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  1. I enjoy this very much. Thank you for making it.
  2. That would be my main interest too; would the Breath be destroyed since that's what's animating the lifeless in the first place? I would agree that the corpse would simply be cut though. But I am taking for granted that Breath isn't the "soul" in this instance. I haven't seen a topic discussing this particular aspect of Breath so I may just be missing something. Correct me if this has been addressed.
  3. I know this doesn't add much to the topic but I just have to state my approval and amusement that this simple post about reputation levels has turned into an in depth discussion of power levels. I like this website.
  4. Just found out Emeror's Soul is set in the Cosmere. On Elantris, no less. Where have I been??!

  5. My main one is being able to memorize, accidentally or otherwise, strings of numbers such as social security numbers or coordinates. I once saw a movie where they repeated a set of coordinates a couple times and after I left the theater I realized I was repeating them over and over. I remembered them for a month.
  6. Completely agree with Swimmingly and Bloodfalcon as to why the academic settings work so well. But I enjoyed his travel time as well, and his time "in the future" when he's telling his story were some of my favorites. Seeing the character develop into what he is in those scenes is nice. Also I'm going to need to re-read both books when 3 comes out. Thanks for necro-ing this post to remind me.
  7. I am very much with entropicscholar, Aether, and Demandred on this. I think it's a very important piece of information that expands opportunities a vast amount, but it doesn't mean that everyone on every world can have any power they want if they just give it their best go and study real hard. I think it's totally feasible that someone on Roshar would have to posses the same/similar qualities as someone on Scardial to be a Mistborn versus a Misting, for example. I would assume that would have to do with the makeup of their sDNA.
  8. Well because I'm a Windrunner, silly. XD
  9. Hm, yes. I need to re-read Mistborn. Thanks for pointing that out. How about another to compensate. Using a partial upward lashing to make it easier to run the mile in high school gym (though the stormlight in you would already do that I guess)
  10. Use Abrasion to slip on those slightly-too-tight pants Use a Steel Push to propel you from your chair to avoid standing Use an Iron Pull to lift your own arm by a watch or other metal band to scratch an itch. Visit the Nightwatcher and ask for a sandwich (not really a power but meh)
  11. Slight necro here but I was away until finishing WoR. I have a mainly Zelda themed blog at http://zeldadad.tumblr.com/ Feel free to stop by and say hello if you're into Zelda. I post.... a lot.
  12. Oh, Lopen <3

  13. I support this decision.
  14. Honestly I'd say try to exchange it. The sooner the better so you don't have them thinking you messed it up and you're trying to cheat them. It's always nice for the only damage on a book to be cause by actual use.
  15. It sounds like you've found the correct website. This is a great place. I can't believe I ever left. I won't let that happen again. Welcome!
  16. Welcome! You'll learn a lot here and you won't regret it.
  17. Totally forgot Vin snapped at birth. Thanks guys.
  18. @bartbug Well said. I agree with those points.
  19. I always assumed it was just the fact that the gemstones powered the plate and, since Surgebinding uses Stormlight, the Lashings would possible suck Stormlight form the stones powering the plate if the Surgebinder did not hold Stormlight within them already. This could be totally off since Szeth seems to have good control over taking in Stormlight. Maybe it's just a personal preference for him. Maybe, despite offering greater strength to the wearer, the plate is still too cumbersome -in his opinion- for the maneuvers he uses.
  20. I met him a while back at a WoK signing. If another tour ever brings him close enough, I'm all over it. Super dude, that Brandon. Super.
  21. @Limelleth. My magic system was my main interest in the book, as well as the overarching plot. The specifics just got much to jumbled for an effective story. I was basing it off of a rune style system involving both charms and tattoos. @manaheim. Anyway, I liked it. Maybe I'll transfer the elements I like and start over. Who knows.
  22. Oh, nothing now. Back in the day I wrote a few shorts and started a novel that I nearly finished. After about a billion revisions I decided the story had gotten too far from what I'd wanted when I started, so I stopped. I just never picked it back up again.
  23. Yeah, I'm pretty sure ingesting Lerasium substitutes Snapping. A tiny Mistborn.... scary.
  24. Although on a real note, could a child (like 3 years old or something) become a Mistborn using Lerasium? I know you usually have to Snap first, but would have be considered snapping?
  25. Children eat things they shouldn't all the time. Also... shiny!