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  1. The exceedingly great benefit of EBoN is that you can select from existing languages/dialects/regions to get 'new' names with that "feel." So, for instance, you can get Icelandic-sounding names (or names with an Icelandic 'feel', if you will). You can select from a pretty decent chunk of countries, as well as some fantasy-inspired locales (Westeros, Two Rivers, all sorts of Tolkien names, etc). This places EBoN a cut above most random fantasy/DnD name generators online, as it is uniquely malleable. I love it, and I wish I were smart enough to write a chapter for Armenian-sounding names. [Hey P_2®, hit me up if you can make that happen! Haha]
  2. ............ Would this be better suited to another forum location? I'm sure someone here knows some of these answers! Some of you know everything about Brandon! Haha.
  3. I tried to search to see if this has already been addressed because I'm SURE it has, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Feel free simply to link to the appropriate answer if you'd like but: Brandon has mentioned more than once on Writing Excuses that he populated Bridge Four with his real-life friends. I also recall him pointing out that Dan was a somewhat major character in some series...but this was back when all I had read was like the first half of the Final Empire. So now that I've read more, I'm very intrigued as to a) who Dan is, and who's who in Bridge Four. Is there a WoB for this or anything helpful like that? Thanks.
  4. in 3-5? Could someone point me to details of this please?
  5. Then do the two of you not find the ending a weird note to end on? It just seems plainly set up as a cliffhanger to me (and no response to the contrary by Ryan when people say stuff to him about "that cliffhanger") and if he was doing what you two think he was, what kind of cliffhanger is that?? Your reasoning seems sound, just a weird result. I'm still on the fence.
  6. Added spoiler tags to the first comment, thanks! And I see what you mean about the end. Kinda hard to tell since we don't know all that much about dude. I also plan to reread both before QoF so maybe I will have a more confident position then. So excited for the conclusion.
  7. I have run into this on a reddit thread as well. How did you and your husband interpret it? Also, to the discussion further up, after finishing the book I stand by my assessment. It seems maybe the disagreement lies in whether or not the story should be read as still Vaelin's story or if it has grown to be a larger story about the Realm and Empire, in which Vaelin is still an integral player--which is my estimation. An epic fantasy story has to grow (thus to be epic) as it goes on, and one way to accomplish that is to zoom out from the initial story of the one protagonist. I think Ryan executed this superbly. Absolutely cannot wait for book 3.
  8. This thread was tricky to read as I am currently on part 2 of tower lord but I must say...I LOVE this series so far! Tower lord hasn't suffered at all from a typical slump or the switch to multiple pov's in my opinion. It is very good. I rank it higher than Rothfuss. Can't wait for Queen of Fire and whatever fantasy project Ryan has next!
  9. Wow that is pretty cool. I figured you were acquaintances of his or from an extended reading group of his or something. Is aether of night a future publication or one of his trunk novels?
  10. OH right! Coming back now. Haha thanks everyone. 750,000 words later and I forgot some of this early stuff.
  11. Please excuse my raging newbity here is it that y'all have ARC's of these books?? Also, is White Sand still planned to be in comic/graphic novel form [only]?
  12. I verrrry vaguely remember something like that. Will look it up, thank you both! Reading via audio books while you work leads to many missed details/events haha.
  13. From chapter two of WoK: "They were all dead. Cenn and Dallet, and before that Tukks and the Takers. Before that, Tien. Before that, blood on his hands and the corpse of a young girl with pale skin." Who in the world is this girl?! I'm sure I am missing something...right?
  14. 4. Jasnah 5. Lopen 6. Lopen 7. Lopen 8. Rock 9. Lopen's Cousin(s) 10. Lopen