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  1. As something so invested, I don't think Vin will be able to push on the Plate or Blade. I still have money on Vin, because Vin has more innate skill while Kaladin has to work at learning his craft. She's better. And she's a killer, while he's a soldier. There's a difference in thinking and tactics.
  2. So as I've been listening through the books again and reading through the forums, I've been trying to figure out something. If magic comes from the Shards, then which Shard made Allomancy? According to Sazed, Allomancy is of Preservation, but look at most of what it does. Most of the applications are short term and often destructive. That sounds more like Ruins pervue than Preservation, yet the mists (which is of preservation) react to Allomancers. My theory is thus: Because Ruin and Preservation couldn't do much of anything without the other having a hand in it (read: the constant struggle for either to get anything done at the end of HoA) then all three Metallic Arts carry both within them, but favor one or the other. Feruchemy is the art of preserving, hands down. You store away your attributes for later use, either in a time of need or to supercharge what is already there. It's long term and deliberate, it's of Preservation. But, there is enough of Ruin in it for copperminds to suffer the same corruption as non-metallic recordings. Allomancy is the flip. It's short term, and often only for immediate or near to immediate use. It relies on metal as a catlyst to burn the investiture inside the person. It is closer to Ruin, which is easiest to see in the power Atium gives. Quick bursts of flashing insight in to the immediate world around them, making them better to kill. While we don't know if that notion of Atium helps to kill is a product of Atium itself or the world it lives in, Elends final chapters make the thought ambiguous. Allomancy favors Ruin, but is birthed by Preservation. That Lerasium burns for everyone says something. Hemalurgy is the most directly built by Ruin. It is destructive in nature. However, I find it ironic that it does, albeit not perfectly, preserves the power it stored. It's leaking, but it's holding in the power. This is me just trying to get my thoughts out and seeing how other people see it. I'm not sure if it's been discussed before.
  3. You beat me to the punch. Up vote for you my friend!
  4. We've met that shrub before. It has been to distant worlds. Watching and waiting. While others hide in shadows and pocket realms, it proud,y declares itself... "I Am A Stick!"
  5. There's a recent WoB (I don't have it on me, but it's in the Cosmere page) that states the Weapon that caused the shattering was destroyed in the process. Edit: Here's the thread http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/53219-confirmation-the-weapon-that-killed-adonalsium-no-longer-exists/
  6. Which leads me to believe that the Knights gave up their Shards because, I think, they finally cracked further. These were people who were chosen because they hit the wall, or rock bottom, and were tasked with continuously hitting it back. After a while, something has got to break and the Knights seemed pre-broke to begin with.
  7. Actually, I just tracked it down to WoR, 32nd chapter. I'll have to find the quote later. disregard this tangent. This is not the topic you're looking for, you can go about your business.
  8. Can you confirm that last one please?
  9. I think that what seperates a Radiant from just being broken is that they own up to it and swear, literally, to do better. Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar are all brilliant but flawed people racked with guilt and denial of a lot of their past. They have all gained tremendous power when they come to terms with it, and swear to uphold something higher than their personal beliefs. Someone who has lived a facade forced to tell deepest truths. A man who is prejudiced swearing to uphold All life. Dalinar is different, but he reverses his role of being used by the storms to speaking amongst them. He learns to drop violence and become something else, something higher than what they are. Which just begs the question of what Jasnah and Renarin swore.
  10. Conversations that probably have happened: Officer arresting Wayne: Now is "Wayne" your first or last name? Wayne: Sure. Officier: Which one is it? Wayne: which what? Officer: Name? Wayne: Mine's Wayne. Boy, you must be beat. I just told you that a minute ago. You might be coming down with something. Quick, tell me your name. Officier: --Tells Him-- Wayne: That's a terrible name. I'll take it off your hands for this piece of gum and a stick of dynamite I have here. Officer: wait, what? Wayne: Alright, fine. The gum, the dynamite, and I'll trade you back the badge I swiped from you earlier. Should change your name to 'Haggle'
  11. I don't have the exact quote with me, but Khriss is explicitly stating the Shardbearers killed Adonalsium for various different reasons.
  12. It would make sense for Preservation to preserve that pattern.
  13. I don't think that Wax is a Steel Savant. Savants have a dependancy on burning their metal constantly. Wax is a Steel adept, in that he uses it constantly and expertly. Spook wasn't just supersensitive to everything because of his Tin, he was addicted to his Tin burning. Wax has a lot of issues, dependancy on Steel isn't one of them.
  14. They're living in the world that five Mistborn were responsible for. Vin, Elend, TLR, Kelsier and Spook. The entire series seems to be a tap dance around the notion of trying to become a Mistborn and maybe even a Fullborn. We're shown that, in a world where people only have one or two powers, someone with all of them is OP'd as hell. I think Mistborn still applies. I just don't think they are the focus. And we know that era 3 deals directly with a Mistborn.
  15. As for why Hoid held on to the coin. Hoid seems to have taken an interest in Wax, appearing at the Yomen wedding which turned to be the tipping point in Wax's involvement in the Sets affairs, he even goes so far as to become a member of his staff for a time until finally throwing the coin as another guise. I think that Hoid is just as much interested in Trell and the Invading Presence as Harmony is, and has infinitely more agency than Sazed in the matter. I think that Hoid having Kelsier's coin is either A) more interested in accomplishing his goals than harbor a centuries long grudge (insofar as it's not part of his goal in the first place) or B ) Isn't working with Kelsier, and just gave Wax a heads up of who created the Bands in the first place.