mind, IMO, from an Spambot standpoint - he says it would be a 'pokevote', which means that he might have been thinking about putting it on Roadwalker. If he's a teammate of Road, and he's not going to be online to remove the vote later, that's a very good reason not to vote. - Sapphire adds vote on Roadwalker. Sapphire's confirmed good, so not too much point in me analysing this. - Itiah adds vote to Roadwalker. Considering that they also suggest that Guest/Road were both Spambots Weekend One, a theory that turned out to be true, Itiah is very strongly village in my mind. - Arand votes Elandera. This could be seen as an attempt to divert the lynch away from Road? But, it could just as easily be a villager with poor timing. Also, Arand's source of suspicion is Elan 'hard-clearing' Fura too early, when in reality Elan does no such thing (they say they lean village on Fura, but I read that as them trying to post their thoughts as much as they're able to on Day 1, and is certainly a long way from hard-clearing anybody). In some ways, I feel a Spambot Arand would have been able to find a more solid argument against a villager than what they gave, but on the other hand, the number of game relevant posts up to this point is actually quite low, so maybe not. Moderate suspicion. - CadCom votes Itiah, saying the sudden bandwagon is suspicious on someone who hadn't been online since the first vote was suspicious. I don't think a Spambot would be so overt in defending a teammate, and would find subtler means of trying to get a villager lynched, so I'm actually leaning slight village. - Ada votes on Elandera (who's now at two votes) to 'make things interesting/add some pressure'. I think one of Ada or Arand would likely be evil and trying to swing the lynch off of, but I really doubt two Spambots would bandwagon together. So, slight Spambot, depending on whether Arand is a Spambot or not. - I vote for Mailliw. - Steel votes HPoLT. Claims later this is due to it HPoLT advocating mayoring, when I viewed the same post as just a joke post. I can see this as just a paranoid villager reading through and trying to look for anything that might be a tell, and again, I'd have thought an Elim might have found a better excuse to lynch someone. NAI, but something I might change my mind on when I look back later on. - Elan defends themself, tries to push for more from people who haven't really contributed. Village gut lean, combined with the fact that I highly doubt the top three candidates for the lynch that cycle were all Eliminators. - Ada retracts from Elan, but does not vote on a new candidate. Posts votecount. - Seventh Saint votes Steel, citing Steel's vote as flimsy. I have a hard time reading this - it feels different to Saint's usual style, but they said they're in a rush, so that's probably why. I could also see this as a desperate Eliminator trying to find an argument that sticks against a villager. Slight Spambot, mainly due to timing. - Maill swaps from HPoLT to Arand. I don't agree with their analysis, but I think it's generally more likely to be a Villager clasping at straws. - Fura votes for HPoLT, saying that they've posted a lot with very little analysis. Given it was still Day 1, that seems a little unfair, but then again, given that it was still Day 1, I can't expect them to have a much stronger argument. So... NAI? In some ways, I'm tempted to lynch HPoLT, simply because everyone seems to have voted on them, and figuring out their alignment could well tell us a good deal about everyone left alive, even though I'm not that suspicious of HPoLT themselves. - Guest adds vote to HPoLT - Makes me trust Fura more, since I doubt multiple Spambots would want to form a voting block like that. - HPoLT votes on Guest for bandwagonning. - Guest retracts their vote on HPoLT. It's not clear whether they always intended to do that, and it was a part of the joke, or whether they were backpedalling. - I swap my vote from Maill to Road. 4 votes on Road, 1 on HPoLT, 1 on Guest at this point in time. - Rand says Guest is a bit off, but does not vote on them. Possibly a distancing tactic, while they discuss whether to bus Guest in the Spambot doc. More likely, I'm tunnelling. NAI. - Wilson votes on Guest. 4 votes on Road, 2 on Guest. A Spambot Wilson would have to be fairly gutsy to try this right now - with just one vote on Guest (though more conversation), it would still be much easier to swing onto a villager. Then again, it's turtles all the way down, and Wilson seems the type who'd try something like that. Slight village, depending on who else is voting on Guest. - Steel votes on Guest. - Things get crazy right about here - this is about the last 15 minutes of the cycle, I think. - Gammalv will Gammalv. Ties the votes by voting on Guest. - xxGaea defends herself of being a Spambot by saying they're not a Spambot. Strong Elim, lynch immediately. - Elephant votes Guest, to mess with Alv. Confirmed good. - Gammalv will Gammalv. Ties the vote by voting on Road. - Elephant swaps to Road, to break the tie. Confirmed good. - Crimsn Chanarach steps in to end the tie shenanigans, voting on Road. If we are accepting the theory that the Elims want to kill off the roleless Eliminator over the one with a role, then this is a slight village post. - Gammalv votes on Guest, hoping to recreate the tie. - Elephant retracts from Road in the last seconds of the game, recreating the tie in the last seconds of the game. So, without vote shenanigans, this would have been up to the gods of luck and chance. - As it is, Itiah's vote disappeared off Road, and Jon's was moved to Guest. So Guest was lynched, 5-3. Unless the Vashikaran can roleblock votes (which I don't think they can, but I'd appreciate clarification), then the manipulations were done by villagers. Which presumably means the Elims were expecting either Road to die, or a draw and a random lynch. Or they were inactive. Which... surprises and troubles me. Suppose that the elims decided to save their active member over their inactive one, instead of going for the more powerful role. In that case, it would strongly suggest that Crimsn Chanarach is an Eliminator, since they helped to break the tie shenanigans for Road over Guest. However, that's a big if, so I'm put them as a slight Elim, but it's worth looking into (and if the Vashikaran can roleblock votes, then they're probably a villager?) ...Wow, that took a long time. Anyway, hopefully it's worthwhile if it catches us another couple Spambots. TL;DR/My reads: Strong Village: Itiah, [someone who proved they had a village role in PM's but who I don't want to out, and who I don't want converted by the Babaji] Slight Village: Cadcom, Gammalv/AlVoidus, Elandera, Maill, Fura Neutral: Wilson, HPoLT Slight Elim: Adavantos, Seventh Saint, Crimsn Chanarach Moderate Elim: Rand, Kidpen Everyone else: Probably haven't posted much, I'd like to hear more from them. I think I'll vote Arand, since I don't think they've given much of an explanation of their votes last cycle, and I'd like to hear a bit more from them about why they tried to shift the vote away from Road, and tried to cast suspicion on Elandera.
