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  1. That is kind of what i was going at, the source rather than the magic, but the major magic systems in the novels seem to be connected to a shard and feruchemy is a major magic system and i don't see any connection except that it uses the same metals as allomancy.
  2. So this is a point for an earlier post, in Scandrial there are 3 magic systems, Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. From what i have seen in Brandon Sanderson's books each magic system is tied to a shard somehow. There are spren for Honor and Odium, the breath for the shard from warbreaker, and two forms of writing magic on sel (elantris) that relate to two possible shards, aon dor and whatever the Derethi have. Seeing that there seems to be a one to one ratio of magic systems to shards, we see 3 magic systems in the Mistborn series. Allomancy is most-likely connected to preservation and Hemalurgy to Ruin, but where does Feruchemy come in? Is there possibly another source for this magic? Another shard seems unlikely but I am just guessing at this point. Another thing worth mentioning, it seems like each magic system has 2 parts, a main part that is usually seen as 'good' and a second part used by the 'evil' shard that is very similar, examples would be spren from honor and voidspren from odium; aon dor on sel and the derethi magic; Allomancy and hemalurgy. All of these magic systems seem to be combatant with each other, similar yet opposite sides of the same coin. Again tying this back to Feruchemy, where does it come from? If it is a magic system tied to a shard, where is it's opposing magic? Is the opposing magic maybe something to do with the earlier hint from brandon "rust and ruin". Maybe there are 4 magic systems on scandrial?, Allomancy from preservation, hemalurgy from Ruin, Someting from whatever rust is, and Feruchemy from another unkown source? I just wanted to pose a few questions and hypothesis to see what other people think. In no way am i super knowledgeable about a lot of cosmere stuff, but it does interest me and i try. So sorry if i have some facts incorrect.
  3. Hey, so i just finished reading the short story that brandon sanderson made about mistborn, the eleventh metal. http://brandonsanderson.com/mistborn-the-eleventh-metal/ This sparked an interest, especially the last quote that kelsier made in it. I was just wondering if people knew more about Gemmel and who he is/ what is his importance? Thanks
  4. I am new to this site, shown by my member reputation, but i see you point. If i can (which i don't know how to) do you suggest ending this topic(like deleting it?)?
  5. How do you make the spoiler thing?, also does that mean Zahel is Vasher?
  6. Hey, i was wondering is anyone could explain to me a bit more on how Elantris works with all of this Cosmere stuff. Is Aon Dor a shard? How does this book fit into all of this stuff? Also, i have seen emperor's soul bunched up with Elantris, why? How are those two books similar? Thanks! - I have read all of the cosmere books so don't worry about spoilers to me.
  7. Okay thank you, that makes a lot of sense, especially with how preservation could not talk to Elend or Vin, and how all of the steel writings said that only thoughts were safe. Another question i kind of want an answer too, or at least thoughts on (even though it doesnt deal with this topic) is at the end of stormlight archive, why is there a sword that is almost a spitting image of nightblood from warbreaker? Is this supposed to be a connection that has nightblood in both books, or is it just another sword that is very similar?
  8. Hey, i was just brainstorming about different connections and stuff when i thought of how in stormlight archive, the voidspren/odium were/was able to control the parshendi. I thought that this in a way might be related to ruin and how he could control (or influence greatly) anyone with a metal spike piercing them. I am just looking for thoughts and explanations on this topic, i like to know what people think. Another thing would be, if the 'evil' shardholders could control people/parshendi whom use the power that correlates to them, ex; voidspren and metallurgy. Why can't the opposite, or good shardholders do the same? I know that things like, "oh they are the good guys and wouldn't do that" would be a common response, but in the books, wouldn't it just be so much easier if Vin could at least hear preservation like she could ruin? These are just things that i wanted to say and see what people thought about them. Go ahead and post new questions if they kind of relate to this topic, i just want to learn more stuff and see what peoples opinions are.
  9. Thank You for the cosmere 101 thread, it is really intriguing, I kind of wish Brandon Sanderson would make a book dealing with all of the cosmere books combined. Maybe from the 17th Shard's Perspective, or Hoid's perspective. Also something I noticed while typing this, why does auto-correct for Brandon Sanderson's Fan forums say that Sanderson is spelled incorrectly!!!
  10. I am pretty sure i have read all of the books, I just am bad at finding connections or understanding how they connect. If someone doesnt mind posting all of the cosmere books, it would be appreciated. Just to make sure i didnt miss any. I think the ones i have read are 3 Mistborn and alloy of law Way of kings and Words of radiance Elantris Emperor's Soul Sixth of the dusk Warbreaker
  11. Hey, I have read most, if not all of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere books. The first time through i didn't read them in any specific order, but i started with Mistborn, then Stormlight archive, then Warbreaker, etc. But i never noticed how they are related in the Cosmere. Recently i have reread a lot of them and noticed many connections. I would like to know more about these connections and such. For example at the end of Words of Radiance, Szeth gets a dark blade that speaks to him saying, "Would you like to destroy some evil today" (or something along those lines). This reminds me a lot of Vasher's sword from Warbreaker. Another thing i wanted to talk about is Hoid (i have done some research but am still confused). I actually didn't even notice that he was in a lot of the Cosmere books until i decided to research Wit from Stormlight archive because he looked like crazy character. How does he have a role to play in many of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere books, what books is he in/ when? I would like to know more because he is very intriguing to me. I actually didn't even notice that he was in a lot of the Cosmere books until i decided to research Wit from Stormlight archive.