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  1. Ok so first of all not even Vin or Elend ever burned metal outside their body (to my knowledge) and they were one of the best trained mistborn/allomancer who probably ever lived, and someone who was a first gen mistborn who would have allomancy that would be, at base, much more powerful than that of any other allomancer/mitsing/mistborn. It may be possible but i highly doubt that there is anyone alive in era 2 mistborn who can. (after reading the post currently above this i see pre-Kelsier Vin brought up as potentially burning things outside of her stomach prior and I dont think that was the case as most water has trace minerals and it also states in book that much of the utensils and cups used to eat were made of either copper or pewter but im not sure which and i dont have the book on hand. So it is much more likely that she was burning those traces when they reached her stomach.) Second of all, you mention that Ranette is trying to develop ways to kill mistings easier while being a misting herself. May I remind you that many of the opponents faced in the first series were mistings and sometimes (but more rarely) were even full fledged mistborn! If they had a weapon that would allow them to reach their goal of defeating their opponent, even if that meant there was a weapon that would make them easier to kill in turn, they would probably want that weapon. Also, this is a rather poorly though out point as many of the criminals we see Wax and Wayne track are mistings or twinborn, so it would be almost necessary to have weapons that can make taking out a potentially hostile misting out.
  2. Ok so I do realize that it has been around two years since i posted this thread but i have since been through an AP Psychology course and have learned that while the DSM-5 classifies Psychopathy and Sociopathy as anti-social personality disorders, they do have different manifestations as many separate disorders that fall under the same category tend to.
  3. They are namedropped by Ranette and i assume she is Ranette's girlfriend but does anyone share that or have a different idea?
  4. I recently updated Steris's page on coppermind with new information from shadows of self and the page does not have a spoiler tag for the new book yet. I would do it myself but i have no idea how could someone please add that?
  5. when you see a paperback copy of WOR in the bookstore and think about how things had been changed and you think "I NEED IT" and beg until you get it
  6. i have truly missed this site and will try to be back more often

  7. Your icon is absolutely gorgeous
  8. i read them this way: Mistborn 1,2,3 Elantris Stormlight 1 Warbreaker Stormlight 2
  9. Hi fellow lighteyes! XD
  10. someone tell me how to change the title please, just realized I used the wrong your/you're (it is your and should be you're)
  11. My name is Grace and I would rather just about anything but it. If I had to choose, it would be what my mom wanted me named, which was Blair. But, I probably wouldn't change it because Grace Justice is a pretty cool name all together.
  12. go ahead do a what would you prefer your name to be thread. You would definately see me posting there
  13. I am just wondering what people's names are. Mine is Grace btw. (like the g in my username)
  14. when you have 17th shard open in two tabs, one on forums and one on chat when all you want to talk about with your friend who has read all three mistborn is cosmere when you are upset that that same friend is having issues making an account for this site
  15. what does this say?