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  1. Isn't there a WoB that says Syl can turn into anything with a person sized mass/area? I thought that was the limit, and so I guess they could have contact if she formed herself correctly... But then could she move, or would she be a statue?
  2. Why would it be impossible for Syl to be his partner? If the bond can keep increasing, as he hasn't said all 5 oaths, why wouldn't they be able to be together? Does it have something to do with just being a Spren in general?
  3. I apologize for my comment. There was no point to it, and was crass. If I offended anyone, I'm sorry, it was only meant to be funny.
  4. Gravitation. Ohhhhh, the things that I could do... no skirts would be safe
  5. Hello all, I've been given a literary comparison essay for my writing class, and I've chosen to do the Mistborn trilogy vs the LotR trilogy. I've come to the forum to beg your assistance, as I'm in desperate need of finding out the best points of contention between the two. Any advice is appreciated!!
  6. Wait, there were hundreds of thousands of shardblades? In a flashback, didn't two orders of KR # under a thousand?
  7. I apologize profusely for the lack of a credible source on this topic, but I wanted to get this off my chest. I read in the forums a while ago, and I came across a WoB I which he said that a spren could technically have their own spren, like Syl attracting her own (she could have an actual worshipper now). I was just wondering as to the process a spren would have to go through to achieve this. Would the original spren have to operate on a separate set of ideals to have it, or would only the Radiant be required to follow it? And if the original spren had to follow a separate set of ideal, would its bond with the Radiant deteriorate at the same time?
  8. So, I was reading in one of the WoB's and I came across him saying something to the tune of a spren could turn into a human size object at max size. So, does this mean that a spren could turn into like a moving statue? And also, could a spren move independently as an object, as this could mean a LOT of things that the spren could do.
  9. Well, I wouldn't say everyone, as Syl remembers killing people in her past life (or whatever she was doing before she met Kaladin). Also, isn't the third wind runner oath something about protecting people I hate, as long as it's right? Destroying evil sounds like doing something right, or else the windrunners as a combat order would be functionally useless.
  10. I just think that if they did into form into one, would they have an entirely new set of oaths?
  11. So would they mesh into an entirely new type of spren?
  12. So, quick question, does this mean if a person had two spen it's possible they wouldn't bond? That they'd stay separate, and thus give multiple abilities/shardblades?
  13. The way I see it, Kaladin got his skill with his talent and his training, but Syl kind of gave him "accelerated learning", because I beleive he picked it up EXTREMELY quick. However, he could probably train to his current level, but it would've taken him a lot longer time to do it without Syl. But that's my 2 cents.
  14. So, since Syl could become a human sized object, could she in turn become like a moving statue of herself? Like a shardstatue, and she could run around punching people ?
  15. So you're saying that he'd essentially make the shardbearers look like regular people when he has plate?? And what about with out plate and filled with stormlight compare to a regular soldier? Like is it a pretty substantial amount?