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    I have a bit of an obsessive personality, and the following topics are things I do geek out about. Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss any of them:
    Scrubs (television), Tales Of series, Coheed and Cambria (and the Keyworks), Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Power Rangers (yes, I am an adult, thank you), Scott Pilgrim, the Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, and of course Brandon Sanderson's collective works.
  1. Is this confirmed? If so, I'm a sad panda... Even Brandon doesn't give Nalthis the love it deserves
  2. I'm very pleased with all 4 shows, with my only major gripe is the handling of Kara's love life in Supergirl. The largest improvement from last season is probably Legends, so far. Carrying over two major villains from the other shows is a very cool idea, provides those actors more air time, and brings many serious implications for the universe going forward. I'll admit, though, that I am a bit disappointed with the very small effect Flashpoint actually had on the shows other than Flash. Changing John's kid is fine and all (though weird for those only watching Arrow), but for the show whose premise is time travel to not have any mention or changes due to one of the other shows having a major time travelling event seems like weak communication between the shows' crews. I also wish Flashpoint had been more than one episode...
  3. As a chemical engineer who spent 3 months researching with plasma , I can confirm Voidus's assessment of plasma; you'd need extreme temps and high pressure, and without the pressure you'd either lose the gas entirely to the atmosphere or it would explode like Voidus says. Plasma machines are rather complex, and the temperatures of the plasma stream are very hot. Your character would need very strong, if not complete, control over water molecules to reach the plasma state, as well as temperature immunity. That level of molecule control would be OP considering the molecule you want to control is water, ie that things that makes up most of the human body. I'd recommend keeping your molecule control down to power steam tech (I assume that's the point) which passively allows you to water bend and have control over ice, two powerful abilities in their own right.
  4. Corvallis post updated.
  5. Blossom post up. I ended where I did to avoid making Kenshin go somewhere she might choose not to. Plus this gives Mestiv a chance to post at least once more before the group gets to Argon's house. If Edge and Mestiv have nothing else to add, I can edit my post to move things along more quickly rather than having one or two "empty" posts. Just let me know.
  6. Blossom looked the Epic up and down. If her sister vouched for this Kenshin, then she had no reason to doubt the woman's abilities. "All right then, I assume you plan to bring some officers with us as well, even if they prove worthless?" Buttercup nodded, pulling out her mobile and making the call. It wouldn't be long before a transport showed up then. Blossom used the time to come up with something to say. How did one convince an undercover High Epic to come clean? From what her sister said, it sounded like this Argon fool was a kindhearted man, a trait mostly lost to history. Now days being kind got you killed. But perhaps she could prey on that, reason with that side of the man. Of course, if he truly was here for malicious purposes then his kindness would be an act, and nothing she said would do them any good. That would be when Kenshin and Buttercup took over, though if they could coax him out into the rain she could do some damage too. Perhaps this sparking rain would do her some good after all. An SUV pulled up, breaking her thought process. Climbing in, there was enough room for the three Epics, and the rest of the vehicle was taken up by five security officers. "I assume there will be more than the eight of us there?" She looked to her sister. "Of course," Buttercup climbed in behind her. "There will be two other transports, eight men each. That'll total to twenty-one officers, and the three of us," she nodded to Kenshin. Blossom nodded. More officers than that would be reckless, since they would be useless against a High Epic, and unneeded if he wasn't a High Epic. They were there to show the strength of the city, and perhaps prove useful in some unforeseen and unlikely incident. That left all the heavy lifting to her, Buttercup, and Kenshin. The drive was fairly long and mostly silent. Blossom used the time to take stock of her companions. The security officers were well trained individuals, not showing any sign of nervousness at either the three Epics accompanying them or the daunting task they were about to face. Perhaps it was due to the confidence in their Queens. The thought made the corners of Blossoms lips rise a quarter of a inch. It was good to know that some of the populace was getting along well without the drug. It would serve her well to be cautious, though. How long without Euphoria can the vanillas in this city be kept civil? It wouldn't do Corvallis good to have its Epics forced to turn against the humans. And with less servants, will we be forced to deal with insurgent Epics as well? How many can Rainmaker, Cornucopia, and Buttercup take? Probably best to not find out, we need to find Euphoria. Between her thoughts and the rain audibly pattering the roof of the car, Blossom was slightly surprised by their sudden stop. The officers all gripped their weapons as they moved out of the van in organized military fashion. Buttercup and Kenshin exited next, leaving her to climb out on her own. It was an awkward motion, trying to exit one of these beasts of a vehicle while retaining her dignity and grace, but she managed. This is nothing like the luxury rides I'm used to. As she stepped out onto the street, she fixed her skirt and jacket, did a quick run through of her hair with her hands, and took in the scene before her. The building was large for a personal residence, but being on the outskirts of Corvallis proper often led to such things. In fact, the building seemed larger than her own home, but the property was smaller. She preferred her apartment in the city anyhow. Trees littered the lawn, which would serve her well should a fight break out. In addition, there was plenty space between this Argon's property and the next house over, so there was little chance the other residences would take damage unless the scale of the fight increased. Of course, with her sister here anything was possible. Blossom looked around at the increased security presence as the other two vans emptied as well. Buttercup gave some quick directions to the officers before they spread out into the lawn, many using trees as partial cover, weapons pointed towards the ground. Wise decision, given the initial desire to peacefully work things out. Blossom gave a quick nod as her sister beckoned her to lead the way to the door, the three Epics moving in a triangle formation. She did her best to look nonchalant, given her entourage. This was business after all, best to look like everything was exactly as you wanted it. Offering one last glance to Kenshin and then her sister, Blossom rang the doorbell.
