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  1. Something I threw together for a February drawing challenge, couldn't find a section for the Sixth of the Dusk- so I hope this is the right place to share!
  2. So, Maslovmania is a game I made for a 200 word challenge. I'm running a game of it on discord to test it in practise, and I'd like to invite any players on the Shard who'd like to join. In such a game, one may expect: Poltical Intrigue Backstabbing Spoopy secrets Saving the Universe Stealing food/ getting food stolen You can drop in and drop out any time, or just check in if you have any questions Here are da rules
  3. do you wanna destroy some evil?! it doesn't have to be an evil...
  4. "19 dead. 15 injured. 30 jobs. $13,000 worth of marmalade. This week reverberated in my mind like a broken wind-up jigsaw puzzle going down the rainpipe, similar to the majority of my paychecks. I'm currently writing from a bar off the coast of Watakotse with Ben Franklin, sharing a pot noodle. I've been on the run ever since I'd woke up, but from who I can't say. All in all, my plan had worked- though not as I'd hoped. Proposing to that college dame had been a gamble, part of an elaborate contingency plan to save the city from an epidemic of demon weasel flu- but it wasn't enough in the end. She played a dangerous game: insulting my hat. I didn't solve the case in the end. When it came down to it, the cost of revenge was one I couldn't pay. I guess I might have terrible choice in women. Maybe that doesn't matter. Maybe all that matters is justice. I don't know. I think I'm still in the coma." gg ya'll. Thanks Joe for putting up with my shenanigans. x3 I'm glad people found my rp entertaining, detective deuce was fun to write- and this setting allows for a lot of randomness. The marriage mechanic definitely put a cool spin on things- and I would definitely like to take part in this future LG (someone pm me if I don't see the signups D:) also, if you put all the monologues together- it forms an almost cohesive detective novel...? this doodle is actually something I've had on my phone for a few years for some reason. Figured I'd share it in memory of Deuce, ace detective
  5. I like talking about magic systems .o. reminds me of bending from Avatar: the Last Airbender (although I haven't actually watched the series in detail, so apologies if that is an unfair comparrison) Incedentally, have you read Sandersons essays on his "Laws of Magic"? There does seem to be a lot of details on the powers, but I think you might find his advice helpful for integrating elemancy into a story. I feel like a story like this would benefit from streamlining or interconnecting the different magic powers- as 15 seperate powers might be complicated for a reader to follow (for example, "sound" and "fire" are both based on molecular vibrations- perhaps they could share an element?) just some thoughts, don't pay attention to me if you already know what you're doing
  6. atium v:
  7. I'm a little skeptic, but I'll put a vote on Droughtbringer too until he's finished conferring with his teammates made a case for his defense
  8. "The next day my thoughts were about as disorderly as a mountain goats rap mixtape of death. Turns out I'd fingered the wrong man, my own brother-in-law specifically. Aaron had disappeared the next day- along with his wife, Jemma. A little digging was enough to confirm this was the work of Kings secret police. Needless to say, this wasn't my greatest monday morning- and now the coffee machine was broken too. I'd resorted to breaking out the Earls grey moonshine from the safety of my impenetrable fort (underneath my desk). Oh, Randuir took a hit too. Randy was a nice guy, with a kind of honesty that was probably more dangerous to him than a tiger with a toothbrush and an assortment of cheeses. I only really knew him through my wife, though now I wish I'd spent more time with him. Apparently he was taken into hospital, arriving late to his death. I turned back to my murder mystery board, with lot's of string interconnecting various things that didn't make sense and didn't really have to make sense because screw the rules it's my board goddamit. Thing is, I'd received an anonymous tip off about these helmets the killer used, which meant I had a new lead to follow up on- and a few of the suspects I'd been eyeing had gone crystal-chameleon. It was time to do some digging, but first.. I'd better run down to the station to collect those marmalade crabs from the disco."
  9. I'm a simple man. I see a big case against Ecthellion, I vote Ecthellion this "I'll tell you next cycle stuff" seems really fishy to me though, especially at this turning point where the number of elims almost outnumbers the villagers. >.>
  10. "I woke up the next day in a pile of my own socks. Usually this would be unusual for me, but tonight it was just a mild footnote of a torrent of peculiar incidents wrapped up tighter than a silkworm with a severe case of alzheimer's, which was currently hanging outside the window in a plastic bag. Celica was out for this weekend to visit her family, so I'd decided to take a a full tree check on my office- thankfully no trees had snuck in overnight, for which I thank god. But the lock on the door had been jammed for as long as I could remember, and a cold chill swept through the door window which had been smashed in (technically not my fault). That's when I got the glass pager report on my desk. Shemmy Smedry, coughing up his last grapes at the pearly gates of Amsterdam last night. damnation shame. He and I used to go golfing, but we grew apart after the Morningdale incident (also technically not my fault). Breathing out cloud of smoke, I put a sock in the door and leaned back in my detective chair- feet up on my rickety desk. I noticed immediately that the crime scene had a striking resemblance to the Stick case. Seems like this out-of-town no-good crustaceanary recently received a large quantity of milk, and had therefore gone serial. I put a pin in all my current client contract work and slipped a notice to say I wouldn't be taking any new cases for a few days- because this Hush-up was big, possibly the biggest I've ever faced in my whole career. But if there's one thing you can count on- it's that sooner or later, milk goes sour. And when it does, you're going to go need to get some more milk. Because that's how milk works. Everybody knows that, sheesh."
