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    I really love reading. I can talk fantasy or philosophy with the best of them. C.S. Lewis and Ralph Waldo Emerson are two of my biggest heros.

    As for my Sanderson areas, I really love The Way of Kings the best out of all of his books. I also had a really obscure intro to his works. In order by series it was:
    1. Alcatraz
    2. Elantris
    3. Reckoners
    4. Legion
    5. Stormlight
    6. Everything else
  1. I haven't roamed here for about four years. I just wanted to come back and see if I could get into the community again. Hi.
  2. I'm so sorry! I am going on an LDS mission on the 29th of this month, so I haven't even payed a little bit of attention to the forum. I got on at the request of a friend today. I will no longer be doing this RP, but if anyone else would like to take it over, you have my full permission. I think it could still be really amazing to try it.
  3. I think that would be wise. No use in spreading false information and making it harder for people trying to find the book in the future.
  4. Okay, wow. We got way off topic. We are gathered here on this little island of the internet to praise Root Beer. It is so bubbly and delicious and amazing. What kind of person doesn't like Root Beer? A sad person, that's what kind. It's amazing to me that people's taste buds can be so stunted as to not be able to enjoy the most succulent of beverages: Root Beer. I am afraid I have no more adequate words to describe Root Beer but for these: Root Beer is more delicious than any other drink. Except a Root Beer Float.
  5. Who hasn't seen Firefly? I'll answer my own question and tell you who hasn't seen Firefly. Sad people. Sad people who are missing so much in life. J.C. = Jayne Cobb is the greatest. This is why Sanderson is amazing it's the little things.
  6. All right! Give me a few days to get things together. I'll post here when things are ready, then create a new post.
  7. I'm pretty sure that one is based off of Amy Adams. Maybe I'm wrong, but I recall a redheaded one being described.
  8. One spot left! Thanks to all who have signed up
  9. You've seen my analysis of the first scene based on his fears, correct? So, based on the fact that Calamity tried to give David "Thematically appropriate" power that was solely based on his fear, I'm guessing it isn't always this way. I'm betting Calamity works a lot like the Nightwatcher, where she grants wishes she wants to and changes the ones she doesn't. The only difference is the bane is always tied to fear.
  10. I mean who's his actor. Lol
  11. Ah, it's a connection I made. I'm pretty familiar with Philotic Theory and how it's used to explain connections to things and people and it just seems like the Spiritual realm is a sort of different way to explain the same concept. Sorry it didn't come out right when I said it the first time.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Just don't eat anything offered to you by forumers (with the exception of your brother who, I assume, you live with. You can eat foods offered to you by him). I'm excited to see you here! What Sanderbooks have you read?