  7. Thank you! I don't believe the current situation of the city would cause the number of vanilla deaths to increase on a large scale. Though there ought to be a general state of panic, it's not like people are running around the streets in riot. The city is continuing as normal until some event occurs that changes that status quo, such as a ghoul attack. This has been shown through a number of posts, mine and yours included. That said, I agree that it's not a fool proof plan. I would argue she's not the primary method of taking down Iconoclast, she's merely being used as a means to help find him. She'd also never be in direct danger, as she can perform these tasks from the security of any of her secret hideouts. Of course, I don't think I know Chase well enough to speak towards how she'd react to any of this, that's all up to Winter.
  8. Well she's able to tell when she loses a tag, and losing multiple tags in succession from a specific area of the city would allow her to then jump to a tag in the area and see what's going on. As for her weakness, I won't argue if this is enough to trigger it, but as a Queen there must be some sort of tolerance. If the weakness activates anytime she's ever important ever, being a Queen at all, even a "behind the scenes" one, would be impossible, and in fact being an Epic at all would be impossible if we were to take it to the extreme.
  9. If you want Chase to realize this and propose it as a plan, then sure! If that kind of a realization isn't something Chase would make, I can have Blossom or Buttercup bring it up as well. Up to you, you know Chase better than I do. As for a summary, I'm not entirely certain where you left at, but here you go: Insight still has Euphoria. Blossom has been tasked to track him down, but is struggling to come up with a means of doing so. She has a plan with which she is unsure about, that involves Bubbles and can't happen until tomorrow in game time. Whether or not this works is totally up to Comatose. Iconoclast has begun to gift his abilities to vanillas, and sends them off to "shift" groups of humans in an area. Corvallis Security is currently managing to keep up with his efforts, but he could easily out do them if he so chose. Iconoclast has also made an ally with a female Epic, though there hasn't been really any posts of them since this happened (if memory serves). Converter is still trapped in the Sports Fields. Nothing's happened with this plot whatsoever, mostly because her owner (I forget the user's name) has left the RP. The human rebellion plot has hardly progressed. I'm unsure if it's been dropped or not, to be honest. Rainmaker has spent the day dealing with a few new High Epics coming into town. The owners of these High Epics are still involved, if I'm not mistaken, but the in game day has been moving slowly so they haven't had many posts. Argon, another High Epic who kept his status as a High Epic secret when entering, is currently under investigation by Buttercup and Kenshin, who are wanting to know for certain whether he is or isn't a High Epic. Buttercup is currently confident he is a High Epic, and has called in Blossom for help. I am unsure what Kenshin's thoughts on the matter are as of right now. Jumpdrive has gotten a taste for what real combat is like during a ghoul encounter. Princess G.O.O.D. is cleaning up the messes of all the ghoul attacks. I'm personally interested to see where she goes from here, as I like her as a character. There's also a vanilla named Summer who is a servant for a chull named Drainer. I'm not sure where Mestiv plans for this to go, but it seems Argon may get involved. I do not believe I missed anything? There's some other Epics that have posts, but have not really done anything worth mentioning in forever, and I don't believe their owners are around anymore?
  10. So it occurred to me while writing my latest post that there's a really easy way to track down Iconoclast. He's shifting vanillas and turning them into monsters. Chase has every vanilla in Corvallis tagged. More than that, Chase has shown on the first page of the thread that she can, at will, feel the emotions of her tagged vanillas. And even more than that, she can put her consciousness into their bodies at will. We literally have an Iconoclast detector. Or, now that he's gifting instead of shifting himself, we have a gifted detector, which in itself proves useful for tracking Iconoclast down (both his movements and his description). I'm honestly a little upset with myself that it's taken me this long to realize this. My original plan was for Mannequin to have an army of puppets spread out across the city to find Iconoclast, but even though he has no defined range, he can't sense through all of them at once. Chase, though, can. So my plan only moves the Iconoclast plot along, and even then just a little bit. Better than nothing though, in my mind.
  11. That was the intent. I was actually going to have them approach Argon while he was still walking, but then you posted the whole getting home thing
  12. Hrm, good question. Though to be fair, we are in an alternate universe where the term "vanilla" is in use to describe humans. Unfortunately I don't own e-book copies to do a quick search for the answer to this. Also, it turns out my original idea as mentioned in my previous post likely won't work given how bare bones Gleeman's descriptions of Mannequin's powers are. However my research revealed that Chase does exactly what I was hoping Mannequin could do, so the real question is this; @winter devotion, are you planning on rejoining all threads or only specific ones? Chase is going to get involved in Corvallis soon-ish.
