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  1. I always thought of Nightblood as having a happy upbeat voice. Until someone draws him, as soon as he leaves the sheath I read his voice as dark and ominous.
  2. The swimming through gold thing makes sense now.
  3. Odium throws them out of his organisation and goes back to using humans there are enough villains in the story already without adding lawyers to the mix
  4. Brian Jacques, I've read just about all of the Redwall series except the Rogue Crew which I bought but I couldn't finish, not because it was bad but because I know that once I finish it that's it there's nothing else in the series it's the end.
  5. First of the forenoon
  6. Needed a book to read after the gathering storm came out and I thought hey the coauthor seemed pretty good I wonder if he has any good books so I checked and found WOK. While it did give me something to read while I waited for the last two WOT books the cure turned out to be worse that the disease since I now had to wait for WOR.
  7. 309. Go back and reread rule 200. it can not be overstated 310. If a beautiful member of the opposite gender turns up under mysterious circumstances and asks for your help kill them immediately they were undoubtedly a spy/assassin/ traitor/some combination of the above and they were never actually in any real danger anyway.
  8. This is like asking me to pick a diamond out of a pile of diamonds If I had to pick one though WOR I have lost count of how many times I have re read that book and each time I notice some small but important detail that I missed before. Six of Dusk would probably be a close second though.
  9. not sure WOB is don't underestimate it's hunger
  10. This is what I've been thinking, Nightblood is on Roshar as a field test to see what he does against Odiums forces. Lets face it if you have a supper weapon you aren't going to wait until the enemy is a your door to find out if it actually works. Personally I can't wait to see what it'll do to an unmade.
  11. granted you can recall everything you've ever seen and done but only in situations where the memory in question is irrelevant I wish to always be able to know what Brandons secret projects are before he unveils them.
  12. Seconded. So just trying to get things back on topic what do all of you think about the Voidbringers. Are they justified in waging war on the rest of Roshar? Personally I find this one of the most fascinating parts of the series, at first their justifications seem reasonable: the humans invaded took our homes and enslaved us, we are the natives of Roshar we should ensure that they will never be able to harm us again. However WOB and Oathbringer both have already poked several holes in their justifications There were two especially big one's that I noticed. First off we know from WOB that the first wave of humans (Horneaters, Herdazians and possibly others) turned up long before the first Desolation and even crossbred with the listeners so they have a valid claim to their homes, yet from what Rocks wife tells us the Voidbringers are implied to have taken over the peaks. Second in Oathbringer we find that the Aimians who as far as we know are also Natives of Roshar fought on the side of the Radiant's so why would the voidbringers stand against their fellow Rosharians if their cause was justified.
  13. Granted the spike makes it to heavy to fly so It just sits on your shoulder and talks about how it blames you for not being able to fly. I wish people would stop trying to use boons to get themselves out of banes or barring that I wish the banes got progressively worse.
  14. Started trying my hand at Dwarf fortress and yes it is just as complicated as they say although the Newb pack certainly helps. I had to abandon my first fortress after the frame rate hit rock bottom and I couldn't really do anything but I've had more success with my second one since I've killed all unnecessary animals and set my population cap lower. I have yet to encounter a mega beast but forgotten beasts keep crawling out of the depths every couple of years or so. But I'm not too worried about them since my fortress champion destroyed the latest one with a single hit, even better he did it in copper armor.
  15. Well when you read AU I'd encourage you to pay special attention to Edgdancer it's subtle but there are some similarities between our little Reshi protagonist and Vin. Admittedly it probably wasn't intentional and Sanderson just let a little bit of Vin bleed into Lift due to their backstories. But after going through it I can't help but wonder if maybe reincarnation is a thing in the Cosmer. I doubt it, but I do hope Sanderson deliberately leaves some of Lift vague so we can draw our own conclusions about her similarities to vin being pure chance or something more.