  4. I know, right? Anyway, I know there's a lot to talk about, with 2 spambots dead, and the PM role killed, but there's something more important I need to set straight. How dare you. You pray to your false god, and speak out against those you see as your competition. Yet, in your haste, you forget to mention the most powerful and righteous god of all. Me. It is by my hand that this forum has come to exist, painstakingly built over the process of years. It is by my hand that these people have learned the skills of deception and analysis, rising up the ranks in order to become a skilled Eliminator. And it is by my hand that other such as Wilson, Alv, and even your precious Orlok have been able to build a name for themselves under my shadow. Orlok exists because I made them. And they gain a following because I allow them to have a following. Remember that, young priest, and do not forget who the true creator of these forums are next time.
  5. It can't be ruled out that it was just a coincidence Jon died - I've never known Jon to be very likely to talk or claim much in my PM's, and I've seen that kind of good/bad luck happen before (depending on what perspective you're looking from). Given the Spambots are 2 down just a cycle in, I'd say the Village still has the strong advantage here just by our lead alone. And, I'm about to reread the Day 1 lynch now, because with Roadwalker and Guest both being Spambots, that makes the latter half of the cycle will seem much more interesting. I think we can clear Itiah this cycle, but there's the distinct possibility that they'll be converted by the Babaji in future cycles, so we'll have to watch out for that. And, I hate to say this, but I'm actually slightly disappointed we got Temptation, out of all the possible Spambot roles - that's the one I was most curious to see the effect of this game, since I haven't seen a role like that before.
  6. Huh. OK... Mailliw772. I think they're wrong in just about everything they've said since I voted on them (no offence meant, Maill), but they're wrong in such a way that I think a villager can be - I don't think an Eliminator wold be willing to advocate for finding Elephant's role because of how inherently suspicious that is. Obviously, that very quickly turns into an IKYK, but if Maill was being that gutsy this game, then it invalidates my previous reasoning of them being a fairly shy Eliminator earlier. I really don't like the bandwagon forming on Rae. I may or may not be able to make it back on this cycle, so I'll vote Roadwalker to try and balance things out. If nothing else, it should discourage lurking and inactivity for everyone left alive in future cycles. Also, if either GM is a bot, Jon, I get the sense that it's xxGaea. The way there's the low-key "You're the only one I trust." line in the signups thread - all the senses honed from every time I've watched a movie ever tells me that they're going to end up as the traitor.
  7. Roadwalker's at the bottom of my screen as reading this thread now, so hopefully he'll post in just a moment (maybe before I get this out). If they don't, then I'm happy to support that lynch. In the meantime, Mailliw772. Their behaviour seems off (beyond the generally trollish behaviour that we've seen today). Their vote on Rae is suspicious - it's played off as a laugh, but then they also seem to try and make it a serious vote with a comment on Rae's vote on Elandera. This reads to me like an Eliminator trying to get rid of a villager without being seen to be pushing too hard for it.
  8. Everything was going to plan. The name, Metabardnition, had been chosen through a genetic algorithm process, taken from data of this "SE" forum, and generated a name that was a combination of two existing members. With such a disguise, it was likely everyone would think he'd been a member for years. Hey everyone! It's great to be part of another SE game, of which I've played many! As a senior and well-respected analyser, I thoroughly recommend everyone keep me alive, and follow my lead in the lynch, in order to most effectively root out these pesky spambots. I will be PM'ing many of my old buddies shortly, of whom I have played a number of previous games with, and I look forward to seeing what's changed since the last time I played.
  9. Ah. I was wondering why they spent so long in that body - I'd seen the whitetext passing back and forth Cycle 1, and had thought he'd chosen to stay in Coral Swan and for an alliance with Axolotl and Kangaroo, who also barely moved throughout the game.
  10. Ah, well. I'm really curious to look into what shenanigans Alv and Rand were up to - if Alv hadn't been killed, we might have been a turn or two from winning (I'm guessing since Alv held most of our items, they all got transferred to Alv's killer? Probably should have found a way to spread out our items more evenly, since I had 3 backpacks one cycle, but that's difficult without communication.)
  11. The husk - Felix - walked down the busy street, guitar slung awkwardly on his shoulder as he dodged around the busy sidewalks. "Sorry." "Excuse me." "Really sorry." I'm too tired for this. As he navigated his way past the swathes of people, he saw a coffee shop. Quickly stopping to check his wallet (much to the frustration of the other pedestrians, who edged their way around him and the guitar across his back), it seemed as though Felix was down on his luck. Still, there was enough cash there for a cup of coffee, at least.