  11. In a game where suspicions are very hard to justify- yes, I am guilty of focusing on people who are easy to make cases for. shrug But, since Ecthellion is threatening my wife- I am prepared to reevaluate my opinion Edit: Since Jerad hasn't been online in the last 24 hours to make a fair case for himself, and Ecthellion remains undeterred- I would like to reaffirm my vote before I go to sleep, so that vote manipulation should be less effective
  12. "Murder. Just like that, my head was swept out of the gutter- like someone had pulled a comastick on me and called me Shirely. Nobody calls me Shirely. In my mind, I absconded inadvertently back to that bloody night last week to another cold case. It'd been raining cats and dogs- without the dogs- although it's not like those sly cats would tell you otherwise. In this kingdom, it was a dog-sit-on-face-of-other-dog world, and that meant everyone had to hold their breath when it came to making friends. But I had friends in relatively equidistant places, which in layman's terms basically meant nothing- and that's the way I liked it. I may be a P.I, so some people assume I might be a little small- but according to the Knight Inspectorate, I was the hardest Dick in the city. A title I take with absolute seriousness, though I hear hushlanders have made being a dick some sort of slander in the hushlands- which, frankly, is really dumb. I'll explain the rudolph case later, because right now I'd put a hand down my trousers, whipped out my communicators glass and called my lady mistress to tell her to meet me outside with a copy of Shakespeare's last sonnet (the actual last sonnet, not the Hushlander censored abbreviation) and a big stick. If I was going to get to the bottom of the murder of Mr Stick (who I am assured, is a stick)- first of all I'd need to make it to lunch, but in the meantime while everyone else is focusing on canoodling ... There was one man who shouldn't have been there who wasn't, and naturally it was up to me to follow this issue up and hit in the back of the head with aforementioned big stick (not to be confused with Mr stick- who I am assured, is a stick). "This rug race isn't blue enough for the two of us, Joey Jedal. Meet your nemesis." I whispered and thwacked (tapped) the guy who stood in the corner of the room in the back of his noggin. It wasn't enough to knock him into a comma, but it was enough to get his attention. Jedal didn't speak much, which theoretically put him in my good books- so I felt a little bad about ganging up on him, and slightly worse that I couldn't come up with a pun about sticks on the spot ("this is a stick up"? "you're in a sticky situation now, Jeddy"?). But, at the end of the day, nothing stuck out more in a crowded room than a silent fart- so it was up to me to point the finger. And if I was going to point a finger, I wanted to be the guy in the room with the bigger stick." "Oh, and the key to breaking the rudolph case? So simple, even a blind oculator could see it. Marmalade crabs." @Jedal I find lurkers suspicious, and by my count Jedal has contributed just barely enough pretense innocent motions to slip under the radar so far. Do you have an excuse, Jedal? because otherwise, that's where my vote is v: I will be honest, I haven't been paying 100% attention to all the arguments going on because they can be difficult to follow at times, but I was asked to contribute a bit more and this is where my thoughts are atm. Although, if poking lurkers isn't a viable strategy- I don't mind aiming for a different approach.
  13. "It all started at that foggy evening party. There was me, Deuce, ace detective extraordinaire, one hand in the pocket of my barely whiter-than-white wedding tuxedo, the Devil’s Advocate, and one arm over the shoulder of a lady with legs you could probably ricochet an object as large as a cue ball off of (only hypothetically since she sort of frowned at that sort of thing when inquired). Celica Deuce, the only woman in over my ten years of experience of masticating the boulevards I’ve ever met who could rock a Stacey on a fried frog- whatever that means. I breathed out a cloud of heavy thick smoke, not because I believed in that hushlander mumbo-jumbo about tobacco- but because I’m one-thirty-fourth dragon, and I can’t help clouding up a room when an egg hits the wrong side of the butter. It was because, at this point, I realized I was in a room filled with nerds. Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are nerds- but from a professional point of view this complicated things greatly, because I hadn't brought my sunglasses so I could pretend to be awake if one of them actually started talking to me. I was actually a little relieved when someone turned up stiffer than a month old newspaper so I had an excuse to get my detective shades. I didn't know Squirrelmort personally, but I did know he was a humbug at the decapitlaires fair- and that made two of us. At the end of the day, I learned one thing. It takes two to tango- but one to mango (and at least three to congo). And if you really really think about it, that's what puts the lemons under the table. I guess that's technically four things, but the way I saw it- things were just about to get a whole lot weirder"
  14. plot twist: it's scadrial investiture. Szeth used the bands of morning like Wax on a more serious note, since healing is a rosharian surge- I wouldn't be surprised if someone who knew what they were doing with fabrials could make an object that could heal like that. The rafo could be intepretted to mean that maybe cultivation (where the surge comes from) isn't manifesting completely on roshar or something (perhaps she's hiding on one of the moons, hence the "nightwatcher") idk, just a random thought
  15. "So, there I was, cashing in on the face of a duck bill. Sunnova lug-mudder didn't even finish his homemade colgate sandwich- and not the kind you eat for lunch either. Exactly, but day before tomorrow this'll all be rims and raisins in a skunks rear end. I should know, I was in the thick of it- and the stink was just a tailgate front page in line for a seven-o-seven. That's what I would have said before it all went cannons below- but if a ship sinks in this weather, they'll just call it the new Karlos Hlcandor. And, really, that's all there is to it."