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  1. So the following contains Cosmere-wide spoilers so I'll hide it just to be safe. *Edit*, I meant to post this in the Cosmere Theories board but did it here by accident.
  2. I vote for calling people of Sel "Selfies". All in favor...
  3. I'm definitely in the feruchemy camp for my current real life settings. I work and office job, 40 hours sitting and doing easy easy work that requires very little focus or thought. Ideal for storing any sensory attribute, speed, mental speed, even health. I could stand to feel crappy for a while just sitting at a desk in exchange for more health later. Also storing a lot of health would be a convincing way to get a day off if you really needed. Storing weight would also be less disorienting while sitting as would speed, though my typing would suffer. My job requires no strength at all so that's a check. With my shift being 8pm-6am wakefulness storage would be a great way to sleep on those annoyingly bright days and I could tap it on especially slow shifts to avoid falling asleep mid-call (yes I've done that). Now bendalloy is extremely appealing to me. I find eating on a regular basis to be very tedious and I just don't care for it. I would love to have one daily feast of all my required calories and then be done with it, bendalloy on a slow tap throughout the day as needed. It's like a dream come true for me. So yeah. Feruchemy is my jam.
  4. I'm blanking. How do we know Odium is afraid of Harmony? WoB or part of a book?
  5. Ok I wondered if that was the case. Thanks.
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking of, yes. Thank you.
  7. There was a WoB in response to asking if shardplate is spren-related but I can't remember where I saw it. For all I know it could have been a RAFO. I just remember seeing it somewhere. I'll edit if I find it, but does anyone else have it's source?
  8. This is only partially related but, assuming Wayne stored enough health to not die in the process, could they make new spikes using him?
  9. Changed my name to match my online presence everywhere else

  10. Anyone ever think about how kandra skeletons are reminiscent of hermit crab shells? But... in reverse. That's really all I came here to say
  11. Haha, well... if they can't control the digestion then yes that does seem pretty dangerous lol. I assume they have control over it though or they'd never be able to make prolonged contact with a human, which it seems likely they would have had to especially back in tFE when they made a career of impersonating real people in their real lives.
  12. Right ok. Just trying to get my story straight lol. Thanks.
  13. Weren't they genderless though? I at least don't think they were all male since any human could be turned into one. Seems unlikely they'd only choose men. But this is getting off topic I guess. From what I've read in other forums, kandra seem to be able to manipulate their bodies on a cellular level. It seems possible that, if one were skilled enough, they could create the means to procreate. Is the question just whether the mix of kandra/human dna would be viable?
  14. Which is what I assumed, though I don't remember that ever being mentioned directly but I could just be forgetting it. Did Harmony make this change? Because I was pretty sure they weren't able to breed in tFE times.
  15. I second that motion.
  16. Maybe it's a misinformed question but we know there can be humans with koloss blood and they're genderless hemalurgic creations, so why not kandra? How is it possibly for koloss?
  17. Yes Definitely. I knew pretty quickly it wasn't TLR and I thought for a while it was Spook until it both turned out that the timeline didn't fit and that Secret History was about Kel. I'm 99% sure the Sovereign is somehow Kel, however he got back into the Physical realm.
  18. The problem with this, which was mentioned earlier though whether it was in this thread or the other one on the same topic I'm not sure, is that Marasi has seen Marsh/Ironeyes in Alloy and he was described as having both eyes spiked at the time. The question I posed to this was, could he have still only had one spike at the time of saving the Malwish people, and only later replaced it? If so then yes I definitely think Kel could be using Marsh's body, whether Marsh is still in it part-time or not.
  19. Interesting idea. I suppose it should be theoretically possible? We'd probably need more details on why the shattering happened in such specific aspects (i.e. why weren't there more or less detailed aspects already, why the 16). I'd also wonder if inherent power of each shard plays into it. Like, the shards broken into their minimum amounts of power at the Shattering without becoming Splintered. So maybe a shard (of the original 16, so not including Harmony obviously since it's 2) doesn't have the capacity to break down further without Splintering. I don't know.
  20. Just one tidbit related to why it couldn't be Marsh because he's described as having two spikes. Do we have any idea when he replaced his second eye-spike? Could he have left it out for a while/couldn't find access to one for a while so, at the time, he only had one? This is not to comment on whether it would me Marsh or Kel driving Marsh's body, just wondering if that opens up the possibility of it being Marsh's body again.
  21. All I have to add is that we know Spook lived longer than normal as he's casually been mentioned to have ruled for over a century, so either Kel and he really did spike him enough to give him immortality, or something else happened, i.e. Spook gave Kel his body as he was dying, using a spike/spikes of Identity/Connection, etc to get Kel's shadow in Spooks body. But then I guess Kel would have a dying body on his hands.... Alright faulty line of logic, but it was mentioned more than once toward the end of Secret History that Kel was surprised by the level of Connection between the two so I'm optimistic about something involving Spook, whether they share the body or it's something else. Some good ideas on here. I just finished the novella like 8 minutes ago so I'm still processing. Just wanted to throw in the Connection bit that stood out to me. Edit: I see the problems with this now relating to the timeline mentioned in the other thread about this topic. Not sure exactly what I think now, but I really think it's Kel somehow.
  22. My guess would be a big fat "yes". Guess we'll see.
  23. Sorry but, do you have a source on this? Somehow it's the first I've heard of it and I'd love to see where it came from. I agree with the thought process being passed around that basically no, Hoid's not evil, but very very well may be the antagonist. As already mentioned, he's outright said he'll do whatever it takes to reach his goals and since no one knows what those goals are, things could really go either way. It's rare that people see their own goals as villainous.
  24. I know I heard Brandon talk about the Cosmere movie rights as an entire unit in one of his signings but I can't find it now. It was in the context of how Marvel/DC/etc are connected universes and how that's big in Hollywood right now and he mentioned that he sold the entire Cosmere tv/movie rights (minus one series I believe) to someone but he couldn't say who specifically. I just want to know if anyone has a source on that because I want to hear the wording again. It would have been on a Shadows of Self tour I believe. Definitely recent. And yes I've done my best to look for myself for mention of this on here and outside of the forums but I came up dry. Thanks guys.
  25. Ok that works for me. Thank you!