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  1. I'm not sure but there was a WOB (i can't find it right now) that said that the first wave of humans came to Roshar before Honor and Cultivation so possibly pre shattering cross bred with the parsh people and the Horneaters and the Herdazians are their descendants
  2. the orders go fishing Skybreaker: flies around making sure everyone has an up to date fishing licence and is using legal fishing methods Dustbringer: is using dynamite (skybreaker is not amused) Edgedancer: remembers a great fishing spot everyone else has forgotten Truthwatcher : foresees where the best fishing will be Lightweaver: lightweaves an image of a giant fish and claims they caught it Elsecaller: first soulcasts a ring of stone around a section of water then they turns the water into air and collect the fish at their leisure Willshaper: was last seen paddling over the horizon Stoneward: hooked a shark and was pulled out of their boat, stubbornly refuses to let go of the pole Windrunner: Saving the Stoneward, despite them claiming they don't need help Bondsmith: trying to unite everyone to work together and catch more fish
  3. just finished the Genesis fleet, the series started out so strong but but book three felt very rushed, like the author wanted to originally do a four book series but decided to wrap things up after he was almost finished writing book three as a result we never get to see any of the final battle despite all the build up, the villains pretty much defeat themselves by overstretching their resources. also the characters felt very generic, it was almost like I was reading the cast of the main series rather than their ancestors.
  4. I'm not sure but it does feel like the 17th shard has been particularly bloodthirsty of late. There always seems to be a who will die thread on the main stormlight page.
  5. of course not he stamps it so that he has done nothing but write the past few weeks and since that's not unbelievable the stamp take
  6. No one can prove that!!
  7. Can I join I'm an ambi but I write and hold a knife with my left.
  8. Been playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 and I gotta say it's pretty awesome, excellent story and game play the one thing that I have to say annoyed me was how lancers have become pretty much useless. also the last level is buggy as heck watching my sniper bullets ricochet off thin air was funny when I was trying to just beat the game but now that I'm trying to beat it on hard mode (which cut's you down to just 10 turns) it's getting irritating.
  9. I always thought of Nightblood as having a happy upbeat voice. Until someone draws him, as soon as he leaves the sheath I read his voice as dark and ominous.
  10. The swimming through gold thing makes sense now.
  11. Odium throws them out of his organisation and goes back to using humans there are enough villains in the story already without adding lawyers to the mix
  12. Brian Jacques, I've read just about all of the Redwall series except the Rogue Crew which I bought but I couldn't finish, not because it was bad but because I know that once I finish it that's it there's nothing else in the series it's the end.
  13. First of the forenoon
  14. Needed a book to read after the gathering storm came out and I thought hey the coauthor seemed pretty good I wonder if he has any good books so I checked and found WOK. While it did give me something to read while I waited for the last two WOT books the cure turned out to be worse that the disease since I now had to wait for WOR.
  15. 309. Go back and reread rule 200. it can not be overstated 310. If a beautiful member of the opposite gender turns up under mysterious circumstances and asks for your help kill them immediately they were undoubtedly a spy/assassin/ traitor/some combination of the above and they were never actually in any real danger anyway.