  13. First post from a PoV other than Buttercup in a LONG time. FeelsGoodMan. @Comatose What are "our" plans for Epics in Corvallis whose owners have disappeared? An idea occurred to me that will help move the plot along, assuming I'm correct in my assumptions, but the Epic(s) I'll need have been inactive for a very long time. I'm looking into the plausibility of my idea now.
  14. Buttercup raised her eyebrows at Kenshin's report. That's likely a second power he's trying to hide then. Just how strong is it though? Strong enough to be considered a prime invincibility? The thought nearly confirmed her suspicions at this point. "That is troubling to hear. It seems highly likely he's a High Epic. The question then shifts to why he's hiding his powers." It was possibly the more concerning question too. With all the attacks suddenly popping up, it was certainly possible that some type of Epic coalition was forming against the Queens. Buttercup couldn't figure out what the point was though. If they plan to keep the city as it is now, they'd need Bubbles, Cornucopia, and Euphoria...but maybe that's the point. They've already taken Euphoria, perhaps they plan to convince her to join them. They are probably working on her already. How quickly will she allow herself to be convinced? More importantly, when will they move for the other two? Cornucopia can handle herself quite handily, but Bubbles can't. I need to increase her security. Buttercup chewed briefly on her lip. What was taking Blossom so long? Blossom brushed her hair in front of a mirror in her home. It was a soothing action she often took to when puzzled, helping to clear her mind. This Insight problem was annoying, she was at a complete loss for alternate solutions should her plan with Bubbles fail. How was one supposed to track an invisible and incorporeal Epic? She had already ruled out Insight's tech, and Chase's powers were no help either. This is so frustrating. Her mobile buzzed, a text from Buttercup coming through. Letting out a sigh of relief at an opportunity to put her mind towards something else, she grabbed her umbrella and left, flying slowly towards Buttercup's location. The text was rather disturbing, yet another High Epic entering the city? What had cause such rapid degradation of the city? Had they allowed some weakness in their infrastructure to shine through their stability? Was Euphoria's disappearance that attractive of a time to attack? And who was this Rick fellow? The idea of a High Epic being friendly with lowly vanillas, well it was flat out ludicrous. Even an Epic of her ability being friendly with them was abnormal. It made no sense. But the alternative was more dangerous than the current situation; what if this vanilla wasn't a vanilla at all? Blossom didn't have time to think on that though, she had arrived. Buttercup looked to Kenshin at her question. "A plan? Yes I do, but I need my sister to execute it. I've already asked her to come, so she should be here any minute." Buttercup looked to the sky once more, the rain hitting her face going unnoticed as she spotted the streak of pink light. "Speak of the devil..." Blossom landed next to the two women, Buttercup greeting her with a nod. "Blossom, this is Kenshin, a rather skilled Epic who has proven herself in combat twice now, if I'm counting correctly." "Kenshin," Blossom stated, nodding to the other Epic before turning back to her sister. "Your text to me was concerning," Blossom started before Buttercup cut her off. "Yes, and it gets worse. Kenshin here says that she attempted to cut this Argon with a razor blade, but he apparently felt nothing, and was not harmed." "Do you think it's a prime invincibility?" "I'm not sure," Buttercup crossed her arms in thought, "It seems likely, but without trying something more dangerous than a razor blade we won't know." "Then why am I here?" Blossom looked between the two Epics. She wouldn't be much help against a High Epic in combat, Buttercup knew even she would struggle, but with Kenshin's help it just might be possible to beat Argon in a fight. "You're here because I'm not a good talker," Buttercup trailed off momentarily, looking to Kenshin. "Kenshin and I can handle the combat, should it come to that, but this Epic has proven to enjoy conversation. I'm planning on assembling a team to confront him, and I'm hoping you two will join me. You," she nodded to her sister, "to try and settle things diplomatically, and you," she nodded to Kenshin, "to help should she fail." "You're serious?" Blossom sounded incredulous, but Buttercup knew her sister was reveling in the admitted inferiority. "This is a little insane. You have no idea how he'll react to being outed." "Is it insane? Kenshin already agreed to do this much, and on top of that she was gutsy enough to try and cut him. All I'm asking you to do is talk to him." Buttercup was getting frustrated, and was struggling to keep it in check. "I don't really have any other options. Rainmaker is upset enough as it is, I'm not going to approach her with news of yet another High Epic in her city. Particularly not of one who lied about his powers to get in. At least, I won't tell her without something more to offer." Blossom shook her head. "Fine, but if this goes south, I was against it, for the record." She looked to Kenshin, and Buttercup could tell that her sister was question the inclusion of the other Epic. "And you? Are you willing to risk your life for this city?"
  15. It likely has to do with granting sentience to an object which shouldn't have it. Returned are people who have died, and thus shouldn't have sentience. Nightblood is a hunk of metal, and thus shouldn't have sentience. This then plays nicely into Vasher's quote of having awakened metal before Nightblood, but no accompanying news of other sentient objects like Nightblood. Stormlight Archive spoilers