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  1. I'm here. I graduated high school and am heading to college after this summer, so I'm down for a last hurrah. I agree that it wouldn't be much without more involvement, though.
  2. I did some simple analytics of the Question threads a while back for the summer work of my statistics class. Since I ended up in calculus instead and never received credit for it, I thought you guys might like to see it instead. I remember putting it up before, but it wouldn't open. So here we go again... I'm sure some of the older members of the RP might cringe at how high school my work is, but hopefully it's interesting regardless. @Kobold King @TwiLyghtSansSparkles @Comatose @Voidus @Edgedancer @Blackhoof @Fatebreaker
  3. I'll miss you all. I already do. I'm a better writer not only because of What Happened in Oregon, but because of what happened here, with you all. Thanks for a great run, guys. It sounds sappy, but I'll never forget WHiO.
  5. I have migrated here: Quality memes abound. Check it out. Examples:
  6. I loved it. Iconoclast was one of of my favorite characters in the RP. I'm happy to see this ending for him.
  7. Add my name! This is super cool.
  8. This, in my opinion, was one of the best parts of the book. Sanderson was able to explore moral ambiguity in a fascinating way, but without making people into nothing but depraved despots and sexpots for the sake of realism. The sympathy we had for the listeners. Kaladin's conflict over who to protect. So much else, each exploring a facet of real humanity in the stunning world that is Roshar. I love this book so, so much. And I can't wait for the next one.
  9. Everything you guys have said is far more insightful than what I can muster, so instead I'll just say this. I really, really thought that Sebarial was about to be crowned king of Alethkar.
  10. Thanks, guys. You make me remember why I spent so long in this corner of the Internet.
  11. This is gorgeous. Gorgeous. I know I'm not as heavy into the theorizing side of things as some other Sanderson fans, but when I'm up late talking about whatever massive implications Oathbringer is sure to have on the cosmere with one of the friends I've "converted," I know I'll be ecstatic to use this new resource. Thank you so much for making this a reality, @Chaos and @Argent and everyone else involved. We all appreciate it.
  12. I got a 1540 on the new SAT, out of 1600. I think, I think I'm going to apply to Stanford. I know my chances are slim, but I've got to try. Their economics program is right out of my dreams. Maybe I can do it. Maybe. I haven't posted here in a long time, but this was good enough of an event to make me want to do so. Wish me luck, guys.
  13. Hmm. Do you think that should be something in conjunction with the Guard Epics going nuts, or just its own craziness?
  14. I think that both of these things sound good. That leaves Portland and the Dalles... Since Twi isn't around anymore, I could do something similar for Portland, running things through the planning thread beforehand. If anyone else would prefer to do that ( @winter devotion maybe?) , that's OK too, since you probably understand the characters better than me, plus the whole been-around-much-longer thing. I think that the best plan for the Dalles is Arsenal destroying everything. @Kobold King, we could probably do this without any writing. Maybe you could just remove posts up until the point where Arsenal is raining missiles down on the city, using your mod abilities to retcon that into being the end of the Dalles? It'd probably take like three posts hidden to make a plausible ending out of what's already there.