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  1. When your friend asks for book recs and immediately follows it with "but something other than Brandon Sanderson" and you die a little on the inside because what else did you even used to read before?? I honestly don't remember
  2. I loved it a lot. I understand why a lot of people on here didn't enjoy it, because in a way it was sort of "tagged on" to the first Mistborn trilogy. However, this is the exact story I've been wanting ever since I found out the Kelsier hadn't actually moved on after he died. I was hoping for closure, but a loose end with lots of possibility is fine with me too. I've been a bit of an emotional wreck for the past few days after reading it, though. I'm very concerned about if Kell ever /will/ be able to move on some day. Three years alone was enough to really mess with his head, and if he stays trapped in the cognitive realm for the rest of eternity... well, who knows, but yeah, I'm worried.
  3. I actually like this theory, evidence or no. I think it's something really interesting to think about, and it makes me wonder if the Beyond has both a heaven and a hell, or maybe neither or something else entirely. I had just never thought about it before.
  4. I was thinking about this too. It does seem that objects have some sort of inherent will about them, about what they /want/ to be. I think it makes sense to say that people's perceptions of these objects influence these wills, as evidenced both in SH and in SA (I can't remember exactly where, but I believe there was a trip into Shadesmar at some point with a ship that defined itself by how people relied on it or something like that). Anyway, both the ship and the log Kell found had some sort of identity in connection with how people perceived them. So yes, I think that if there were some specific object, say a special rock, and if many people had a very specific belief about this rock and the way it was, it would be harder to soulcast than another similar rock would be. If you tried to soulcast the well known rock, it would resist because so many people believed in or were familiar with the specific way this particular rock existed. Sorry if that didn't make much sense. Basically I'm saying yes, a well known object is /probably/ harder to soulcast than an unknown object. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to note the fact that I giggled a bit when Kelsier succeeded in turning the log into a fire. It was a bit too reminiscent of a particular scene in WoR...
  5. When you haven't been on this forum in ages but just finished Bands of Mourning and Secret History in two days and immediately come running back reading theories and just generally lurking in threads because you just really really really don't want it to be over yet I'm such a mess right now...
  6. I did the exact same thing on my first read through. I couldn't stand Elend for the longest time. It wasn't until I reread the series a couple of times that I finally warmed up to him, and I actually really love him now. So yes, Kelsier can have that effect on people I guess. And I suspect Saze was so curt with Kell was because, yeah, Kell is becoming really questionable in my opinion at least, and Saze can see that. Like I said, I love the guy, I really do, but I'm questioning his choices. Yes, he wants to advance Scadrial's cosmere-awareness, but did he really have to be the one to do it? And through Hemalurgy research (which must have been very gruesome)? So yeah, in short, Saze is concerned about Kell's motivations and methods, as am I.
  7. I'm reluctant to say that it's a nebula, as those don't normally appear as a bunch of stars, but more of a cloud, though perhaps if a nebula were much closer, it could look different. The most visible nebula from earth is probably the Orion Nebula, and it's rather faint, so who knows what one would look like closer. I also wouldn't rule out it just being stars, though it would be unlikely for that many red stars to appear so closely together, especially ones large enough to see their color so distinctly. Of course, there's the perspective thing where they're not actually that close together, but the thing with red stars is that they're either very very big (red giants, aka dying stars), or very very small (stars that don't burn very hot because they just formed small). For them to be visible, they'd either all have to be red giants (which are much more luminous because of their size) or just small stars very close to Scadrial. So yeah, I don't really know either, but I like the idea of it just being a very large, red constellation that's visible from two different star systems. (this is my first time on this forum in ages! school just takes so much time, but it is where I learned all of this stuff about stars and nebulas so, you know, I guess it's worth it...)
  8. I really liked it. I know some of you had issues with the humor, but it's important to remember that in AoL, Wax is, well, old and has been through some terrible things, so yeah I imagine his demeanor would change over time. I think it makes sense that he would crack jokes like that, but that's just me. And yeah, when I got to the giraffes, I had to reread that sentence a couple of times to make sure I read it right. It also took me a while (longer than I'd like to admit) to realize that it took place only a year after Wax left to the Roughs, but I thought it was super funny to watch him awkwardly try to be some super cool bounty hunter when really he was just being a dork, but I guess the pose worked at the end.
  9. Just finished Noragami and Blue Exorcist. I didn't like blue exorcist that much. It was alright, but not super great in my opinion. I loved Noragami though, and I'm really looking forward to the second season.
  10. Backtrack 19 Mistwraith 10 MV 10 Taylor Swift 10
  11. 12 Conflux 4 Instabam 4 Newton 6 Prof
  12. Aaaaahhhh!!! This is what happens when I leave this site for a few days, suddenly the book is almost finished (or the first draft at least). 93% and rising!
  13. Hey, so I'm very knew to anime (since February). FMA 03 was my first anime, then FMA Brotherhood (they are both super amazing and I would really recommend watching both). I finished Ouran High School Host Club, which was hilarious. I've started Naruto, but I've stopped now, and am deciding whether or not to skip to Shipuden because now I've just hit 50 episodes of filler. I started Fairy Tail, but I just can't really bring myself to finish it due to the blatant sexism. But right now, FMA is my life. Like I said, I watched it for the first time this February, and I've already watched 03 twice and am watching brotherhood now for the third time. My school has a lot of the manga, but they're missing quite a few volumes, which is frustrating. I'll probably be able to catch up on a lot of anime once school is over, and I'm really looking forward to it.
  14. Man, I don't even care about the number anymore look at how fast he's writing this thing!!! Like, that was so fast. I can live with 71% because at this rate he'll be done by the end of the week.